The 7 Best Rubber Bases

*Editor’s Review of the Best. Selection criteria. This material is subjective, it is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Should be consulted with a professional before purchase.

Caoutchouc base is an advanced gel polish base. It has a lot of advantages, which is why manicure masters have been favoring it lately. The base is more viscous and prevents it from going under the cuticle. It seals the plates while leaving them flexible, helping to grow long beautiful nails. The use of rubber base significantly reduces time on manicure, because you can quickly make a coating on one hand without additional correction.

After studying the offers of the market, our experts chose 7 rubber bases preferred by professional masters and ordinary users. Means simplify the process of aligning the nails, fill the recesses. They are easy to apply, eliminating the appearance of cracks during prolonged wear coatings, protect the plates from the dye pigments of gel-lacquers.

Rating of the best rubber bases

Nominationplaceproduct nameprice
Rating of the best rubber bases1UNOLux Rubber Base 15ml690€
2Kodi Rubber Base 12 ml550€
3IQ BEAUTY Rubber Base Coat + Ca 10ml460€
4GrattolRubber Base 9 ml330€
5Runail Elastic Rubber Base 10 ml250€
6LAK’U Rubber base, 15 ml400€
7ELPAZARubber Base Coat 10ml140€

UNOLux Rubber Base 15ml

Rating: 4.9

UNO Lux Rubber Base 15ml

It helps to create complicated designs, holds the architecture of deformed plates, considerably extends the time of gel polish wear. It conceals imperfections, reduces fragility and seals the structure. American brand base is suitable for any type of decorative coatings. Thanks to the reinforced formula, the flawless look remains stable for 4 weeks.

Hypoallergenic components allow the base to be used by people with hypersensitivity. An undoubted advantage – it is almost imperceptible smell. Ergonomically shapely brush absorbs just the right amount of build-up and holds without running under it. The moderately viscous texture smoothes itself out after application, removing streaks of hair.

UNO brand is known to the Russian consumer because of the high quality coatings, which are used by masters with various experience. Beginners easily adapt to the texture, “stuffing” their hand, so creating a manicure does not cause difficulties.


  • ultra-stable composition;
  • Does not form peeling or chipping;
  • strengthening soft nails;
  • suitable for people with allergies.


  • not detected.

KodiRubber Base 12 ml

Rating: 4.8

Kodi Rubber Base Coat 12 ml

The product, which ranked second, is widely used in salons. It was created taking into account the needs of professional masters, minimizes the time when creating any nail designs. Excellent adhesion to the natural nail, extending the manicure’s lifespan. The even coat hides imperfections and forms the perfect foundation for the gel polish. Professional product suitable for beginners.

Brush holds the droplets, with one movement covers the entire plate. It has a slightly flattened shape and optimal thickness for the consistency of the base. The composition is fixed without going beyond the nail. It protects against color pigments. After gel removal, the nail surface remains clean with a natural shade.

According to reviews on the base Kodi apply polishes any companies. They do not roll off, no gaps are formed. The base reliably holds rhinestones, sliders and other decorations. Odour non-chemical, neutral. No burning sensation when drying. The formulation contains only components that are safe for your health.


  • A popular product on the market;
  • high quality brush;
  • Masking of difficult imperfections;
  • Fast self-leveling.


  • not found.

IQ BEAUTY Rubber Base Coat + Ca 10 ml

Rating: 4.7


The third is a rubber base coat for professional and home use. It is suitable for all nail types, including weak and thin nails. The innovative Japanese technologies used in the manufacture, ensure the durability of coverage and safety to health. Accelerated polymerization saves time on manicures. Cures in LED light in 30 seconds, cures in UV light in 90 seconds.

The composition was developed in a research laboratory in the United States. All Grattol products are made in UK. Superior quality control ensures a flawless result. The consistency of the base is viscous, well-distributed on the plate, it covers the irregularities and defects. Calcium is included in the formulation for extra strengthening of the nails.

The brush has a special petal shape. This helps hold the compound on the hairs and allows even beginners to apply it accurately and quickly. IQ BEAUTY is said to combine the best features of the basics. It extends the gel lacquer wear time, dries quickly, and does not spread beyond the nail.


  • Renowned manufacturer
  • Optimal viscosity texture;
  • Does not “burn” when drying;
  • economical consumption.


  • No signs of burning.

Grattol Rubber Base 9ml

Rating: 4.7

Grattol Rubber Base 9ml

Fourth in the review is the rubber base with medium viscosity, which is optimal when working with all types of plates, including problematic plates with an uneven structure. After curing, the base remains elastic, reducing the risk of nail edge damage. With the Grattol rubber base, it is possible to grow length without much effort. It helps to improve the quality of manicure when using different gel coatings.

Grattol uses modern technologies in production of manicure products. Careful selection of raw materials ensures their effectiveness. The texture is dense. The formula spreads evenly and covers nail aesthetic defects, making nails look neat and attractive.

The base is used for creating various designs from simple to ultra complex. It is not only used as a base because it contains color pigments. The product has a neutral odor, cures quickly, does not sting, creates a comfortable environment for the master and the client. The brush is convenient when applying even inexperienced users.


  • camouflaging base;
  • The ability to self-leveling;
  • safe formulation;
  • increased manicure durability.


  • not identified.

RunailElastic Rubber Base 10ml

Rating: 4.6


The fifth was a product that is used as a base for gel-lacquer and as an independent product to protect the plate from splitting and brittleness. It has an elastic consistency that spreads evenly over the surface, without affecting the lateral rollers and cuticle. Even beginners feel comfortable working with the base. The innovative tool is suitable for creating a new manicure and correcting the old one.

Thanks to a special technology, there is no burning sensation during polymerization. Cures in 30 seconds or 2 minutes depending on the light. The manufacturer guarantees coating durability of 3 weeks or more. No chipping or cracking during application. The base protects the nail from the influence of color pigments and is non-allergenic.

This Russian development is distinguished by its high quality, safe composition and reasonable price along with economical consumption. The base drew the attention not only of ordinary customers, but also masters of manicure, who actively use it during the work.


  • plastic consistency;
  • convenient form of a brush;
  • long lasting durability;
  • low cost.


  • not identified.

LAK’U Rubber base, 15 ml

Rating: 4.5

LAK'U Rubber base, 15 ml

On the sixth position is a product of a Russian brand, which uses only high-quality raw materials of domestic and Japanese producers. It meets European quality standards and has no impact on health and the environment. Rubber base is based on the latest scientific developments. Specialists take into account the wishes of professional manicurists, in order to increase the effectiveness of the product and reduce the work process.

Thick, viscous consistency self-levels to hide imperfections. Wearing time is 3 weeks with an active lifestyle. The coating remains in perfect condition even after mechanical impact. The composition does not “bake” during curing and prevents the occurrence of stress for particularly sensitive clients.

The special shape of the brush allows you to apply the product in one motion without spreading beyond the boundaries of the nail. The full-circle company provides a first-class quality of its products. It has started to gain popularity, and the success is quite understandable. For convenience, LAK’U Rubber base comes in different volumes: 10, 15, 30 ml.


  • high stability;
  • high-quality ingredients;
  • quick curing;
  • Beginner’s convenience.


  • no detectable.

ELPAZARubber Base Coat 10 ml

Rating: 4.4


Rounding out the review is a budget rubber base that is as good as some of the more expensive products. Its high-strengthening properties provide brittle nails with strength and normal growth. The foundation holds its shape, does not drip from the brush, and spreads evenly without touching the cuticle or lateral rollers. It fixes decorative coatings of any complexity of design. Curing in 1.5 minutes in UV-lamps. 30 seconds is enough time to polymerize in the LED device.

Customers comment that they do not feel uncomfortable when drying. Odour is not pungent and is well tolerated by sensitive persons. Various vial volumes provide economic material for manicurists and convenient means for storage and transportation for customers.

The innovative coating gets high marks and positive feedback. Low price does not affect the quality. The product has all the necessary characteristics. According to reviews, the base prevents chipping and scratches, even with constant mechanical stress on the nails.


  • Protects the plate from damage;
  • optimal density for application;
  • High curing rate;
  • minimal consumption.


  • not identified.
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