12 best transparent face powders

*A Review of the Best according to the Editors. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective and is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying, it is necessary to consult with a specialist.

Transparent powder has become an irreplaceable tool in the arsenal of professional makeup artists. It was also appreciated by many girls who prefer the most natural makeup. What is the difference between pigmented and transparent formulations? Fine white powder on contact with the skin transforms into a light veil that fixes the decorations and prevents them from rolling and blurring. Adapts to your skin tone and gives your skin a beautiful radiance with its light-reflecting particles.

Clarity powders absorb excess sebum and matte it for the rest of the day. The perfect choice for summer, when oily skin types need to devote a lot of time to makeup touch-ups. Apply to the whole face, including eyelids and lips, for flawless makeup, whatever the weather. Another plus: transparent formulations suitable for sensitive skin. They do not provoke irritation, soothe, minimize inflammation, do not clog pores, do not overdry.

Today you can buy any cosmetic product in various price groups and transparent powders are no exception. Developed by the oldest premium brands, as well as by brands that specialize in mass-market. The best clear powders for your face. easy to apply, even for beginners.

The experts in our magazine, together with respected beauty stylists, have compiled a list of 12 translucent powders that have surpassed other similar products in popularity, and noted all their pros, so women know what to expect from their purchase.

Rating of the best transparent face powders

ansparent Finishing Powder
Nominationplaceproduct nameprice
The best low cost transparent powders for your face1A’PIEUOil Control Film Powder SPF15550€
2Eva Mosaic280€

ond’s Angel Face

4RelouisPro HD Powder370€
The best translucent face powders in the mid-price group1Lavera transparent1 345€
2MANLYPROMagic Veil1 100€
3L’Arte del bello

    The HD Finishing Pressed Powder
1 050€
4MIXITNo more tears Dry Fix Powder1 000€
The best premium translucent face powders1Laura Mercier Invisible Pressed Setting Powder4 250€
2Givenchy Poudre Premiere with the transparent effect2 750€
3Amazing CosmeticsVelvet Mineral Powderset1 600€
4MACPrep + Prime
2 360€

The best inexpensive translucent face powders

PIEU Oil Control Film Powder SPF15

Rating: 4.7


On the first line is a high quality product, which is not inferior in quality to many more expensive analogues. Excellent hold helps to keep makeup in all kinds of unfavorable conditions. The finest powder powder conceals irregularities in texture and envelopes the surface, creating a perfectly smooth layer. Absorbent particles control shine, so this problem will not occur during the day.

Korean powder, like almost all Asian formulations, is enriched with valuable beneficial components, which makes it not only a decorative cosmetics, but also a caring. The natural complex contains organic extracts of lavender, chamomile and green tea. This mix forms anti-inflammatory, wound-healing, soothing effects. It reduces the sensitivity on allergenic skin and relieves all painful symptoms.

Active moisturizing ensures softness and elasticity without flaking. Continuous use brings significant improvement of the skin’s texture. Natural filters protect from harmful UV rays, prevent the formation of dark spots. Professional sponge included.


  • Neat makeup with a matte finish;
  • Enhanced protection against external factors;
  • resistance to weather conditions;
  • powerful nourishing support.


  • not found.

Finishing powder for face transparent Eva Mosaic

Rating: 4.6


The second position is occupied by high-quality powder, which can be used for simple or complicated makeup without special professional skills. It is distinguished by ultra-thin texture, which was created according to the latest technologies of the beauty-industry. The composition doesn’t dust, evenly glides, smoothes the line between foundation and clear skin, perfectly fixes the colorants: correctors, lipsticks, blushes, eye shadows.

The powder is ideal for different make-up techniques. It adapts to the natural tone of the skin and does not interfere with the color transfer of other products. The use of spherical components, which have high light-reflecting capacity, leads to visual alignment of relief and a perfect velvet finish.

Buyers leave positive reviews, emphasizing that all the expected effects of the powder get. It does not dry the skin, does not emphasize the lines of dehydration, perfectly absorbs grease, getting rid of unpleasant shine.


  • innovative Soft Focus technology;
  • Weightless non-comedogenic consistency;
  • Giving a beautiful even color;
  • The minimum amount to spend.


  • not detected.

Pond’sAngel Face Masking Powder

Rating: 4.5

Pond's Angel Face Powder Powder Matte

The third prize is an inexpensive transparent powder with a natural composition, which stands out for its unusual form of release. It contains light filters that protect from all types of UV rays, so it will be ideal in times of active sun. The product is highly absorbent. No makeup will bleed during the day if exposed to heat or moisture, and it retains its flawless look.

Thai manufacturer takes into account peculiarities of all skin types. At high oil content the sebaceous secretion is normalized, the shine does not go through the decorative layers. Dry skin does not feel uncomfortable, but, on the contrary, the feeling of tightness is minimized, flakiness is smoothed out, a beautiful glow is created.

Angel Face powder can be applied in any way: with a brush, sponge, hands. Thanks to the special structure of the protective cap, you can control the amount of liquid in the bottle. Convenient packaging format ensures the safety of the contents during transportation. According to reviews, the tiniest particles do not get blocked in pores and wrinkles, the layer is evenly applied, the composition is economically consumed.


  • easy glowing finish;
  • enhanced sun protection;
  • Long-lasting matting effect;
  • Pleasant delicate fragrance.


  • none.

RelouisPro HD Powder Translucent Fixing Powder

Rating: 4.4


The fourth was the transparent powder by the Belarusian brand which helps Russian women to look attractive without spending a lot of money for cosmetics. It fixes well the makeup and harmonizes with any compositions. The product absorbs excess grease, making the skin clean and fresh. It is paraben and fragrance-free, which is important for sensitive skin users. Natural tapioca starch retains moisture, so dryness, flaking and tightness do not occur.

The powdery texture is easily brushed on and diffused, forming a uniform glowing coverage that enhances the healthy natural tone of the skin. Spherical, high definition particles smooth out superficial imperfections. The effect of matt, well-groomed skin achieves a noble and beautiful look.

According to reviews, the powder from Relouis really saves from greasy shine and perfectly holds the applied makeup. It does not bleach the face, so suitable for fair skin in winter and tanned skin in summer. The extra-low dispenser allows you to carry it in your cosmetic bag without the risk of accidental spillage.


  • Adaptable to all skin tones and skin types;
  • Combination with any concealer
  • stable moisture control
  • Good absorption capacity.


  • undetectable.

The best translucent face powders in the medium price group

Lavera Translucent Mineral Powder

Rating: 4.9

Lavera Scattered Mineral Transparent Powder

The leader in this category is the transparent powder of German natural cosmetics brand. Its safe composition ensures delicate touching of sensitive skin without negative consequences. Dermatological and ophthalmological tested and approved for contact lens wearers. Components grown in organic farming, retain the maximum beneficial properties and pass them to the epidermis in the full amount in the form of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants.

Airy coverage does not create heaviness, does not contaminate pores, perfectly fixes decorative compositions without smudging, rolling and crumbling. The mineral base is soothing, it reduces sensitivity and prevents the spreading of inflammatory lesions. Natural UV filters slow down the aging process and reduce the aggressive action of free radicals.

Lavera powder helps to cope with excessive skin greasiness. It perfectly moisturizes dry areas and mattifies shiny ones. A pleasant and light natural scent.


  • The perfect foundation for all product types;
  • Natural and certified ingredients;
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers;
  • balancing effect.


  • Not observed.

MANLYPROMagic Veil Mineral Scattered Matting Powder

Rating: 4.8


Next in the review is a fixing powder that mattifies and moisturizes well. It provides an airy coverage that holds makeup in hot, rainy or windy weather. It doesn’t weigh you down, it doesn’t clog pores and it doesn’t hamper oxygenation. Visually softens facial features, smoothes, conceals small defects, thanks to special light scattering particles. It is both decorative and caring, and it controls grease production and moisture levels.

The mineral base gives nourishing support and strengthens the structure. Jojoba oil vitaminizes, stimulates rapid cell renewal, and prevents inflammation. Natural filters protect from harmful UV rays and stop the oxidative processes that lead to premature aging.

The jar has a protective membrane with holes and a soft sponge that evenly distributes the powder. It is gentle on the skin and lasts long.


  • ultra-fine powdery powder;
  • Fixes any cosmetic products;
  • weightless and pleasant consistency;
  • long-lasting matting effect.


  • not found.

L’Arte del bello Transparent Makeup Fixing Powder
    HD Finishing Pressed Powder

Rating: 4.7

L'Arte del bello prozrachnaja fiksirujushhaja pudra dlja makijazha<ul></div><p>tra HD Finishing Pressed Powder” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/80216666196551-4512.jpg” height=”400″ title=”L’Arte del bello Translucent makeup setting powder</p><ul>HD Finishing Pressed Powder”><p>In third place, a compact powder with a lightweight texture and super-fixing properties. It has a balancing effect, softens the appearance of oily and dry type. As a result of application, the makeup is flawless in spite of external conditions, the cover is moisturized, greasy shine does not appear. Its ultra-fine particle size gives it smooth coverage without a mask effect. The compound spreads evenly, does not crumble, does not lump.</p><p>Italian experts have provided not only cosmetic action, but also caring. Special substances normalize all skin processes, give the skin a natural glow and restore the skin’s natural beautiful tone.</p><p>According to the reviews mineral powder</p><ul>The HD Finishing Pressed Powder looks great on its own or together with your foundations. It adapts to pigment, smoothes out relief, makes wrinkles less visible. The case has a mirror and a soft sponge, so you can apply makeup or touch up anywhere.<h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>silky soft skin effect;</li><li>Fixation of all cosmetic compositions;</li><li>resistant matte finish;</li><li>cumulative moisturizing effect.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>were not detected.</li></ul><h3>MIXITNo more tears Dry Fix Powder</h3><p>Rating: 4.6</p><div style=NO MORE TEARS DRY FIXING POWDER

In fourth place is the fixing powder, which creates a transparent matte finish and reliably fixes decorative compositions. It conceals the skin irregularities and imperfections, prevents the appearance of greasy shine and dryness, does not weigh, pores are not clogged. Instantly improves the visual quality of your skin. It leaves a velvety matte skin without a powder-like feeling.

Extra resistive transparent pigments are guaranteed to hold makeup under normal conditions all day long, up to 8 hours under adverse conditions (heat, humidity, increased sweating). Powder can be easily applied with a brush or powder puff. Corn starch and talcum powder are excellent for treating excess sebum. Japanese rose blossom extract provides long-lasting hydration and neutralizes keratinized flakes. Tocopherol provides an antioxidant effect, prevents freckles.

High consumer demand is not only due to the popularity of the brand. Powder with decorating and caring qualities makes the life of its owner much easier.


  • Stable coverage staying power;
  • A beautiful natural glow;
  • valuable natural ingredients;
  • Lightweight formula.


  • have not been found.

Best Premium Translucent Face Powders

Laura MercierInvisible Pressed Setting Powder

Rating: 4.9

Laura Mercier Invisible Pressed Setting Powder

The first place goes to the powder, which helps to look always and everywhere flawless, even in the most adverse conditions. Its stable matting effect doesn’t give greasy shine a chance. Non-glare, so it’s a must-have for photo shoots. Soft focus effect conceals fine lines, wrinkles and large pores. Unique spherical, light-reflecting particles in the formula ensure this.

The powder adapts perfectly to any skin tone, so there is no feeling of a white mask. Innovative formula guarantees lasting make-up for up to 12 hours. Unwanted shine, dryness, and flaking are completely eliminated. Those with sensitive skin do not feel uncomfortable after application, which has been confirmed by numerous studies.

The product has been tested by reputable makeup artists, who gave it an “excellent” rating. Suitable for all natural skin tones from fair to dark.


  • Long-lasting grease/dryness control;
  • Visual improvement of uneven skin;
  • Highly effective hold on all compositions;
  • Naturally matte and velvety.


  • have not been found.

GivenchyPoudre Premiere Matte Translucent Facial Powder

Rating: 4.8


In second place is the matting powder, which is suitable for all skin types and shades. It covers the face with a thin, weightless layer that fixes other decorative products, and, if desired, creates an even coverage on its own with a natural glow and a healthy color. This luxurious product makes professional makeup application easy and fast. It instantly eliminates shine, corrects imperfections, conceals fine lines and wrinkles.

No clogging of pores, no dryness, no irritation due to the absence of phthalates, parabens, sulfates and other chemical allergens. Makes the complexion satiny, supple and well groomed.

The lacquer case with the famous logo is not only aesthetically pleasing. It reliably protects the contents from dirt and bacteria, ensures hygienic cleanliness and is easy to carry. Many have noted that they buy Givenchy product as a gift because of its versatility when it is difficult to decide on.


  • A transparent, insensible veil;
  • Long-lasting matting effect;
  • Masking difficult irregularities;
  • Elegant, practical packaging.


  • have not been found.

Amazing CosmeticsVelvet Mineral Powderset transparent powder

Rating: 4.8

Amazing Cosmetics Translucent Velvet Mineral Powder

The next winner is a mineral powder of an American brand with a light persistent coating. It can be used alone or as a finishing touch to concealer, eye shadow, lipstick or blusher. The matting effect is provided by natural ingredients with a high absorption capacity. Not only does it remove shine immediately after application, but it also controls the production of excess grease by the minute.

The product gives even coverage without a powder effect. It makes your skin tone more even and healthy, softening your features with tiny reflective particles. Velvet Mineral Powderset slightly dries inflammation without a feeling of tightness.

The action of Amazing Cosmetics has been appreciated by professionals and amateurs alike. The texture is easy to spread. Just the right amount can be absorbed into the brush or sponge, without clumping. Many people like the discreet fragrance, which does not irritate the sensitive sense of smell. The case with mirror offers extra convenience.


  • anti-inflammatory effect;
  • high fixative power
  • Matting for very oily skin;
  • Visually appealing finish.


  • have not been detected.

MACPrep + Prime PowderAnsparent Finishing Powder

Rating: 4.7

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