The 8 best companies polymer clay

*Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, is not an advertisement and is not a guide to purchase. You must consult with an expert before purchasing.

Polymer clay is a convenient, popular material that is widely used in creating various decorative items. Due to its plastic properties, the mass is perfectly suitable for modeling, but it needs to be fired at a temperature of 100-130 ° C. If you cannot bake your creations, you can purchase a self-hardening mass which dries in the air.

  1. According to the organoleptic properties polymer clay is something like plasticine: it is just as pleasant to the touch and has similar characteristics, but much more plastic and easy to work with. This increased elasticity is achieved through the inclusion of plasticizers. Heating for 30 minutes helps plasticizers evaporate and the products harden.
  2. As a rule, modern polymer clay comes in a wide variety of shades, and has different effects – glow, glimmer in the dark and so on. You can even find on the market transparent clay, which is a gel, hardening when baked. This clay is used as a glue base, glazier, or enamel.
  3. The main advantage of polymer clay is that it allows you to copy different textures and materials, transfer fine details;
  4. Unlike ordinary plasticine, the crafts of polymer clay can be stored long enough without changing their original shape and color;
  5. Affordable work technique and low cost makes clay an ideal material for making Hand Made items.

How to choose polymer clay

When choosing polymer clay, you should focus on three basic criteria:


There are many manufacturers of polymer clay, both foreign and domestic. Which brand should you choose?? Even experienced and professional artists do not have a definite answer to this question. Everyone has their own preferences.

To acquaintance with polymer clay has been successful, you should stick to the golden mean: do not necessarily buy expensive material right away, but it is not necessary to save excessively and buy clay of dubious brands. To start you can take domestic polymer clay, such brands as Artifact or CraftClay.

Date of production

As such, the polymer clay has no expiration date. It can be used in 5 or 7 years. It almost never loses its properties, except that it can become harder, because the plasticizer that is in the clay, which makes it soft enough and usable, will eventually evaporate. Therefore, for the first acquaintance, it is better to pay attention to the date of manufacture, and it is desirable to buy the clay, which was produced during the year.

Color and quantity

A polymer clay set with several colors, such as 12 (base colors and a few extras) would be a good starting point. This will be enough to try different techniques and get acquainted with the peculiarities of working with polymer clay.

Rating of the best firms polymer clay

Rating of the best polymer clay companies1Fimo5.0





Rating: 5.0


On the first place of the rating is one of the best companies-producers of polymer clay, according to customers, currently on the market. Fimo (Germany) developed its first recipe in 1939. In 1954 there were sets of polymer clay, which was created and developed by Sophie Rebinder Cruz on the basis of a popular material at the time – bakelite. In 1964. The formula was sold to Eberhard Faber, who created the FIMO clay that is known the world over. The range of colors has since been expanded to 15 shades with different effects. To date, there are several series of FIMO, also on sale brand materials and tools for working with polymer clay.

Fimo looks and moulds like plasticine and takes its final shape by curing in the oven for 30 minutes at 110 °C. The material has a good palette, including various effects – from marble, to glitter and translucency. To the touch, the mass is soft and plastic, so it is popular with both beginners and experienced craftsmen.

After heat treatment, the plastic becomes incredibly hard, strong and resistant to all kinds of influences. It is easy to work with – it mixes well and stretches. Fimo is available in several lines. Professional is the replacement of the Classic line. Standard packaging has increased from 56g to 85g., The formula of the clay has been perfected to professional level. This series is most suitable for finishing fine, complex and perfect products. Palette includes 24 colors.

Polymer clay from Soft line is very plastic and soft, so it is easy to work with. It does not need to be kneaded for a long time before work, it perfectly imprints different textures, it does not change color after baking.

Material from the Effect line (effect) has a variety of color effects; Fimo Leather Effect – imitates leather; FIMO kids is the softest of the types presented, it is hypoallergenic, odorless and comes in 24 rich colors.

In their reviews, customers write that the mass holds well, does not stick to the hands, the products it turns out very strong and durable. FIMO products appear in many reviews and ratings, which says about their great popularity among customers.


  • High quality material;
  • An abundant palette;
  • Fimo clay is easy to work with;
  • Holds well any given shape;
  • Great for modeling small parts;
  • You can bake several times;
  • Large assortment;
  • Less strong odor.


  • Can’t be overheated;
  • Not always available in stores;
  • High cost.


Rating: 4.9


The second place of the rating we gave to the German company Viva Dekor, which produces goods for creativity. Its product line includes several types of Pardo polymer clay: Pardo Professional Art-Clay and Pardo Jewelry Clay. As the plasticizer in clay Pardo used natural beeswax, which makes it completely safe for the skin.

ardo Viva Decor does not require long kneading – it is immediately ready for use. Plastic does not stick to the hands, does not dry the skin and has no chemical smell. This brand imitates the colors and shades of natural stones and metals, so it’s great for making different costume jewelry. When mixing one color with another in a “marble technique,” the shades hold the pattern well, right down to the finest patterns. Since the coloring pigments are very fine and present in large quantities.

Bakes at 120 degrees, for half an hour in a preheated oven. The clay can easily be worked before and after baking. It holds its original shape well and can be easily rolled into thin sheets. The final products can be painted with acrylic paints, and then coated with varnish for a glossy finish. Pardo’s range consists of 70 shades, including pearlescent, neon, luminous, metallic, translucent, etc. shades.d.

The Jewellery Clay range, thanks to its great softness and plasticity, is particularly suitable for decorative modeling. Pardo professional acquires a two-color effect after baking. Pardo is great for the production of jewelry and decorative items.

Buyers say that the polymer clay from this company is very easy to work with; the natural wax in composition makes the products more resistant and strong to various influences. The finished crafts can be polished, washed, sanded and pierced.


  • Conveniently sealed packaging;
  • An ingenious way of taking raw materials;
  • High strength and stability of clay products;
  • Stirs well with each other;
  • Beautiful marbled effect;
  • Does not contain phthalates;
  • Ball Packaging;
  • Soft and not sticky;


  • Not always available on the market;
  • Relatively high cost.


Rating: 4.8

Sc<ul></div><p>pey” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/216666197371-758-.jpg” height=”198″ title=”Sc</p><ul>pey”><p>Professional Plastic Sc</p><ul>Pardo is ranked number three in the Index. It is popular with film studios, animators and sculptors. Many modern popular cartoon characters, sculptures, dolls are created from professional plastic Sc<ul>pey.<p>Scalpi has a variety of types. On sale you can find both soft, easy for beginners series, and hard professional clays. At the same time after a correct temperature treatment polymer clay becomes quite hard. The manufacturer has a separate products for children’s creativity.</p><p>Among the ranges of clays SC</p><ul>PEY has a classic laminate that completely mimics the color of human skin. There is also a harder-to-work with FIRM mass, which is generally similar to the classic version. Series<li>VING DOLL becomes particularly strong after baking. Customers like the fact that the polymer clay Scalpi has a nice texture, it does not need a lot of kneading, and at the same time, it does not float and holds shape well.<h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>Holds its shape well;</li><li>Pleasant to work with;</li><li>Rich Color Palette;</li><li>There are professional and classic series;</li><li>Popular with sculptors;</li><li>Easy to knead and does not crumble;</li><li>Does not stick to your hands;</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>It can change color after baking;</li><li>Fingerprints may remain on the product.</li></ul><h3>Cernit</h3><p>Rating: 4.7</p><div style=Cernit

Sturdy, good clay made in Belgium comes in fourth place in the ranking. Plastics appeared in the ’60s. In the Czech Republic (Prague). Scientists created the clay and named it after a woman named Cerna. Over time, the company Cernit was formed, which in 2008 formed the first polymer clay company. merged with Darwi. Thus began the mass production of Cernit clay in Belgium.

Cernit brand polymer clay does not leave any marks on the work surfaces, does not stick to the skin, and does not give shrinkage after drying. After heat treatment, the products are strong and durable. The only point that users note, the mass seems a little hard and requires longer kneading.

Admirers of the clay note that the mass of Cernit is quite dense, and even somewhat like wax, which probably explains some waxy patina on the finished products. Also note that the clay, after baking, slightly changes color and becomes a little transparent. It is best suited for making doll faces, thanks to its porcelain-like appearance.

One of the main advantages of clay Cernit is its availability in stores and a wide range of colors. Number One is sturdy, but a little flexible after baking. Porcelaine comes in 14 shades, and has a porcelain effect, so that the products are a bit transparent. Glamour line includes pearlescent colors. Metal

  • c includes 7 shades of soft plastic to simulate metallic surfaces.
    The colors Nature include 3 colors with a stone effect.


    • Suitable for making jewelry;
    • It has high strength;
    • A wide range of shades;
    • Reasonable cost;
    • A variety of series for different needs;
    • Easily available in stores.


    • Can change color while baking;
    • Requires kneading before working.


    Rating: 4.6


    Plastic and soft polymer clay Sonnet, designed for souvenirs, miniatures, jewelry and other products, is on the fifth line of the rating. The range of colors includes 44 shades with different effects. The material is suitable for those who work with clay professionally, as well as for beginners and creativity with children.

    Sonnet requires firing at 130 ° C. After heat treatment – the color remains unchanged. Plastic doesn’t stick to your hands while working; easy to remove from different surfaces. Comes in small packages (56 g.) as well as in larger shades.

    Sonnet is an ideal material for beginners in plastics. It is relatively inexpensive, has a large color palette, on sale there are sets of different color shades with a small volume. It feels soft to the touch, a little gritty, and depending on the batch, may come across slightly hard, say experienced Sonnet clay buyers.


    • Easy to find on sale;
    • Keeps well in shape and mixes well;
    • Great assortment of colors;
    • Long-lasting storage of crafts;
    • Does not stain your hands;
    • Can be used for children’s creations.


    • Not suitable for creation of miniatures.


    Rating: 4.5


    The Artefact company was founded in 2000. In St. Petersburg, became the first manufacturer of polymer baked clay in Russia. The company’s products are available under several brands “Artifact”, “Sonnet”, “Lapsi”, “Flower”. Compared with foreign brands, Artifact offers lower, affordable prices and a wide range of products. Our experts have defined this company polymer clay sixth place in the rating.

    Due to the dense texture, the clay during the work does not leave fingerprints, dust and dirt does not stick to the products. True, when kneading the material will have to work a little harder. Plastic is available in a wide range of colors and special shades, such as metallic, shimmer or neon. To obtain new, unexpected options, you can mix different colors with each other, in addition, Artifact combines well with polymer clays from other manufacturers.

    Artifact is available in several series. Classic, basic colors in a palette of 25 shades come in individual blocks and sets. Pearlescent shades with mica particles and fluorescent colors available in 8 shades. Clay with enhanced strength Advanced form

      It can be purchased in 20 colors, it is perfect for modeling small details. All colors of this series start from number 4. Also on sale you can find clay Atrefact chiffon, metallic and mega-packs of 350 grams.

      Admirers of the brand note that polymer clay Artifact is very affordable and comfortable. It can withstand improper storage conditions, does not change color when heat treated. Well suited for trial work for beginners.


      • Soft when sculpted and durable after baking;
      • Mixed with other clays;
      • Good for amateurs;
      • Many colors, convenient packaging;
      • Keeps well in shape;
      • Pleasant to the touch.


      • There is a certain grittiness;
      • Not suitable for sculpting thin parts;
      • Dark colors stain your hands.


      Rating: 4.4


      On the seventh ruler of the polymer clay of the domestic company CraftClay. The clay is suitable for the creation of three-dimensional details with a framework. Does not crumble, does not stick when working. The mass is designed for modeling souvenirs, jewelry, toys, etc.

      Soft mass of CraftClay is tintable and formable, mixes perfectly with other clay brands. In addition to the basic shades in the line there are series with different color effects. ClayCraft self-curing, so it will be useful if you can not bake your products. Also, this clay is suitable for children’s art. CraftClay is available in small packages of 52 grams. Color range includes 55 shades.

      Polymer clay firm CraftClay widely represented on the shelves of Russian stores, so it is very popular with customers. The plastic is ideal for creating three-dimensional products with a coherent design, combines well with other clays.


      • Does not crumble and does not stick;
      • Well kneadable;
      • Has high plasticity properties;
      • Cures in the air;
      • It hardens after heat treatment;
      • Safe for children.


      • Not suitable for sculpting small parts;
      • Cures quickly.


      Rating: 4.3


      Closes our ranking self-curing clay “Malevich”. This product is a modern analogue of clay, which has no natural flaws. Clay Malevich is absolutely safe and non-toxic, it is well kneaded, does not stick to surfaces. The clay is colored by adding colored paints to it. Due to the soft non-sticky texture, the polymer clay is suitable for children’s creativity. Crafts do not require baking and freeze on their own after 24 hours.

      Self-hardening clay has a natural hue and is made from natural materials. The open pack should be well packed for storage, dampened with water. Before the work, the clay should be pre-molded in hands, but you must work quickly enough, because the clay dries up in the air. The mass is packaged in 500g packs.

      Reviews about polymer clay Malevich in general positive. Buyers say that the material is malleable, can be molded and hardens well in the air. Over time, products do not crack or break. Many people like the natural composition and the fact that the clay does not need to bake.


      • Natural materials in the composition;
      • Hypoallergenic properties;
      • Cures in the air, no need to bake;
      • Excellent modeling;
      • Suitable for creativity with children;
      • Perfectly holds shape;
      • Does not crack after drying.


      • Dries quickly in the air;
      • Requires coloring after curing.
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