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*Editor’s review of the best. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. You should consult an expert before buying.

Parents are not always happy that the child spends a lot of time in the gadget, so many are looking for an alternative to get their child interested in some other toy. Everyone knows that the gameplay is not just fun, but also develops imagination, thinking, coordination, and active and active games have a positive effect on physical health.

Nerf series of toy firearms with non-harmful ammunition has won the love and trust of people around the world. The company has come a long way from its founding in the seventies to the present day. Every year their plastic guns became more advanced, so new generations of children were not left indifferent to them. Now the manufacturer is considered one of the most famous in the world for the production of cool weapons for games.

The Expertology editors have prepared a rating-review for which they have selected the 10 best Nerf blasters most popular with children of different ages. With these toys every child can feel himself a hero of any imaginary universe.

Rating of the best Nerf blasters

Nominatedplaceproduct nameprice
Rating of the best blasters Nerf1Nerf “Mega Mastodon” (B8086)7 464€
2Nerf “Rival Hypnosis” XIX-1200 (E2870)4 390€
3Nerf “Zombie Strike Survivor” (E1754)4 349€
4Nerf “Zombie Strike” Ripchain (E2146)3 289€
5Nerf “Mega Megalodon” (E4217)2 999€
6Nerf “Elite Delta Trooper” (E1911)2 694€
7Nerf “Zombie Strike Slingfire” (A6563)2 299€
8Nerf “Mega Cyclone” (A9353)1 912€
9Nerf N-Strike “Elite Surgefighter” (E0011)1 986€
10Nerf “Elite Disruptor” (B9837)1 031€

Nerf “Mega Mastodon” (B8086)

Rating: 4.9


This is the world’s first electrically powered blaster. The cannon features high rate of fire and hit accuracy, as well as its cartridges, named for the size of the mega cartridges. The range of the shot is thirty meters. The drum is designed for twenty four darts. Children will love the impressive size of the toy, as it can terrify any enemy in the game, all they have to do is to squeeze the trigger for the drum to spin.

In addition to the blaster and the drum, the set includes twenty-four arrows, an arrow reservoir, two covers, a grip and a shoulder strap. The cannon requires six D type batteries, but they have to be purchased separately. Since the toy has small parts, it is not suitable for children under the age of three. Best for children under six years of age to buy this model.

Cost of the model – 4900 p.

Nerf “Ryval Hypnosis” XIX-1200 (E2870)

Rating: 4.8

Nerf Rival Hypnosis XIX-1200 (E2870)

Blaster is great for playing with friends. For example, you can organize a team competition, dividing into two colors – one will be for the blue, and others for the red. No child will be indifferent to the possibility of setting up a dynamic battle, especially when holding such a cool toy.

The gun with a spring mechanism is sold in a set with two magazines, twenty-four balls and two clips that help to attach a special holder for quick reloading. Blaster has a folding stock, and this is very convenient for storage and transportation, as well as if you have to play in tight spaces.

The distinctive features include a safety against accidental firing, speed up to thirty meters per second, lightweight material from which the balls are made.

For children from eight years old. Cost of the model – 3500 p.

Nerf Zombie Strike Survivor (E1754)

Rating: 4.8

Nerf Zombie Strike Survivor (E1754)

The blaster will immerse your child in an apocalyptic universe inhabited by zombies. Now it is no problem to defeat them, having such a powerful and frightening weapon. Let your child choose any mission – attacking zombies, patrolling, saving civilians.

The gun has a buttstock with a mini blaster, a scope, a muzzle attachment for extension, and a flashlight. Accessories are removable if necessary, so the player decides how to assemble it for a particular moment. Comes with two arrow drums. Blaster works with three AAA batteries, but they must be bought separately.

The blaster fires twelve arrows without reloading. Flashlight allows you to play and aim even in environments with poor lighting. To be more convenient to shoot at distant objects, it is necessary to attach a special extension nozzle.

For children over the age of eight. The cost of the model – 3000 p.

Nerf “Zombie Strike” Ripchain (E2146)

Rating: 4.7


Blaster from the line for the rescuers of mankind, like the previous one, will help to destroy all the zombies. The chain-fed cannon has power, accuracy, and an unusual ammunition belt. The clip holds twenty-five arrows, so it will not need to reload for a long time. You can shoot with barrage fire or make single shots.

The toy doesn’t weigh much, despite its impressive size. This makes it easy for your child to run with it, even over long distances. Blaster can be easily modified if desired – it has special rails, where additional modules that are purchased separately can be installed. Blaster does not require batteries.

For children from eight years old. The cost of the model is 3500 r.

Nerf “Mega Megalodon” (E4217)

Rating: 4.7


The latest gun is capable of firing twenty arrows in a row without reloading. Rotating drum will unleash powerful barrage of fire on your enemy. The enemy will be defeated, and the child will be satisfied with the result and get a lot of positive emotions. By the way, the arrows produce a characteristic whistle when fired, which is sure to please the owner of the toy.

The shooter can control the shooting speed himself. To fire a single shot you just need to move the handle back and forth and pull the trigger, and to make arrows rain, you need to quickly turn the handle, holding the trigger. The range of fire is up to twenty-six meters, which allows the child to attack distant objects.

For children over eight years of age. Cost of the model – 2000 p.

Nerf “Elite Delta Trooper” (E1911)

Rating: 4.7

Nerf Elite Delta Trooper (E1911)

Inexpensive blaster is a great gift for any boy, a fan of fun and active entertainment. The gun is an upgrade of everyone’s favorite “Retaliator”. The toy weapon is now even more ergonomic and cooler. Increased the range of fire, it is twenty-seven meters. The stock and barrel are detachable, so the blaster is suitable for any mission. It is convenient to store and transport. The bolt has recesses for your fingers and a locking element that prevents your hand from slipping during reloading. For convenience, there is a mechanism for releasing jammed cartridges – a lever.

Included with the gun comes a drum, twelve arrows E

  • te, barrel extension nozzle, buttstock. Blaster can be used in four different modifications, three of which are submachine gun and one is a submachine gun. The gun is reloaded with one easy movement, you just have to pull the bolt back and reset it.

    For children as young as eight years old. Model price – 1700 p.

    Nerf “Zombie Strike Slingfire” (A6563)

    Rating: 4.6

    Nerf Zombie Strike Slingfire (A6563)

    The blaster is equipped with a handy stock, a reloading mechanism and a sight. Made in the original and recognizable design of the company. Looks like a shotgun. The range of fire is twenty-two meters. All arrows, six in total, have soft tips to prevent injury to anyone during the game.

    This is another powerful weapon for children, fans of the apocalyptic universe, where you have to fight against the zombies flooding the earth. With this blaster you can attack them, destroying several at a time. Reloads quickly simply and with one hand, so enemies will not have a chance to escape. When running, while the gun is not needed, it can be attached to clothing with a special clip.

    For children ages eight and up. Cost of the model – 2150 p.

    Nerf “Mega Cyclone” (A9353)

    Rating: 4.5


    Popular blaster model allows you to aim at long-range attacks. The range is twenty three meters. With it, your child can take cover so he can accurately strike the enemy without being exposed to return fire. Victory is guaranteed even in the hardest fights. The model features arrows that are larger than usual ammunition.

    The drum holds six rounds. After opening the bolt it rotates and shoots. Arrows make distinctive whistling noises during flight, making the game more realistic. The toy is made of high quality, safe and durable plastic. Choice of three colors: orange, red and gray.

    For children over eight years old. Cost of the model is 2000 rubles.

    Nerf N-Strike Elite Surgefire (E0011)

    Rating: 4.4

    Nerf N-Strike

    Outside the competition blaster for teenagers, equipped with a rotating drum of fifteen arrows. Allows you to fire a single shot as well as fire a line to defeat an opponent with superior strength. You can attack from a distance of twenty-seven meters, which is convenient when playing when you have to hunt down a target while in cover.

    The child himself can control the rate of fire. The arrows are made of special soft material, so they can’t cause injuries. With this blaster victory is guaranteed. If you wish, you can buy additional ammunition to make the game more realistic and immerse yourself in the world of fighting and fights.

    For children over the age of eight. The price of the gun is low, so the parent’s wallet will not be empty. Cost of model – 1000 r.

    Nerf “Elite Disruptor” (B9837)

    Rating: 4.3

    Nerf Elite Disruptor (B9837)

    Inexpensive blaster made of safe and durable plastic. It is equipped with a six-shot drum for firing in bursts. The ergonomic grip doesn’t hinder your movements, it fits like a glove and doesn’t make you uncomfortable even when moving around. Gun comes with six cartridges made of flexible polymer foam. Shooting range is up to twenty seven meters.

    The toy will help develop coordination, dexterity, eye control, and accuracy. Kids can play indoors and outdoors, such as in the backyard or at the cottage. Bright color design, which has become a trademark of Nerf, makes it easy to find the blaster in the grass or among the things.

    For children up to eight years old. Cost of model – 1000 r.

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