The 7 best hair dryers with ionization

Such function of the hair dryer as ionization will be useful to owners of thin hair, prone to separation at the ends, as well as frequently colored and exposed to thermal and chemical effects (dyeing, styling, water environment, etc.).d.). The difference between these devices from the classic ones is the presence of an ionizing component, which saturates the hair with negatively charged ions with a stream of air. Thus it is possible to avoid the entanglement of strands and the emergence of static electricity. Using a hair dryer will help to significantly improve the condition of the hair without the use of chemicals. The experts of EXPERTOLOGY online magazine found out what hair dryers with ionization function are chosen by professionals and ordinary users, most of whom are women.

Rating of the best hair dryers with ionization

Nominationplaceproduct nameprice
Rating of the best hair dryers with ionization1

arlux 385 Power

  • ght Ionic Ceramic
  • 7 670 €
  • ss 6000E
  • 7 899 €
    3Valera Master Pro 3.2 RC (MP 3.2 RC)6 030 €


  • ps HP8233 ThermoProtect Ionic
  • 2 420 €
    5MOSER 4350-00502 999 €
    6Rowenta CV 86422 850 €
    7HD 710 Satin Hair 73 459 €

    This review is based on a technical review of the hair dryers on.

    arlux 385 Power

  • Ionic Ceramic
  • Rating: 4.9

    PARLUX 385 POWER<li></div><p>GHT IONIC CERAMIC.webp” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/2616666194541-917-.jpg” height=”384″ title=”PARLUX 385 POWER</p><li>GHT IONIC CERAMIC.webp”><p>Italian manufacturer Parlux presents to the world one of the best hairdryers 385 Power</p><li>ght Ionic Ceramic, which quickly gained the recognition of the first-class hairdressers. Masters say its gentle drying, silent operation and light weight of just 450g. with an even weight distribution in the hand, an ergonomically shaped handle. Professionals note the efficiency of the device: it dries hair much faster compared to counterparts, and the result is pleasing to the eye – the strands dry evenly, shiny and absolutely no electricity during styling. Impressive power as well – 2,150 watts, ideal for streaming customers.<p>Women using Parlux 385 Power hair dryer</p><li>ght Ionic Ceramic at home, have noticed a definite improvement in hair quality – no more split ends, and styling stays in shape due to the absence of an electrifying environment and the saturation of the strands with negative ions. Several heat modes, without drying out your hair in different ways.<p>Average price – from 5700 rubles.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>A silent motor with a silencer;</li><li>High power 2.15 kW;</li><li>Low weight of 450 grams. with evenly distributed weight;</li><li>4 temperature and 2 speed settings;</li><li>2 concentrator attachments included;</li><li>There is a function of instant cooling;</li><li>Three meter network cord.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>Not defined.</li></ul><h3>BaBy<li>ss 6000E</h3><p>Rating: 4.8</p><div style=BABY<li></div><p>SS 6000E.webp” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/11216666194541-807-.jpg” height=”410″></p><p>One of the most popular hair dryer manufacturers BaBy</p><li>ss also has the 6000E series hair dryer with ionization function in its arsenal. This powerful device cuts styling time by a third – now you can spend 30% less time in the morning and get hair that is smoother and more resistant than a regular hair dryer. By the way, it is more powerful than its predecessor in the ranking – 2200 W, and the weight is slightly, yes lower – 433 gr.<p>The hair dryer has an ergonomic handle with switches modes and speeds, excellent weight distribution without hand fatigue, 2 concentrator nozzles included. As with any professional hair dryer, the BaBy</p><li>ss there are 2 speed modes and 2 temperature modes. When styling with hot air, the manufacturer recommends turbo mode with reverse air. Second place in the BaBy review<li>ss takes only for conceding the leader in the number of operating modes, and for the hairdresser this is very important when creating hairstyles. Users also noticed a noticeable improvement in hair quality when using the device for a long time.<p>Average price – from 9990 rubles.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>Lightweight and handy hair dryer;</li><li>Ionization does its job – the hair is smooth, drying up to 3 times faster;</li><li>Suitable for professional use.</li></ul><h4>Drawbacks</h4><ul><li>High price.</li></ul><h3>Valera Master Pro 3.2 RC (MP 3.2 RC)</h3><p>Rating: 4.7</p><div style=VALERA MASTER PRO 3.2 RC (MP 3.2 RC).webp

    Swiss professional hair dryers Valera Master Pro has long earned a reputation as one of the most popular tools among hairdressers in Europe, among them the model 3.2 RC (MP 3).2 RC). The creators used all the best technology in the design of the hair dryer: they made blowing intensive and uniform, put a muffler on the motor, improved the ergonomics of the device. The handle has an anti-slip coating for a comfortable grip, and there is a hanging loop for storing it.

    Valera Master Pro Hair Dryer 3.2 RC (MP 3.2 RC) belongs to the high-end series Salon Exclusive. It operates two speed in three temperature modes at a maximum power of 2400 watts. The ionization function allows not just faster styling, but also to prevent the occurrence of electrification of hair, as well as to achieve their healthy shine.

    With all the technological advantages the hair dryer has a disadvantage – the weight of 700 grams is not convenient for all masters to work with the flow of customers. However, women who use the device at home, note its effectiveness and do not complain about the mass, because they use it only a few minutes a day.

    The average price is 6500 rubles.


    • ionization of air;
    • noiseless motor;
    • With 3 temperature settings and 2 fan speeds;
    • Comfortable handle with non-slip coating.


    • Weight 700 gr. Too big for use by craftsmen all day.


  • ps HP8233 ThermoProtect Ionic
  • Rating: 4.6


    The next hair dryer in our review is a hair dryer with ionization function, which is more affordable and well-liked by women who do a lot of styling at home. Despite the reduced, compared to its predecessors, the device is almost equal to them from a practical point of view: the power of 2200 W, three levels of airflow heating and two speeds, independent control, two nozzles – concentrator and diffuser for different styling types, removable filter for easy cleaning. In addition, Philips HP8233 ThermoProtect Ionic is silent, quickly dries hair without drying it out, and does not smell of plastic at all. A worthy alternative to expensive professional hair dryers, ideal for home use.

    The average price – 3000 rubles.


    • Ergonomic design;
    • 2 nozzles for different styles;
    • Low weight and quiet operation;
    • Independent control;
    • Reasonable price.


    • Not defined.

    MOSER 4350-0050

    Rating: 4.5

    MOSER 4350-0050.webp

    For lovers of German classics and precision, the MOSER 4350-0050 ionizing hair dryer is the right choice. It was developed in Germany, trying to meet the needs of European professionals hairdressing. I must say that the engineers succeeded: the device is robust, perfectly assembled, powerful – 2200W, functional – 2 speeds and 3 temperatures switchable between them. The cord length of this model is 2.8 m – a little shorter than its predecessors, but enough to work comfortably at a small distance from the outlet.

    The hair dryer comes with two attachments – a concentrator with a normal shape and a tapered one. Their ceramic and tourmaline coating provides ionization of the blown air and improves hair quality. The only disadvantage of this device is its weight, almost one kilo, which is a lot for both professional and home use.

    Average price – 4000 rubles.


    • High power;
    • Independent switching of temperatures and speeds;
    • Robust construction and precise assembly;
    • Quiet operation.


    • High weight.

    Rowenta CV 8642

    Rating: 4.4

    ROWENTA CV 8642.webp

    The next Rowenta CV 8642 only comes with one nozzle, the narrow concentrator. But this does not detract from the functionality of the device: the same 2200 W, 3 temperatures and 2 speeds, cold air, hair ionization, removable filter for cleaning the mechanism. The cord length is only 1.8 m – the socket must be close to the workplace. An unusual feature of this hair dryer is that the cord is rotating at the attachment point, and the wire does not get tangled. By the way, the manufacturers equipped the device with the hanging loop so that not to look for a place for storage.

    The Rowenta CV 8642 is a professional hair dryer, but it can also be used at home. Some users are put off by the weight of the device, but most are completely happy with it.

    Average price – 2700 roubles.


    • Reasonable price;
    • Functionality and power;
    • High power.


    • Bulky and weighty.

    aun HD 710 Satin Hair 7

    Rating: 4.4

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