13 best facial massagers

Portable facial massagers are becoming more and more popular. And this is not surprising. They can easily replace expensive cosmetic procedures in beauty salons, and with regular use can work wonders.

How to choose a facial massager

Modern Beauty-market generously offers a lot of facial masseurs, differing both by the principle of action, and by price. Many manufacturers produce multifunctional devices that have several types of action at the same time.

  1. Roller.The most reasonably priced, safe and simple models, aimed first of all at removing wrinkles. Through a mechanically induced micro vibration, the rollers work on the deeper layers of the skin to stimulate circulation and metabolism, tone and stimulate collagen production.
  2. Microcurrent.Due to the impact on the muscle tissues, microcurrents increase skin tone and get rid of wrinkles, allowing you to make your own home lifting procedures. However, in the application of microcurrent therapy is contraindicated, so the use of this type of massager can not everyone.
  3. Vacuum.Perfectly purify pores and remove fine lines and wrinkles, effectively massaging the skin. But are not suitable for flabby skin, as they can further aggravate the situation, despite the reverse assurances of the manufacturers.
  4. Ultrasonic. The principle of action of these massagers is based on ultrasound waves, which trigger the synthesis of collagen and elastin, remove toxins, nourish cells, delivering oxygen to them and stimulate the processes of cleansing and restoration. There are also contraindications for such devices.
  5. iInfrared.Ideal for sensitive skin. The warming massagers have a gentle effect, while at the same time penetrating deep into the dermis, getting rid of edema and wrinkles and improving firmness and tone. However, if used improperly, these devices can cause burns. They also have a number of contraindications.
  6. Vibrating.This type of massager is recognized as the most effective and almost always safe for private use in the home. The vibromassage is primarily aimed at fighting wrinkles. Microvibrations also stimulate blood circulation, increase vascular tone, stimulate metabolic processes and activation of collagen.

Rating of the best facial massagers

Nominationseatproduct nameprice
The best vibrating massagers for the face1Foreo IRIS10 999€
3Gezatone m1605 RF
  • fting
  • 5 083€
    4Yamaguchi Galaxy25 000€
    5Welss 3in1 “Vernal Optic”4 200€
    6Meditech FR-22R1 280€
    7REFA CARAT20 620€
    8US Medica De
  • cate silk AF
  • 2 700€
    9Gess uSound3 490€
    10GEZAtone AMG106999€
    11US MEDICA JOY700€
    12MARKETHOT Z01807
    13WELSS WS 7065550€

    The best vibrating facial massagers

    We have compiled a rating of the most popular facial massagers that have been tested and verified by many female customers. But be careful, many manufacturers additionally equip vibrating massagers with functions of ultrasound, infrared heating, color therapy, ionization, microcurrents. We recommend that you choose carefully.

    Foreo IRIS Facial Massager

    Rating: 4.9


    Type: vibrating

    FOREO IRIS eye massager opens our top list. According to the promise of the manufacturer, Foreo, a Swedish company well known on the market, this gadget can gradually eliminate the appearance of dark circles, fine lines and puffiness under the eyes when applied daily. The idea of development is based on the long-known practice of Japanese massage, which removes fatigue and reduces the first signs of aging skin. However, some female customers point out that this gadget, probably because of the bright colors, looks more like a toy than a serious device for massage.

    The massager has 8 speeds and 2 modes of operation. Pure mode offers a gentle vibrating effect on the skin, similar to hand massage techniques. Suitable for the face with first signs of aging. SPA mode offers a gentle tapping without additional vibration, the effect is comparable to a beauty salon treatment. This mode is designed specifically for aging skin with pronounced signs of aging. Generally speaking, judging by the reviews, the device copes with its task, but only with regular use.

    For better gliding, the massage is performed over the applied serum or cream. This treatment should be done for 30 seconds, twice a day. Comes with an instruction manual, which clearly shows everything.

    Body massager is made of medical non-porous silicone that does not absorb and does not accumulate water and cosmetics, so it can be stored in the bathroom and washed with soap and water after use and disinfected. The gadget is charged with the AC adapter that comes with the package. One charging cycle lasts for about 100 uses. Reaches a full charge of the battery for 1.5 hours.


    • Relieves fatigue and bags under the eyes;
    • Reduces the signs of aging;
    • Makes wrinkles less noticeable;
    • Efficient result of regular use;
    • Convenient use;
    • The small size;
    • Quality materials;
    • No counterparts.


    • High retail price.

    COZCORE FLORECER MR-HD-211A Facial Massager

    Rating: 4.8


    Type: vibrating, microcurrent, LED, electrical

    Facial massager, from Korean developers, under the epic name “miss round”, takes the second step of our expert rating. Thanks to the four mechanisms of action, the massager helps to preserve the facial contours and stabilize the level of internal moisture, reduce wrinkles, whitening, smoothing color, eliminating pigmentation. But this multifunctionality also determines a rather high price of the device. In online stores, its price reaches about 25 ths. rubles.

    The device focuses on 4 types of action – heating, electric current, microvibration, multilevel color therapy. The thermal effect, by heating the upper layers of the skin to 42 ℃, promotes the production of the so-called shock protein, which prevents the formation of wrinkles and protects against ultraviolet light.

    In the delivery mode of electric impulses and ionogalivanizatsii is internal rejuvenation, through the production of skin’s own collagen. In anti-aging and lifting-programs is the stimulation of blood circulation, removing dead skin particles and regenerating the deeper layers of the skin. In whitening mode, the head’s 590nm luminescence removes pigmentation, redness and even out complexion. The device belongs to the class of semiprofessional, so we strongly recommend not to use it without prior consultation with a dermatologist, especially if you have any contraindications.

    The head of the massager is covered with rhodium, which eliminates the risk of allergies and irritations. Korean gadget works on built-in rechargeable batteries. Battery life – up to 2.5 hours.


    • Comfortable handle and interesting design;
    • 4 functional work programs;
    • The working area is covered with rhodium;
    • The device is completely safe;
    • Quickly regenerates and regenerates.


    • High cost;
    • There are contraindications.

    Facial Massager Gezatone m1605 RF
  • fting
  • Rating: 4.7

    massazher dlja lica GEZATONE M1605 RF<li></div><p>FTING” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/71516666194191-9613.jpg” title=”GEZATONE M1605 RF FACE MASSENGER</p><li>FTING”><p>Type: radio wave lifting, microcurrent, heat therapy</p><p>The third position is occupied by the massager for RF-lifting with microcurrents from Gezatone. The device works on the principle of rejuvenation at the cellular level, combining the methods – lifting, heating, microcurrent therapy.</p><p>RF-lifting acts directly on collagen fibers, forming a new structural framework and thus reducing the depth of wrinkles. The positive effect of RF-lifting is further enhanced by microcurrents, creating favorable conditions under which cells produce elastin and collagen faster. Also, microcurrents help remove stagnation in the tissue, strengthen muscles and maintain optimal hydration balance. To ensure the safety and efficiency of RF-lifting we recommend undergoing several similar procedures with a professional cosmetologist.</p><p>Facial Massager from world-renowned brand Gezatone has 5 modes, lasting 3 minutes: heating, smoothing, firming, tightening and massage. Each one has adjustable degrees of intensity. Immediately after the procedure, the skin becomes fresh, soft, and fine wrinkles disappear. More than one course of treatment will be required to eliminate more severe sagging. The device has a list of contraindications, such as pregnancy, acne, couperose, diabetes and others, so you should consult a doctor before using. The device should be used not more than 2 times a week.</p><p>Comes with a cable for charging, instructions for use. One charge is enough for 2-3 procedures. After the massage the skin perfectly accepts cream and other procedures for the face. To get the best effect, you will need to buy a special gel, well conducting microcurrents, which adds to the considerable cost of the device (5-7 thousand euros). r.) 500-800 rubles more.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>Effective Effects;</li><li>Suitable for any skin;</li><li>Convenient and easy to use;</li><li>Increases firmness and reduces wrinkles;</li><li>Improves the color and appearance of the face;</li><li>Normalizes metabolic processes;</li><li>Has a high capacity battery.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>The effect is only visible with constant use;</li><li>There are contraindications;</li><li>Tingles when working with microcurrents.</li></ul><h3>Yamaguchi Galaxy facial massager</h3><p>Rating: 4.6</p><div style=YAMAGUCHI GALAXY FACIAL MASSAGER

    Type: vibration, air-compression

    Yamaguchi Galaxy multifunctional head and face massager ranks fourth. The gadget is positioned as a universal device for head massage. In appearance, it resembles a helmet, which is somewhat confusing in terms of aesthetics, ease of storage and operation. Among the many functions in a Japanese device is programmed and massage the area around the eyes. Due to the air compression and heating of the eye area, swelling goes away, muscles relax, blood flow improves, tension goes away.

    In addition, the massager affects different areas of the head, helping to get rid of migraines, nervous tension, fatigue and stress. Yamaguchi Galaxy also prevents hair loss, lowers blood pressure problems and improves the overall condition of the body. Naturally, with such a wide range of functions, the cost of this unit exceeds the reasonable limits and amounts to 25 000 rubles. By the way, on the official website () you can buy the smart device in installments.

    The design of the massager is in the form of a helmet with a closed eye area. It is controlled by a remote control that allows you to select the air-compression or vibrating type of massage and adjust their intensity. Powered by a built-in rechargeable battery. If in doubt, you can test the effectiveness of the gadget in special showrooms located in major shopping centers.

    Advantages of

    • Multifunctionality;
    • Two massage techniques;
    • Many programs of work;
    • Built-in music player;
    • Full-fledged head massage;
    • Eye Disease Prophylaxis.


    • Bulky;
    • High price.

    Facial Massager Welss 3in1 “Vernal Optic”

    Rating: 4.5


    Type: vibrating, ultrasonic, heat therapy

    3-in-1 eye massager with ultrasound and heat therapy ranks fifth. The manufacturer is the Russian brand Welss, working in the market since 2015. Subject to correct and constant use, the device should stimulate deep moisturizing, brighten dark circles, remove bags and “crows feet”, tone, make the skin more elastic and remove toxins. Female customers comment that such an effect is indeed present.

    In fact, the device is a small portable device, shaped like a lipstick, one side of which is equipped with an ultrasonic steel head and the other with a ball. Massager works with ultrasound at a fairly powerful frequency of 3 MHz. Ionophoresis improves the penetration of cosmetic care products, increasing their effect, and moisturizes the skin, lightens dark circles and eliminates bags. Heated to 40°C±2°C helps relieve eye fatigue, speed up blood circulation and reduce fine creases.


    • Massager for the skin around the eyes;
    • Ultrasound + heating;
    • Removes the bags under the eyes;
    • Eliminates a network of wrinkles;
    • Compact and handy.


    • Not detected.

    Facial massager Meditech FR-22R

    Rating: 4.4

    Meditech FR-22R

    Type: vibrating, infrared heating

    Meditech wireless compact massager with infrared heating we put on the sixth step of the rating. Multifunctional vibromassager for the face is equipped with heating and vibrating elements. The main action is based on a pleasant vibration, which stimulates facial muscles and restores internal metabolic processes.

    The massager comes with 3 tips for different levels of action. Brush-like nozzle used for deep pore cleansing, exfoliation and massage at the same time. Roller massager is designed for relaxing massage. Sponge applicator relieves fatigue and smoothes wrinkles, improves penetration of cosmetics. Infrared warming function stimulates blood circulation. At the cost of a little over 1000 rubles, the unit is not able to provide an effective professional massage, but with the function of cleaning and relaxing massage copes pretty well.

    The massager supports two modes: massage without heating (mode 1) and warming in combination with massage (mode 2). The unit has a built-in battery and comes with a charger. All brush heads should be disinfected, but it is better to keep the hardware part in a dry place.


    • Facial cleanser and massager with heating;
    • Includes 3 interchangeable nozzles;
    • Stimulates muscles and improves circulation;
    • Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles;
    • Gives warmth to tissues;
    • Low cost.


    • Not detected.

    REFA CARAT facial massager

    Rating: 4.4


    Type: mechanical, roller, microcurrent

    Japan’s most popular ReFa mechanical facelift massager with microcurrent function ranks seventh. Thanks to the two specially cut spheres, the massager grips the skin, working it up to the muscles, which achieves lymphatic drainage and sculpting effect. It also generates microcurrents on its own, improving microcirculation and enhancing the effectiveness of facial treatments.

    The gadget consists of a handle and two mechanical, smoothly rotating spheres. The balls are coated with hypoallergenic platinum. The massager can be used in the bathroom. The triangular edges grip the skin, thus providing a massage effect. In addition, the massager is able to produce microcurrents, due to the built-in solar battery placed on the handle. During use, it is important not to cover the handle of the device with your hand and occasionally “put” it to charge in the open sun. However, despite the high cost, about 17-20 thousand. Roubles., functionally, this device is no more distinctive.


    • The most popular massager;
    • Instant lifting effect;
    • Quality material;
    • Microcurrent mode;
    • Solar battery.


    • Unreasonably high price.

    US Medica De
  • cate silk AF
  • Rating: 4.3

    massazher dlja lica US MEDICA DE<li></div><p>CATE SILK AF” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/23716666194191-713.jpg” title=”US MEDICA DE FACE MASSENGER</p><li>CATE SILK AF”><p>Type: vibrating, vacuum</p><p>Vacuum facial massager from US Medica claims to be the eighth step of our rating. It functions like a pulsating vacuum, which does not stretch or injure the skin. Vacuum massage makes the face look young – tightens the oval, eliminates swelling, reduces wrinkles, makes the skin firm, young and healthy.</p><p>The galvanic massager works by means of a rubberized sponge-like nozzle made of soft, elastic rubber, which provides a delicate massage without traumatizing or stretching. But despite such statements of the manufacturer, women with flabby sagging skin, it is better not to use this device.</p><p>Vacuum massage treatment is recommended for 10 minutes every day. The massage should be conducted along the massage lines and it is advisable to apply a fat cream or gel before the procedure. The motor provides more than 100 hours of continuous work, runs on two removable AA batteries.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>Result after the first application;</li><li>Lifting effect;</li><li>Lifts the oval of the face;</li><li>Low cost;</li><li>Easy to use;</li><li>Long-lasting operation without recharging.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>Not detected.</li></ul><h3>Gess uSound Facial Massager</h3><p>Rating: 4.2</p><div style=GESS USOUND FACIAL MASSAGER

    Type: vibrating, ultrasonic

    Ultrasonic facial massager from brand Gess ranks ninth. The device generates ultrasound for rejuvenating effect without trauma or stretching. As a result, metabolism is activated, and elastin and collagen are synthesized. Ultrasonic micromassage smoothes, removes scars, postacne, seals, smoothes wrinkles. The 1 MHz sound vibration has the strongest lifting effect. The device has a list of contraindications, so before using it, we recommend to consult a doctor-cosmetologist.

    The color indicator identifies 5 modes of operation (from blue with a wavelength of 800 kHz to red – 3000 mHz). The intensity of the radiation can be adjusted separately for the different areas of the face. For oily skin, the intensive mode is suitable, but for dry skin – the more gentle. To obtain the effect it is recommended to undergo at least 10 sessions, repeating the procedure at intervals of 2-3 months. It comes with a gel and a case.


    • Powerful ultrasound massager;
    • The effect from the first use;
    • Smoothes wrinkles;
    • Adjustable power of radiation;
    • Eliminates scarring and smooths;
    • Relatively inexpensive.


    • Works only from a wall outlet;
    • May sting a little on the intense mode.

    GEZAtone AMG106 facial massager

    Rating: 4.1


    Type: vibrating

    Tenth place goes to GEZAtone cleansing and rejuvenating massager. Compact device with four heads should improve the appearance and color of the face, restore tone, qualitatively cleanse from peeling and dead cells and get rid of wrinkles due to vibration, which draws impurities from pores and activates the muscles. The nozzles are in a static position, eliminating aggressive effects. But on the other hand, the lack of rotation creates certain inconveniences when using the device on different areas of the face.

    The device has two functions: cleansing and massage. Round, white-bristle brush attachment is designed to cleanse and exfoliate. The soft two-color brush is used for gentle brushing of lips and eyes. Finger tip used for firming massage. Spot nozzle with three fingers strengthens and tightens facial contours. The device runs on regular two AA batteries. Comes with a handy stand. The device is resistant to moisture. Nozzles can be cleaned with soap and water. 1 year warranty.


    • Deeply cleanses pores;
    • Helps to get rid of post-acne;
    • Vibrating massage and cleansing;
    • 4 nozzles included;
    • Reasonable cost;
    • Easy to use.


    • No carrying case for the nozzles;
    • Handle will vibrate strongly during use.

    US MEDICA JOY facial massager

    Rating: 4.1


    Type: vibrating

    Portable miniature massager for microvibration massage US MEDICA JOY is in eleventh place in the ranking. The secret of action of this unit lies in the beneficial effects of vibration, due to which the process of lymph and blood circulation improves, the blood flow normalizes, the skin condition improves markedly, it relieves muscle tension. Also vibromassage removes toxins and impurities and improves the overall condition of the face.

    Thanks to the rubberized coating, the gadget is easy to hold – it does not slip during operation. The level of vibration – medium, which gives some discomfort in use. Body is not afraid of water and can be used even under the shower. Suggested massage time is 15 minutes. The device is easy to take on the road, because it is compact and it has no cords. Runs on regular batteries. The massager has only one button and one speed. This massager may be too simple, but it’s good if you need a spot vibromassage in certain areas.


    • Ease of operation and handling;
    • High-quality vibromassage;
    • Battery operated;
    • Low price;
    • Small size;
    • Waterproof housing.


    • Not detected.

    Face Massager MARKETHOT Z01807

    Rating: 4.0


    Type: vibrating, ionic

    Compact ionic vibromassager MARKETHOT is at the twelfth position in our rating. Miniature device, comes from China, with gold plating and micro vibration at 6000 times / second, stimulates and tightens facial muscles. Vibration of high frequency, according to the manufacturer, contributes to the penetration of gold ions into the skin, which has a lifting effect, removes the effects of inflammation, aligns the skin and revitalizes the skin.

    Length of the gadget is only 14 cm. The massager is made of aluminum and brass, the cover and the nozzle ionizer has a gold coating – 24 K, which is somewhat questionable at a retail value of 300-600 rubles.

    The massage is recommended every day, for 2-3 minutes. The course of treatments performed for 1-2 months, then you need to take a break for 2 months and continue the course again. The device is powered by AAA battery.


    • Light vibromassage with ionizing effect;
    • Small and compact gadget;
    • Stylish design;
    • Relaxation and relaxation;
    • Skin Condition Improvement.


    • A lot of defective products;
    • No battery;
    • Vibration throughout the device;
    • There are fakes.

    Facial Massager WELSS WS 7065

    Rating: 4.0


    Type: vibrating, microcurrent

    Budget facial massager from WELSS closes our rating. Suitable for improving skin tone, firming, reducing swelling and tightening facial contours. Combines vibrating and microcurrent massage.

    The device has two modes of operation – one designed to purify and saturate the skin with negative ions, and the second – for charging the positive ions and nutrition. Microcurrent technology relieves muscle tension and traces of fatigue. Anions are great to deal with toxins, lighten age spots. Cations take away wrinkles, puffiness and bags under the eyes. Vibromassage stimulates regeneration and improves firmness.

    One of the features is that it only works in the upright position, increasing the angle of inclination to 45 degrees – vibration stops, which is somewhat uncomfortable when working on certain areas of the face. The massager can be used no more than 1-2 times a day. Battery-operated, which is included in the pack.


    • Vibration and microcurrent effect;
    • Enriches with cations and anions;
    • Improves the condition of the skin;
    • Purifying and detoxifying;
    • Inexpensive cost.


    • You can find defective products;
    • Strong handle vibration;
    • No pronounced effect.
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