12 best hand creams for winter

*Editor’s Review of the Best. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement, and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Consult with a professional before buying.

Hand skin suffers more damage than other parts of the body. Natural factors, constant contact with water and detergents disrupt internal processes, affecting the appearance of the hands. Skin becomes flabby, with peeling and pigmentation. To avoid this, you need a complete hand care in all seasons of the year. Particular attention should be paid to the skin in winter. Often all the measures taken lead to deplorable results. Gloves and mittens do not save the skin. It roughens the skin and causes redness and small cracks.

Manufacturers develop special products to care for the skin of the hands in winter. All peculiarities of her condition during this period are taken into account. The creams can not only improve the quality of the skin after the application of the composition, but also fully restore the lost functions. Improves blood flow, strengthens the hydrolipidic barrier, boosts immunity, and enhances regeneration.

Sometimes you have to try several products to get the “right” care. Here are 12 hand creams considered the best for winter by consumers and dermatologists alike. Our experts, after analyzing the characteristics, agreed with their opinion, highlighting the main advantages.

Rating of the best hand creams for winter

Nominationplaceproduct nameprice
The best inexpensive hand creams for winter1Green AltaiMy winter173 €
2Natura Sebier Winter Protection and Nourishment170 €
3Winter Care Cold Cream80 €
4MorozkoMittens49 €
The best hand creams for the medium price range1Bioturm Winter Nr.53964 €
2Trius Anti-Freeze for face and hands600 €
3Repairing balm Bepanten Derma411 €
4Crema Mya Effetto barriera Protective with Vitamin E819 €
Best winter hand creams in premium quality1CellcosmetCell
    ar Hand Cream
12 145 €
2Micro Cell Winter Hand Balm1 540 €
3Hinoki C
  • nical Hand-Knee Cream
  • 1 300 €
    4AcademieNourishing Hand Cream1 310 €

    Best inexpensive hand creams for winter

    Protective hand and face creamZeleny Altai My Winter

    Rating: 4.5


    Gold medalist – a natural cream based on environmentally friendly ingredients. It maintains the normal condition of the skin, prevents chilblains and dehydration. Protects against stress caused by exposure to extremely low temperatures. It will prevent irritation after contact with snow and ice. Specially developed formula protects delicate skin in cold weather for up to 6 hours.

    The formula is safe, so the cream can be used by children and adults with sensitive skin. It has a powerful caring complex, which guarantees strengthened nourishment during vitamin deficiency. Shea and olive oils instantly soothe and remove flaking, promote rapid healing of micro wounds. Chicken fat lipids create a barrier that protects against all external factors, including UV rays.

    Formulation also includes beeswax and allantoin. Customers leave positive reviews and highlight safety, high efficacy, gentle use and affordable cost. The texture is soft, it does not clog pores and does not produce an oily sheen.


    • Non-allergenic caring composition;
    • Maximum protection for children and adults;
    • To help relieve the effects of frostbite;
    • Suitable for use on face and hands.


    • not identified.

    Winter hand cream Natura SerbiaProtect and nourish

    Rating: 4.4


    Second place goes to an effective cream that will help the delicate hand skin to survive the harsh winter conditions and repair many damages. Paraben- and silicone-free formulation has no effect on sensitive skin, no irritation. It quickly soothes, relieves itching and redness. The key ingredients are Rhodiola rosea and Daurian rosehip, which are known for their high protective properties.

    D-panthenol stimulates the regeneration of the skin, so that small wounds, inflammations and roughness can be treated quickly enough. The extract of white Siberian moss creates a protective barrier against the aggressive effects of the cold climate. Vitamin E prevents the accumulation of toxins and helps to maintain healthy and beautiful skin.

    Organic extracts of chamomile and meadowsweet have therapeutic qualities. They soothe and tone, disinfect. Non-greasy cream. A light herbal scent remains after application. The admirers appreciate the quality of the product and rate it highly for its safety and fast results.


    • Intensive regeneration;
    • noticeable moisturizing effect;
    • protection against hypothermia;
    • Vitamin enriched formula.


    • not identified.

    Winter Care Cold Cream for cold and frosted hands

    Rating: 4.2

    WINTER CARE WINTER CARE COLD PROTECTIVE HAND Cream against cold and frost.webp

    In third place is a product by the famous Belarusian brand Vitex. It is designed for complex hand care in periods of icy winds and frost. It has strong protective properties and guarantees that even in extreme weather conditions, the delicate hands skin will not be stressed and will not get damaged. Complex of valuable components gives softness and smoothness. Coverage with obvious problems gets the nutrition it needs to stay healthy in the winter. Arctic cotton soothes, eliminates flakiness.

    Mountain Edelweiss moisturizes and improves own skin immunity. Natural shea butter, peach oil, avocado oil and coconut oil saturate with useful substances. They strengthen vascular walls, enhance metabolism. Oils prevent “chapping” and promote even skin tone. Special ingredients create an invisible film, so even after a long stay outdoors without mittens, your skin won’t feel any discomfort.

    Testimonials confirm that the cream provides complete care. It eliminates imperfections that have already appeared and prevents the appearance of new ones. The texture is dense but not greasy, it absorbs quickly.


    • Development in conjunction with European scientists;
    • Protection against dryness and chafing;
    • A good nourishing support;
    • Instant relief from irritation.


    • are not identified.

    Cream MorozkoMittens

    Rating: 4.0


    The fourth cream, despite its low price, has shown good results. Its composition was developed for the skin of children’s hands, so it is suitable for the care of sensitive skin of adults. Tested by dermatologists and recommended by pediatricians. It has enhanced protection against adverse weather conditions in winter. Balanced formula provides reinforced skin care and recovery from the effects of cold and wind.

    The cream relieves irritation, eliminates roughness. It instantly soothes and calms after long walks outdoors. The ingredients in the formulation are capable of resuscitating dull, dehydrated skin in a single application. Main active ingredients: chamomile extract, allantoin, vitamins E and F.

    According to reviews, the Russian remedy prevents dryness and the formation of “chicks” even in the absence of gloves. It provides nourishment by replenishing nutrient deficiencies. The texture is dense, but within a few minutes it is absorbed, leaving a light, pleasant fragrance. Many buyers recommend the budget cream as a reliable protection in extreme winter conditions.


    • Hypoallergenic product;
    • Suitable for children from birth;
    • Non-sticky consistency;
    • economical use.


    • have not been revealed.

    Best hand creams in the medium price range

    Hand cream BioturmWinter Nr.53

    Rating: 4.9

    BIOTURM WINTER Hand Cream NR.53.webp

    In this category, the German cream with multi-functional action is the undisputed leader. It intensively protects against external irritants, normalizes internal processes, strengthens and increases skin’s own immunity, eliminates inflammations. Lactocomplex from whey contains a high concentration of proteins, amino acids, vitamins, microelements, which nourish and stop the biological aging.

    Care with sunflower and shea butter and vegetable waxes. They soften, smooth the surface, remove rough spots, and neutralize the effects of chafing. Licorice and calendula extracts soothe and remove discomfort. Vitamin E serves as an antioxidant, neutralizes free radicals, removes toxins.

    Thick consistency, but it spreads well and does not leave any greasy residue. Customers note that even when spending a long time out in the cold without gloves, the hands are maximally protected and no negative effects are observed. Already damaged skin recovers quickly, and the result is fixed for a long time.


    • controlled natural cosmetics;
    • unique and valuable ingredients;
    • stimulation of cell renewal;
    • repair in deep layers of the skin.


    • not identified.

    Winter Cream for Face and HandsTritus Antifreeze

    Rating: 4.8


    The second cream has enhanced protective properties, which guarantee minimal damage from low temperatures and wind. It prevents redness and peeling, alleviates painful symptoms, speeds up the healing of wounds and cracks. The product can be used not only on the hands but also on any parts of the body. It is suitable for application to sensitive facial skin without clogging pores or leaving a sticky, unpleasant film.

    Russian scientists have developed a formula with highly effective natural components that protect, nourish and restore the delicate skin. The complex of plant oils softens, saturates with vitamins and trace elements. Sheep lanolin and beeswax create an enhanced barrier against natural factors. Natural sun protection filters prevent the effects of UV rays.

    Coniferous essential oils give it a strong fragrance. The consistency does not cause discomfort; it spreads well and absorbs quickly. Customers like the cream and recommend it for use, especially those with dry skin that requires complete care.


    • high regenerative properties;
    • powerful vitamin support;
    • normalization of the fat balance;
    • Increases skin immunity.


    • not identified.

    Repairing Balm Bepanten Derma

    Rating: 4.7


    Third place goes to the cream, which has a therapeutic effect on dry and damaged hand skin. It protects against irritation and cracking after exposure to cold and wind, softens and soothes. The formula has been developed in conjunction with dermatologists, has been tested and is recommended for hypersensitive skin. Vitamin B5 accounts for 5% of it. It speeds up the natural regeneration, regenerates the skin, makes it smooth and elastic.

    German product forms an invisible barrier from the icy wind, frost, increases its own protective functions. It eliminates the effects of frostbite, smoothes the skin and strengthens the tissue. The balm prevents dermatological diseases and reduces the sensitivity to external stimuli. Also provides protection in constant contact with hard water and detergents.

    According to reviews, it instantly brings damaged skin back to life. It provides it with moisture, vitamins, amino acids. The product has a rich texture, so one tube is used for a long time, even in case of daily application.


    • Guaranteed hypoallergenic properties;
    • high concentration of D-panthenol;
    • Enhanced skin regeneration;
    • Non-greasy texture and neutral scent.


    • none.

    Hand cream Crema Mya Effetto barriera Protective with vitamin E

    Rating: 4.7


    On the fourth position is the hydrophobic hand cream, which protects the delicate and vulnerable skin from adverse weather conditions and repairs the damage caused by chilblains or frostbite. It is suitable for hypersensitive skin, quickly softens and soothes in stressful situations. Italian-made cream relieves the symptoms of dermatological diseases and prevents new problems.

    The formula intensely moisturizes dry skin. It relieves peeling, softens particularly rough areas. Complex of useful substances supports the normal condition in the period of vitamin and trace element deficiency. Visible improvements after regular use. Repair occurs at a cellular level, so the action is cumulative.

    Customers praise the product for its high-quality composition, pleasant, melting consistency, gentle, nonintensive smell. It protects hands from contact with freezing water, chemical detergents, UV light. Many people report a rejuvenating effect and even out skin tone.


    • proven protective properties;
    • safe ingredients;
    • high regenerating effect;
    • Elimination of dryness and tightness.


    • not identified.

    Best premium winter hand creams

    Cellular hand creamCellcosmet Cell
      ar Hand Cream

    Rating: 4.9

    CELLCOSMET kletochny krem dlja ruk CELL<ul></div><p>AR HAND CREAM.webp” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/65116666196361-3412.jpg” height=”389″ title=”CELLCOSMET CELL HAND CREAM</p><ul>AR HAND CREAM.webp”><p>Experts and buyers give the first place to a luxurious product, which is produced on the basis of innovative components with enhanced action. It quickly regenerates the skin on your hands and has the same effect as a salon rejuvenation treatment. Designed for dry, sensitive skin that is regularly exposed to harmful conditions: wind, cold temperatures, UV rays.</p><p>Cellular stabilized ingredients strengthen the covering tissue, improve the condition of nails, soften the cuticles. The vitamin complex supports the skin during stressful periods. Hydrolysates of glycosaminoglycans, keratin, fibronectin, actin regulate metabolism, improve cell respiration and blood microcirculation. They not only create a barrier, but also increase the skin’s own protective properties.</p><p>Plant oils stimulate regeneration, which leads to quick healing of wounds. Despite the high cost, the product from Switzerland is quite popular among customers. It provides therapeutic effect, quickly eliminates discomfort, allows you to be out in the cold for a long time without gloves.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>The latest advanced technology;</li><li>All year round enhanced protection;</li><li>lightening of hyperpigmentation;</li><li>The thick consistency without stickiness.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>none.</li></ul><h3>Micro Cell Winter Hand Balm</h3><p>Rating: 4.8</p><div style=MICRO CELL WINTER HAND BALM.webp

    Silver Medal winner, a German discovery, was praised by many Russian consumers. Covers your hands like a second skin, with no harshness to the delicate skin. It has a safe composition, suitable for use with hypersensitivity. Active ingredients provide softening, nourishment, hydration and regeneration. The product provides complete care in winter time.

    Olive extract and pro-vitamin B5. The first one is rich in useful substances, regulates water-salt metabolism and strengthens the lipid mantle. The second has a therapeutic effect and increases the rate of cell renewal. Packaged in a handy tube with a tightly closing lid. The opening controls the output of the contents, so the consumption per treatment is minimal.

    According to reviews, the cream guarantees zero hand damage in extremely low temperatures and icy winds. Redness and roughness disappear after just one application. Regular use during the winter will maintain normal skin condition, and in spring your hands will look beautiful and well-groomed.


    • Therapeutic effect;
    • enhanced protective complex;
    • comfortable texture for hands;
    • Prevention of skin diseases.


    • have not been revealed.

    Hinoki C
  • nical Hand-Knee Cream
  • Rating: 4.8

    HINOKI C<li></div><p>NICAL HAND-KNEE CREAM FOR HANDS AND KNEES.webp” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/21916666196361-4612.jpg” height=”459″ title=”HINOKI C</p><li>NICAL HAND-KNEE CREAM HAND AND KNEE CREAM.webp”><p>On the third line is a Japanese-made cream created to take care of rough skin and protect it from negative external factors. It can be used in any season of the year if dry, irritated areas appeared on the knees, elbows, hands. It nourishes, moisturizes, softens the nail cuticle, removes the top keratinized layer of skin. Free from allergy-provoking substances, it can be applied immediately before going outdoors for protection or applied at night as a complete care.</p><p>Several active ingredients provide fast and long-lasting effects. Squalane restores the hydrolipid balance, boosts immunity, prevents premature fading. It increases blood flow and improves skin breathing. The innovative cosmetic ingredient quinokitiol has powerful anti-inflammatory and decontaminating properties and inhibits melanin synthesis.</p><p>Tocopherol neutralizes oxidative processes, prevents the action of free radicals, protects tissues from the early aging. Vitamin A improves collagen synthesis, evens out skin tone, moisturizes. Cream absorbs well, leaves no stickiness or shine. Pleasant fragrance for a refreshing, energising and revitalising effect.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>unique patented ingredient;</li><li>protection against all external factors;</li><li>high antioxidant effect;</li><li>Repair of dry and problematic skin.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>not identified.</li></ul><h3>Academie Nourishing Hand Cream</h3><p>Rating: 4.8</p><div style=ACADEMIE NOURISHING HAND CREAM.webp

    The French brand’s highly effective cream becomes the fourth in this category. It not only protects against external influences, but also quickly reanimates already damaged skin. Can be used during any season of the year, but especially during the winter. It contains a high concentration of active ingredients, which have a positive effect on all layers of the skin. Use of the cream normalizes the appearance of the hands and restores the inner layers.

    Plant waxes prevent the growth of bacteria. They consist of beneficial fatty acids that help strengthen the lipid mantle. Herbal extracts provide essential moisture levels. Vitamin E prevents harmful UV rays and has an antitumor effect.

    The texture is pleasant, melts on the skin, giving softness and smoothness. It feels practically invisible while creating a protective barrier for hours. Customers who have chosen this product attest to its effectiveness. It removes minor imperfections and helps to combat complex skin conditions.


    • Eliminating dry crusts and flaking;
    • rich nutritional composition;
    • visible rejuvenating effect;
    • Tested and recommended by doctors.


    • no detectable.
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