16 best snowmobiles

*Review of the best according to the editorial board. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, it is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before you buy it, please consult with a specialist.

Today’s range of baby products allows you to arrange a full, exciting, and at the same time and developing winter holidays. Expertology editors have prepared for you an extended review of the most successful and popular snowshoe models available on the Russian market. We have sorted the items selected by our experts into the following age groups for your convenience.

Rating of the best snowmobiles

IOavailable at
Nominationspaceproduct nameprice
The best snowmobiles for the youngest kids1Demi SNK.02 Comfort2 380 €
2Nika Timka Sport 4-12 450 €
3Bars 124 Comfort Baby Friends2 850 €
4Small Rider
5 300 €
The best snowmobiles for kids ages 3 to 51SWEET BABY Snow Rider 22 100 €
2Nika Timka Sport 64 000 €
3Small Rider Scorpion SOLO4 900 €
The best snowmobiles for kids from 6 years old1Snow Moto SnowRunner SR11 550 €
2Nika Snowdrive3 500 €
3Yamaha Viper Snow Bike7 700 €
4KHW Snow Car 4×4 de Luxe6 900 €
5KHW Snow Future13 450 €
The Best Scooter/Snowcat1Olympic Shyster820 €


2 750 €

5 900 €
4STIGA Snow Kick7 800 €

Best snowmobiles for the smallest kids

In this first selection, we will look at models designed for very young children who have barely learned to walk, or not even properly learned yet. Conditionally, they are designed for kids from 1 to 3 years. Unifying features – miniature size, minimum control tools and the mandatory presence of a backrest.

Demi SNK.02 Comfort

Rating: 4.9


Open the selection and the entire review of a simple, inexpensive, but reliable and well-established SNK snowshoe.02 Comfort. Here you can immediately notice some discrepancy with our own recommendations, since this model is not equipped with a backrest. But the height of the seat clearly indicates the youngest age group, and for older children the snowcat is not suitable.

This is a classic children’s snowcat on three skis. The frame is strong, steel, very simple and thus reliable. The corners are calculated correctly in all senses, to provide maximum stability. Specially formulated plastic skis can withstand extremely low temperatures. At frost below 25 degrees it may already lose its strength and elasticity, but not every parent will dare to walk actively with a child in such conditions.

The model is designed for a maximum weight of 60 kg. The seat is elongated, and, according to the official data of the producer, it is even designed for two passengers – this is another clear indication that the gymnasium is intended for the youngest children. The weight of the snowcat itself 6.The rudder shape is automobile-steering. 5 kg is calculated optimally – it’s enough to prevent the baby from toppling over at the slightest turn, and at the same time he could easily drag it to the hill by the cable, or to drag it behind him.

The steering wheel of this model is shock-absorbed, well “swallows” the unevenness of frozen or icy snow. car steering wheel shape. Double-brake made in the form of two ridged teeth. The ridges are wide, so you can brake on both loose snow and hard ice.


  • Strong and reliable supporting construction;
  • Not bad quality of materials in general;
  • easy handling;
  • stability;
  • weight is optimally calculated;
  • Effective dual brakes.


  • no backrest.

Nika Timka Sport 4-1

Rating: 4.8

Nika Timka Sport 4-1

In continuation we will consider a well-proven snowcat for the smallest “Timka Sport 4-1”. “Timka” is quite a large line of children’s snowmobiles, and the company will still be featured in other nominations.

So, this model has all the attributes and signs of belonging to the youngest age group. These are bright colors, cartoon theme in the drawing of the seat, the presence of a backrest, minimally simple and understandable management, the general “toy” style of the product in the visual plan.

The supporting frame of the snow scooter is welded, made of steel pipes. The three plastic skis-slides are also durable, overall, the sports equipment is designed for a load of up to 100 kg. Of course, this figure is arbitrary, and an adult person has nothing to do on such a snowcat, this data is just an indication of the possibilities.

The product itself weighs 6.6 kg, dimensions – 110x45x49 cm. A comfortable ride is provided by quality cushioning. On turns the child will not drift off inertia due to the presence of the safety belt, which securely holds the baby with emphasis on the back. By the way, the backrest is foldable, and it can be stowed without any problems when transporting. The snowcat itself can be towed anywhere and everywhere with the use of a complete tow rope with automatic winding function.

The comfort and safety of the child passenger, in addition to the soft seat, backrest and seat belt, is also ensured by the strong and reliable reinforced brake which will operate even on slushy snow and even on hard ice.


  • sturdy construction;
  • stability;
  • easy operation;
  • seat belt and backrest;
  • reinforced brake for icy surfaces;
  • a cute “cartoon” style in design and appearance;
  • Many color and design options to choose from.


  • Some parents complain about the nonremovable format of the backrest.

Bars 124 Comfort Baby Friends

Rating: 4.7


Now let’s turn your attention to the model, which certainly does not cause any doubts in the adaptation for the youngest audience. Everything is adapted for the smallest children – the size, weight, backrest, and a well-designed cartoon and bright style in the design. In the range of snowcats brand Bars is another similar model, but more advanced and at least twice as expensive – Bars 106 Comfort.

This is a classic children’s tricycle scooter. Its overall dimensions are 112.50×27.50×48.50 cm, weight 6.7 kg. The conditional load capacity is up to 100 kg, and on some online marketplaces you can meet the strange wording, say, “suitable for adults”, which does not correspond to reality. This figure in the technical specifications only points to the limits of the design, exceeding which is sure to lead to damage.

The frame is made of steel, durable, reliable, not prone to rapid corrosion. The ski plastic is also solid, durable and elastic, so it won’t freeze and will last a long time if used properly.

A big plus of this model is the folding backrest. You can’t take it off completely, but it’s still some compromise for easy transport or a more comfortable ride if your child is a little older and doesn’t really need the support anymore. The seat is soft and comfortable, the upholstery is made of impregnated fabric, reliable and stitched. Car-type handlebars in shape. Cushioning softens the bumpy ride on small bumps in packed snow and ice. brakes are reliable and effective on all surfaces.


  • quality materials;
  • stability and reliability;
  • ease of operation;
  • optimally calculated weight;
  • folding backrest;
  • attractive appearance and design;
  • reasonable price.


  • no systematic complaints from users have been identified.

Small RiderIO

Rating: 4.7

SMALL RIDER<tr></div><p>IO” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/20916666195931-1316.jpg” height=”400″ title=”SMALL RIDER</p><tr>IO”><p>Completes the first selection of snowcats for the little ones with a non-standard model. What makes it special is that it’s not a tricycle, but a tricycle. And this format is also liked by many children, as evidenced by the impressive demand for the model of Small Rider</p><tr>IO.<p>Overall dimensions of the snowcat – 86x49x41 cm. Bearing a steel frame, but the weight of the snow “bike” is minimal – only 2.6 kg, and this is the lightest version in our review, if we don’t count snowcats, which will be discussed in the final selection. In the range there are five options for color design “machine” – green, yellow, blue, red and black, so you can easily find a variant for a girl or a boy.</p><p>The model is designed strictly for one passenger weight, and here you can’t go wrong with the choice – the seat is bicycle type, that is, literally saddle, it can be adjusted in height. Maximum weight for the young rider – 30kg.</p><p>A saddle with a soft filler, and the baby will sit on it comfortably for a long time. The twin-top skis let you move forward and backward in the snow with equal efficiency. For safe maneuvering, this model has a turning angle limiter.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>the form-factor of a three-wheeled bicycle (for those who prefer this format);</li><li>lightest;</li><li>quality materials;</li><li>the twin-top shape of the ski;</li><li>Height-adjustable seat;</li><li>turning limiter for safe maneuvering.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>No obvious flaws or user complaints.</li></ul><h2>The best snowmobiles for children from 3 to 5 years</h2><p>The second nomination in the Expertology review of the best snowcats is also dedicated to the kid’s models, but they are a bit older and more burly. In terms of functionality they are almost identical to the examples in the previous selection, but here the presence of the backrest is only at the request of the parent and the child’s abilities.</p><h3>SWEET BABY Snow Rider 2</h3><p>Rating: 4.9</p><div style=SWEET BABY Snow Rider 2

The nomination opens with a simple and very affordable snowcat, which attracts parents just by its record low cost with fully acceptable characteristics of quality of materials, reliability and safety.

This is a classic children’s three-skate with a steel frame as the supporting structure. Its dimensions are 110 x 48.50 cm, the weight – just over 6 kg. Formally designed for a maximum load of 100 kg, but that’s just the formal figure; in reality, it’s optimal for children under 5 years of age.

The model is available in two basic colors – light blue and crimson-pink – for boys and girls respectively. The seat is designed for one passenger, the upholstery is made of hypoallergenic material. Inside soft filling.

Operation of the snowcat is extremely simple, comfortable and safe. The car-type handlebar with a comfortable ride, on the handlebar pillar shock absorbs bumps in the snow. The skis are durable yet resilient, withstanding extreme temperatures without becoming brittle.

As with almost all snowmobiles of this format, it has a tow rope. No automatic winding, but that’s okay for such an affordable price. Not normal here is something else – there is a small but noticeable percentage of parents who complain that the cable quickly frayed and delaminated at the point of attachment to the scooter. This is why we recommend to pay attention to this moment and to take measures beforehand.


  • robust construction;
  • solid materials;
  • reliability and stability;
  • simple control;
  • the most affordable price in the selection.


  • The rope can quickly split at the attachment point.

Nika Timka Sport 6

Rating: 4.8


Second in this category, let’s consider a multifunctional and in its own way unique solution for children’s winter leisure and sports from the Russian company Nika. This is a three-skate snowcat, improved, reinforced and generally improved over the previous generations of this series.

By such parameters as the presence of a backrest and a parental handle, the shell can be perfectly suitable for very young children, who need to be driven through the snow with parental assistance. But the handle is removable, and if the child can already hold his own balance and is not afraid of a slight fall, the model’s age rating is automatically increased.

Dimensions of the complete snowcat – 112x42x49 cm. Weighs pretty decent – 10 kg, but this is not a disadvantage, but a necessity: the load-bearing structure is a welded steel frame, and add weight functional accessories, the practical usefulness of which is undeniable. The skis are made of good quality and strong plastic, which will withstand heavy loads – the officially declared maximum payload of the scooter is 100 kg.

The first thing that is most noteworthy in the aforementioned accessories is the retractable wheel chassis. They do not make the snowcat a hybrid, as could be the case with the snowcat-scooter form-factor, but allow you to easily roll it from one area to another even on the asphalt. In this case, the maximum loading weight is of course reduced – a maximum of 25 kg. The role of the chassis is hard to overestimate if the child is under 6-7 years old – the snowcat can be easily rolled with the little passenger either to the store or anywhere else, without the need to leave the expensive “car” in the street and hope that it won’t be stolen.

This model already features a strong tow rope with automatic winding. Most quality snowcats of this format are equipped with such a device. Nika Timka Sport 6 guarantees a comfortable ride on almost any surface where plastic skis can slide – loose snow, slushy snow and even icy snow. In hard snow with patches of ice, your child won’t shake too much thanks to the built-in cushioning. Plus, the padded seat negates any residual shaking at all. And for reliable braking on hard icy surfaces there is a brake with special reinforcement.

To all the above advantages Timka Sport 6 will please kids and their parents with the gift stickers, which perfectly complement the trademark picture on the seat and the colorful trim of the frame.


  • the quality of materials;
  • sturdy welded frame construction;
  • retractable wheeled chassis;
  • removable push handle;
  • towing winch with auto winding;
  • Reinforced brake for icy surfaces;
  • cushioning system;
  • Bonus stickers as a gift;
  • many colors to choose from.


  • The seat and handlebars are not adjustable in height.

Small Rider Scorpion SOLO

Rating: 4.8

Small Rider Scorpion SOLO

Now we present you something special. Small Rider Scorpion SOLO snowshoe will not only delight your baby with its excellent controllability, but also gives confidence to the little rider and a sense of “coolness” in the best sense of the word. Popular for a long time thanks to the decent technical characteristics and spectacular design in racing style.

This snowcat is designed for a maximum passenger weight of 60 kg. Again, we remind you that this is a formal maximum, and this characteristic does not change the target audience at all – for older children and teenagers this model is not suitable.

Dimensions of the snowcat – 120x48x50 cm. Weight – 6 kg. Seat dimensions – 32×12 cm. The size of the front ski is 47×10 cm, side skis are 68×10 cm. Bicycle-type handlebar – the best option for a child who is just beginning to learn to ride such a winter sports equipment. The width of the handlebar – 40 cm.

The whole design, the calculation of the center of gravity, the material of the skis, the shape of the handlebars, the elements of depreciation – all in this model is aimed at maximum maneuverability, and at the same time “obedience” and controllability. This snowcat is easy to learn, and at the same time, it is able to make sharp turns under the control of an experienced kid who is well seasoned in such races.

The geometry of the machine is carefully thought out so that the shell with the little rider maintains stability and balance in the sharpest turns. reliable foot brake lets you stop quickly on almost any surface. comfortable, anatomically shaped rubber grips that are easy to grip, even with thick gloves.

The snowcat requires minimum effort to assemble from the box according to a clear instruction. Supplied in a package with the dimensions of 43x84x20 cm. Weight incl. package: 7 kg. You can choose from a variety of colors in combination with black – blue, red, green, and solid black. The finish features metallic sheen which adds visual impact and style.


  • quality and reliability;
  • stability;
  • maneuverability;
  • convenience and comfort;
  • safety;
  • easy assembly;
  • the most striking design in the range.


  • The handlebar is not height adjustable.

The best snowmobiles for children from 6 years old

In the second selection of the review will consider the best proposals of the market of children’s snowcats for already older and formed boys and girls, who do not need a backrest, but may already be important maneuverability and a certain style in design. The age range here is very wide, especially considering how differently developed children can be at any given age. Some models are even positioned by manufacturers as suitable for adults.

Snow Moto SnowRunner SR1

Rating: 4.9


First in this selection let’s consider a snowcat made in a bicycle form factor, similar to the one described in the first Small Rider selection

IO, but here we are already counting on slightly older children.

This snowcat is similar to Small Rider

IO not only in appearance, but also in a number of advantages. With dimensions of 112x46x48 cm it is very light itself – only 4 kg. A 6-year-old child can easily manage to tow it independently from place to place or home. Designed for the maximum load of 50 kg. Robust steel construction and height of the seat allow children from 6 years old and up to teenagers to ride it comfortably.

Technically, the model is very simple and easy to learn. Of the controls, there is only a bicycle-type handlebar and a pedal-resistant brake. The handlebar is paired with a front turning ski, equipped with a spring shock absorber, effectively absorbing bumps in the rolled and icy snow.

The plus side of this model is that it is more than affordable. Available in three basic colors – blue, green, orange.


  • lightweight;
  • maneuverable;
  • sturdy construction;
  • comfortable operation;
  • reasonable price.


  • no clear disadvantages or complaints from parents.

Nika Snowdrive

Rating: 4.8


The second in this selection of snowshoe produced by the Russian company Nika is also made in the bicycle form factor, but here we see another “level-up” by age. Seating height indicates an older age group conditional from 9 years, but again, it is worth selecting individually.

The sizes of this model in the assembled form – 114×61.50×54 cm, disassembled and folded – 74x34x46 cm. Designed formally for a maximum capacity of 100 kg, the snowcat is positioned as suitable for adults. Experts Expertology recommends not subjecting the sports tool to such extreme stresses, but to use it as intended. This “snow horse” weighs 8.5 kg.

Here, in comparison with the previous model, there are already noticeably more improvements that expand the range of children’s recreational potential and physical development. So, at the expense of increased maneuverability on the development of skills may take longer, but the start of sports development will be more powerful. The shock-absorption is not only on the front ski, and it’s very useful – at higher speeds it is necessary to dampen and more powerful recoil from bumps and irregularities.

For towing, the snowcat is equipped with a special rope and internal coil with automatic winding function.


  • A wide coverage of age categories;
  • effective cushioning;
  • maneuverability;
  • rope with automatic twist;
  • reinforced brake;
  • many color and trim options.


  • no obvious disadvantages detected.

Yamaha Viper Snow Bike

Rating: 4.7

Yamaha Viper Snow Bike

The selection continues with a snowshoe of a Japanese brand, which for many years has been synonymous with professional, and not only professional, but quality musical equipment, instruments and related electronics. But Yamaha is also known for many other lines of production, including some quite unexpected ones. In this particular case we are dealing not with the Japanese corporation, but with the rightholder of the brand in Russia – “Yamaha Music (Russia)” LLC, who gave a permission to produce a series of Yamaha Apex snowmen under the world brand.

Yamaha Viper Snow Bike looks like another super-efficient snowcat in our review – Small Rider Scorpion SOLO, and even surpasses it in some places in terms of style, design and attention to detail.

The overall dimensions of the snowcat – 125x48x46 cm. The seat is 37 cm long and 16 cm wide. Seat height 25 cm. Handlebar height from floor – 45 cm. The ski dimensions are 79.5×10 cm. own weight – 7.2 kg. Maximum rider weight – 40 kg. This is the case, when the manufacturer does not cheat with the maximum load, and specifies the real data, not causing confusion.

From a technical point of view this is one of the best models in our review. Here you can see the attention to the quality of parts and a careful approach to the finest points. All plastic and polymeric parts are made of shockproof and frostproof materials which are not subject to deformation and change of characteristics if temperature changes.

In terms of functionality the model also deserves praise. Good shock absorption properties thanks to high-quality functional suspension. Viper is capable of both quick high speed and quick deceleration thanks to the reliable and efficient braking system. The built-in rope with auto winding will allow to tow the snowcat to where it’s needed with minimal effort.

The manufacturer is confident enough in the quality and durability of their products that even on such a potentially “easy to kill” product gives a small, but the official guarantee of 6 months.


  • The legendary Japanese brand;
  • exceptional quality of materials;
  • fine and meticulous assembly;
  • Attention to detail;
  • maneuverability;
  • high aerodynamic properties;
  • impressive design;
  • 6 months warranty.


  • not marked.

KHW Snow Car 4×4 de Luxe

Rating: 4.6


At the end of the selection, we will consider two interesting variants of children’s scooters of the quite prominent brand KHW. The specialized company began its glorious way in Germany in 1948. Until now the products are mostly made in Germany itself, without any globalist compromises like transferring production to Asian countries. This greatly affects the cost of products, but at the same time, the German quality remains German in every sense.

This model resembles an ice cube in its form-factor, but it is a snow cube with skis, and it looks like an ice cube only in its shape. Dimensions – 56x100x24 cm, the weight is very small – only 4.6 kg. Body material is mostly durable, frost-resistant plastic. The frame is reinforced with reinforcing ribs. Available in three colors – yellow, blue, red.

The model is designed for children from 8 years. The payload is enough to easily carry the weight of even large teenagers. The maximum weight is 90 kg. The running gear is made of two pairs of skis, of which one pair is pivoting. Controlled by car-type steering wheel. There is a group of light indicators in front of the steering wheel. They do not play a principal role, but serve only as additional effective scenery.

The seat looks very simple, like an ordinary recess, but its shape is well thought out in terms of anatomy. In addition, the notch is covered with a special material that performs two functions at once – heat retention and anti-slip. Note that we are talking only about the main landing place, but in the scooter provides and second – in the back, and also covered with special material. So, it is possible to ride the KHW Snow Car 4×4 de Luxe for two persons, and even for a child and a parent, as long as the total weight is not exceeded.


  • the distinguished German brand;
  • The German assembly;
  • high-quality materials;
  • durable;
  • lightweight;
  • Panel with light indicators;
  • two turning skis;
  • two seats.


  • Some users think the price is overpriced.

KHW Snow Future

Rating: 4.5


Finish the selection of another model of the German brand KHW, and again it will be a snowcat, which looks like an icebox. Generally, this model is really focused for the most part, really for driving down the hill.

The KHW Snow Future has a lot of similarities with the above-described model, and it’s natural, because we are talking about the same series. There are four skis in the undercarriage, the front ones are turned by a car-type steering wheel. The combination of four skis, wide spacing and low landing makes it both maneuverable and stable. The speed of the snowcat from the slide is fast and impetuous, so it really takes your breath away.

Dimensions of the snowcat – 117h50h30 cm, weight – 8.7 kg. In comparison with the previous model we see the increased weight due to addition of reinforced brakes, shock absorption and some other improvements. These improvements include increased structural strength, so that the payload already reaches 110 kg. It is an objective figure, and allows the average height and weight of a parent without problems to ride together with children – this model is also two-seater. Both seating positions are equipped with exactly the same anti-slip and heat-saving coating as the previous version in the review.

This model, taking into account its form factor, has almost no objective disadvantages. The only point is the price, which can vary significantly on different marketplaces, but for the most part (when it comes to in-stock products) is very, very high.


  • the well-known German specialty brand;
  • German-made;
  • quality and reliability;
  • maneuverability combined with stability;
  • ease of operation;
  • quality shock-absorption;
  • reinforced, effective brake;
  • anti-slip coating of the landing place, which retains heat;
  • quick climbing speed from a hill.


  • overpriced.

The best scooters-snowcats

The final selection in the review of the best snowcats according to Expertology magazine includes a special format of children’s winter sports equipment – snowcats in the form factor of scooters, where instead of the wheels – compact skis.

Olympic Shustrik

Rating: 4.9

Olympic Shustrik

First we will consider the most simple, unpretentious and cheap model. “Shustrik” is a whole series of snow scooters of this format, and the “Olympic” we take for example. In fact, this modification has long been in steady demand.

The super affordable price is not synonymous with the cheapness of materials, and we certainly do not recommend saving on the development and entertainment of children. It’s all about the actual simplicity of the design. This scooter-snegokat can be bought for those very first tests, when the child himself will be able to determine whether he likes this form of developmental sports and recreation, or not.

Unlike more complex models, Shustrik sliding base consists not of two skis, and from a solid platform, the shape resembles a miniature snowboard. Its dimensions are 95 cm long and 22 wide. Handle height – 65 cm. All materials are made of plastic, undoubtedly strong enough to withstand serious stress, and have nothing to do with the weight of the child.

The official characteristics state that the “load capacity” of a scooter-snowmobile is up to 90 kg, and that’s not the weight of the smallest adult person. Of course, this is not a “superpower,” but just a consequence of the lack of any complex structural parts – there is absolutely nothing to break in a mono-ski.

Now, as to whether it is convenient to ride on such a snowmobile-scooter, actually. The answer is not very clear. The thing is that the solid monolithic base does not increase the slip, on the contrary, it increases the friction. When going down from the slide on such a projectile there will be no problems, but it will be difficult and uninteresting for a child to slide on the flat snow.

The second controversial point is in the way of fixing the handle, or rather, in its absence. The handle is really not fixed, but moves freely back and forth until folded. Some of the users strongly disapprove of this mechanics, while other parents, on the contrary, approve of this approach, which gives the kids a certain freedom of action and much better maneuverability. Of course, such a free move of the handle inevitably leads to falls at the first stages of training, but this is normal for any sport.

And the fact that the grooved surface here is arranged in only two rectangular sections on the top side of the “ski” – this is an obvious drawback. Parents are unanimous in the opinion that for reliable stability it would be reasonable to make such a texture on the entire surface, and this is an objective complaint.

When folded, the scooter takes up little space, you can easily carry in your hands, because even with the packaging it weighs only a little less than 1.8 kg.


  • elementary design, easy to learn and easy to operate;
  • Sturdy plastic body;
  • Withstands far from children’s loads;
  • Nice design;
  • Lightweight to carry in your hands;
  • super affordable price.


  • only two small areas with an anti-slip surface;
  • some parents don’t accept the idea of a handle without a free wheel.


Rating: 4.8


Now moving on to the snowcats in the familiar form-factor of scooters with two sliding “skis” – front and back. It’s not as “toy” as the previous scooter and it costs three times as much, but in comparative terms the price is quite adequate.

Actually, to be precise, it is a hybrid model, which can be a “land” on wheels, as well as for winter riding. All necessary details are available in the delivery set, and by some simple manipulations it is possible to change wheels on skis and back. For summer riding, the scooter will look even more attractive and interesting for a child due to a rather spectacular illumination of the wheels. The contact surface of the wheels is made of polyurethane. Skis – made of strong plastic with good gliding properties.

The overall dimensions of the snowcat – 68x32x63-87cm, adjustable steering wheel. Deck dimensions – 40×10 cm. The frame, which receives the entire load is made of durable steel. Separate parts – made of aluminum. Quality and durable ABEC-7 bearings, but, unfortunately, sometimes there is a factory defect. The sizes of wheels – 120×24 mm. Total weight of the scooter is 2.1 kg, together with the package – 3 kg. Available in different colors, the most common on sale – black, white and purple.

The technical characteristics here are already much more than in the previous super-simple model. First, the carrying capacity is not as conventional as in “Shustrik”. The manufacturer claims a maximum weight of 50 kg, but in fact, the scooter is not designed for teenagers, but for children from 3 years old. The upper age range isn’t particularly limited thanks to the height-adjustable handlebar position in several positions. The handlebar can be removed for easy transportation altogether.


  • hybrid model for asphalt and snow;
  • sturdy metal frame;
  • easy folding;
  • Cute illuminated wheels;
  • Quality long-life wheel bearings (if not defective)
  • different color options.


  • Sometimes you can find factory defective bearings.


Rating: 4.7

TECHTEAM<tr></div><p>averse” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/67316666195931-8416.jpg” height=”400″ title=”TECHTEAM</p><tr>averse”><p>The next snowmobile in our review is even more technically advanced. It is heavier, but more maneuverable than the previous one, it is designed for older children and teenagers. Produces the TECHTEAM line</p><tr>The model is available in different modifications from a Russian company in China.<p>At once let’s eliminate some of the confusion that may arise when reading the characteristics of this model on various online sites. TECHTEAM in one place</p><tr>The averse is explicitly positioned as a trick scooter, others explicitly state that the complete skis are for quiet riding and not for jumps or tricks. This variation in descriptions is easily explained. This model is also a hybrid like the previous model, but in the basic set is designed for winter, and definitely not a stunt ski. If you want, this scooter can be easily transformed from a winter scooter to a summer one, and even to a trick one. You just need to buy separately and install the wheels and brake.<p>The snowmobile is designed for children at least 5 years old, and the total maximum load of 60 kg. The machine itself weighs 3.6 kg. The dimensions of the aluminum deck – 35×11.5 cm.</p><p>The supporting structure of this snowcat is the Duke used for the well-proven track on the two-bolt binding with the HIC compression system. Y-shaped solid aluminum handlebar of height 76 cm and width of 59 cm. Comfortable rubber grips provide a secure grip.</p><p>The skis are made in a twin-top shape, which means that the snowmobile can move forward and backward without any problems, without getting stuck. The material is strong, frost-resistant plastic, which will not disintegrate due to temperature changes combined with mechanical stress. The winter brake on the rear ski. Its principle and design were specifically developed for this model with its special features.</p><p>On the whole, it is one of the most successful models of snow scooters by a combination of features, cost and availability on the Russian trading floors. The users have absolutely few claims to it, the only thing is that the construction doesn’t fold and it’s not convenient for transportation. But this is the downside of increased structural strength and “gimmickiness” in the summer version.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>a solid cast metal frame;</li><li>wide skis;</li><li>Increased maneuverability;</li><li>Twin-top shape skis (forward and backward travel);</li><li>A special “snow” brake;</li><li>The new Snowkick 6 has comfortable and durable rubber grips;</li><li>It can be easily transformed into a snowshoe.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>non-folding design (the downside of increased structural reliability).</li></ul><h3>STIGA Snow Kick</h3><p>rating: 4.6</p><div style=STIGA SNOW KICK

The entire selection and review of the best snowcats according to Expertology magazine ends with an interesting model of the Swedish brand STIGA. Produced, as expected, in China. The Snow Kick is also hybrid, and can be converted to wheels in the warm season, but the kit needs to be purchased separately. Originally a snow scooter is designed for winter riding. Even more expensive than its predecessor, but not too crucial, and definitely worth the expense.

The material used for the snow kick is sturdy and hardwearing, so it’s easy to handle. The maximum load of the scooter is 50 kg, and this fully corresponds to its capabilities. Stress tests have shown that it can easily support 60 kg or more, but the skis have noticeably flexed. The frame in any case the maximum weight of a teenager can withstand – it combines steel and aluminum, so the scooter is also lightweight – only 2 kg.3 kg, and even the design is foldable, so that the product is most convenient for transportation.

Overall dimensions of the scooter snowcat – 92x10x95 cm. The skis are made of durable yet flexible HDPE plastic, which is frost-resistant and guaranteed not to break. The twin-top carving skis allow for unimpeded forward and backward movement, and the pivoting handlebar (and therefore the pivoting front ski) provide maximum maneuverability. With all that, it is stable and easy to learn how to ride, even for a very young child.


  • the quality of materials;
  • sturdy construction;
  • lightweight despite the steel frame;
  • twin-top skis for forward and backward riding;
  • folding, easy to transport;
  • convenient swivel handlebar provides maneuverability;
  • Sustainability.


  • No clear disadvantages and objective comments of users (and their parents) are not identified.
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