7 best antigadins for cats

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Trainer animals to the litter box is a rather time-consuming process. Some kittens quickly understand what’s what, but with others you have to waste time and effort, which sometimes does not lead to the expected results. Such a bad experience makes you think about transferring your pet to other hands. And here are especially persistent breeders get the baby accustomed to the litter box. But a kitten is not the only one who can cause problems. Adult pets may also poop due to stress or hormonal imbalance. Males mark the territory, and this also does not cause much joy to the household.

To help pet lovers, a highly effective remedy was created, which was called “Antigadin”. The principle of its action is that it contains ingredients that create unpleasant odors for cats, which scare them away even from places where they have left their tags for a very long time. The drug comes in a spray that is very convenient to handle any area, including the most inaccessible.

Antigadine will eliminate the problem, but if the owner is passive, the animal can find another nook and do their business there. Therefore, you should not rely on this product alone. It is necessary to supervise the pet, and every time he intends to poop, take him to the litter box. This is the only way to raise pets and secure the right habits for life.

In this review we present 7 products which are considered to be the most effective at the moment. This has been confirmed by customers and independent experts who have tested the antigadins on our list.

Rating of the best antigadins for cats

Nominationplaceproduct nameprice
Rating of the best antigadins for cats1Just for Cats No More Spraying SOR 710 ml 8 in1 Nature’s Miracle399 €
2Beaphar Stop It Cat Repellent647 €
3Mr. Fresh Cat Pooping Spray for cats190 €
4Apicenna Smart Spray Protect places not intended for the toilet232 €
5Ms.Kiss for cats pooping144 €
6Anti-scratch spray for cats ‘No more pooping!120 €
7Himola Antigadine for cats123 €

Just for Cats No More Spraying SOR 710 ml 8 in1 Nature’s Miracle

Rating: 4.9


First place is taken by the multi-functional product. Natural repellents actively discourage the animal, which then ceases to poop and leave tags in various undesirable places in the apartment. The special formula completely eliminates the odors of stale cat excrement, creating a fresh and pleasant light scent in the air. It is created by the natural essential oils of cinnamon and lemongrass that it contains. The product is safe for households, including small children, does not affect the health of pets.

Recipe created for kittens and adult pets. It helps to accustom the cat to the litter box and develop proper reflexes. The antigadine also serves as an excellent cleaning agent. It helps remove organic dirt from upholstered furniture, carpets, hard surfaces without damaging. The composition is gentle, does not affect the color and leaves no streaks.

Clinical trials confirmed the fast and consistent action of NATURE’S MIRACLEJUST FOR CATS. Consumers say that in spite of its versatility it is gentle on consumption and creates a comfortable indoor environment for the family.


  • safe formulation;
  • stain and odor removal;
  • for all surfaces;
  • natural cat repellents;
  • convenient bottle shape.


  • have not been revealed.

Beaphar Stop It Cat Repellent Spray 100 ml

Rating: 4.8


The second prize winner is a spray that will not only discourage the cat from urinating in the wrong places, but also from other undesirable actions. After its treatment, the cat ceases to be interested in furniture, carpets and other objects that have been scratched intensively. Designed for all ages of pets. With its help you can develop the right habits and fix the result for life.

The optimally formulated formula does not harm others. The spray creates a jet that is easy to handle any surface. It neutralizes ingrained pet excreta odors, making the air clean and fresh and the room comfortable.

Consumers note that this is one of the best means, which not only helps to accustom the pet to the litter box, but also to discourage them from areas of the apartment where they are undesirable. You can also treat porches, porches and other places in the country house, where a large number of animals gather regularly. Use of Stop It Cat provides a highly effective repellent effect that lasts for a long time.


  • for indoors and outdoors;
  • fast correction of kittens’ behavior;
  • To scare away pets of all ages;
  • Safe for the sensitive sense of smell composition;
  • minimal consumption rate.


  • none identified.

Mr. Fresh Feces Cat Litter Trap 200ml

Rating: 4.7


Bronze goes to the product for correcting the behavior of kittens and adults. It helps not only to wean cats from shitting in the wrong places but also neutralizes the persistent unpleasant smell. The composition includes components which do not affect human and animal health. Methylnonyl ketone actively repels cats. Wormwood plant extract has a bitter taste, making it unpleasant for pets.

Orange Perfume fragrance designed for room perfuming. Citrus light scent does not irritate particularly sensitive people. The convenient spraying mechanism facilitates the process of treatment. Compound is applied to the surface of the area which the pet has taken a fancy to. If this effect is not possible, the spray is sprayed on a piece of cloth. It is placed next to the object the cat is tagging on.

The product has earned many positive reviews and high ratings from customers. The formulation developed by German scientists quickly deters defecation in forbidden places. With the preparation it is possible both to train kittens to the litter box and to correct the behavior of adult and senior animals.


  • effective formula;
  • for all age cycles;
  • eliminates the persistent smell of urine;
  • light citrus aroma;
  • convenient shape of the bottle.


  • not detected.

Apicenna Smart Spray Protect non littering areas for cats 200 ml

Rating: 4.6


On the fourth line is a spray with a unique composition, which is irritating to cats, and they no longer shit in the wrong places because of the deterrent effect. The multi-functional action not only helps to accustom the animals to the litter box, but also gets rid of cat poop odors for good. The product causes slight salivation due to the bitterness, which passes after 10-15 minutes.

Formulated with safety in mind for pets and pets’ health. When sprayed, it does not cause allergic reactions. Orange essential oil creates a pleasant citrus aroma, making it more pleasant to be in the room. The product is applied once or twice a day. Afterwards it is necessary to observe the pet, and in case of interest to other places in the house it is necessary to treat them as well.

According to reviews, the product brand Smart Spray corrects the behavior of cats of all ages, from kittens to older animals. With it there is no need to spend extra money on odor removers and air fresheners, as it has all the necessary properties.


  • unpleasant taste sensation;
  • active repellent effect;
  • natural aroma composition;
  • economical application;
  • safe for the environment.


  • have not been identified.

Spray Ms.Kiss for cats detoxifies 200 ml

Rating: 4.5

MS.KISS Cat Poop Spray 200 ml.webp

Gives fifth place to the product, which holds its action for 3 days. During this time you can develop the habit of kittens to go to the litter box and correct the behavior of the adult animal not to shit in the wrong places. The unique composition of smells has a depressing effect on the pet, which no longer wants to return to an unpleasant area in the apartment. Even the sensitive human sense of smell will not be able to pick up this aromatic composition.

The product comes with a convenient sprayer. A lever-activated, fine-dispersed formula forms, which does not damage household items or leave traces. Locking mechanism is provided for storage and transportation, which creates a safe protection from children. The active ingredient-rich formula is very economical to use, therefore it is a good value to buy.

A light fragrance creates a pleasant aura in the room, eliminating the pesky smell. Consumers confirm the effectiveness of the product, noting its minimal consumption and good results even if there are several cats with well-established habits.


  • Long-lasting action of 1 application;
  • for all age groups;
  • harmless formula;
  • fast behavioral correction;
  • affordable price.


  • has not been detected.

Anti scratching spray for cats “Do not shit!”, 150ml

Rating: 4.4


The sixth prize is a pet grooming product that will help develop a strong reflex in animals not to crap or tag in the wrong places. Its effective formula has no effect on humans, pets or the environment. It is designed with absolute safety for the occupants in mind. The small plastic bottle is comfortable during the procedure. The pump moves gently to create a powerful dispersing jet.

The active ingredient is ruta oil. Fragrant composition is unpleasant and irritating to cats, which after one treatment no longer return to their favorite hiding places. The natural essential oil is actively used in aromatherapy. Absorbed cat excrement odours disappear after using the antihadrin. Only a delicate floral fragrance remains.

The product does not form stains and stains on upholstery and carpets. It is economical in use. Affordable price makes it an attractive product for customers who in their reviews confirm its effectiveness. Many people say that antigadine can scare away even a particularly stubborn cat.


  • environmentally friendly formula;
  • Correction of the behavior of individuals of all ages;
  • Based on a valuable natural oil;
  • room aromatization;
  • Does not damage tissue surfaces.


  • not identified.

Spray Himola Antigadine for cats 150 ml

Rating: 4.3


Seventh in our review is an inexpensive spray whose effectiveness has been confirmed by many cat breeders. It was created by Russian scientists and is environmentally safe biodegradable. Antigadine helps in the short term to accustom kittens to the toilet, and adults – not to scratch and not to tag in the house. The composition does not stain textiles and household items. It does not damage the treated surfaces. The product is absolutely harmless for humans and animals.

A cat that smells irritating won’t return to the “scene of the crime. It is formed by enzymes in the formula that affect the pet, but are not at all perceptible to the human sense of smell. The spray is comfortable. No problem to treat hard-to-reach areas. The spray starts to work immediately and the maximum effect is reached after 1-2 hours.

Low cost product in demand on the market, due to the combination of low price and good performance. It has no odor of its own and perfectly masks unpleasant odors of feces.


  • harmless bioproduct;
  • a means of intensive action;
  • irritating taste and smell to cats;
  • For all ages;
  • Convenient compact bottle.


  • have not been identified.
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