The 5 best hair straightener companies

*A Review of the Best According to the Editors. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Consult a professional before buying.

Iron ceased to be only a tool to create smooth straight curls, now they twist and curls, and soft waves on strands of different lengths. Let’s tell you what companies choose straighteners most often and why.

Recommendations for choice

Straighteners on the market a huge variety: brands, sizes, materials and additional features. What device to choose so that it performs its functions?

What are the plates made of?

The main thing in choosing a straightener is the material of the plates, or rather – their coverage, it depends on the quality of styling and hair health. Manufacturers use different components:

  1. Ceramic is a gentle material for the hair. It heats evenly and gently to the strands without causing harsh overheating. Ceramics are fragile and starchy, but take the lead in terms of customer confidence.
  2. Tourmaline is an expensive coating suitable for working with weakened hair. The material emits ions “-” when heated, which contributes to the preservation of moisture and hair structure by sealing the scales, give shine.
  3. Teflon plates are suitable for thin hair and plenty of styling products – they don’t stick to the surface.
  4. Titanium coating of the plate – a solution for professional use. This straightener is strongly heated, suitable for all hair and keratin straightening.

On a limited budget, a straightener with ceramic plates is the best solution, a more recommended option for amateur hairstyling is a tourmaline iron. Titanium and Teflon are professional tools, but can also be used at home.

Plate width

The width of the plates is influenced by the task of the straightener. The longer and thicker the hair, the wider the iron plate should be:

  1. A plate width of 2-2.5 cm is optimal for strands up to the shoulders.
  2. It is easy to style hair up to the shoulder blades with a 2,5-3 cm flat iron.
  3. The width of the plates can be up to 7-8 cm, but they are not suitable for curling. The golden mean will be multistylers – straighteners with a set of tips in the kit.

Plate shape

The straightening plates can be straight or with rounded corners – the latter are more convenient for creating waves and soft curls.

The type of fastening of the plate to the base also differs. A rigidly fixed nozzle will press on the strand with the same force as the hand squeezing the handles of the device. The spring attachment prevents the strand from being pinched and, consequently, over-drying. The plates in this case affect the hair evenly in any area by raising and lowering relative to the base.

Another important factor is the clearance between the plates. If you don’t have one, the hair in the clamp heats evenly, so you can style it faster, which is great for your strands. If there is a gap between the plates, you will have to go over fine curls several times. These straighteners are designed for styling thick strands.

The allowable clearance for the iron is 1 mm with rigid plate attachment and 2 mm with floating attachment.

Temperature control

For each type of strand there is its own optimal temperature range for straightening and styling:

  1. 100-120 ˚C for fine, bleached, damaged hair
  2. 120-140 ˚C – normal hair;
  3. 140-160 ˚C – normal and curly;
  4. 160-180˚C – thick hair that is difficult to style, thick hair;
  5. 180-200˚C for very thick, thick and very curly hair.

The thermostat of different models of straighteners can be different:

  1. Mechanical push-button switches the temperature in steps, such as 120, 140, etc.d.
  2. The electronic regulator is available on premium models of straighteners, it can be used to set for example 125 degrees, t.e. more accurate temperature.
  3. The minimum temperature on the irons is 100 degrees, the maximum is usually in the range of 150-230, so when choosing a device one should be guided by your hair type and the desired type of styling.

Some experts emphasize the straightener plates heating time, but it is not so relevant for modern devices – irons that heat up for 10-15 minutes are not produced. The average activation time is between 300 seconds and 1 minute. This parameter depends mainly on the rectifier power.

Ease of use

Ironers have different devices, here it is important to try on the model you choose. The main problem for most girls is the awkwardly located thermo-regulator button, which can be accidentally pressed while laying. It is good if there is a lock on the device, or the thermostat is on the sides of the device.

The attachments

The iron can be equipped with additional attachments to enhance your styling capabilities.

These can be:

  1. Combs that are fastened at the side of the plates;
  2. curling tongs;
  3. spirals;
  4. crimping;
  5. brushes.

Straightener attachments add more money to your hair straightener, so before you buy it, you should decide if you need it at all or if you’d rather buy a straight iron only.

Additional Features

In addition to additional accessories, the straighteners are often equipped with interesting functions. Whether they’re useful, whether they’re necessary – that’s for the customer to decide.

  1. Nozzles for applying cosmetics during styling. These are the straighteners that masters use for keratin work, for example.
  2. Silvered plates are useful for weakened hair, they improve the health of the strands by the ions released during the heating.
  3. Recording of the last temperature if the appliance is used regularly on the same hair. Each time you turn it on, the device immediately heats up to the degree you selected the previous time.
  4. A rotating cord that twists into the body at the push of a button. A useful feature that prevents the cable from twisting and tangling.
  5. Hanger loop makes it easy to store the appliance.
  6. Bag-pouch for storing and transporting your electric appliance. It can be heat-resistant – you can put the straightener in it right after use without fear that the plates will catch some things and melt them.


Most well-known companies and companies “noumeym” in the range have straighteners for hair. The most famous of them and accordingly demanded are Dyson, Baby

  • ss, L’Oreal Professionnel, GHD, Philips. You can buy irons of these brands at different prices. That’s not to say that other brands’ straighteners are bad – there are worthy candidates for home or professional irons everywhere. When choosing, the main thing is to look at the characteristics, convenience and, of course, the reviews of those who already use the equipment.

    The 5 best hair straighteners

    These brands’ straighteners are in high demand, and for good reason.

    The 5 best hair straightener brands1Dyson5.0
  • ss
  • 4.9
    3L’Oreal Professionnel4.8


  • ps
  • 4.6


    Rating: 4.9

    Dyson Corrale HS03 Nickel/Fuchsia

    Not so long ago there were advertised Dyson devices for styling – innovative in its kind straighteners and hair dryers. Their peculiarity – the most gentle effect on the hair, as evidenced by the numerous reviews of those who have already tried the technique on their own hair.

    One straightener in the range is the Dyson Corrale HS03 Nickel/Fuchsia. It has flexible copper plates with a tourmaline ionizing edge, which, capturing the strand, change shape and become like a streamlined. They minimize heat, which in this case does not compromise the quality of the hair compared to using traditional irons. Experience has shown that even very curly and stiff hair can be straightened.

    Dyson straighteners have an intelligent temperature control system. Electronics and heating elements are interconnected, 100 times a second impulses of sensors check the heating against the set. Powered by the mains and wirelessly by a 4-cell lithium-ion battery, which is also part of an intelligent system – its energy consumption is controlled, heat output is optimized. Max battery life 30 minutes, charging 70 min. The plates heat up to working temperature within 30 seconds, there are three possible temperature settings from 165 to 210 ˚ C. Another nice bonus is the thermo bag to put the straightener away right after use. So you can take your styling appliances anywhere and style anytime.

    Dyson straightener – a truly unique device that will help keep your hair healthy. Its only drawback is the high price from 39990 rubles, which can be a barrier to purchase.


    • Three temperature settings with electronic control;
    • cord and battery operation;
    • thermowell included;
    • new technologies of making the plates and the impact on the hair;
    • 4 colors;
    • high customer rating.


    • high price;
    • The only straightener in the manufacturer’s range.

  • ss
  • Rating: 4.8

    Baby<li></div><p>ss PRO” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/20116666197031-465-.jpg” height=”214″ title=”Baby</p><li>ss PRO”><p>French brand Baby</p><li>ss is one of the manufacturers of professional styling appliances. Fortunately, the line has tools not only for hairdressers, but also for ordinary women.<p>Baby straighteners</p><li>ss PRO are professional devices. They are designed for daily work, so they are appropriately assembled – the components for them are a head above amateur devices. Baby<li>ss Paris or without termination – these are simpler and cheaper devices for straightening and curl creation, the main difference between them is the difference in temperature modes and design.<p>Of the interesting models we’d like to mention BaBy</p><li>ss ST495E – professional straightener with steam treatment function, suitable for work with stiff and very curly hair. For normal strands, the BAB2071EPE or BAB2072EPE are the most popular straighteners among home styling enthusiasts. Ionization function on the BAB2091EPE.<p>Almost all straighteners have plates coated with proprietary proprietary EP 5 technology.0 Technology, which is better than titanium and tourmaline in terms of impact on the hair and durability.</p><p>Reviews on all straighteners Baby</p><li>ss positive – a good sign that the manufacturer’s products are liked by both professionals and styling enthusiasts. The price range is moderate – our review presents models from 5500 to 11000 rubles, you can choose a quality iron on your pocket.<h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>professional and amateur straighteners;</li><li>unique plate coating technology EP 5.0 Technology;</li><li>There are straighteners with steam, ionization;</li><li>All models have a rotating cord;</li><li>wide price range;</li><li>recommendable reviews in most reviews.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>are not defined.</li></ul><h3>L’Oreal Professionnel</h3><p>Rating: 4.7</p><div style=L'Oreal Professionnel

    The straighteners from L’Oreal Professionnel are mainly known by hair professionals. Currently the SteamPod 3 iron is in demand.0, which Karl Lagerfeld himself helped create. The device has an ergonomic body with finger protection from burns, but at the same time it is quite massive – you’ll have to get used to styling on yourself. The styler is equipped with a steam humidification function – it allows you to straighten even stiff curly hair with less heat and fix its shape, preserving the natural shine. Manufacturer recommends using distilled water to fill container.

    The maximum temperature of the plates is 210 ˚ C. The plates are floating and with their help even thick bunches of hair can be styled quickly enough without breaking it into numerous fine strands. For convenience, the straightening attachment has teeth around the edges – they simultaneously comb and distribute the hair before they are between the plates.

    Costs professional styler L’Oreal Professionnel about 25000 rubles. It is available in pink, black and black and white. Performance is not affected by color. The only difference between the straighteners is the storage pouch.


    • steam action;
    • Floating plates for evenly gripping the strands;
    • Three color options;
    • Gentle effect on hair;
    • finger protection from burns.


    • high price;
    • Slim line of stylers.


    Rating: 4.7


    GHD hair straighteners are suitable for everyday styling, for home and professional use. The British manufacturer has two main straightener lines – PLATINUM and GOLD. The fundamental difference between them is the color and design. Both series use dual-zone technology with two heat sensors to regulate plate temperature. The irons heat up in a single mode, 185 degrees in just 25 seconds. According to the manufacturer, higher heat harms the hair, and low heat makes styling problematic. The plates of the stylers are floating, handles are rounded – they are comfortable to hold in your hand.

    Each straightener comes with a thermal cover and a universal power cord so you can take the iron anywhere and put it in your purse immediately after use.

    The PLATINUM straightener has, in addition to the main advantages, an intelligent system of plate heating control, 250 times per second, which is more than the leader of the review. This iron has rounded plates that are suitable for both straightening and curling. GOLD straighteners are straight-edged – a fundamental difference.

    GHD straighteners are available in different colors and even in branded gift sets with other manufacturer’s products or care products.

    Average price of devices is 12000…19000 rubles.


    • Stylers with floating plates;
    • comfortable handles;
    • High quality craftsmanship and long service life;
    • different colors of straighteners;
    • gift sets.


    • high price;
    • one temperature mode.


  • ps
  • Rating: 4.6


    Philips Hair Straighteners comes in a wide range of styles. These are professional and hobbyist styling appliances with different feature sets: Philips Pro HPS930/00 with floating titanium plates and ionization, SenseiQ BHS830/00 with smart adaptation of the action mode to the hair type, ThermoProtect with 2, 6 or 10 temperature modes and keratin plates with ionization function. These are just some of the most popular Philips irons. All of them have in common a high quality of assembling, which ensures a long service life of these devices.

    Philips straighteners are presented in a wide price range, you can buy them from 1300 rubles and above. The vast majority of the devices receive advisory reviews.


    • a wide range of models;
    • variety of functions;
    • Prices from 1300 rubles;
    • professional and amateur products;
    • long lifetime of the curling iron.


    • significant are not defined.
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