The 4 Best Scrapbooking Papers

Very popular is the direction based on creating beautiful things – boxes, photo albums, invitations, and much more. Scrap paper products look romantic, delicate, and aesthetically pleasing. Those who have just begun to get involved in this kind of creativity, it will be interesting to learn about how to choose the material for making things.

How to choose a scrapbooking paper

First of all, you must decide on the purpose of the creation. Next you need to be guided by the following parameters:

  1. Density. The most popular version – 150-220 grams per m2.
  2. The material. There should be no acids and lignin in the composition. It is better to choose products marked “archive quality”. This shows the absence of chemical compounds in the composition.
  3. The surface.It comes in smooth, matte and shiny, textured.
  4. Size.Usually they sell paper sheets of size 20 by 20 cm, 15 by 15 cm. All depends on the purpose.
  5. Style. You can buy original steampunk or shebby-chic paper. American, vintage styles are popular. Most often buy products marine, children’s, and romantic themes.

You only need to get acquainted with the rating of the best papers for scrapbooking and go to a specialized store.

Rating of the best paper for scrapbooking

Nominationplaceproduct nameprice
Rating of the best paper for scrapbooking1Snow White “Romance”, 17,5 by 17,5 cm, 36 pieces130€
2Handmade Winter Riot, single-sided, 30.5 x 30.5 cm, 14 sheets250€
3Fleur design “Snowy Watercolor” 30.5 by 30.5, 12 double-sided sheets FD1007630320€
4“Our baby”, 30 by 30 cm (12 designs) ArtFormat290€

Snow White “Romance”, 17.5 by 17.5 cm, 36 pieces

Rating: 4.9

Snow White

At the top of the rating is scrap paper, which allows you to create a gorgeous album or photo frame, decorate a gift or make an applique. There are a total of 36 sheets in the set, 4 of them are with punching. Consumers choose products for their optimal density, good clear print. One side features a pattern and the other a plain tone.

Pleasant noble shades are ideal for a romantic gift. The products turn out to be nice and of high quality. Price – about 150 rubles.


  • beautiful colors;
  • affordable price category;
  • Decent thickness (0.25 mm);
  • Availability of sheets with a shaped cutout;
  • clear colors.


  • no.

Handmade “Winter Riot”, single-sided, 30,5 x 30,5 cm, 14 sheets

Rating: 4.8

Handmade Winter Storm

The following set includes 14 sheets, two of which are with punchouts. The density is 180 g per square. m. The product does not contain lignin and acids. Therefore, over time, the paper does not yellow and looks as beautiful as it did on the day of purchase. It’s a great option for making a notebook, postcard, or scrapbook.

Customers choose the set to create a box “Mama’s treasures”, a children’s photo frame. The scrap paper is suitable for professional craftsmen and beginners. The product is attractive with winter themes, painted bunnies, cups and mugs. Price – 250 rubles.


  • durability;
  • suitable for beginners;
  • excellent composition;
  • optimal weight.


  • not found.

Fleur design “snowy watercolor” 30,5 by 30,5, 12 double-sided sheets FD1007630

Rating: 4.7

Fleur design

Fleur design products are famous for their large selection of scrap paper, favorable prices. The “Snow Watercolor” collection is attractive due to its high density (190 g per sq.m.), beautiful shades. Set includes 6 double sided sheets with winter themes. There are backgrounds with gingerbread, flowers, snowflakes and Christmas toys.

Set includes a cut-out sheet with inscriptions. Reviews of the paper are mostly positive. It costs from 300 rubles.

The advantages

  • The price corresponds to the quality;
  • It is a pleasure to work with paper;
  • good density;
  • gentle collection;
  • economical option.


  • no serious disadvantages.

“Our baby”, 30 by 30 cm (12 designs) ArtFormat

Rating: 4.6

Our baby

Completes the rating paper with designs of children’s themes. It is designed for decorating photo albums, crafts and cards. Great set for creating a gift for the birth of a child.

A total of 12 different colors, two sheets of each. 5 designs are provided for a girl, 5 for a boy, there are two neutral sheets. All designs are clear and bright. Product quality is not bad. Thickness parameters are too low. For a set of children’s need to pay about 300 rubles.


  • Suitable for boys and girls;
  • bright colors;
  • 12 designs.


  • The low density (100 g per square inch). m);
  • No scrapbooking sheet.
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