The 10 best kits for applique

*Editor’s review of the best ones. Selection criteria. This material is subjective, it is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Consult with a specialist before buying.

Applique begins in early childhood, first with the help of parents, then on their own. This kind of creativity develops various skills that help your child in the future. Cutting out, selecting a picture and gluing elements on the base improves fine motor skills, the hand is prepared for writing. Baby begins to imagine and think logically. He learns to distinguish figures, colors, textures of materials.

Manufacturers produce kits with different levels of difficulty. The design takes into account the capabilities of the age group. Cutting and pasting helps not only occupy your free time. They increase creativity and intellect, and give the first math skills. They are used in preschools, clubs, where children jointly create their first little masterpieces. Ready-made pictures become gifts for moms, dads, and other relatives.

A wide assortment of kits for collage. There are those with ready-made fragments for pasting, and there are those where you need to cut them out yourself. Different materials are used. The kit includes colorful instructions to make it easy for your child to work. If you want, he can show imagination and come up with your own, individual pattern.

Our review features 10 applique kits that moms and dads have deemed the best. Recommended by experts to broaden children’s horizons and enhance their potential.

Rating of the best kits for applique

Nominationplaceproduct nameprice
Best application kits1Color paper collages ALEX “Holiday Party” (1523)2 300€
2DJECO Super Applique Art Set1 730€
3Silkscreen applique Kidstation Butterfly1 222€
4AVENIR Animal Applique Set (CH1028)407€
5Geometric applique BONDIBON Giraffe140€
6Color Puppy Doggie Pet Clothes150€
7Artist Artist Artist Piglet by Number125€
8Collage for kids Umka Mimics51€
9Kits for collage by Fantazer Little Agronomist99€
10Origami 3D Lion applique49€

ALEX Color Paper Cutout “Holiday Party” (1523)

Rating: 4.9


First place goes to the party accessory set. A child can do on their own or with friends, creating fun images for the birthday party. The creative work will result in a bow tie, crown, glasses, funny animal figurines. Provided with 6 rolls of colored tape, straw cut colored paper, a cup, tubes, paper shapes and stickers.

The American brand uses exclusively non-toxic, health-friendly materials that meet international safety standards. Bright colors leave no child indifferent. The step-by-step instructions with bright pictures.

Parents commented that the children are delighted with the creative time. They like to create first and then use the finished crafts during games. You can’t buy such decorations in the store, so they raise the mood even more and make the event especially memorable.


  • The variety of objects and shapes;
  • original holiday decorations;
  • a large number of parts;
  • A great time in a large company;
  • Instructions are as easy to understand as possible.


  • not found.

DJECOSuper Application Art Set

Rating: 4.8


On the second line is a set of French production, which will give your kid a lot of positive emotions and help increase interest in creative activities. The kid gets to create four collages of cute and funny insects and animals on his own. For this purpose, the kit includes a 21*28 cm base, details of different shapes and textures, which are made of high-quality and safe materials, which is confirmed by documents.

A glue stick is provided for attachment. Brightly illustrated booklet teaches how to make pictures. A child will be able to make both the images presented in it and at his or her own discretion. All colors are bright and vivid. heavy cardboard. With fragments it is convenient to make any manipulations. The set comes in a beautiful package.

The finished paintings can be a gift for friends or relatives. According to the reviews, even a very absent-minded child becomes more attentive during the process, he develops many skills: assiduity, accuracy. He enjoys the results of his work and looks forward to the next lessons.


  • non-toxic materials;
  • Several diverse pictures;
  • step by step colorful instructions;
  • all the necessary things in the set;
  • Comfortable size for children’s hands.


  • not identified.

Silkscreen appliquédKidstantionButterfly

Rating: 4.7


The third prize winner is a set for collage, the creation of which does not require scissors and glue. The cardboard base is covered with a sticky layer to hold the pieces together. Any shapes made of tishyu paper can be superimposed on it. It is very malleable. The child kneading, rolling balls and geometric shapes, develops motor hand skills. This activity requires perseverance and attention, so it will prepare a preschooler for future studies, teaching him the skills that will be useful later.

The manipulation results in brightly colored insects that can be decorated in a child’s room or given as gifts to family or friends. Safety for health ensured by control at all stages of production. All materials are environmentally friendly and do not harm the environment.

Feedback from parents confirm the interest in the Kidstation kit. The unusual material results in original applications. The manufacturer has released several educational games in the same theme. Therefore, the child can continue to engage in further activities, and parents can make surprises by purchasing high-quality and exciting creative kits.


  • Pleasant and comfortable for hands paper;
  • No need to cut out and glue the details;
  • a cute finished picture;
  • for a wide age audience.


  • not identified.

AVENIR Animal Application Kit (CH1028)

Rating: 4.7

AVENIR Animal Appliqué Kit

In fourth place is a set created for children 4+. It will help immerse in a fun process and love creative activities. The set includes all the necessary items for work. It’s 100 colorful paper sheets, plasticine, stickers, stickers, glue sticks, decor paper and more. The child creates pictures with their own hands, which can then be used to decorate a room or give as a gift to their parents.

All materials used meet the safety requirements. They are non-toxic, do not cause allergic reactions. The clay is soft, pliable and odorless. The images are clear, bright. To help your child with the work, there is an instruction manual with clear recommendations.

According to reviews, the kit immediately excites the child. Varied activities will not let him get bored. Creating collages and using different materials, kids are developing useful skills. Parents note that the game is not for once. Many original parts allow you to create several colorful handicrafts.


  • expanded set;
  • A variety of projects;
  • cute pictures;
  • non-toxic raw materials.


  • not identified.

Geometric Applique BONDIBON A Pyramid

Rating: 4.6

BONDIBON Geometric Applique Giraffe

Fifth place is given to the developmental toy of the famous brand BONDIBON, which involves a popular character Bookey. It is designed for children over 6 years old. The finished picture is an image of a giraffe measuring 23*23 cm. Mosaic applique is assembled from fragments of different geometric shapes and shades. The kit includes a base with numbered areas. The pieces also have the corresponding numbers on them. No glue is needed while working. The sticky base is already applied.

The activity will help your child consolidate their first knowledge of math and geometry. He will be able to distinguish between different shades of the same color. The set with a medium level of difficulty is recommended for children who already have experience in activities of this type. But even beginners, with the help of parents, will be able to understand the process and fall in love with educational games.

Buyers leave positive feedback, noting the good quality of execution, comfortable for a child the size of the elements, the safety of materials. The picture is framed and can be attached to the wall, thus complementing the decor of the child’s room.


  • color perception skills;
  • self-adhesive parts;
  • information marking;
  • cute picture;


  • are not identified.

Color PupuDoggy Pet Clothes

Rating: 4.5


On the sixth line is a set that will interest girls from 3 years and older. It provides an opportunity to become a real stylist and dress fashionably cute doggie. The figurine is already ready, no need to cut it out. Various accessories and decorative elements are glued to the heavy cardboard. For this set includes paper stickers, rhinestones, ribbons. It’s fun and imaginative for your child. It will help consolidate the names of colors, materials and textures.

Each finished doggie is unique. After all, the child creates his own, special picture. The toy can decorate the room, hang it on the wall in the apartment, give it to relatives or use it in games. All parts are made of quality, environmentally safe materials. Manipulations are easy for young children.

The instructions include hinting pictures with design options. The kid can follow it exactly, or just decorate a funny pet at his discretion. Parents noted that the colors are very bright, juicy. Girls enjoy spending time learning their first skills, which will be useful to every woman in the future.


  • the creative development of the child;
  • Cute, cute character;
  • Durable and safe materials;
  • a variety of initial details.


  • not identified.

Artist’s SeekerPiggy by Number

Rating: 4.5

Seeker Piggy Color Painting by Number

Seventh on the list is a set for kids, with which they can perform tasks on their own, getting images of cute animals as a result. No need to cut the elements and lubricate with glue. You just pick up the right one, take it off the base and fix it on the appropriate free area. All pieces are numbered. This will help a child who is unfamiliar with numbers to learn them, and who has already acquired the first skills to consolidate them.

Collage by number is not only effective in creative development. It helps to increase efficiency, accuracy, diligence. The kid will have to include logic and thinking. Gradually he memorizes what the geometric shapes look like, and learns to distinguish their shape and size. The pictures created can become a decoration for games or a pleasant surprise for parents or grandparents.

The materials used in production are harmless. Everything is thought out for the comfort of the child. The elements are easy to glue and fix. And it is possible to adjust the position, as the sticky layer provides for multiple use. According to parent reviews, both boys and girls love creating animated characters.

Advantages of

  • A useful developmental game;
  • reusable stickers;
  • hint in the form of numbers;
  • bright, colorful pictures.


  • Not identified.

Kids’ applique by UmkaMimiShki

Rating: 4.5


The eighth place is given to the set, which can be used from an early age, that is, when the child becomes interested in creativity. Exciting and useful activity will help to form the initial ideas of sizes, shapes, colors. It teaches accuracy and helps to develop your potential. Favorite fairy tale characters will not let you get bored. Add missing parts to each picture by gluing them in the appropriate places.

If the child is still small enough and can’t cut out the pieces on their own, parents can do it, and then they will have to think logically on their own to properly create a single image. The thick paper is easy to manipulate. All drawings are very colorful, bright, clear.

Experts recommend the inexpensive set as a very important developing activity. It will help prepare your hand for writing, motivate it to be careful and attentive. A Russian manufacturer took care of safety, so all the materials used passed rigorous quality control.


  • Increasing sensory development;
  • Smooth, comfortable shapes to cut out;
  • High-quality, high-precision images;
  • Safety standards complied with.


  • not identified.

A set for creating arts and crafts applique FantasyLittle agronomist

Rating: 4.4

Fantazer Set for creating a collage Little Agronomist

The ninth line – a set for creating a cute animal, which will be a fun activity for children from the age of 3. As a result of manipulation with the details you get a funny mouse with a purse, which depicts an agronomist in an agricultural field. Bright drawings will attract even a non-nosy child. Creating a collage, he will increase concentration, become more calm and accurate.

Fragments do not require cutting. They stick to the base with the adhesive layer. Baby enough to remove the protective paper. Includes cardboard background, template for prompting actions, colored stickers. The materials used in the production have passed quality control and safety. Will not cause an allergy in a child.

All the elements are made with ergonomics of small hands in mind. Your child can do this fascinating activity without adult help or create a pet together with friends, and then use it together in storytime games. This inexpensive set will be a pleasant surprise. It will help to instill an interest in creativity and occupy his free time.


  • attractive character;
  • Illustrated instructions;
  • Self-adhesive parts;
  • Non-toxic raw materials.


  • have not been revealed.

Applique Origami3D Lion

Rating: 4.3


At the end of the top 10 best applications set to create a 3D-toy. It will help form spatial thinking, develop motor skills, and prepare the hand for writing. A fun pastime will be a useful activity for the child. The set includes 50 pieces. The base-background is made of thick cardboard. Its size – 15*12 cm. The fragments of soft material are fixed to the decoration with an already applied adhesive layer.

The plastic rotating eyes are attached at the end. The materials are non-toxic and do not cause allergic reactions. All the details are of high quality. They are easy for kids to play with, will not get damaged by intensive manipulation, and retain their original look. While making a three-dimensional picture, he will learn to differentiate figures, colors, and textures. Rich colors attract even more attention and motivate the child to finish the collage to the end.

Parents were satisfied with the quality of the product. It develops sensory perception, imagination, and logic. The finished picture can enter the collection of the first children’s masterpieces and become a decoration of the room.


  • elastic material;
  • convenient attachment to the base;
  • cute character;
  • high quality production.


  • not found.
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