14 best face masks by Belita-Vitex

Belita-Vitex Face Masks are Belarus-made skin-care products with a pleasant price. They merge the experience and development of two leading cosmetics and skin and hair care product companies. The companies “Belita” and “Vitex” create really high quality, environmentally friendly and safe face masks. And we will help you to choose the best Belita-Vitex mask for your face. We’ve chosen 14 of the most effective, high quality products for you.

How to choose a Belita-Vitax face mask

When choosing any face mask, including Belita-Vitex brand, you should follow certain rules and criteria. It will help to achieve the maximum effect of the product without causing allergy and without damaging the skin.

  1. Be aware of your skin’s sensitivity. A face mask is a product that has a very active effect on the face, cleansing and exfoliating. Too sensitive skin can suffer, so choose with caution.
  2. Read the instructions carefullyAnd the composition when you buy it. It is possible that the particular mask you have in your hands is not suitable for your skin type, facial features, etc. In addition, there may be a nasty allergen lurking in the composition, which will cause a lot of skin problems. And it’s good if it’s only with your skin and not your breath or something else.
  3. Choose a mask based on your needs. If you have dry and damaged skin, look for an option that fights this problem first. A “multifunctional” mask may not help.
  4. Don’t forget your skin type. Not every mask is strictly suitable for oily or dry skin. And for combined at all need two different variants, which should be applied separately.
  5. Remember that before applying any mask you need to clean the skin. A mask with a cleansing effect should do the trick. So don’t forget to buy it, too.
  6. The more nutrients and vitamins, the better.Pay attention to the composition. If it has a lot of beneficial ingredients, minerals and vitamins, that will be a bonus. Because extra nutrition never hurt your skin.
  7. Think about which mask is best for you. There are many options: absorbable, washable, hardening, and others. If you tend to forget about the mask – it might be worth getting an absorbent one so you don’t overdo it. If you don’t feel uncomfortable from the extra pressure, a solidifying or non-woven mask will do.
  8. Do not buy rejuvenating masks if you do not need them. Often girls of 25-30 begin to buy masks with rejuvenating effects. Remember: it won’t do any good. Your skin is not old enough to be rejuvenated and you can’t return it to ‘childhood’. You’ll only waste your money.

These simple tips should be enough to help you buy the most suitable and effective mask.

Rating of the best face masks by Belita-Vitex

Ratingplaceproduct nameprice
Rating of the best face masks by Belita-Vitex1Belita-Vitex Anti-wrinkle facial firming mask with green and white clay86€
2Belita-Vitex Lux Anti-Aging410€
3Belita-Vitex “Bath-Sauna-Massage114€
4Belita-Vitex Retinol + Mg116€
5Belita-Vitex deep cleansing mask110€
6Belita-Vitex with Activated Charcoal98€
7Belita-Vitex Rich and Lifting167€
8Belita-Vitex Deep Cleansing and Firming80€
9Belita-Vitex MesoMasque229€
10Belita-Vitex 2 in 1 for oily and problem skin81€
11Belita-Vitex against freckles and age spots138€
12Belita-Vitex Revitalizing for the skin with enlarged pores136€
13Belita-Vitex anti-wrinkle and puffiness for the eye contour99€
14Belita-Vitex Intensive Rejuvenation After-care Mask225€

Belita-Vitex Lifting Mask with Green and White Clay

Rating: 5.0

Lifting mask with green and white clay

The mask is designed for maximum skin regeneration. Cleanses, tightens and cares at the same time. Its quality and the successful combination of ingredients have made it a favorite product for many years. The clay is only one of more than ten ingredients, so there are no disadvantages of the purely clay-based masks. The product is very soft and light, so that you will not feel discomfort.

Many female users wildly praise the mask in reviews, pointing out that it is suitable for a variety of problems. It’s like a skin normalizer, no matter what happens to your skin. Therefore it can be called multifunctional. However, it is not able to clean the dilated pores completely. You will need special products.

Important: It is not recommended to buy this mask for girls under 30. The formula is aimed at people up to 30 years of age+. Using a mask at the recommended age will help to prevent skin problems, allowing it to stay young and firm for many years.


  • Restores skin to almost any problem.
  • It’s light, soft and comfortable to use.
  • It works in three ways: cleanses, lifts and cares.


  • Can’t handle enlarged and clogged pores.

Belita-Vitex Lux face cream-mask indelible “Anti-aging”

Rating: 4.9

Lux Non-Removable

This mask is renowned for its truly splendid effect. Manufacturers have achieved the effect by combining the best ingredients to create an “elixir of youth” for the skin. It contains a few dozen different components, which separately have a revitalizing, rejuvenating and tightening effect on the skin. In the preparation you can find seaweed extract, shea butter, peach kernel oil, argania and hazelnut oil, as well as much more.

The mask contains a complex of biologically active molecules of EGF (epidermal growth factor). According to the manufacturer’s promises, this complex is able to stop aging and activate the growth of new skin cells. That is, in fact, to renew the epidermis. Together with dozens of herbal ingredients, they create a product that can literally slow down the aging of the epidermis.

Convenient that the mask does not need to be washed off. Has a soft, creamy texture. It absorbs quickly and does not cause discomfort (if you do not have too delicate skin). So do not hesitate to apply and forget about it, the mask will do everything by itself. Unfortunately, there is a disadvantage – owners of sensitive skin will feel discomfort when using it.


  • Contains dozens of natural ingredients.
  • Regenerates the skin and activates the growth of new cells.
  • Has a pleasant texture.


  • Not always suitable for delicate skin.

Bath-Sauna-Massage Facial and Body Pore Cleansing Mask

Rating: 4.9

Quality mask for use in the bath or sauna. Most effective when applied to well-boiled, clean skin. Would otherwise act as a simple moisturizer, nothing more. Bonus feature: you can use this mask not only on your face but also on your body. The use of the mask is slow – 200 ml can be used for a month or more, if we apply it all over the body at once.

This product contains about a dozen different essential oils, clays and other natural ingredients, as well as mud and salt from the Dead Sea. Thanks to them, it penetrates deeply into the pores and cleans everything that has accumulated there. Judging by the reviews, the body seems to rejuvenate for a few years, so nice after using this mask.

The mask is very hydrating, despite the presence of clay and salt. This is why we recommend it with care if you have oily skin. A serious plus can be considered comfort – even on delicate skin, the drug will not sting or shrink the skin.


  • It is suitable not only for the face but also for the body.
  • It is economical in use.
  • Pleasant to use, it does not cause discomfort.


  • Requires steaming the skin.
  • Not always suitable for oily skin.

Lifting maskBelita-Vitex Retinol + Mg

Rating: 4.8

Retinol + Mg lifting mask

You can use it to visibly lift your face, neck and cleavage without surgery. It effectively works on the epidermis, nourishes and smoothes it. So after a few applications you will be able to notice the effect. In the customer reviews, female customers write that the mask does not even need to be washed off – it is perfectly absorbed, which indicates that the benefits for the skin and the quality of.

The main secret of success is in the combination of ingredients: retinol, magnesium, vitamin A, and many others quickly penetrate into the skin and effectively affect it. With each application, the skin will become firmer, softer and tighter. Fine lines and wrinkles disappear, restoring moisture balance.

The mask is only suitable for mature skin of women over 35. Early in life, it simply has no effect. Also, do not expect that the tool will be able to smooth out stale deep wrinkles and pick up “pimples” of sagging skin. But you shouldn’t expect that from a mask for 120 rubles.


  • Manages fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Moisturizes and nourishes the skin.
  • It absorbs in minutes.


  • Doesn’t remove deep wrinkles.
  • Does not have a rejuvenating effect.

Antibacterial Facial Minute Mask – Deep Cleansing

Rating: 4.8

Antibacterial Facial Minute Mask - Deep Cleansing

The perfect mask for teenagers against acne and inflammation. But adults can also use it to get rid of the problem. The product is designed to effectively fight acne and inflammation on the skin. It easily penetrates to the center of the infection and destroys the bacteria that caused it. At the same time, the mask frees the excess oil and dirt from pores, making them shrink.

The positive effect is achieved due to the composition. It has a whimsical mix of beneficial natural and not-so-natural ingredients, including acids that kill bacteria. The product has a gel-like consistency, it is completely transparent and does not smell distinctly. It lives up to its name: the effect can be seen in just a couple of minutes.

The mask may sting the skin when used. This is because it will affect inflammation and acne. Antiseptics also pinch wounds. Here the principle is similar. If you use the mask on a regular basis, you can say goodbye to acne for a long time. Prevents new bacteria from entering the skin and causing inflammation.


  • Requires only a couple of minutes on the skin.
  • Effectively cleanses, disinfects and heals the skin.
  • Prevents new inflammations from appearing.


  • May sting the skin.

Belita-Vitex Polishing Scrub Mask with Activated Charcoal

Rating: 4.7

Scrubbing mask with activated charcoal

With this mask you can literally polish your face: remove dead cells, remove black spots and pimples, cleanse the skin of toxins. An additional pleasant effect is the thorough cleansing of pores, even the deepest ones. And the noble silver-gray color will not scare the husband.

The main advantage is the activated bamboo charcoal itself. This adsorbent traps all excessive fat, dirt, toxins and other filth. It also scrubs the skin, scrubbing away dead skin particles. The mask must be held for literally five minutes, which is very convenient. After the basic substances have worked on the skin, you can begin a gentle facial massage, without washing the product off before. It is with a gentle massage that the scrubbing particles can affect the face.

It is worth understanding that a scrub mask will not always be convenient for very delicate or damaged skin. You can make matters worse if this gentle cleanser is too harsh for you. Although in the reviews of users write that the effect is more of a polishing than a scrubbing. We also recommend applying a nourishing cream afterwards, if you have dry skin.


  • Gently exfoliates and polishes the skin.
  • Removes excess sebum.


  • May be too harsh for delicate or damaged skin.

The face, neck and décolletage saturating and firming Aqua Mask

Rating: 4.7

Satifying and tightening Aqua Mask for Face, Neck and Décolleté

Extra moisturizing mask with fantastic (80%) moisture content. It can restore the freshness and softness of parched skin. The mask is designed to moisturize, cleanse and smooth the skin. The makers promise that the product will not only have a long-lasting moisturizing effect, but it will also smooth out wrinkles and even lift sagging skin.

The main active ingredients are water, glycerin and aloe juice. Therefore, it moisturizes your face, neck and cleavage. It works on reducing inflammation and smoothes out fine lines and wrinkles a bit. But at the same time, due to the ingredients, the consistency of the mask is too thick and sticky: it dries for a long time, rinses off badly and takes more time than the manufacturers write.

Certainly not a perfect mask. Its primary function is to moisturize, but it is not meant to tighten and rejuvenate. And it does its job perfectly thanks to its high moisture content. In reviews, some female customers complain about the lack of effectiveness, but such verdicts are few.


  • Contains 80% moisture.
  • Moisturizes and smoothes the skin for long time.


  • Too many broken promises on the tube.
  • Uncomfortable consistency.

Belita-Vitex Deep Cleansing and Firming Deep Purifying Film Mask

Rating: 4.7


A film-like mask that becomes very thick when dry and pulls out all excess. Including black spots. Available in two versions: for dry or normal skin and for oily skin. In the second case, in addition to cleansing from black spots, the manufacturers claim that the product is able to dry the skin and slightly matte it, and this is indeed true.

It contains ingredients such as lemongrass extract and the essential amino acid glycerin. Smells like alcohol or something similar. On the whole, the product copes with the task. Visibly reduces black spots and enlarged pores after several uses. However, we should not wait for the ideal effect: the mask is not suitable for all girls, as evidenced by the reviews of users.

The product hardens when dry and feels like a plastic bag. May be slightly painful upon removal. By the way, this mask can even get rid of facial hair. True, from the thinnest and weakest, but this means that the film adheres well to the skin and holds firmly.


  • Gives relief to oily skin.
  • Heals weak inflammation.


  • Very strong “alcoholic” smell.
  • Difficult to remove, unpleasant sensation.

Belita-Vitex MesoMasque

Rating: 4.6

A rather expensive product for Belita-Vitex companies, the main purpose of which is to make your skin young and beautiful again. The mask is designed for mature women, whose skin is starting or will soon start to wrinkle. Rejuvenates the skin, improves the production of essential substances and gives a healthy, even complexion.

The composition of the mask is rich and varied. It contains a cocktail of three amino acids (glycine, taurine and arginine), avocado and shea butter, as well as the unique components Optim Hyal™ and Tens’up. The last two are responsible for improving the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and collagen respectively. Of course, the list of ingredients is not limited to this. It is thanks to such a rich set of ingredients that this product is able to really improve the skin tone, tighten it and smooth out wrinkles.

Of course, such a cheap product by the standards of the cosmetics market (only 250 rubles) cannot become the elixir of youth. It does not make wrinkled skin perfectly smooth in a few applications. But the mask will correct any imperfections that may show up. It can also serve as a prophylactic, if you apply it at the first signs that problems are about to appear.


  • Gentle texture and easy application.
  • Moisturizes, smoothes and nourishes the skin.
  • Really enhances the production of essential substances.


  • Doesn’t eliminate serious wrinkles.
  • It does not tighten the skin to a perfect condition.

Belita-Vitex 2-in-1 Scrub Mask for oily and problem skin

Rating: 4.5

2-in-1 Scrub mask for oily and problem skin

Another product in the Belita-Vitex range with a piece of the Dead Sea inside. The mask is designed to combat oily skin. It also eliminates black spots, acne and narrows pores. Thanks to the abrasive particles it easily scrubs off the dead epithelium. In addition to all this, the manufacturers claim that the product has an antiseptic effect.

Contains Dead Sea minerals, which should nourish and saturate the skin with missing elements. Their involvement makes all the other ingredients more active. As a result, the product perfectly copes with the removal of excessive fat and “matting” of the skin. Note that there are parabens and formaldehyde in the composition. If you are afraid of these compounds, it is better to bypass this mask.

Unfortunately, apart from the “chemistry” in the composition, there is another disadvantage. Judging by the reviews, the mask does not cope with the removal of black spots. Although it dries the skin, nourishes and exfoliates very well.


  • Reduces sebum secretion.
  • Cleanses, nourishes and exfoliates the skin surface.


  • Does not remove black spots.
  • Contains formaldehyde and parabens.

Whitening mask against freckles and age spots

Rating: 4.5

Whitening mask against freckles and age spots

A specialized product that targets skin pigment. In addition to the freckles and age spots stated in the name, the product can also eliminate various disorders of facial coloring. For example, to make post-acne less noticeable or to give the face a “porcelain tone”. Also the mask is capable of standard for such cosmetics: to purify and exfoliate the skin, remove black spots and so on.

The composition is not the most natural, it contains non-standard and quite active ingredients: alcohols, oils, acids, and so on. Be warned: the mask contains mineral oil, which may cause a negative reaction of the skin (in very few cases). Be warned in case your face has already been in conflict with this ingredient.

The mask has no whitening effect: it lightens problem areas and lightens the skin tone in general a little bit after several applications. Due to the ingredients the product is very thick and heavy, it almost does not dry, but it does not shrink the skin and in general almost does not feel. The main thing is not to overdo it, and to use it strictly according to the instructions.


  • Very slow, but it lightens pigments and blemishes.
  • Moisturizes the skin.


  • Does not remove black spots.
  • Not the healthiest formula.

Renewing mask for skin with enlarged pores and signs of couperose

Rating: 4.4

Renewing mask for skin with enlarged pores and signs of couperose

The product promises nothing less than perfect skin. The mask performs several tasks at once: cleansing, nourishing and restoring the texture. The manufacturers claim that the effectiveness of the mask has been proven by two French companies. Of course, the result is not perfect, but it is there, and it is quite noticeable: the face becomes noticeably fresher, cleaner and visually younger.

The main purpose of the product is to fight couperose (vascular reticulation appearing on the surface of the skin). The mask can not only eliminate redness from this “neighborhood”, but also strengthen the capillaries, making them less brittle and noticeable. Thanks to the rich in oils and minerals composition it works perfectly. But there is also a lot of “chemistry”, so allergy sufferers should be careful.

Product has an interesting effect: it is not absorbed evenly over the face, but only in areas with dry skin. That is, the mask can moisturize the epithelium, but not excessively. The drier your skin, the better the mask absorbs. This mask is recommended for use from the age of 26, as only then it will unleash its full potential.


  • Moisturizes, cleanses, and nourishes the skin.
  • Narrows and restores capillaries.


  • A lot of chemicals.
  • Not visible after the first use.

Balm-Belita-Vitex Balm Mask for Eye Contour against Wrinkles and Puffiness

Rating: 4.3

Balm-mask for eye contour against wrinkles and puffiness

This product is indispensable if you suffer from puffiness, don’t get enough sleep or if you’ve already noticed wrinkles on your skin. The mask is designed to fight puffiness of the face and emerging imperfections. Thanks to this remedy can correct the effects of constant lack of sleep, bruises under the eyes and even “caterpillar feet”.

The mask is suitable for the eye contour. It removes puffiness and evens out skin tone. The product has a very gentle action, so as not to damage the delicate skin around the eyes. And in the composition can be found quite aggressive components such as alcohol or acids. Their effect is cancelled out by a large number of useful plant extracts and oils.

The product really smoothes and evens out the skin and its shade. But the effect won’t last if you stop using them. Skin of the eyelids actually looks fresher and healthier. The problem is that neglected under-eye bruises may not go away: the product won’t be strong enough, something more serious is needed.


  • Reduces the bags under the eyes.
  • Refreshes the eyelids and makes the skin look healthy.
  • Removes wrinkles and other problems.


  • It does not always eliminate under-eye circles.
  • Aggressive ingredients.

Neuromimetic mask after cosmetic procedure “Intensive rejuvenation” for face, neck and decollete

Rating: 4.2

Neuromimetic mask after cosmetic procedures

The manufacturers loudly promise us “salon treatment effect” and “intensive rejuvenation”. Naturally, it is impossible to achieve such an effect from a mask for 250 rubles. But it can do something. It can be used at any age and for any skin. It will moisturize dry skin, but it will slightly dry out oily skin. Wrinkles and other imperfections are easily eliminated during use. The result is clean, well-groomed skin.

The most effective product will be immediately after professional cosmetic procedures. It contains a lot of natural ingredients. They have a mild effect on the skin after procedures, regenerate it and keep the effect for a long time. However, there is a lot of chemistry – dyes, fragrances, parabens, acids. However, the composition is quite balanced.

In their reviews women users do not forget to praise the product. It supposedly copes with any problems within the declared properties. The skin on the face, neck and cleavage becomes fresher and looks younger. The reviews are not without its negatives: some customers’ wrinkles and folds are still there, not at all smoothed out or tightened.


  • Lots of herbal ingredients that are good for our skin.
  • The mask is multi-purpose: it moisturizes, eliminates excess oils, cleanses, lifts and so on.


  • It has aggressive chemical components.
  • Only works well after a serious cosmetic treatment.
  • Doesn’t always fulfill the promise of the manufacturer.
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