16 best oils for nails and cuticles

*Editor’s Review of the Best. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, it is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Seek expert advice before making a purchase.

Hands with neat nails and smooth skin are the first sign of well-groomed. Some people don’t spend a lot of time on it, because they got the best from nature. Still, most people have to put a lot of effort to ensure that the daily care does not affect the condition of the nails and hands in general. The cuticle is the main enemy to fight and at least once a week to remove it on their own or in manicure salons. It not only spoils the appearance, but also causes burrs and other, not less pleasant consequences.

Special products were developed to soften rough skin. One of the most effective is this nail and cuticle oil. It works in several ways, bringing tangible results, making it much easier to care for your hands and minimizing the time for follow-up procedures. The oil, above all, has a powerful nourishing property. It softens the skin, eliminates nail brittleness, makes them smoother. They also noticeably promote growth.

Many cosmetic products have wound-healing and antiseptic effects. They reduce inflammation, start the cell regeneration process, soothe, reduce pain. The oils are able to quickly neutralize irritations that occurred after regular contact with hard water and detergents.

Today you can buy any cosmetics according to your financial capabilities. Even low cost products are effective and help maintain beautiful hands. In the more expensive oils, valuable ingredients are added that enhance the product’s properties. In this review we present 12 oils for nails and cuticles that have been independently tested and found to work. The selection was made based on the reviews of real users.

How to choose a cuticle oil

Most cuticle oils are a mix of extracts from several fruits or seeds, usually 3-5 in composition. Some bottles take mineral oil as a base – it’s relatively safe, but minimally effective, its purpose is to make the product cheaper. Natural oil has the best effect on the skin, it has a natural fragrance without perfume (ideally), so most women and manicurists prefer it.

The oil must be chosen based on several criteria: composition, form of production, packaging, country of origin and in some cases the brand.

What’s in the Ingredients

The composition determines the cost of cuticle oil – the more ingredients, the more expensive it is. But you need to look carefully at the components:

  1. Vitamin E by itself is included in other oils and is not used as a pure component.
  2. Vitamin A is also part of the composition of oils in its natural form, it is not added separately.
  3. Fennel, rose, clementine and frankincense oils contain collagen, which helps maintain the health of the skin and nail plate and the production of collagen in cells.

Now more about the functions of the oils themselves:

  1. Jojoba oil has an emollient effect, it is part of the moisturizing creams and is able to retain moisture in the cells without forming a film effect. The oil promotes collagen production in the skin and nail plate and is suitable as a base for complex compositions.
  2. Sesame oil has a powerful moisturizing effect and is useful for super-dry skin and nail plates. And it is also rich in calcium, fatty acids, it is a natural antibiotic, so it is suitable for those who have problems with hand lesions with pathogenic microflora.
  3. Grape seed or grape seed oil has a massive dose of antioxidants, one of the most valuable oils, useful for inside and outside use. The product reinforces the skin barrier and the protective functions of the nail, helps to normalize the growth of the nail and restore the skin after micro-traumas.
  4. Lavender actively fights inflammation, peeling.
  5. Lemon oil helps to slow down skin and nail aging processes, removes yellowing.
  6. Cypress, too, fights inflammation and has a local bactericidal effect, suitable for those who need to heal and repair the cuticle.
  7. Eucalyptus is a powerful natural antiseptic and anesthetic.
  8. Chamomile promotes regeneration of skin and nail cells, it is indispensable for tissue injuries, as well as pigmentation.
  9. Tea tree oil is known for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

These are the main oils, usually included in the complexes for nail and cuticle care, of course, it can be complemented by others. Virtually all oils have moisturizing properties, but it is better to choose the targeted action based on your skin condition rather than general recommendations.

It is better to choose an oil based on a neutral vegetable oil – jojoba or camelia, it will cost more, but the effect will be excellent.Mineral oil Made from refined petroleum products and used as a base component of many cosmetics. However, its ability to form a film on the skin has been proven. Underneath it, the moisture is preserved, but the cells do not breathe – a local greenhouse effect occurs. For short-term care, a product based on it can be used, but it is not recommended to do it for a long time.

Form of release

But oil can be not only liquid, but also solid. This texture is good for taking care of the skin around your fingers because it’s easy to apply, absorbs quickly, doesn’t stain your clothes, and you can carry it around in your purse without worrying about it spilling. As a base manufacturer use oil with a high melting point, glycerin, paraffin. But the undoubted market leader is the liquid oil.

There are also creamy textures of cuticle oils, but those products are more logically related to creams and masks for skin care, they are often enriched with additional components such as vitamins E, F, Omega-9 and Omega-6 acids, carotonoids that have beneficial effects on the nail plate, if it is not covered with lacquer.

What about the packaging?

The glass bottle is the perfect packaging for liquid cuticle oil, it is not in contact with the contents, so the chemical structure is not affected. The only point that is important to know – the glass should be kept in the shade: the material transmits sunlight, which makes any oil oxidize and lose its useful properties.

The metal packaging is impervious to light and does not interact with the contents, but it is mostly suitable for solid oils. The product has a minimal shelf life in plastic, but it’s mostly small tubes that really wear out quickly.

Now for the form of packaging.

A bottle with a dropper is necessary for masters of manicure – so the dispenser does not interact with the skin, as well as the bulk of the oil. It is more convenient to apply the oil with a brush, it is gripped less, but the bristles are in contact with the skin, for work with clients in the flow such a tool is not suitable, but for home care – a good option. You can’t ignore the oils in a pencil package, which is terminated with a roller or a brush. They usually have a small amount of product, which is convenient to take with you, carry in your purse and use as needed.

Country of production

The choice of cuticle oil by country of production. Chinese brands are the cheapest because of high demand and inexpensive shipping. You have to pay more for European oils, but if they are from famous brands, their quality is noticeably better than that of the Celestial Empire. The golden mean – products made in Russia, with properties equal to those of the European brands, but at the same time inexpensive and accessible.

The brand

The well-known brands of cuticle oils – OPI, CND, DNC, Orly, Kodi and other manufacturers involved in the development and production of products for the nail industry – are mostly represented in professional cosmetics stores. They have a wide price range and are suitable for almost everyone, mainly favoured by manicurists and pedicurists. The oils from manufacturers of cuticle care products, like BELWEDER, NAILLOOK BEAUTY, are relatively inexpensive and also suitable for many, they have convenient packaging and a pleasant fragrance. PHYT’S premium oil from France, suitable for the care and treatment of.

Rating of the best nail and cuticle oils

Cuticle oil+
Rating of the best nail and cuticle oils1PHYT’S Huile Ongles Cutic Oil
2 414 €
2Orly Cuticle and nail
997 €
3Peach scented cuticle oil INM Premium Peach Oil270 €
4Product for the repairing of damaged cuticlesSallu Hansen580 €
5I+M Oil for nails and cuticles1 000 €
6OPI Pro Spa Nail and Cuticle Oil (dropper)1 120 €
7CND Nail and Cuticle Care Solar Oil (brush)525 €
8Avocado Nail Oil DomiX347 €
9Huilargan’s Strengthening cuticle and nail oil405 €
10Zeitun nail and cuticle oil302 €
11Belweder Aromatic regenerating cuticle and nail oil239 €
12Runail Beauty and wellness Black Currant nail and cuticle oil178 €
13Levrana Lemon cuticle oil300 €
14KINETICS Professional Orange nail and cuticle oil (brush)260 €
15DNC Bio cuticle softening and nail care oil133 €
16NailLOOK Beauty nail and cuticle oil230 €

PHYT’S Huile Ongles Cutic Oil

Rating: 5.0

maslo PHYT'S Huile Ongles Cutic<ul></div><p>es” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/39716666196551-9716.jpg” height=”400″ title=”PHYT’S Huile Ongles Cuticle Oil</p><ul>es”><p>The gold medalist is the oil that can make your hands look as neat and tidy as after a visit to the manicure salon. It strengthens thin and brittle nails to the maximum. They stop splitting and intensive growth begins. Stiff cuticles are softened. Skin that is rough due to vitamin deficiency and hangnails is groomed.</p><p>Formulated with ingredients grown on agro-farms in environmentally friendly areas of the world. The complex contains oils of apricot, lemon, sunflower, jojoba, argan and extracts of rosemary and parsley. The French phytoproduct has proven its worth. It handles the toughest imperfections, fixes problems and keeps you healthy for a long time.</p><p>An unquestionable advantage of the product is that it is packaged as a spray. The sprayer allows both volumetric and concentrated application to the skin or plate. The consistency is not thick and it absorbs quickly without leaving any residue. The product has a high price due to the size of the bottle of 30 ml.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>a mix of valuable natural substances;</li><li>Significant strengthening of the nails;</li><li>Elimination of peeling in case of avitaminosis;</li><li>Active nourishing and moisturizing;</li><li>easy application.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>not identified.</li></ul><h3>Orly Cuticle and nail<tr>eatment Cuticle oil+</h3><p>Rating: 4.9</p><div style=ORLY CUTICLE AND NAIL<tr></div><p>EATMENT CUTICLE OIL+ ” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/50216666196551-7216.jpg” height=”450″ title=”ORLY CUTICLE AND NAIL</p><tr>NAIL TREATMENT CUTICLE OIL+”><p>Orly Cuticle and Nail Oil</p><tr>The Cuticle oil+ is suitable for home or professional use and even comes in two 30 ml and 118 ml packages. The bottle is made of soft plastic and the dispenser has a fine spout so you can easily squeeze out a drop in any size.<p>contains grape seed oil and aloe vera, a repairing, rejuvenating formula for skin and nails. The manufacturer took the moisturizing safflower oil as the base and used additional ingredients of mostly natural origin to improve the properties of the product, among them the orange extract and linseed extract, which have antioxidant properties.</p><p>Women who use Orly Cuticle and Nail Oil</p><tr>They note the convenience of the packaging, the pleasant, not sugary sweet scent and the good absorption of the product into the skin, especially its effectiveness noted in the cold season. Enough of the small bottle for a long time, so the high price is justified.<h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>natural composition;</li><li>handy spout dispenser;</li><li>Really strengthens the nail plate;</li><li>Normalizes the condition of the cuticles.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>undefined.</li></ul><h3>Peach scented cuticle oil INM Premium Peach Oil</h3><p>Rating: 4.8</p><div style=PEACH SCENTED CUTICLE OIL INM PREMIUM PEACH OIL

INM Premium Peach Oil is chosen for its peach scent and its ability to moisturize the cuticle and even slow down its growth. Heals burrs, gives a well-groomed hand effect and moisturizes the skin. It is applied with a brush and absorbs quickly, no need to rub it in for a long time.

The INM Premium Peach Oil comes in a glass bottle of 15 ml, which is enough for home use for a long time.

It is based on mineral oil, to which the manufacturer has added squeezed safflower seeds, tocopheryl for nutrition and fragrance – there is no peach oil in the product, and this misleads the consumer.

The reviews of INM Premium oil are only positive: women who have bought it once, remain faithful to the product, they only change the fragrance for fun.


  • handy bottle with brush;
  • delicate peach scent;
  • affordable price;
  • Normalizes the condition of the cuticle.


  • no peach extracts in the composition – only fragrance.

The Sally Hansen I+M cuticle repair cream

Rating: 4.8

Damaged cuticle repair product, Sally Hansen

The oil in a handy bottle with a Sally Hansen brush is specially formulated for damaged and thinning cuticles. Its formula includes vitamin E in a complex of sesame and avocado oils, which catalyzes repair processes in cells and helps normalize the natural process in tissues. As a result of using the oil women notice noticeable moisturizing, a pleasant feeling after application and the ability to absorb quickly. It also helps to eliminate nail plate breakage and gives a well-groomed, finished manicure.

Sally Hansen’s packaging includes a handy pencil with a brush applicator which is easy to apply. The oil lasts long, and has a shelf life of two years.


  • triggers the processes of healing and regeneration;
  • strengthens the nail plate;
  • Deeply moisturizes tissues;
  • Convenient packaging;
  • Long shelf life.


  • not defined.

I+M oil for nails and cuticles

Rating: 4.8

I+M Nail and cuticle oil

Its organic composition is suitable for vegans. No synthetic additives in the formula. All created on the basis of herbal ingredients. Safety and environmental friendliness is confirmed by international certificates of conformity. The product has a high degree of effectiveness. This is due to the mix of almond, soy, sunflower and hemp oils. They stop the aging process, providing a rejuvenating effect.

The bottle has a roller that can be used for application. It does not require any additional rubbing or long massaging as it is immediately absorbed without leaving any trace or greasy residue.

According to the reviews after constant use, the nails look neat even without a manicure. The surface becomes smooth and the color is homogeneous. The cuticle is soothed and can easily be separated and moved away with the cuticle stick. Its growth is suspended, so neatness and grooming is maintained for a long time.

Advantages of

  • organic product;
  • It has both strengthening and brightening effects;
  • Significant improvement in appearance;
  • handy roller applicator;
  • Pleasant floral scent.


  • not identified.

OPI Pro Spa Nail and Cuticle Oil (dropper)

Rating: 4.8

OPI Pro Spa Nail and Cuticle Oil (dropper)

This professional oil is an American brand that is used extensively in manicure salons and at home. It allows you to maintain a neat appearance of the nails, without the use of other additional means. It leaves tough, dry cuticles soft and moisturised. It stops growing intensely and does not go over the plate.

Broken, flaky, thin nails are strengthened. Their surface becomes smooth and shiny. Even badly growing plates begin to grow vigorously. The mix of natural oils of avocado, sesame, sunflower and grape seed enhances the effect. They have light whitening and rejuvenating properties. Nourishing formula keeps you healthy when vitamins are scarce. It strengthens the protective properties against all external aggressions.

The composition is safe, there are no preservatives, fragrances and other synthetic additives. The product has a non-greasy consistency. It is well-absorbed. easy to use. It is applied by means of a dropper. Economical consumption.


  • professional product;
  • fast-absorbing consistency
  • recovery and care;
  • The skin remains soft and moisturized for a long time;
  • nail growth stimulation.


  • Not affordable for everyone.

CND Nail and Cuticle Care Solar Oil (Brush)

Rating: 4.7

CND Nail and Cuticle Care Solar Oil (brush)

A professional product that will restore the beauty of the hands in a few treatments and make them look well-groomed and healthy. It has a beneficial effect on the skin and nails. The cuticle softens and separates easily from the plate. The texture penetrates between the nail scales and glues them together. Smooth, mirror like surface, without blemishes or irregularities. The use of the product leads to rapid polymerization and improves the quality of manicure.

Already after one treatment, the nails are less brittle and flaky. Wounds heal faster, leaving behind flakes and dryness. A composition of several oils: jojoba, rice bran and almond. They contain amino acids, vitamins and other beneficial elements.

American oil is widely used in salons and at home. It shows excellent results, eliminating external imperfections and the causes of their appearance. The bottle is tiny, fits in a cosmetic bag. The brush is handy and small. Product consumption is gentle. The fragrance is subtle, barely noticeable.


  • salon care product;
  • a good combination of valuable oils;
  • The elimination of severe stratification of the plate;
  • nail growth enhancement;
  • polishing effect.


  • no spots are detected.

Avocado Nail Oil Domix

Rating: 4.7

Avocado oil for nails Domi

Domix cuticle oil with a heavy dose of vitamins A, E and F with avocado oil. Moisturizes and strengthens the cuticle and nail plate, promotes healing of tissues and strengthens the nail. The oil is quickly absorbed with minimal rubbing, does not leave a greasy sheen.

Domix is based on avocado oil, diluted with mineral oil; the manufacturer added a few caring components to replenish the balance of nutrients for the nails and cuticle. It is sold in a dispenser bottle that is easy to use and to dispense in the desired amount. Customers are attracted by the pleasant aroma of the oil with the scent of avocado, although the composition contains a fragrance.


  • strengthens fragile nails;
  • quickly absorbs into the skin and nail;
  • The composition is dominated by avocado oil;
  • dispenser bottle.


  • Mineral oil in the composition.

Huilargan #Huilargan #Strengthening cuticle and nail oil

Rating: 4.7

Huilargan cuticle and nail oil Strengthening

The product has a therapeutic effect in case of increased nail brittleness. It strengthens and thickens the plate, makes it elastic and prevents splitting. Natural composition will not harm human health or the environment. It contains exclusively safe natural ingredients, which are characterized by increased regenerating and caring qualities.

The formula contains orange, rosewood, almond, argan, lemon, jojoba and grape seed oils, which are rich in vitamins and amino acids that stimulate metabolism and enhance protective functions. Citrus aroma with oriental notes enhances the mood during the treatment. Use is very comfortable, you do not have to wait for the product to be absorbed.

Feedback from users say that the oil is highly effective. It can be used as a therapeutic and prophylactic product at any time of year, so that the hands are always well-groomed and neat.


  • professional care product;
  • organic composition;
  • Recommended for brittle nails;
  • Quick and quality results;
  • minimal consumption.


  • not identified.

Zeitun Nail and cuticle oil

Rating: 4.7

Zeitun Beauty Oil for nails and cuticles

The oil is a well-known natural cosmetics brand from Jordan. It has high caring qualities that transform rough skin and prevent splitting and brittle nails. In the composition there are no aggressive chemical components, it is completely natural and safe. The balanced blend of oils has a high therapeutic effect. It moisturizes the cuticle, prevents its intense growth. Also has a brightening effect. Nails whitens, evens out tone.

Olive, almond and castor oil have an active effect. They provide age prevention. Citrus essential oils create a luxurious scent, so care treatments are reminiscent of a visit to a spa. The texture is not greasy, it is instantly absorbed, allowing you not to put off your daily activities.

Like all Zeitun products, the oil is packed into the bottle with “expensive” design. The practical side is also at a high level. The dropper dispenses well and dispenses the optimum amount without excess. Dark glass preserves the properties of the composition, protecting it from the sun.

Advantages of

  • A blend of naturally valuable oils;
  • brightens the plate;
  • Removing stubborn dirt;
  • prolonged effect;
  • anti-aging effect.


  • are not identified.

Belweder Aromatic regenerating cuticle and nail oil

Rating: 4.6

Belweder Aromatic regenerating cuticle and nail oil

An oil that works on all fingernails. It softens, moisturizes, slows cuticle growth and strengthens, stimulates nail plate growth. In addition, it has anti-inflammatory and regenerating effects. The fragrance composition makes the care procedure even more enjoyable, and the fresh floral and herbal scent lingers throughout the day.

No preservatives or aggressive additives in the formula. It contains medicinal butters of castor oil and sunflower seeds as well as valuable oils of avocado and macadamia. Natural jojoba oil makes up 75% of the product. Vitamin E strengthens the skin’s defenses. Calendula and chamomile extracts disinfect and prevent the growth of bacteria.

The product is applied with a handy brush. It is rapidly absorbed. After 2-3 minutes, the greasy shine disappears completely, no stickiness remains. Reviews confirm that the oil copes with its tasks with a solid “five”. It softens the cuticle and prevents it from adhering to the plate. Regular treatments guarantee a well-groomed and healthy look.


  • Rare oils;
  • antibacterial properties;
  • rapid healing of wounds
  • Long-lasting softening effect;
  • luxurious fragrance.


  • not identified.

Runail Beauty and wellness Black Currant nail and cuticle oil

Rating: 4.5

Runail Beauty and wellness Black Currant Nail and Cuticle Oil

The multipurpose product that gives great results in a short time. It actively moisturizes and softens dry, stiff skin, slows down cuticle growth, restores healthy nails. Almond and grape seed oils are the basis of the formula. They stimulate cell regeneration, which leads to faster healing of wounds. Also these components have an anti-inflammatory effect, so the risk of developing infectious skin diseases is minimized.

Includes rare, natural seed oil of Perilla basilica. It is rich in Omega-3 and linoleic acids. The product has a pleasant blackcurrant scent. The amount used is minimal. It is applied by means of a dropper. It gives just the right amount of product, which can be spread easily with massaging strokes and absorbed quickly.

The texture is not sticky and leaves no residue, so you can use it anytime, anywhere. Only positive customer feedback. No discomfort. Recommended by experts and customers alike.


  • A blend of natural oils;
  • It has a pleasant and non-greasy consistency;
  • restoration of nail plates;
  • long lasting hydration;
  • delicate berry flavor.


  • not identified.

Levrana Lemon Cuticle Oil

Rating: 4.4

Levrana Lemon Cuticle Oil

A Russian brand oil that has all the qualities you need to instantly improve the appearance of your nails and keep them looking their very best, no matter what the external factors or negative influences may be. The formula is safe and will not irritate sensitive skin. It softens rough skin, nourishes, makes nails smooth and shiny. Also noticeably increases their growth and reduces brittleness.

The formulation consists of natural oils of castor oil, lemon, grape seed, jojoba. They intensely nourish, restore normal functions in the skin. The formula is enriched with beauty vitamin E. Plant extracts of kelp, carrot, clover, violet, horsetail have wound-healing, antiseptic and antimicrobial effects. Spanish lemon oil helps to lighten the nail plate, making its color uniform.

Levrana product helps to preserve manicure for a longer time. The cuticle grows more slowly and no cracks or burrs form. The oil is recommended by many female customers, who are satisfied with its action.

Advantages of

  • quality composition;
  • natural product;
  • Strengthening and growth of the nails;
  • aromatherapy;
  • Bleaching effect.


  • are not detected.

KINETICS Professional Orange nail and cuticle oil (brush)

Rating: 4.3

KINETICS Professional Orange nail and cuticle oil

Latvian oil with good caring and regenerating properties. It contains healthy-enough ingredients that promote nail growth and significantly soften tough cuticles. The main ingredient is sweet almond oil. It is rich in a large number of beneficial substances that quickly heal and stabilize the result for a long time.

Instantly eliminates dryness and irritation. It has a regenerating effect, reduces the discomfort of many burrs. The practical packaging format ensures that it is always readily available for use at any time. The texture is not thick and has good absorbency. After application, it does not stain the clothes.

According to the reviews, the oil has a very pleasant orange scent. It handles stubborn dirt, dissolving it completely. The bottle is small enough to fit in a cosmetic bag. The cap is screwed on tightly to prevent the ingress of bacteria.


  • active caring formula;
  • instant effect;
  • compact size
  • Without greasy spots and marks;
  • economical use.


  • has not been identified.

DNC Bio cuticle softening and nail strengthening oil

Rating: 4.2

DNC Bio cuticle softening and nail strengthening oil

A budget product that many girls have in their cosmetic bag. It contains safe natural ingredients that will not harm people with hypersensitivity. The oil strengthens considerably the nail plate, makes it healthy and stimulates its growth. Regular use prevents splitting and breakage.

The vitamin-oil formula nourishes actively. Cuticles soften. Keeps hands looking neat and tidy without frequent visits to the nail salon. Active ingredients: apricot, castor, mustard oil, as well as black pepper and cocoa oils. They are responsible for intensive nourishing and regeneration. Propolis extract disinfects, promotes quick healing of hangnails and wounds.

The complex of vitamins A, D, E saturates with useful substances. Calcium and tocopherol are also included. The oil comes in a small tube with a dispenser. For one treatment 1-2 drops are enough. The texture is thick, but quickly absorbed. The result is instant: even very rough cuticles are softened and nails have a healthy, natural-looking shine.


  • large amount of natural oils;
  • no chemical additives;
  • fast action;
  • convenient atomizer;
  • Effective with nail polish.


  • No signs of wear and tear.

NailLOOK Beauty Nail and cuticle oil

Rating: 4.1

NailLOOK Beauty oil for nails and cuticles

Completes the review of oils, which will soften and elasticize the cuticle, stop the growth and make the hands look attractive and well-groomed. After application the nail surface is smoother, smooth and shiny. The product will protect against dryness, help improve metabolism. Almond oil contains all the substances necessary for stabilizing the normal condition of the skin and nails.

Easy application. The brush is small, well-distributes the composition. After 1-2 minutes it is completely absorbed, so you can immediately get down to business without the fear of getting your clothes dirty. The product has a neutral odor. Economical consumption. The vitamin formula deeply nourishes and maintains the optimum balance of nutrients.

According to reviews, the product helps in all periods, including the seasons of avitaminosis. Girls note that the cuticle begins to grow slower, the manicure lasts longer. The skin becomes well-groomed, without burrs and dirt. Nail plate looks healthy, stops delamination.


  • non-sticky consistency;
  • quick recovery;
  • healthy and tidy appearance;
  • comfortable use;
  • miniature bottle.


  • are not identified.
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