11 best massage creams

*Review of the best according to the editors. Selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and is not a guide to purchase. You should consult with a professional before buying.

Massage is not only a revitalizing and relaxing manipulation. It is also a cosmetic treatment to rejuvenate, smooth wrinkles, tighten skin and combat body fat.

In the process of massage it is obligatory to use creams, which provide a good glide. But that doesn’t mean you can take any product. If you’re going to use it, you’re sure to have a specific goal in mind. And to achieve them, you need to choose the right massage cream that suits you in composition and properties.

Don’t know where to start and how to choose the right cosmetic product? We have collected for you the best expert advice and ranked the best and most effective massage creams.

How to choose a massage cream?

Massaging dry skin is not only difficult, but also unsafe. And using the first product that comes along is also undesirable. Choose your massage cream carefully, guided by the following recommendations.

Functions of massage cream

First decide on the effect of the cosmetic product you wish to use. Massage creams have a complex effect, but there are some products that have onethe type of action dominates the others.

The main functions of the products:

  1. Softening of the skin;
  2. nourishing and moisturizing;
  3. improvement of complexion;
  4. saturation of the epidermis with vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and amino acids;
  5. wrinkle smoothing;
  6. metabolic processes activation;
  7. stimulation of skin regeneration;
  8. Intensification of microcirculation in the vessels;
  9. improvement of muscle tone;
  10. exfoliate keratinized parts of the epidermis;
  11. elimination of puffiness and traces of fatigue on the face;
  12. lifting effect.

The special creams for massage cope fairly effectively with facial skin defects. But the above properties are general functions that most cosmetic products have.Targeted action divides these products into the following categories:

  1. anti-cellulite;
  2. for stretch marks on the body;
  3. for tightening the skin;
  4. Vitamin complexes of local effect to maintain and restore turgor;
  5. restorative;
  6. anti-cuperosis.

The peculiarities of the action of massage cream play a major role in its choice. Always consider this factor, which determines the effectiveness of manipulation.

Product composition and your skin type

Massage creams often contain organic and essential oils. They are selected by the manufacturer of the cosmetic product depending on what type of skin the product is intended for.Take note:

  1. olive, avocado, argan, grape and peach seed oils, apricot, neroli, cucumber seed oils are suitable for dry skin;
  2. For oily epidermis oils of rosemary, tea tree, lavender, hazelnut, grape seed are optimal;
  3. Combined type of skin suits the composition of peach, coconut, watermelon, sesame oils;
  4. For normal epidermis, jojoba, rose, jasmine, neroli, milk thistle oils are suitable.

Considering your type of epidermis, it is very easy to choose a cream containing oils. But these products are not the only active ingredients in massage cream.

It is important that a cosmetic product also contains nutrients, which will maintain the health of the epidermis. The composition of the massage cream should be present:

  1. retinol;
  2. tocopherol;
  3. Thiamine;
  4. pyridoxine;
  5. riboflavin;
  6. ascorbic acid;
  7. niacin;
  8. biotin;
  9. pantothenic acid.

Additional components of massage cream should be amino acids, fatty acids and minerals. Carefully study the composition before buying a cosmetic product, because it is a guarantee of efficiency and safety for the health of your skin. Avoid buying products that contain alcohol, as it will dry and irritate the epidermis.

procedure duration

The choice of massage cream is also influenced by criteria such as the duration of the session. For a procedure lasting no more than 10 minutes, a fast-absorbing product is suitable. In such a situation, it is not necessary to buy a special product – you can use the face or body cream that you use daily.

However, if your treatment will take at least half an hour, you will need cosmetics with a longer effect period. The best creams for your face are essential oils or base oils: they ensure long-lasting hydration and full-bodied slippage. They do not need to be reapplied to the skin during a session.

Areas of usage

Facial and body massage creams vary in terms of their composition, their action and their consistency. So choose the problem areas you want to treat first. If you want a full-body massage, you’ll need to buy both face and body care products separately.

The cost and the fame of the brand should also be taken into consideration. However, these selection criteria are not the main ones: the main thing is that the product should be totally suitable for your skin type and composition.

11 best massage creams

The best massage creams for the face1CHRISTINA Relaxing Massage Cream Unstress1 978 €
  • Facial Massage Cream
  • 4 120 €
    4ARAVIA Modelage Active Cream741 €
    5Relaxing massage cream with argan oil NEW
  • 514 €
    Best Body Massage Creams1HISTOMER BODY MASSAGE5 701 €
    2GUAM FANGHI D’ALGA2 946 €
    3Warming cream for anti-cellulite and sports massage NEW
  • 600 €
  • m Shape
  • 695 €
    5HELTEC SPA-orange / ANTI-AGE1 200 €
    6Hand cream nourishing with chamomile, yarrow and colloidal silver DOMIX DGP1 248 €

    The best creams for facial massage

    For facial massage give preference to professional creams. They cost a little more than ordinary cosmetics, but their quality is fully justified by the price. In addition, allergens or other unwanted ingredients are much less likely to occur.

    We have studied the recommendations of experts, both local and foreign, and have compiled a rating of the best massage creams.

    CHRISTINA Relaxing Massage Cream Unstress

    Rating: 4.9


    Relaxing and soothing cream from Christina is a universal product, suitable for different skin types. The light and delicate texture of the product ensures long-lasting gliding, nourishing and moisturizing of the epidermis.

    The prolonged and versatile mechanism of action of the cream is due to its composition:

    1. hyaluronic acid, which hydrates the skin and helps to retain moisture in the skin cells;
    2. They have an anti-ageing tannin extract that prevents the loss of calcium in the skin tissues;
    3. glycerin, squalane, ceramides, tocopherol acetate: these substances soften the skin, restore the epidermis’ hydro-lipid mantle and have an antioxidant effect.

    Using a massage cream for the face by Kristina allows you to remove signs of fatigue and skin aging. The active ingredients of the cosmetic product take away itching, redness and peeling, and protect the epidermis from the damaging effects of UV light.


    • effective moisturizing and nourishing of the skin;
    • light and delicate texture of the cream;
    • product is suitable for short and continuous massages;
    • anti-aging effect;
    • lifting effect;
    • economical use of the cream.


    • high cost.


    Rating: 4.8


    Skindom massage cream is a premium product. It contains elite cell peptides that perform moisturizing, rejuvenating, nourishing and tightening functions. The delicate consistency of the product ensures its easy absorption into the epidermis.

    Just apply a small amount of the cream on your face and you will immediately feel your skin soft and velvety. The cosmetic product is suitable for short and long time massage. No matter what technique you use, and whether you carry out the procedure by hand or with a massager. Skindom cream is suitable for skin treatment even with the use of tablespoons.

    The main properties of the product:

    1. mild exfoliating action;
    2. intensive care for flabby, dry, irritated and inflamed epidermis;
    3. Myorelaxation, allowing to relieve muscle tension, spasm and congestion;
    4. deep moisturizing and nourishing of the epidermis;
    5. Increasing the elasticity of the skin;
    6. Return of healthy turgor and blush.

    The useful properties of massage cream are due to its natural composition. The formula of the cosmetic product does not contain synthetic elements or allergens. It is formed by organic substances, including:

    1. sodium hyaluronate;
    2. niacin;
    3. chamomile flower extract;
    4. soy enzymes;
    5. extracts of Polturaca, camellia flowers, elm root, pomegranate fruit;
    6. copper tripeptide;
    7. panthenol;
    8. allantoin;
    9. beeswax;
    10. tocopherol oil solution.

    Rich in natural substances and useful substances, the cream is suitable for any facial massage techniques. Just apply it on a clean skin, gently massage it onto the surface of the skin and let the treatment begin. The mass is quickly absorbed by the skin cells. But provides a prolonged action.


    • multicomponent natural composition;
    • Hypoallergenic formula;
    • can be used for manual and instrumental massage;
    • complex effect on the skin;
    • lifting effect;
    • Elimination of irritation, rashes and inflammation;
    • facial pore cleansing;
    • economical consumption;
    • Small list of contraindications;
    • no side effects.


    • high value.

    HISTOMER Revita
  • zing Facial Massage Cream
  • Rating: 4.7

    HISTOMER REVITA<li></div><p>ZING FACIAL MASSAGE CREAM” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/45316666195811-911.jpg” height=”398″ title=”HISTOMER REVITA</p><li>ZING FACIAL MASSAGE CREAM”><p>The products from the company Chistomer allow tightening the skin, making it look younger and removing wrinkles. The massage cream has an organic composition which is formed with:</p><ol><li>With extracts of meristem cells of oak and English beech;</li><li>with hydrolyzed proteins of soy, wheat and corn;</li><li>bisabol;</li><li>With green tea leaf extract.</li></ol><p>It is suitable for massaging the face, neck and cleavage. Before its use, the area to which it will be applied should be thoroughly cleaned with additional cosmetic products.</p><p>the product can be used for all skin types. As a result of systematic and regular use of this product you get even tone and tightening of the epidermis.</p><p>After applying the cream you can feel the skin softening and moisturizing. The face feels silky, perfectly smooth and radiant. Continuous application over a long period of time to help slow down aging processes.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>Natural, organic composition;</li><li>vitaminized formula;</li><li>A pleasant, light texture;</li><li>easy to use;</li><li>prolonged action of the cream;</li><li>Moisturizes, nourishes and softens the epidermis;</li><li>Can be used for manual, instrumental, spatula or any other kind of facial massage;</li><li>suitable for all skin types;</li><li>light floral fragrance;</li><li>Hypoallergenic.</li></ul><h4>Drawbacks</h4><ul><li>expensive.</li></ul><h3>ARAVIA Modelage Active Cream</h3><p>Rating: 4.7</p><div style=ARAVIA Modelage Active Cream

    Soothing, moisturising massage cream for face, neck and cleavage. Glides properly, and has long-lasting action. Components of the product:

    1. saturate the skin with moisture and help retain it in the dermal layers;
    2. Delivers antioxidants to all layers of the epidermis;
    3. enrich the dermis with vitamins, minerals and amino acids necessary for youth and beauty;
    4. restoring skin elasticity, making it well-groomed.

    The consistency of the massage cream is very light and delicate. penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin and works on a cellular level. They keep the epidermis sufficiently moisturised during the whole massage session and after it is over.

    suitable for different types of manipulation. It can be used for manual rejuvenating, relaxing, lymphatic drainage or lifting massage. The product is also approved for use in machine treatment of the skin.

    Combined with massage techniques the cream helps to rebuild the collagen framework of the skin. The product does not clog pores and does not provoke the formation of comedones.

    The product is certified and recommended by the Association of Dermatologists. It is used for salon or home massage.

    Product active ingredients are organic coconut and corn oils in combination with an oil solution of tocopherol acetate. Non-allergenic, even for sensitive skin. After the massage it can be left on the face or washed off with cool water and washing gel.


    • soft and delicate texture;
    • multicomponent natural composition;
    • The complex effect on the skin, muscles, fat cells of the face;
    • restoration of the collagen framework of the dermis;
    • nourishing and moisturizing;
    • The cream is suitable for all types of massage;
    • pleasant aroma;
    • organic oils;
    • Can be used for sensitive and irritated skin;
    • Supplementation of the epidermis with vitamin, mineral and amino acid complexes;
    • The product does not leave a sticky film on your face and does not clog your skin pores.


    • expensive.

    Relaxing massage cream with argan oil NEW
  • Rating: 4.6

    krem massazhny relaksirujushhi s maslom argana NEW<li></div><p>NE PROFESSIONAL” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/95316666195811-6711.jpg” height=”342″ title=”NEW ARGAN OIL MASSAGE RELAXING CRIME</p><li>NE PROFESSIONAL”><p>The product ranks 5th, but this does not mean it has any serious flaws. The cream is recommended by professional cosmetologists. It is used both at home and in salon conditions when massaging the face.</p><p>The active formula of the cosmetic provides:</p><ol><li>nourishes and saturates the epidermis with vitamins, minerals, amino acids;</li><li>intensive and deep moisturizing;</li><li>Softening and gentle removal of keratinized cells of the epidermis;</li><li>evening out the skin tone;</li><li>Improvement of the facial oval, returning it to a clear contour;</li><li>soothing effect on the epidermis in case of irritation caused by various factors;</li><li>Eliminates puffiness and bruising around the eyes;</li><li>Effective fight against inflammation and allergic rashes.</li></ol><p>The cream can be used at any age. Also approved for use on acne-affected teenage skin. You should not apply the product on the face only in the presence of individual intolerance to the components of cosmetics.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>organic formula;</li><li>laconic, but nice-looking package design;</li><li>the cream is suitable for all skin types;</li><li>The product can be used regardless of the chosen massage technique;</li><li>The product is suitable for girls of any age;</li><li>cleanses, nourishes and moisturizes the skin</li><li>affordable price.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>has not been revealed.</li></ul><h2>The best body massage creams</h2><p>Body massage cream, like facial cosmetics, must be of appropriate quality and have a hypoallergenic composition. And it is desirable that it affects not only the skin but also muscles, fascia, and even joints. And to fight with superfluous weight choose a product with anti-cellulite properties, though a properly organized massage session with almost any kind of cream will contribute to weight loss.</p><p>We have rated 6 best cosmetics for body massage, which will make the procedure not only pleasant, but also the most effective.</p><h3>HISTOMER BODY MASSAGE</h3><p>Rating: 4.9</p><div style=HISTOMER BODY MASSAGE

    Cosmetic products of the company Histomer is known for its high quality and excellent efficiency. Creams for massage is not difficult to choose, because they come in several variations:

    1. basic massage;
    2. anti-cellulite;
    3. firming;
    4. cream for drainage massage.

    Any of these products is used to correct the figure, improve the condition of the skin, relax the body and improve the muscular apparatus. The products contain high-quality, all-natural ingredients, which include:

    1. base and essential oils;
    2. Extracts from herbs, flowers, fruits of medicinal plants;
    3. vitamins and trace elements;
    4. amino acids.

    The exact set of ingredients depends on the type of massage cream you choose. The ingredients often contain menthol, camphor, and lecithin.


    • the complex organic composition;
    • complete care of the skin;
    • the cream can be used for different types of massage;
    • absorbs well without leaving behind any residue or unpleasant sticky residue;
    • soft texture;
    • pleasant light fragrance;
    • Safe and hypoallergenic composition;
    • The economical consumption, due to which the tube with the cream lasts for a long time (2-3 months with a daily massage).


    • high price.


    Rating: 4.8


    Guam Fanghid D’Alga warming cream is a massage cosmetic product with a warming effect. Under its influence occurs:

    1. stimulation of blood circulation;
    2. intensification of lymph flow;
    3. warming of muscles and fasciae;
    4. extraction of excess fluid from skin tissues and subcutaneous space;
    5. nourishing and moisturizing the epidermis;
    6. saturation of the skin with nutrients – vitamins, minerals and amino acids;
    7. Regulation of metabolic processes at the local level;
    8. Smoothes and tightens the skin;
    9. The gradual disappearance of the “orange peel”;
    10. breaking down of cellulite and subcutaneous fat.

    The active components of massage cream for the body are:

    1. GUAM Algae Extract: helps remove toxins and waste, excess fluid from dermal layers, saturates the epidermis with vitamins, opens and purifies pores;
    2. cosmetic clay: it normalizes the hydration of the skin, has a lipolytic effect, tightens the skin and cleanses the pores;
    3. ivy herb extract: reduces sebaceous glands activity, has anti-inflammatory effect, removes irritation and allergic rash in the treatment area;
    4. Horse chestnut: it penetrates through the skin barrier to the capillaries and strengthens their walls. It normalizes the barrier function of the skin, has anti-aging and tightening effect;
    5. lemon oil: a source of vitamins and antioxidants. Moisturizes, softens and nourishes the epidermis, smoothes skin folds, breaks up cellulite and drains excess fluid;
    6. oregano oil: it fights cellulite, smoothes the skin, opens and purifies pores, tightens the epidermis and restores its healthy turgor.

    Women note that the cream mask is suitable not only for massage. The product can be used for hot wraps, from which the effectiveness of the fight against cellulite increases several times. A pleasant bonus will be a beautiful, tight and shiny skin, breathing freshness and youth.


    • multicomponent formula;
    • complete naturalness of the formula;
    • prolonged action;
    • multifunctionality: the product is used as a massage cream, body mask or basis for wraps;
    • the product does not clog pores;
    • Pleasant and gentle consistency;
    • Full absorption of the components of the cream by the skin;
    • the product does not leave a film on the skin.


    • Occasionally, the cream may clog enlarged pores;
    • high cost.

    Warming cream for anti-cellulite and sports massage NEW
  • Rating: 4.7

    krem sogrevajushhi dlja anticelljulitnogo i sportivnogo massazha NEW<li></div><p>NE PROFESSIONAL” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/64716666195811-5611.jpg” height=”319″ title=”HOT CREAM FOR ANTI-cELLulite and SPORTS MASSAGE NEW</p><li>NE PROFESSIONAL”><p>On the third line of our rating of the best massage creams is the products from the brand New</p><li>ne Professional. The product consists of natural ingredients that warm the skin and muscles, increase blood flow and eliminate lymphostasis.<p>The formula of the massage cream is formed by extracts of red hot pepper and essential oils:</p><ol><li>juniper;</li><li>fir;</li><li>eucalyptus.</li></ol><p>The cosmetic product contains herbal extracts of horsetail, ivy, fucus and kelp. The formula of the cream makes it possible to obtain a complex effect on the body:</p><ol><li>muscle relaxation;</li><li>The warming of the joints;</li><li>normalization of lymphatic flow in the treated area;</li><li>stimulation of metabolic processes;</li><li>removal of excess fluid from tissues;</li><li>Intensification of blood circulation;</li><li>Active burning of subcutaneous fat;</li><li>Reducing the manifestations of lipodistrophy (cellulite) on the body;</li><li>skin smoothing;</li><li>body sculpting.</li></ol><p>A massage with the cream has a relaxing effect. Use it after a hard day’s work or strenuous physical activity.</p><p>Additional benefits for the psycho-emotional well-being of the skin. They relieve stress and nervous tension, give a sense of peace and tranquillity. And in many ways it is a merit of New Line massage cream containing essential oils.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>organic composition;</li><li>the complex action on the body;</li><li>Effective fight against fat deposits;</li><li>relaxation and warming of muscles, joints, fascia;</li><li>Economical consumption of the cream;</li><li>light texture, almost imperceptible on the skin;</li><li>suitable for all skin types;</li><li>The product can be used in manual and instrumental massage;</li><li>affordable price.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>has not been detected.</li></ul><h3>ARAVIA S<li>m Shape</h3><p>Rating: 4.7</p><div style=ARAVIA S<li></div><p>m Shape” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/6716666195811-4411.jpg” height=”452″ title=”ARAVIA S</p><li>m Shape”><p>The slimming massage cream comes in at number four. The cosmetic product contains lipolytic complex, which stimulates lipolysis and the formation of a beautiful body contour.</p><p>The use of the cream during the massage allows to achieve the following positive effects:</p><ol><li>intensification of local blood circulation;</li><li>opening and clearing of pores;</li><li>active sweating, which contributes to the elimination of edema in the treatment area;</li><li>Accelerating metabolic processes;</li><li>intensive outflow of lymph;</li><li>antioxidant action;</li><li>Elimination of toxins accumulated in the dermal layers.</li></ol><p>The basis of the cream is completely natural and contains no preservatives, dyes or flavorings. The cosmetic product consists of the following ingredients:</p><ol><li>green tea extract;</li><li>goji berry extracts;</li><li>organic oils;</li><li>vitamin-mineral complex.</li></ol><p>The cream relaxes well, but it can also tone, invigorate and energize. The effect obtained with the product directly depends on the massage technique applied.</p><p><b>From a review by user Fitonyasha on IReccomend:</b></p><p>“After a massage with this cream, the blood flow on the skin surface improves, the skin becomes firmer, and the tone improves. The cream is excellent for nourishing and moisturizing skin. It leaves a film on the skin, but this can easily be removed by using a terry towel to remove the remaining cream.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>natural composition;</li><li>beautiful large packaging;</li><li>jar with dispenser;</li><li>The cream lasts six to seven months;</li><li>A virtually imperceptible fragrance that does not linger on the skin;</li><li>low cost;</li><li>light and delicate consistency.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>The jar with dispenser has to be assembled by oneself.</li></ul><h3>GELTEC SPA-orange / ANTI-AGE</h3><p>Rating: 4.7</p><div style=GELTEK SPA ORANGE / ANTI-AGE

    Nourishing massage cream is the penultimate, fifth position in the rating. This product is domestically produced, which has a combined composition and a fairly simple packaging design.

    As pointed out by female customers, this cosmetic product is a godsend for dry, damaged, and exhausted skin. It not only nourishes and moisturizes the epidermis, but also supplies it with valuable vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

    The main components of the cream are:

    1. sweet almond oil;
    2. purified water;
    3. glycerin;
    4. cocoa bean oil;
    5. Aloe vera leaf gel;
    6. aristoflex;
    7. herbamen;
    8. shea butter;
    9. tocopherol;
    10. xanthan gum;
    11. orange essential oil.

    Additionally, the product contains the following perfume component. It gives the cream a pleasant fragrance, which remains on the skin even after the massage session is over. The fragrance, as pointed out by female customers, is quite light and delicate, unobtrusive and practically imperceptible.

    The product is intended for cosmetic and hygienic massage. You can do the manipulation by hand, or with the use of additional tools.

    The components of the cream are well absorbed by the skin, so it is recommended to apply the cosmetic product to the skin in a thick layer. This results in higher consumption, but optimal slip.

    The volume of the tube with the cream is 100 ml. For one massage session you will need 1-2 ml of the product. Consumption can be increased if necessary, but the product will still suffice for several months.


    • saturated composition;
    • pleasant texture;
    • excellent fragrance;
    • can be used for different types of massage;
    • The cream lasts for a long time, as it is economically consumed;
    • affordable price in comparison with foreign analogues;
    • Suitable for all skin types.


    • girls with hypersensitive skin may be allergic to certain components of the product.

    Nourishing hand cream with chamomile, yarrow and colloidal silver DOMIX DGP

    Rating: 4.6

    Nourishing hand cream with chamomile, yarrow and colloidal silver DOMIX DGP

    DGP line is designed for professional skin care. The soft and light texture of the cream is quickly absorbed by the epidermal cells, leaving no greasy residue or sticky spots on the hands. The product is suitable for massages and for daily skin care.

    Colloidal silver forms the basis of the cosmetic product. It has antiseptic properties, heals small wounds and cracks, inhibits the growth and reproduction of pathogens. The substance stimulates the regeneration of skin tissues and restores the health of the epidermis damaged by household chemicals, sunlight, frosty or hot air.

    Additionally the product contains a set of vitamins essential for the skin – retinol, tocopherol, calciferol, B-group nutrients.

    Extracts of chamomile and yarrow soften the epidermis, have soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. They give the cream a light herbal fragrance – faintly perceptible, but pleasant. The product can be used for massaging the hands and the whole body, including the feet. It is not recommended for use on the face.

    The bottle is very handy and has a dispenser. The size of a jar of cream is 500 ml with a single use of 2-5 ml.


    • low price;
    • Its texture is light and delicate;
    • EAC certificate;
    • Safe and natural composition;
    • the complex effect on the skin;
    • product can be used for massage or daily hand care;
    • convenient dispenser;
    • capacious bottle;
    • economical consumption.


    • Can clog enlarged pores.

    Massage with the use of a special cream will be more pleasant and effective. Cosmetic products used during such a procedure must be natural and safe. After all, intensive massage of the skin leads to the opening of pores and warms the skin, so all the ingredients of skin care cosmetics will quickly penetrate into the dermal layers.

    When buying the cream, make sure you have no contraindications for its use, and your skin will not react to its components allergic or acne rash.

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