11 best apps for weight loss

*Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, it is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. You should consult a professional before buying it.

It is necessary to work on your figure not only for the sake of looking trim in summer. Your body is always beautiful and your health goes hand in hand, because putting on extra weight increases your risk of falling ill, such as cardiovascular diseases. Of course, the absence of folds of fat will not get rid of existing health problems, but it will help in the future not to get new.

Researchers say that by knowing one’s lifestyle and progress, a person is much more productive in battling excess weight. That’s why mobile apps are so popular. Using them, you will be able to track and correct your habits, control the amount of calories consumed, the results obtained from physical activity. Many apps offer a reward system, which further motivates the user.

The editorial team of Expertology has prepared an overview of the best online weight loss applications which make it a lot easier to navigate and to choose the most suitable and task-oriented path.

Rating of weight loss apps

aining Club
NominationPlaceNameRating in App Store
Rating of weight loss apps1Nike
2Yoga for beginners, weight loss4.9

acer: pedometer and step count

4Lose Weight in 30 Days4.8
5Fat Burner4.8
6aktiBMI – body weight diary4.8
  • Your food diary
  • 4.7
    9My weight loss coach4.6
    10Lose weight! Calorie counter4.6

    Nikeaining Club

    Rating in App Store – 4.9

    Nike<tr></div><p>aining Club” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/69216666196351-8411.jpg” height=”300″ title=”Nike</p><tr>MyFitness Club”><p>One of the best programs created together with a well-known sports brand. Over one hundred and eighty free workouts, including strength training, yoga, boxing, running, and more. d. With this app, it’s easy to figure out how to work out your entire body and individual muscle groups. It does not matter what level of fitness a person is at – the app is suitable even for beginners.</p><p>Personal recommendations for improving progress and choosing new exercises are lined up based on personal choice. It is important to note that the more often a person uses the application, the greater the effectiveness of the tips issued. In addition, the app displays any activity data, which helps you understand how much was accomplished during the day. Sync with Google Fit and Apple Health.</p><h3>Yoga for beginners, weight loss</h3><p>Rating in App Store – 4.9</p><div style=Yoga for beginners, weight loss

    Yoga allows people to relax physically and emotionally, get rid of stress, get in shape, shedding excess weight. Designed for busy people, so offers classes of only seven minutes a day. This approach is also suitable for beginners who just want to try yoga.

    According to the creator, it’s not the amount of time allocated to exercise that’s important, but their regularity. In this app, seven minutes was chosen for a reason-the approach is based on high-intensity circuit training. This allows you to perform a number of exercises aimed at different muscle groups. As reputable research shows, such short workouts help you lose weight by speeding up your metabolism. In addition, it reduces stress levels and improves mood.

    The app includes asanas for different muscles, twelve at a time. Each exercise is designed for thirty seconds with a ten-second rest between. There are poses for beginners as well as those who are familiar with yoga. Special badges of different colors are included for motivation: if you miss a day of training, you will have to start over, returning to beige. It helps you get in the habit of exercising regularly. Each workout is followed by a quote from a famous yoga master, which also increases motivation.

    Pedometer and step counting

    App Store rating of 4.9

    Pacer: pedometer and step counting

    The main purpose of the app – to stay in shape and lose weight without dieting and training. Thanks to the built-in tracker, you can track your activity every day and the navigator will make a route and show the kilometers. There is also a calorie-counter diary to help you find your optimal calorie intake. On the plus side, there is no need to wear additional equipment such as watches or bracelets.

    Allows you to track your weight changes over specific time intervals, while showing you what you did that contributed to the result. To increase motivation, there is the ability to set goals, create groups to walk and compare results, as well as challenge friends in competitions on the number of steps.

    The premium version, the monthly fee for which is five hundred rubles, and the annual fee is three thousand, provides a more detailed data report, improved tools, training programs for weight loss, group chats with people who want to lose weight.

    Lose weight in 30 days

    App Store Rating – 4.8

    Lose weight in 30 days

    Based on a comprehensive approach that combines workouts with increasing intensity and nutrition control. One of the important points is the correctness of the techniques to perform certain exercises: you can see examples in short videos or in animated pictures. The app tracks calories burned and has a graph of weight loss.

    You choose what you want to work on – focus on a single muscle group or the whole body. There are also several rations, so everyone will find the most suitable for themselves. All data syncs with Apple Health, if necessary. To increase motivation, it is possible to set a goal.

    Features include low-calorie diets, animations and video tutorials, and a gradual increase in intensity.

    Fat Burner

    Rating in the App Store – 4.8

    Fat Burner

    The app is built on weight loss without grueling workouts and diets. Here you will find a virtual nutritionist, who will guide your body to natural weight loss by changing your eating habits. The assistant will remind you when to eat, drink water and take vitamins; it will select an individual workout plan for those who have nothing against physical exertion.

    The integrated e-book offers many known techniques for burning fat. In addition, the app has a whole catalog with illustrations of dishes.

    aktiBMI – weight diary

    App Store rating – 4.8

    aktiBMI - weight diary

    A great option for everyone, including pregnant women and athletes. App includes charts and BMI calculator, weight management diary, reminder. It’s easy to calculate your BMI here and, based on the charts, you can figure out how much you need to lose or gain to normal. In the event of significant changes in weight, it triggers an alert.

    It helps sportsmen to achieve their goals and build muscles: it counts the percentage of fat in the tissue and muscle mass, it controls your weight gain, motivating you to set new goals and achieve great results.


    Rating in App Store – 4.7


    The app is a calorie counter and helps you lose weight. Fesum is distinguished from its peers by a huge database containing more than six million different food items, including not only the caloric value but also the energy value of the food you eat.

    In addition, the app boasts a whole set of useful features: for creating meals and workouts, keeping statistics on the main nutrients, weight change reports, calculating on a special nutritional calculator, individual setting of goals and objectives depending on the selected diet. The app also supports English and metric measures.

    On the plus side, you can find exercise classes, graphs, the ability to share your results with other users, and a diary that allows you to easily list the foods you eat most often and create a daily food allowance.

  • fesum: your food diary
  • Rating in App Store – 4.7

    <li></div><p>MyFitnessPal: your food diary” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/911666196351-8111.jpg” height=”300″ title=””</p><li>fesum: your food diary”><p>Three-in-one app – healthy eating tips, recipes and a diary. On the main screen you will find a lot of information. For example, a water tracker, which is interestingly designed in the form of glasses so that: a single click on one of them records 0.25 liters of drunk. A virtual assistant will remind you of the required number of calories to be consumed for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are several diets to choose from, with detailed advice on when, what and how much to eat.</p><p>There are two exercise modes: activity list and automatic control. Scrolling through the list, the user will see the highlighted first letter as if in a dictionary, making it easier to use. Recent workouts are saved in a separate tab for quick access.</p><p>Built-in barcode scanner allows you to automatically track the calories. The app is compatible with Google Fit, Runkeeper, and Moves, which helps you keep track of your physical activity. Features a beautiful design. There is an animation with fun food that looks quite appropriate and uplifting.</p><h3>My weight loss coach</h3><p>App Store rating – 4.6</p><div style=My weight loss coach

    The app is based on motivation. It is, as the creators believe, the main tool in the difficult matter of fighting extra pounds. In addition, without it, it is impossible to maintain the result for a long time, even if you manage to achieve it. That’s why the program aims to teach you how to fight hunger, laziness, stress eating. By performing daily tasks, the user will quickly begin to lose mass.

    The diary contains a variety of diets, weight loss tips and a reminder. Thanks to the user-friendly interface and simple controls, even a person who has never dealt with this kind of application can understand it.

    The pluses include motivating recommendations and compelling arguments, a calorie calculator, useful reminders, notifications and goals with motivating photos, a graph of weight changes, and full integration with Apple Health. But the program has a significant disadvantage – as long as it is designed exclusively for women.

    Lose weight! Calorie counter

    App Store rating – 4.6

    Lose weight! Calorie counter

    The app is a huge encyclopedia of healthy habits. The developer, the company Webimatic, laid the basis for the program to change the habitual eating behavior, believing that it will give sustainable results, so that people who have lost weight, will be able to maintain the achieved over the years.

    Using the application, everyone can individually select the program that will ensure the loss of excess weight. You’ll find over one hundred and fifty helpful tips and advice on how to lose weight and stay in shape. There is also an extensive database of recipes to make eating healthy – about fifty-one thousand dishes available offline. In addition, there are over eighty workouts, exercise reminders, food and water intake.


    Rating: 4.5


    The app tracks workouts using GPS – this is the main feature. It does not matter if the user is cycling, walking or running, the program will count the distance covered, measure the speed, estimate the number of calories burned and the pace. It is worth noting that the information is stored for later use to analyze performance, set personal records and track progress.

    You can set a goal for your workout and set personalized parameters, and a virtual trainer will supervise your performance. The app syncs with other sports programs and fitness trackers.

    A bonus is the active community of people who have downloaded the app. To communicate, you can watch the progress of others online, encourage and motivate each other, organize interesting Challenges or participate in existing Challenges, organize training together.

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