12 best d’Arsonval

*Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and is not a guide to purchase. Please talk to your health care professional before you buy.

D’Arsonval – physical therapy device, which was previously used exclusively in medical centers and beauty salons. Its method is based on the action on the skin of high-frequency current pulses. The effect is due to the fact that they improve blood circulation, thereby increasing tissue respiration. The resulting electromagnetic radiation stimulates metabolic processes, promotes faster healing of wounds and cell regeneration, restores the central nervous system.

The first to prove the benefits of such a procedure was a scientist of French origin, Arsène D’Arsonval. The device was named after him. What is the secret of its popularity, and why it is recommended not only by cosmetologists, but also by doctors of various subspecialties? Here are the main diseases for which Darsonval is very effective, as proven in practice:

  1. Psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema;
  2. gastritis, gastric dyskinesia;
  3. Bronchial asthma, tracheitis;
  4. Mastitis, inflammation of the appendages;
  5. Migraine, neuroses, stress;
  6. arthritis, myositis;
  7. Otitis, sore throat, laryngitis, tonsillitis;
  8. Bruises, frostbite, burns;
  9. stomatitis, periodontal disease.

In cosmetology d’Arsonval is used not only for the face, but also for other parts of the body. It helps to reduce swelling and remove dark circles under the eyes, reduce inflammation, get rid of acne, smooth out expression and age wrinkles, eliminate cellulite, narrow enlarged pores, normalize dry or oily skin, prevent increased hair loss.

It is worth remembering that darsonval has contraindications. It can not be used during pregnancy, children under 6 years of age, in case of detection of malignant tumors, heart failure, tuberculosis, thrombophlebitis.

Today, such procedures are also available in the home, since the device has become freely available. But since it is quite a complex medical device, it is not easy to choose. Thanks to our magazine, you can learn what device is worth paying attention to, so that the spent money was not thrown away, and it really brought tangible benefits. The rating includes 12 d’Arsonvali, which in all respects bypassed similar, in a wide range presented in the market today.

How to choose a darsonval

  1. The first parameter you should pay attention to when buying a d’Arsonval isThe number of nozzles that come with the apparatus. Usability and functionality of the device will depend on this criterion. Desirable minimum nozzles: mushroom, drop, petal, scallop and T-shaped.
  2. The second parameter isdarsonval output voltage amplitude range. At minimum power you can treat very sensitive skin, and at maximum – neglected cellulite, treat varicose veins and deep acne.
  3. Also, don’t forget the importance ofPower control system, Its location on the body of the device and the presence of on / off button. More convenient is considered a movable regulator of power on the bottom of the handle. There are several other key points that should not be forgotten:
  4. The presence of rubber tabs in the d’Arsonval cartridge (through it makes contact with the nozzles of the device). The tab will not let the nozzle backlash.
  5. The size and weight of the model. For home use is more convenient compact darsonval.
  6. Maximum strengthThe choice of the device can be made on the basis of a current pulse of up to 0.02 mA.
  7. The frequency of alternating pulsed currentin the range of 110 kHz (+/- 10 kHz).
  8. Gas, with which the nozzles are filled.Neon gives an orange-red glow, xenon – violet. It is believed that the latter is more effective for cauterizing individual rashes.

Availability of certificates from the manufacturer. These documents show that the darsonval has been clinically tested and approved by professionals. The use of the apparatus will be safe and effective.

Rating of the best darsonvalley

Rating of the best darsonvalov1US Medica D’Arsonval Pulsed Massager for Face and Body5 850 €
2D’Arsonval for face, body and hair PL-DSV4 PLANTA4 290 €
3Chios D’Arsonval Star Pro CH-1074 190 €
  • ft4 203 for face, body and hair with 5 heads
  • 3 685 €
    5GESS Super Nova3 655 €
    6Carat DE-212 14 nozzles6 490 €
    7Ultatech SD-1992 717 €
    8Welss WS2320N 7 replaceable nozzles2 799 €
    9SMP D’Arsonval DE-212 Carat2 590 €
    10Health Line D’Arsonval DE-212 Carat2 690 €
    11Spark ST-1172 050 €
    12Star SN-1012 450 €

    Impulse massager for face and body D’Arsonval US Medica

    Rating: 4.9


    Stylish design is an aesthetic pleasure, but the practical qualities are also at a high level. With d’Arsonval you can forget about many pathologies of internal organs and external defects within 10-15 procedures. 4 removable tips act on different parts of the body.

    Power – 20 watts. Operation modes two. Body non-slip, fits comfortably in your hand. Nozzles can be easily replaced. Long cord, suitable for treatment at a distance from the power outlet. Weight of the device 700g with the electrode. Manufacturer gives three years of warranty, which is undeniable proof of the high quality of its products.

    Women appreciated the anti-aging properties of the device. Men were pleased with the result in the complex treatment of alopecia. Teenagers could get rid of inflammation and acne marks in a short time. Colorful packaging catches the eye. The unequivocal evaluation of all users: “excellent”.


    • For therapeutic and aesthetic purposes;
    • good attachment nozzles;
    • long cord;
    • modern housing design.


    • the price is not affordable to everyone – 6500 €.

    D’Arsonval for face, body and hair PL-DSV4 PLANTA

    Rating: 4.8

    PL-DSV4 PLANTA d'Arsonval for face, body and hair

    The second place of our rating is a darsonval, which is very easy to use. It can easily be used at home for face, body, scalp and hair treatment. The PL-DSV4 PLANTA can be used in two modes: contact and non-contact.

    D’Arsonval power 20W. Influences the skin with high frequency alternating pulsed currents of 110-400 kHz and high voltage (about 20 kV). But the current draw is quite low, at 100-200mA. These technical characteristics allow you to choose the most comfortable individual mode of operation of the device.

    The darsonval comes with four glass electrodes: drop, mushroom, plug and comb. They are filled with innovative argon gas. With PL-DSV4 PLANTA you can not only take care of your skin and hair, but also to get rid of cellulite, osteochondrosis and even reduce keloid scars.


    • the electrodes are filled with an innovative argon gas mixture;
    • convenient for storage of the device and nozzles;
    • built-in voltage regulator;
    • Four electrodes are included;
    • stylish black body.


    • not identified.

    Chios D’Arsonval Star Pro CH-107

    Rating: 4.7

    Chios D'Arsonval Star Pro CH-107

    In third place was the darsonval device “Star” from the domestic manufacturer Chios. In 15 years of existence it has established itself as a reliable brand, producing cosmetology equipment.

    D’Arsonval Star CH-107 Pro comes complete with seven attachments: drop, mushroom, petal, comb, arc, spiral and roller. The last two are designed specifically to provide care for the whole body. With the help of the roller you can take care of vast areas of the body. It helps to reduce pain, relieve itching, activate metabolic processes in the tissues and drain excess fluid

    Maximum output voltage 55 kV. Its pulse repetition frequency is 100 Hz and its high-frequency fill rate is 120 kHz. It can be used in contact and up to 4 mm from the skin. The device is quite economical, consumes no more than 11 watts.


    • reliable and convenient packaging with magnetic clasp;
    • can be used on all parts of the body;
    • Optimal price-quality ratio;
    • Seven nozzles in the kit.


    • Some models come with an American plug type, which requires an additional adapter for a regular outlet.

  • ft4 203 for face, body and hair with 5 nozzles
  • Rating: 4.7

    GEZATONE Bio<li></div><p>ft4 203 for face, body and hair with 5 nozzles” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/11116666196341-9612.jpg” height=”400″ title=”GEZATONE Bio</p><li>ft4 203 face, body and hair with 5 heads”><p>Next in the review is a professional d’Arsonval made in France. Its efficiency was evaluated by professionals in salons and clinics, and by home users, too. Bio</p><li>ft4203 has a positive effect on the skin of the face, head and whole body. You can get rid of many ailments by using it in combination therapy.<p>Universal device is suitable for use by all members of the family. Teenagers will get rid of acne, eliminate the consequences of post-acne, prevent the appearance of new inflammations. Elderly people will be able to increase blood circulation, cope with varicose veins. Women will improve the complexion, reduce puffiness, eliminate wrinkles. Men will be able to prevent early alopecia by stopping hair loss.</p><p>Bio</p><li>The ft4 203 is made of high-quality materials. The body is very comfortable, fits well in the hand, does not slip out. Includes 5 nozzles: fungus, comb, droplet, petal, T-shaped. Each is designed for a specific procedure. For more detailed information, please refer to the instructions.<h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>5 different nozzles;</li><li>high power;</li><li>non-slip handle coating;</li><li>a choice of several colors of the body;</li><li>built-in voltage regulator.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>were not found.</li></ul><h3>GESS Super Nova</h3><p>Rating: 4.7</p><div style=GESS SUPER NOVA

    The device, which is actively used in medical institutions, beauty salons, as well as at home by people who watch their health and want to quickly get rid of diseases that have arisen. Improvement of condition even with complex pathologies comes after 10-12 sessions. Reduces pain effect, normalizes sleep, increases efficiency.

    D’Arsonval compact and lightweight. High quality plastic is very strong. Handle does not get hot when stressed, precisely follows the shape of the hand. 4 nozzles (fork, mushroom, comb, drop) allow you to affect different areas of the body. They are illuminated in orange when in use.

    Buyers noted that the darsonval comes in a beautiful gift box, which not only provides the convenience of storage, but also allows you to present it on any holiday, both men and women. Instructions are printed on the lid, so it won’t get lost and will always be handy.

    Advantages of

    • high efficiency;
    • understandable adjustment;
    • luminous nozzles;
    • Box convenient for storage and transportation;
    • gift packaging.


    • were not found.

    Carat DE-212 14 nozzles

    Rating: 4.7


    D’Arsonval with advanced capabilities, it is equipped with 14 nozzles for use on different parts of the body and to eliminate the causes of various diseases. In addition to the standard comb, drop, comb and fungus, there are electrodes: eye, rectal, knee, gingival, ear, nasal, comb, wart and others.

    D’Arsonval is very popular with customers, who have already received help and got rid of many pathologies with its help. It is made of high quality materials and has a certificate of conformity. Ergonomic shape of the box makes it easy to use. The plastic is strong, does not slip out of your hands. The nozzles are very quickly replaced. It is enough to press the button located on the handle.

    Customers have left exceptionally positive reviews about this darsonval. It is multifunctional, easy to handle, has a long service life. The packaging is made of sturdy cardboard, the design is very pretty. It is convenient to store the device with nozzles, as well as if necessary to transport to other places.


    • 14 different electrodes;
    • Exposure to all areas of the body;
    • comfortable use;
    • Rugged storage box.


    • not found.

    Ultratek SD-199

    Rating: 4.6

    Ultatech SD-199

    D’Arsonval of Russian manufacture – it is very light and compact model, thus very effective as in the influence on the internal organs, and on external. It has found use in women with problem skin. D’Arsonval eliminates age spots, inflammation, scars, post-acne, evens the color, strengthens the contour. When acting on the skin of the head stops hair loss, increasing their growth. They get sturdier and denser.

    The body has a built-in voltage regulator that protects against power surges, ensuring accurate operation when falling and eliminating electric shock when rising. Five handpieces optimized for various treatments. “Ultratek SD-199” has a certificate of conformity and is recognized as a medical device suitable for use on all types of skin.

    The undoubted plus point for many was the stylish housing design, made in rich colors. It comes in two versions: blue and red. Also noted quite a long cord and comfortable ergonomic handle.


    • 5 electrodes in the set;
    • current surge control;
    • modern design;
    • Comfortable cosmetic bag for storage;
    • ROSS certificate of conformity.


    • not detected.

    Welss WS2320N 7 changeable nozzles

    Rating: 4.5


    Next in the review darsonval, which is available for most physiotherapy, thanks to 7 different interchangeable nozzles. Mushroom nozzle is used to eliminate cellulite and wrinkles, serves as an excellent preventive anti-aging tool. The drop is used to treat skin conditions, including dermatitis and psoriasis. The wand is designed for the sinuses and local effects on inflammation sites.

    Roller electrode relieves pain. Slingshot provides relief for osteochondrosis. The comb enhances hair growth, stops hair loss. nozzles can be quickly replaced. The body does not slip, creates a comfortable environment for self-treatment.

    To store the electrodes there is a separate case with foam inner coating and special recesses, thanks to which all components are packed tightly and will withstand any transportation. Users highlighted the light weight d’Arsonval, good performance, versatility. They gave it the highest score and recommend it to everyone who doubts the purchase.


    • wide field of application;
    • lightweight and compact;
    • quality materials;
    • safety of use.


    • not detected.

    SMP D’Arsonval DE-212 Carat

    Rating: 4.4

    SMP D'Arsonval DE-212 Carat

    Tenth place in the ranking of the best darsonvalization devices takes Karat DE-212 from the Russian brand SMP. The manufacturer provides warranty service of this darsonval for 3 years, which is an indication of concern for customers.

    D’Arsonval DE-212 Carat is equipped with four glass nozzles: straight, comb, comb and slingshot. They are fixed in the device by a special fastener that will not allow the nozzle to jump out of the slot when using the darsonval.

    In the Carat DE-212 you can adjust the voltage in the range of 2-20 kV. Output up to 120 W, pulse repetition frequency 100 Hz, and 110 kHz fill rate. Current on the nozzles is less than 10 mA.

    From the user comment. With the status of “Verified User” and the experience of using d’Arsonval for several months: “High-quality physiotherapy and home cosmetology. I used to go to a specialized institution, now I do it myself at my convenience.


    • Equated to professional physiotherapy equipment;
    • Long warranty service;
    • four electrodes in the kit;
    • affordable price.


    • No on/off button.

    Health Line D’Arsonval DE-212 Carat

    Rating: 4.3

    Health Line D'Arsonval DE-212 Carat

    D’Arsonval Health Line KARAT DE-212 is used not only in cosmetology but also in physiotherapy, the treatment of age-related diseases, cellulite, hair problems.

    Power up to 120 W. Power regulator on the side of the body allows you to adjust the power d’Arsonval. Weight 500 g, which makes KARAT DE-212 convenient for independent use at home. The kit includes four nozzles: mushroom, straight (cavity), T-shaped and scalloped.

    From a comment by Yandex user.Market with the status of “Verified User” and more than a year of experience using d’Arsonval: “I have intervertebral hernia, chronic back pain, my arm can not rise properly. I bought the darsonval KARAT DE-212 Health Line for home. Very helpful for back fatigue and pain. I am satisfied with it and recommend it to everyone.


    • Four electrodes in the kit;
    • high-quality assembly;
    • small weight (500 g);
    • affordable price.


    • Not identified.

    Spark ST-117

    Rating: 4.2

    Spark ST-117

    It helps remove many imperfections of the skin: it smoothes out scars, scars, deep wrinkles, evens skin tone. Under the influence on the skin of the head, hair loss stops, begins intense growth of new ones. The device is also used as a physical treatment for migraines, osteochondrosis, neuralgia, rhinitis, periodontal disease.

    D’Arsonval small, compact, has ideal parameters for transport and storage. The set includes three attachments: cavity, scallop and mushroom. The body is made of durable plastic, it does not darken over time, does not crack. Handle does not slip out during use. Built-in stabilizer will not disrupt the procedure in case of power surges and even if the voltage changes, the effect remains the same.

    According to reviews, the device is effective and at the same time affordable price, which explains its popularity among customers.

    Advantages of

    • Similar in action to the professional equipment;
    • The therapeutic and preventive effect;
    • small weight – 300 g;
    • voltage and current stabilization.


    • have not been detected.

    Star SN-101

    Rating: 4.1

    Star SN-101

    D’Arsonval Zvezda SN-101 has recently appeared on the market, but it has already gained the love of many Russian buyers. The use of innovative technology has increased efficiency. Now after the first few procedures, the condition is stabilized and many causes of diseases are eliminated. The device has a certificate of conformity.

    New generation electrodes coated with antimicrobial layer. The life of them increased threefold, due to the high shockproof properties. Device is effectively used in medical institutions of various types, as well as at home after consultation with specialists.

    The set includes 4 attachments for the treatment and prevention of diseases of the skin, nervous and cardiovascular system, to eliminate cellulite and all types of alopecia. The case is very convenient for storage and transportation. The special indented shape holds the nozzles and appliance and protects them from damage. The plastic case has a ribbed surface to prevent slipping out of the hands.


    • Heavy-duty electrodes with extended electrode life;
    • High frequency pulsed current;
    • resistance to damage;
    • handy storage package.


    • not detected.
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