15 best gift ideas for kids at age 7

*Editor’s Choice Rating. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and not a buying guide. You should consult with a professional before you buy it.

Parents do not always know exactly what to give their child, so that the surprise would not be a one-day toy, but a joy for a long time. What then to say about relatives and friends of the family, who are simply lost in a store among a huge variety of products? 7 years old is a difficult age when a child enters school. He is interested not only in entertaining games, but also cognitive.

Sometimes inexpensive surprises are more exciting than expensive presents. What to do when you don’t know what to buy and your birthday is coming up soon?? Our experts will help with this rather complicated matter, presenting 15 gift ideas for girls and boys for 7 years. Also included in the review are versatile gifts that should appeal to everyone.

Top gift ideas for kids 7 years

Nominationseatproduct nameprice
Best gift ideas for 7 year old boys1Syma Phantom Helicopter (S107G) 22 cm1 000 €
2LEGO Technic 42059 Trip Truck2 499€
3Blaster with soft cartridges FJ015 59 cm /Tongde1 940€
4Shenzhen Toys robot L44159899€
5Shenzhen Toys BIGFUT SUV 1:162 020€
The best gift ideas for girls at 7 years1MGA Entertainment’s LOL Surprise 5 Hairgoals capsule dolls1 189€
2BONDIBON 100 Magic Tricks Gift Set for Girls BB29501 424€
3C-1334 Confetti House1 640€
4Enchantimals Catherine the Elephant with her pet 15 cm FKY73869€
5LEGO Friends 41335 Mia’s Treehouse1 399€
The best gift ideas for the children of 7 years1Smart Baby Watch Q801 429€
2Selfie media board game set531€
3Russian encyclopedia for children from 6 to 12 years old908€
4Telescope + microscope EURECY1300€
6Road Game for kids 7-9 years old520€

The best gift ideas for the boys of 7 years

Syma Phantom Helicopter (S107G) 22 cm

Rating: 4.9

Syma Phantom Helicopter (S107G) 22 cm

The first place is a gift that will not leave any boy indifferent. The radio-controlled helicopter is precisely detailed, so it looks very realistic. It can be launched both indoors and outdoors. Controlled by remote control. Range – 10 m. The helicopter flies back and forth, left and right, moves in circles, ascends and descends instantly at the command of the wireless joystick. Speed of flight – up to 2 m/sec.

The body is made of lightweight aluminum. Flexible blades. All materials are strong, so a helicopter will not be damaged or injure a child in the event of a landing or a collision with other objects. Built-in rechargeable battery charges in half an hour. Helicopter available in 4 color combinations. Each one is bright, full of color.

S107G is equipped with a gyroscope. Includes screwdriver, spare blades and tail rotor, detailed and clear instructions. The model will interest children who are just beginning to get acquainted with complex devices and their technical capabilities. Many have noted that the helicopter is played together with parents, which increases a child’s interest.

LEGO Technic 42059 Trick Truck

Rating: 4.8

LEGO Technic 42059 Toy Truck

The silver medalist is the product of the LEGO brand, which is loved by many children. It uses exceptionally safe materials, as evidenced by certificates and multiple independent studies. With 142 parts, you can assemble a stunt truck and decorate it with colorful racing stickers. It looks very realistic and presentable. The impression is strengthened by the color scheme, which combines several tones: white, black, blue.

With the inertia motor the car develops high speed. Excellent off-road performance thanks to wide rims and reliable suspension with low-profile rubber. Reinforced bumper will secure in case of collision with an obstacle. The truck can be used to practice even the most difficult stunt tricks. Safety ramp is included.

The blaster is designed for ages 7 to 14 years, so even if he grows older, he will still be interested in this toy. It helps to develop many useful skills: thinking, dexterity, logic. You can get a “Motorcycle for tricks” from this series for the next holiday. All parts are interchangeable, and the result can be assembled a hybrid truck and racing car with a massive cabin and six wheels.

Blaster with soft cartridges FJ015 59 cm /Tongde/

Rating: 4.7

Blaster with soft cartridges FJ015 59 cm

Boys 7 years old do not stop playing “war”, so they will love the gift, located on the third line in our review. Suitable for a variety of role-playing activities. Blaster can be played alone, or divided into teams and staging epic battles. Manufacturer has given the most thought to the design. There are no small, sharp parts that can hurt a child.

Cartridges are not hurtful. They are made of soft plastic, so they will not cause any harm. The design is made of safe paints. Blaster has a length of 59 cm. It’s big enough, but also lightweight and easy for kids to hold. No difficulties in the preparation of the weapon will not arise. Your child can load the blaster himself without adult assistance.

Colorful box will attract attention. Transparent display screen will make you admire the contents. A gift that will make little friends envious. According to parent reviews, the model becomes the main item of the collection of themed toys. It will help adapt in a team, help learn new skills, improve attention and stamina. Many dads also do not mind playing with his son, using this space weapon.

Shenzhen Toys L44159 Robot

Rating: 4.6

Shenzhen Toys L44159 Robot

Fourth place goes to the interactive toy, with which you can feel like a conqueror of the universe or become a real space spy. Futuristic design is combined with a variety of interesting features. The robot walks and rides on the wheels, and the colored lights come on, which greatly enhances the effect. One hand looks like a grip, in the other he holds a fantastic weapon. It has rockets on its back and turbines on its chest.

The predominant color of the model is white. Additional details are painted in gold, red, black, green, and purple. The toy is made of high quality plastic that meets safety standards. Numerous studies have confirmed the harmlessness to health. The movement is powered by batteries. You can play alone in the robot, or you can have space battles with your friends.

Bright cardboard packaging looks festive and smart. Gift will be appreciated by a child who starts to get interested in robotics. The toy is easy to control. Does not crack when dropped. No small parts. Reasonably priced allows you to make such a purchase, not only for a birthday, but also for no reason.

Shenzhen Toys BIGFUT SUV 1:16

Rating: 4.5

Shenzhen Toys BIGFUT off road vehicle

The fifth place is given to the radio-controlled SUV, which accurately reproduces the real model. It can move back and forth and right and left. No obstacle, no off road, no problem. Rugged bumper can withstand all kinds of impacts, and shock-absorbing system prevents it from rolling over. Impressive wheels help you overcome difficult sections of the route. The car is made of durable safe plastic. Small parts fit together securely, no sharp angles.

Easy to handle for 7 year old child. The remote control is easy to hold in your hand. It is light and compact. The model can be used at home as well as outdoors. Battery-powered movement. It quickly fills up again when the charge expires. For this purpose, the kit includes an AC adapter.

The car simulates the sound of an engine when it moves. Your child loves the beautiful design and special effects. Shenzhen Toys product is not just a toy. With it, the boy learns his first driving skills, coordinates movement, and reinforces his knowledge of left-right. SUV – the perfect gift for a child of 7 years. He will stay happy and explore the local area with Mommy and Daddy or his friends for a long time.

The best gift ideas for girls at age 7

MGA Entertainment LOL Surprise 5 Hairgoals doll in a capsule

Rating: 4.9

MGA Entertainment LOL Surprise 5 Hairgoals doll in a capsule

Gold goes to the toy, which all girls 7 years and older want to have in their collection. The surprise is that the child doesn’t know who’s hidden in the package, and only after opening it does he understands and enjoys the gift. The toy is the 5th in a series of LOL. It will please both those who are already familiar with the brand’s products and those who have not yet seen entertaining dolls. This time the packaging is hairspray. It hides a toy, and it can serve as a tub, and easily transforms into a hairdresser’s chair.

The capsule can be used as a stand or as a carrier bag. The doll cries, goes to the bathroom, changes color in the water. The doll is dressed in a camouflage suit. Hair stitched all over her head. Set includes clothes, comb, shoes, colorful stickers, hair clips, curlers, mirror, bottle, stand. There you can find a collector’s insert and a secret message for the new owner.

The series includes 12 characters, two of which are considered rare. Girls are not upset if you get a duplicate doll. You can always swap with a girlfriend and build a collection of one-offs. The manufacturer guarantees the safety of the product, so parents can not worry about their daughter’s health.

BONDIBON 100 Magic Tricks Gift Set for Girls BB2950

Rating: 4.8

BONDIBON 100 Magic Tricks for Girls Box Set BB2950

The second place is taken by the gift set, which can entertain not only the birthday girl, but also her guests. Parents don’t have to think about the animation program, because with it, children will spend their time in a fun and organized way. The kit provides the opportunity to create interesting tricks on a variety of subjects… The illustrated colorful instructions will help you become a real enchantress and organize magic shows with your friends.

All materials meet the standard of quality and safety. Props and accessories are made of thick cardboard, food plastic, metal, textile. All items retain their original appearance even after regular use. The images do not lose their brightness of color and do not erase. The pink shades are loved by little tricksters.

Such a toy will be a joy on any holiday. It will not be a one-day surprise. Many parents who bought the set note that it develops perseverance and imagination, which is very important for entering the 1st grade. The idea can be adopted not only by moms and dads, but also by other relatives, since many children dream of learning the secrets of tricks and want to learn the skill of illusion themselves.

OGONYOK House Confetti S-1334

Rating: 4.7

OGONYOK House Confetti S-1334

Bronze goes to the gift, which will be a real surprise and will decorate the children’s room. The two-story house is a miniature cottage and holds dolls up to 30 cm tall. It is necessary to equip it and pick up furniture and household items, what the girl and her friends are happy to do in their spare time from homework. The house is easy to assemble. It is very stable, weighing 6 kg. If necessary, the house can be easily dismantled and transported to another place.

The plastic is very durable. At the same time it is absolutely safe for health. Bright colors create a real eye-catcher. The set includes flowerbeds for the veranda. The house can be furnished with furniture from the “Confetti” series, as well as with products of other brands. The windows can be hung with real fabric curtains. Any fantasy can come true.

In the house, you can constantly change the furnishings and interior, to move in new tenants, that is all that is possible in real life. It is designed so that one zone is as open as possible, and the other, on the contrary, is closed from prying eyes. Many parents have noted that in the form of play you can teach your child to be orderly, when he himself begins to be responsible for the cleanliness of his toy space.

Enchantimals Catherine the Elephant with her pet 15 cm FKY73

Rating: 4.6

Enchantimals Catherine the Elephant with her pet 15 cm FKY73

The fourth nominee is a popular set created by the Enchantimals brand. It includes a 15cm doll and her pet. Bright, colorful characters will make you admire the surprise. Articulated Doll. She can rotate her head, move her arms and legs. The elephant has a movable trunk and tail. The model’s long hair can be brushed and made into different hairstyles. It is stable because of the special shoe design. The doll can be seated on a pet, thanks to the articulated knees.

Girls love the set because of the doll and a cute cute animal. As they play, they begin to take care of him, adopting his mother’s behavior and learning skills that will be useful in the future.

The toy comes in a brightly decorated package with a transparent window. The manufacturer has released several characters where the girls are very similar to their animals and also have ears and a tail. They live together in an enchanted forest, they make friends, have fun, communicate. With this set you will always have some free time. You can fantasize on your own, or you can gather your girlfriends and act out different scenes. Best of all, you don’t have to think about next year’s gift, another doll with a pet is the best idea for a birthday.

LEGO Friends 41335 Mia’s Treehouse

Rating: 4.5

LEGO Friends 41335 Mia's Treehouse

The fifth one in the review is the Friends series of children’s favorite construction set. It consists of 351 pieces, which you will assemble to get a luxurious tree house, where Mia and her friends meet and spend their free time. Her brother Danielle is leaving for college, so you need to help pack his things and arrange your own. You can hang pictures in the house. A water pistol is always at the ready to protect you from uninvited guests.

A mesh net is stretched up to the second floor. You can climb up it, just like on the ladder, and then come down on the bungee cord attached to the trunk of the tree. Mia has her own pet, Mimi. The cute little bunny loves active games and will always accept a mini carrot from the hands of his mistress. A pet bird lives on the property. The roof of the building extends, doors and windows open. The skateboard has wheels.

The gift is designed for ages 6-12, so it will be fun to play for preschoolers and those already attending school. The model is interesting with its different assemblage variations and a wide variety of accessories and extra parts. Bright shades of green, blue, purple, orange attract attention and increase interest in the game. You will not be bored in any way.

The best ideas for versatile gifts for children at 7 years

Smart Baby Watch Q80

Rating: 4.9

Smart Baby Watch Q80

Leading in this category is a gift that will delight the child, and parents will stop worrying about his safety, because his daughter or son will always be in touch. The clever clock is made of hypoallergenic plastic. It is water resistant, withstands multiple drops and bumps. Silicone strap stays firmly in place. The lock does not spontaneously open. When the watch is removed, a sensor will trigger and relay information to parents. In an emergency, you can use the SOS button.

The touch screen display is child-friendly. The color scheme allows you to choose a model for both a boy and a girl. Wi-Fi detection technology will help track the location. Adults set the permissible range of movement. The watch is compatible with smartphones based on Android and iOS. Calls can only be made to authorized numbers. There is an exchange of SMS messages.

Fully discharged battery lasts another 1 hour. Talk time of 120 minutes. A useful gift will teach your child how to handle technology. He will become more careful and attentive, able to allocate his time properly. In addition Baby Watch is a stylish accessory and the pride of its owner.

Selfie media board game set

Rating: 4.8

Selfie media board game set

On the second line is placed an educational kit, which can be used as a gift idea for a birthday, New Year and other holidays. It includes 4 games. Both children and parents can participate, which will undoubtedly be a benefit for communicating together. Number of participants: 2 to 6. Includes: “I don’t believe it”, “Comrade, watch out”, “Auction”, “Imagine”. Each game includes 45 cards and a detailed description of the action. Time: from 10 minutes. It is not drawn out, you can always get distracted, relax and get back to the competition.

Selfie media makes you feel like an adult. Throughout the game, you’ll have to look for spies, match descriptions to items, buy and sell, and train your reaction speed.

Dense cardboard with colorful images is covered with protective film on top, which protects it from moisture, and images – from erasure. Original associative game used at parties and celebrations. It develops imagination, logic, and thinking. Both boys and girls will appreciate this gift. He will not get bored. Each new game is different from the previous one, so there will be no repetitions. The bright box is specially designed as a present. It does not have to be wrapped in gift foil.

Russian Encyclopedia for Kids 6 to 12 Years Old

Rating: 4.7

Russian encyclopedia for children from 6 to 12 years

In third place is an educational gift that includes many areas of scientific research and our lives. The hardcover book contains 416 pages. Children will be interested in the colorful illustrations that tell about the culture, history, art of our country. You can get acquainted with it together with parents. Learning to read well helps you learn many interesting aspects on your own.

In one encyclopedia collected material on various subjects. It covers weapons and modern military equipment, the Earth and its inhabitants, the depths of the sea and the highest mountains of the world, the dinosaurs and the first people. The text is written in an easy to understand but very entertaining language. With each page you want to learn more and more.

The book will help in studies, it will reveal the child’s talents. He can show his erudition to his teachers and tell his friends a lot of interesting things. Encyclopedia will appeal to boys and girls with different hobbies. And if they were not interested in some topics before, the authors are sure to interest readers. If you, like many, believe that “A book is the best gift,” then this idea will definitely be to your liking.

Telescope + microscope EURECY

Rating: 4.6

Telescope + microscope EURECY

The fourth place gift will appeal to inquisitive children who want to quickly uncover the many mysteries of the universe and its inhabitants. The set includes a telescope to observe the stars and a microscope – for a detailed examination of the smallest particles. In addition, the set includes 3 interchangeable lenses, 2 reservoirs and 6 slides. The telescope rotates 360°. You can change the angle. Focal length can be adjusted up to 170 mm.

The microscope eyepiece magnifies the object in question by 20, 30, 40 times. With the help of the wheel you can set the optimal sharpness. Battery-powered backlighting for when it’s dark. The complex set is made of high-quality, durable and safe materials. It is packaged in a beautiful cardboard box with a bright design.

With such a gift, you can not think about what would occupy the child in his spare time. He enjoys doing experiments on his own, as well as with his family. Your friends who came to the party will also not miss the instruments, which help them make new discoveries and learn interesting facts about the planets, stars, plants. The acquired knowledge will always be useful at school, where you can show your erudition and intelligence.

Road Game for kids 7-9 years old MKI

Rating: 4.

A Road Game for Kids 7-9 years old MKI

On the fifth line – a gift that will help keep your child safe on the roads, and the game form of learning does not strain, but rather enjoys both boys and girls. At age 7, children go to first grade, and many walk down the street unaccompanied. Number of participants: 2 to 4. Start the game better with parents, who will explain the principle of “Road.

The publishing house is owned by the Moscow Toy Factory. The game was developed with the participation of experienced psychologists and educators. The field is made of thick cardboard that will last a long time. The coating is resistant to abrasion. The set includes a die and 4 colored chips. They are made of safety-compliant plastic.

While playing, your child will learn to quickly orientate himself in any situation. Working through the different options will help remove fear of the road, public transport, cars and reinforce rules that will later be useful in real life, and in the study of Life Safety on the Streets and on the Road. The game can keep bored kids entertained at parties. Many teachers are happy to use it in schools, improving the knowledge of their students.

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