9 best colors for blondes

*Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying it, it is necessary to consult with a specialist.

To achieve the desired hair color, blondes resort to the use of lightening dyes, which can give the desired shade and permanently fix the result. Especially for this case, we have compiled a rating of the best coloring products based on certain parameters. These include:

  1. consumer reviews and opinions;
  2. the structure of the substance
  3. components of the composition;
  4. price-quality ratio;
  5. Consistency of shade with the declared color;
  6. convenience of application;
  7. odor;
  8. the number of shades in the series.

Today, well-known brands offer a mass of colors for blondes, which can be used not only professionals in salons, but also ordinary girls at home. To avoid wasting money and ruining the appearance of your hair, it is worth getting acquainted with the review of the best products, which for convenience is divided into three categories.

Rating of the best colors for blondes

Nominationlocationproduct nameprice
The best inexpensive dyes for blondes1Palette Fitolinia cream dye150€
2Estel De Luxe High Blond195€
3Indola Zero Amm Color212€
The best dyes for blondes by value for money1Garnier Ola243€
2LONDA PROFESSIONAL Special blond356€
3Wella Professionals Illumina Color815€
The best professional colors for blondes1Matrix Socolor.beauty510€
2Selective Professional Evo525€
3L’Oreal Professionnel Majiblond

The best inexpensive colors for blondes

Budget colors are perfect for use at home. There is a huge number of similar products on store shelves. Therefore, we have allocated three most popular samples, which have their advantages and disadvantages.

The Palette Phytolinia cream dye

Rating: 4.7


The top of the rating is a dye from a German brand with a long-lasting effect and excellent coloring result. The special Phytolinia collection contains natural aloe vera oils, which nourish your locks and prevent them from drying out. The range offers cool and warm tones for optimal color without yellowing. The product has a toning effect and girls like it for its durability, reasonable price and useful ingredients.

Female customers say that the plant extracts and vitamins contained in the formula give their hair shine and strength. On popular websites the paint can be found in the top ranks of products by popularity. Many young ladies have been using the product from “Palette” for more than 10 years, and they are not going to change their choice. You only have to pay 170 rubles for a bestseller.


  • does not smudge when applied;
  • saturated color;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • time-tested quality;
  • long-lasting results;
  • no yellowing.


  • stings a little during the dyeing process.

Estel De Luxe High Blond

Rating: 4.6

Estel De Luxe High Blond

The following rating member is designed specifically for beauty salons. But the dye is actively used not only by professionals, but by consumers as well. It is suitable for lightening the hair by up to four shades. In total, there are 10 different shades in the line, seven of which are warm. The color has the gentlest effect on the hair due to its natural composition. After use, the curls are softer and more manageable. Only slightly dries the tips.

Judging by the reviews of blondes, the product gives strands a glossy shine and a pleasant color without yellowing. Can not help but please the optimal price and hitting the promised tone. It is worth considering that it is necessary to buy additional oxygenant for the dye. The average cost is 270 rubles.


  • The result is soft and manageable hair;
  • perfect shades;
  • reasonable price;
  • Leaves no yellowing;
  • allergy free.


  • slightly dries the ends.

Indola Zero Amm Color

Rating: 4.5


Next in the ranking is a paint from a German company, which works with an oxidant. It is oil-based and does not cause an allergic reaction. Thanks to the gentle formula there is no damage to the hair structure. Unfortunately, the palette offers blondes few choices.

Female customers choose the product for its optimal durability (3-4 weeks), absence of smell, beautiful and shiny curls. Girls are delighted with the even color that looks natural and well-groomed. Shades come out like the ones on the rack. The main thing is to respect the proportions when mixing the oxidant and not to overdo it, otherwise there is a risk of severe hair damage. The price of the dye – about 200 rubles.


  • acceptable durability;
  • optimal price;
  • without a pungent smell;
  • natural oils in the composition;
  • covers the gray.


  • scarce palette;
  • very thick consistency.

The best dyes for blondes by value for money

Many girls are willing to give any money in order to look well-groomed and expensive. However, not always the premium dye turns out to be a quality product. We have selected three blondes at reasonable prices which correspond to the commodity quality.

Garnier Ola

Rating: 4.8

Garnier Ola

One of the most popular dyes for blondes is a product from Garnier with natural oils in the composition. The product is present in all sorts of ratings and often takes the leading position. Brightener provides natural color without the effect of yellowness and is absolutely safe for the hair. The formula is ammonia-free and rich in olive, wheat and jojoba oils. Such a composition gives curls protection from external influences, nourishes and moisturizes them.

Total in the collection of 8 shades, six of which are warm. The product is chosen for its pleasant smell, gentle treatment of curls and uniform coloring. It is worth considering that after washing the hair the shade is slightly washed off and becomes a little lighter over time. Price – about 300 rubles.


  • does not damage the hair;
  • comfortable gloves;
  • pleasant aroma;
  • without ammonia;
  • easy application;
  • beautiful shade;
  • does not dry the strands.


  • no major drawbacks.


Rating: 4.7


Popular all over the world “Londa” brand has been producing quality hair coloring products for many years. For blondes, there is a Special blond collection, which consists of 6 shades. All allow you to get the color you want without yellowing. The product contains waxes, lipids and moisturizing elements, which instantly penetrate the structure of the filaments and qualitatively dye each hair.

After treatment, curls are soft and shiny. And one pack is enough to lighten a significant length of hair. Buyers say that the composition is easy and evenly applied to the strands, does not drip and does not burn the hair. Delighted with color fastness and salon effect after using the product. Price – about 400 rubles.


  • the shine of the curls;
  • optimal price;
  • does not dry out strands;
  • even shade;
  • high stability.


  • no.

Wella Professionals Illumina Color

Rating: 4.7


The popular company Vella offers 12 shades for blondes with activator, which is a special mask for nourishing and color stability. It is used 2-4 weeks after dyeing. Girls are thrilled with the high quality of the formula. Creamy consistency perfectly lightens hair by more than 4 tones and gives a beautiful shade without yellow.

It is easy and convenient to apply the foundation. The formula contains pro-vitamin B5 and a beneficial serum that leaves hair smooth and shiny. Price – about 600 rubles. The best price for a high quality product of a well-known brand.


  • gorgeous hair quality;
  • perfectly covers gray hair and roots;
  • Getting the desired shade;
  • natural look;
  • The color corresponds to the shade in the layout.


  • The need for a large volume of oxidant for home use.

The best professional colors for blondes

All professional products require the use of oxide. If the oxidant is not chosen correctly and is not mixed with the paint, you can get burnt pucker, so it is important to read the instructions carefully and consult an experienced technician. It is better to buy a brightener and go straight to the salon for dyeing.

Matrix Socolor.beauty

Rating: 4.9


American company “Matrix” cream dye is often a member of various ratings. The formula of the product contains jojoba oil, which provides care for curls. The hair looks neat and healthy after dyeing. Color Grip technology evenly distributes the colour and intensifies the shade.

The composition is easy to apply and perfectly masks even the strongest gray hair. It is true that the smell of the base is too pungent. For the dye and 9% oxide will have to pay about 500 rubles. One bottle is enough for medium hair with more than enough.


  • caring qualities;
  • Good color picker;
  • Efficiency (tube capacity – 90 ml);
  • no yellowing;
  • Brings back the beautiful gray hair.


  • Very strong smell.

Selective Professional Evo

Rating: 4.8

Selective Professional Evo

The Italian brand does not only change the color of the hair, but also stabilizes its structure. Thanks to the special ingredients in the product, hair becomes shiny and slightly straightens. Even before the exposure of the color pigment, the formula envelops the damaged areas, distributing evenly the consistency over the entire length of the hair.

The range of colors is quite extensive. The blonde, very light and extra light blondes as well as as ashy and beige-golden shades are available in the catalog. Customers like the super lightening series the most. Price – about 500 rubles.


  • a wide range of colors;
  • caring properties;
  • voluminous tube (100 ml);
  • does not dry the hair and does not burn;
  • does not drip;
  • covers the gray.


  • Curtains the scalp.

L’Oreal Professionnel Majiblond

Rating: 4.7

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