The 7 Best Treats for Dogs

Pets, like family members, need attention, love and care. One way to express your pet’s feelings is through a variety of treats. Pet stores offer a wide variety of goodies for pets. How not to be confused and choose the right one? Our experts have compiled some important tips and the best options for dog treats in this ranking.

What to consider when choosing treats?

Product composition. Experts advise reading the entire composition from beginning to end. Some ingredients, even in small doses, can cause irreparable harm to a pet’s health. For example:

  1. BHA, labeled as E-320;
  2. propyl gallate, E-310;
  3. propylene glycol, E-1520;
  4. ethoxyquin, E-324.

A conscientious manufacturer will list all ingredients and their percentages. If this information is not available, you should not buy this product;

  1. Dog Size. The wrong dosage can provoke obesity in your pet;
  2. Lifestyle of the pet;
  3. Food preferences;
  4. Your own finances.

Treats for dogs

Experts divide dog treats into several groups:

  1. Dry and crunchye. They’re convenient to use, but you shouldn’t overuse them. Many samples have a high glucose content. These crunchies can easily be taken for a walk and used in training. We recommend you choose according to your pet’s preferences.
  2. Dried and dried.Made from meat or by-products and have an appealing flavor that dogs are attracted to.
  3. Soft. We recommend buying it for older dogs with dental problems. They are made from sirloin parts of birds.
  4. Dietary.These treats should only be given to your pet after consulting with your vet. Unlike other supplements, it contains an increased concentration of vitamins and low calories.
  5. Cookies and chewy bones. When you buy these goodies for your dog, you help him take care of his teeth: get rid of plaque and prevent tartar.

Rating of the best dog treats

Nominationplaceproduct namePrice
Rating of the best dog treats1

Meat cookies

2Village Treats Rabbit Ears85€
3Titbit Fitness Muesli36€
4Mnyams Soft snack190€
5Happy Dog Chewy Sausages with Rumen112€
6Bosch Biscuit Lamb and rice1 648€
7Green Qzin chewy ring of veins50€

Edigree Markies meat cookies

Rating: 4.9

Pedigree Markies meat cookies

This dog treat has been a leader in ratings for years. You can find the American company’s small yellow packs in almost every pet store. The product does not contain any harmful colorings or preservatives, but because of its high cereal content it should not be given to dogs often, although the manufacturer allows it to be given daily.

Meat cookies are convenient to take along for walks and use as a reward in the process of training. In a week, you can give a pet from 8 to 16 cookies, depending on the size and breed. Dog owners note that four-legged dogs really like this treat and during its use no side effects have been noticed, so they recommend to have a closer look at it.


  • It is convenient to take for a walk;
  • low price;
  • good composition;
  • easy to find in stores;
  • No side effects.


  • High content of cereals.

Country Treats Rabbit Ears

Rating: 4.8

Village Treasures Rabbit Ears

Rabbit ears from the “Village Treats” brand are available in two formats: for small breeds and oven-dried for pets of all sizes. Both have 100% natural composition and positive feedback from owners and experts. Specialists recommend including them in the diet of fastidious dogs who have allergies to various products, and the high protein content makes such a treat not the most high-calorie and, therefore, useful. In addition, it has a positive effect on teeth.

Buyers note that the product does not have an unpleasant or pungent, artificial smell. The pets eat them with great pleasure and play. Of the small disadvantages noted only the high cost for a small package, but despite this, the ears are bought again and again.


  • natural composition;
  • contains a lot of protein;
  • Does not cause allergies;
  • Has a positive effect on dental health;
  • Practically odorless.


  • fairly high price;
  • small weight.

Titbit Fitness Muesli

Rating: 4.7

Titbit Fitness Muesli

Meat Bars from Titbit have driven more than one pet crazy with pleasure. They are classified as low-calorie healthy treats for dogs because they are high in protein, vitamins and essential micronutrients. Our experts recommend indulging pets prone to obesity because the bars contain fiber, essential for normal digestion. All-natural ingredients in the formula allow you to use the bars every day without harming the health of your dog.

Muesli bars have a large number of positive reviews and high positions in ratings. Customers say that their pets are willing to do just about anything for the sake of this “yummy treat. This is perhaps one of the few products that meets the needs and desires of all: professionals, owners and their four-legged friends.


  • A wide range of flavors;
  • Low price (about 50 rubles). per piece.)
  • the composition is completely natural
  • have a therapeutic effect;
  • convenient format;


  • not found.

Mniams Soft snack

Rating: 4.6

Mniams Soft snack

The best treat format for exercising your pet is a small box with small, appetizing pieces inside. A soft snack suitable for dogs of any age and even for puppies from 4 months. Some animal nutrition experts have expressed doubts about the usefulness of the composition of such goodies, but they contain no synthetic additives. In addition, the daily dosage is so small that it is unlikely to cause any damage to the body of a four-legged dog.

Judging by the reviews of owners, pets are happy to train for this tasty treat. Also, the snack is suitable even for the most finicky dogs. There are really few meat ingredients, but not many manufacturers can offer such a compact format of treats for dogs.


  • Convenient to use on walks and during training;
  • Availability in stores;
  • For dogs of all breeds and ages;
  • Can be used daily;


  • questionable composition;
  • High price.

Chewy sausages with rumen Happy Dog

Rating: 4.5

Happy Dog Chewy Sausages with Rumen

In addition to high-quality dry food, Happy Dog produces a variety of good treats for dogs. Chewy sausages designed for adult pets were included in this rating by our experts because of their great popularity and excellent set of ingredients. They contain meat and by-products, some cereals, vitamins and minerals. High protein content is their undoubted advantage.

If necessary, the long sausage can be divided into several pieces, which allows it to be used in the training process. Judging by the reviews, “yummy” has an attractive meat flavor, is moderately elastic (it is good for teeth), does not cause allergic reactions and problems with the digestive system, pets come to delight from such a treat. This is a great option to pamper a four-legged family member.

Advantages of

  • quality composition;
  • affordable price;
  • Meat flavor and taste;
  • good for teeth;
  • a lot of protein.


  • Not a great size for walking or training.

Bosch Biscuit Lamb & Rice

Rating: 4.4

Bosch Biscuit Lamb & rice

Perhaps Bosch is the most popular brand that produces excellent treats for dogs, so you should not be surprised by the high cost of products. It all has the appropriate quality certificates and is strictly controlled. In addition, all pet treats are hypoallergenic. Lamb and rice flavor biscuits are the most popular, so our experts included them in this rating.

Biscuits are perfectly digestible and have a positive effect on the body thanks to their fiber, vitamins, and protein content. Daily allowance for each dog is individual and depends on weight. Buyers have no problem handling it on their own, using tables. In addition, they note the convenient size of each piece – about 5 cm.


  • sold in a container;
  • convenient to take with you;
  • high quality;
  • simple instruction.


  • high price;
  • Not sold everywhere.

Green Qzin vein chew ring

Rating: 4.3

Green Qzin chewy vein ring

It is important to choose not only a tasty treat for your four-legged family member, but also useful. Leading the way among such goodies are chewable rings from Green Cuisine. The brand entered the market no more than 10 years ago and became famous for producing tasty products for animals from rather rare and expensive products. Modern processing technology allows the use of a minimum amount of additives. Rings are dried bovine veins compressed into a ring shape.

The treat is hard enough, which allows the dog to get rid of plaque and prevent the appearance of tartar, as well as to prevent the yellowing of teeth. Dogs willingly play with it. In reviews, buyers note that the brand’s products are quite expensive, but they have a high-class composition and excellent quality, which is also noted by many well-known experts.


  • A premium product;
  • is good for the teeth;
  • 100% natural product.


  • high price.
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