6 best dog shelters in Moscow

*Review of the best according to the editorial board. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and not a guide to purchase. You need to consult with a professional before buying.

Shelters for dogs appeared in the late 17th century in Japan. They not only took care of the animals, but were also obliged to read books, sing songs, that is, to please them in every possible way so that they were no less comfortable than humans. The first facility of its kind in America is now over 130 years old. Every year it takes in about 10 thousand lost or abandoned dogs and cats. Volunteers help them find old owners or new homes. Despite the efforts of volunteers, about 40,000,000 dogs in the United States are put to sleep because of serious illness or because there are no others interested in adopting them.

Many foreign shelters are universal, that is, they have a variety of animals. Some of them specialize in dogs of certain breeds. There are institutions for spaniels, collies and greyhounds. The first shelter appeared in Russia not so long ago – in the late 90s. Volunteers take every opportunity to find new owners for abandoned pets. For example, there is a practice of leasing an animal. It lives with the family for a few days, and after this time, people decide whether they can responsibly deal with its upbringing. To the delight of volunteers, many pets stay with families forever.

There are thousands of animals on the streets today, so the demand for shelters is not diminishing. In our rating we have selected 6 institutions in Moscow, which are recognized by animal protection workers as the best among similar organizations in the capital.

Rating of the best shelters for dogs in Moscow

Rating of the best dog shelters in Moscow1BIM5.0
2Call of ancestors4.9
3Loyal friends4.8
4Republic Friend4.7
5Territory of Kindness4.6


Rating: 5.0

bim shelter moscow

Extended network of shelters, which is considered the oldest in our country, becomes the leader. Today, 5 institutions in the Moscow region have more than 2,500 abandoned or lost animals, many of whom later find a devoted and genuine family. In addition to dogs and cats, they accept exotic wild animals, birds, and even domestic animals. Many are former circus performers or zoo animals. Both puppies and elderly pets live in the shelter.

All of the animals are vet checked and sterilized. Terminally ill people end their days in a hospice where they are cared for properly. Funding comes only from sponsors who provide permanent or temporary monetary support.

Those who wish can visit the shelter as volunteers, or, having chosen a pet, start walking and taking care of it so they can get to know each other better. The organization participates in many activities in order to find owners for their charges. There are excursions for schoolchildren to join a good cause. To find out about the rules of assistance and exact addresses, call the shelter manager at: +7495762 27 60.

Call of ancestors

Rating: 4.9

Call of ancestors

On the second line of the rating is a private organization that began its work more than 10 years ago in Moscow, but later, because of the large number of pets who need help and the impossibility of settling them in the old place, moved to the Odintsovsky district, where today there are up to 500 animals. The special attitude of the organizers and volunteers help to raise and rehabilitate even very emaciated dogs with various degrees of injuries and disabilities.

Food used to be cooked over a fire. Today there is a well-equipped kitchen on site. The food comes from local farms and factories. Any help, down to bringing in old clothes or walking a dog is logged and reported. There are times when there are no sponsors for financial help. Then volunteers use their own money to buy medicine, food and all the necessities of life. The main thing the pets are never lacking is love and care from the people who work here.

Every year we take in at least 30 animals a year, in spite of the difficulty of fostering. Many of them are placed in foster care first, and after the final decision, they go to their own, real family forever. All questions you can ask by phone: +7926220 96 82.

Faithful friends

Rating: 4.8

Best friends

Third place goes to a nongovernmental organization that helps abandoned animals find a family again. For over 20 years caring people solve their problems and don’t let them end up on the street again. So many of them need special care. Some have injured or missing paws and some are spinal cord injured. Everyone receives not only medical care, but also, thanks to the friendly attitude, begins to trust people again.

No more than 200 animals are kept on the property at any one time. Volunteers provide physical and financial assistance. Everyone who wants to take a dog from the shelter is given the option of temporary guardianship to be sure of their decision. Dogs live in outdoor enclosures with wooden decks during the summer. In winter, they sleep in their own insulated boxes. Timely cleaning allows them to live in excellent sanitary conditions.

The leaders of the organization do everything to make sure that the animals not only feel comfortable in the shelter, but also that they quickly find new owners. Catalogs are posted in social networks and on websites, pets participate in exhibitions. The Shelter is located on the territory of the All-Russian Exhibition Center. You can contact the organizers by phone: 8499972 40 83.

Republic Friend

Rating: 4.7

Republic Friend

Fourth in the ranking – a private boarding house for homeless dogs, which can be proud of the number of pets assigned to new homes. Organization regularly holds mass festivals, exhibitions, and introductions. Upon arriving at the shelter, the animal immediately finds itself in the caring hands of volunteers. After the examination and quarantine, the staff with training skills begin to work with the dog, so that it can quickly adapt physically and psychologically among people.

Despite the relatively young age of the shelter, it has already been able to make over 500 pets happy who ended up in loving families. Today there are dogs and cats of different breeds in clean cages. Many of them are injured. There are about 30 animals with injuries of limbs and spine. Medical rehabilitation is being conducted with all of them. After it, animals with uncomplicated injuries return to a full life and can find owners. Due to the accumulated experience in the care of animals with disabilities, many come here from other cities of the country.

According to the feedback, the sanitary conditions are maintained in the shelter. Financial aid provided goes toward medical treatment, housing and good nutrition. Reports on how much money was spent are posted on the website or in social networks. The Shelter is located in the town of Chernogolovka. Contact phone number: 8903114 88 45.

Territory of Kindness

Rating: 4.6

Territory of Kindness

Private organization, which occupies the fifth place in the rating, shelters not only dogs but also cats, but still the main specialization – puppies and adult dogs of different breeds. It exists since 2010. Volunteers take care of the animals. The help is rendered by individuals and organizations not indifferent. The shelter is inspected by veterinarians on a mandatory basis. All dogs are vaccinated and ready to go to their new homes.

The animals take part in charity festivals and exhibitions, where many of them find owners. Meetings at the shelter on weekends. On this site you can not only meet the pets living in the institution, but also choose a true and loyal friend. It also publishes stories with happy endings, when a dog finally stops being homeless and ends up with a loving family.

Many have commented that the pets are kept in good conditions. They’re clean and well-fed. The leaders of the organization try to help abandoned animals as much as possible. But not all of them find a family, so the cages are overcrowded, and at the moment new foundlings are not accepted. Address: Moscow region, Novosibirsk city, Gagarin district, Moscow region. 16 Pervomaiskaya St., Klin. All questions on financial and volunteer help can be asked by phone: +7 916756 77 78.


Rating: 4.5


Sixth in the ranking is a charity shelter that houses up to 600 pets at a time. Volunteers can do whatever work they can do. This is keeping the aviaries clean, feeding, walking the animals. Despite the constant shortage of volunteers, all dogs are groomed, fed. Many of them are ready to be placed in “good hands” because they have undergone full medical and behavioral rehabilitation. Among them are puppies, middle-aged and older dogs.

After the happy finding of new owners, the pet’s life is monitored both remotely and by personal visit, so that he or she does not end up on the street again. Before the final decision to take the animal from the shelter, a person can not only get acquainted with the chosen dog, but also get advice of professional staff.

According to reviews, the institution often gets rare breeds of dogs. There are mini pets, medium-sized animals, and large guards. You can learn about them on specialized websites, where photos and complete information about the character and habits of the dog are published. The organization is located at 10 Rassvetnaya Alley. Phone administrator: +7909918 58 96.

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