14 best toys for girls

Often when choosing a gift, parents ask themselves the question “what kind of thing a girl will like?”, “what will it be useful for?”. After analyzing orders in online stores and consumer reviews, we have selected the most popular toys for girls that meet all quality parameters.

How to choose a toy for a girl

The first thing to pay attention to is the recommended age. A toy for a five year old is not suitable for a toddler who has just turned one year old. Little girls love dolls, dolls, and fluffy animals. Children ages three and up love interactive toys that walk, eat, and cry. These products teach them order and self-organization. Girls start to copy their mom’s behavior. Older ladies choose options for needlework and creativity.

There are other important tips to help you decide:

  1. Listen to your child’s wishes;
  2. girl of 5-7 years is better to take with you to the store;
  3. Choose toys that contribute to the development of thinking, fine motor skills, logic.
  4. When compiling the rating, we also took into account the following criteria:
  5. quality of material;
  6. brand reputation;
  7. The number of positive and negative reviews;
  8. Safety and hypoallergenic;
  9. Value for money.

For convenience, the review is divided into three categories according to the age of the child.

Best toys for girls

Nominationplaceproduct nameprice
The best toys for girls from 1 year old1FURBY CONNECT HAS
1 992€
3IMC Toys Cry Babies Leah by IMC Toys2 849€
4Magic Potty Mattel Fisher-Price2 379€
5Smoby stroller-walker for dolls3 590€
Best toys for girls ages 3 to 71Zapf Creation Baby born interactive doll4 520€
2Store Zhorya ZYB-B1693-42 720€
3Play Set Castle Canterlot 73 cm My
  • Little Pony Has
  • 11 770€
    4Hatchimals 19100-PEN-PINK interactive pet from an egg4 065€
    5My dream puppy
  • ttle
  • ve Pets Snuggles
  • 5 920
    Top toys for girls ages 8 and up1

    FURBY CONNECT HC2 546092 Secret Diary Play Set

    1 837€
    2Markwins Princess Makeup Set in a Lighted Case1 690€
    3Cra-Z-Knitz Kids Creativity Kit Shimmer’n Sparkle Knitting Station2 630€
    o Monopoly B2247 JUNIOR “Cold Heart”
    1 499€

    The best toys for girls from age 1

    You should take care about the choice of toys from the birth of your child. A product must be useful, enjoyable and completely safe. Check for small items, unpleasant odor, and protruding parts.


    Rating: 4.9

    FURBY CONNECT HAS</div><p>O” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/27816666194661-5514.jpg” title=”FURBY CONNECT HAS<br />O”></p><p>The top of the season for children of all ages. American firm Has<br />o released an improved toy, Furby Connect, which has a huge amount of functionality. Furby is a furry, made-up animal that dances to modern songs and knows over a thousand words. He can eat and sleep and is happy to interact with the baby.</p><p>Girls will love the cute appearance of the toy, which is completely covered with fur. The little animal has beautiful eyes and tail, big rubber ears. Furby is pleasant to the touch and comes in 4 different colors. Some of the functions it performs through a special program on your smartphone. The price is not affordable to everyone. The toy costs over six thousand rubles.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>hit of the season;</li><li>Learning new words;</li><li>4 color options;</li><li>wide functionality;</li><li>teaches responsibility and care;</li><li>Dances to fancy songs;</li><li>pleasant to the touch;</li><li>original appearance.</li></ul><h4>Flaws</h4><ul><li>overpriced;</li><li>Batteries are enough for a short time.</li></ul><h3>LOL MGA ENTERTAINMENT DOLL</h3><p>Rating: 4.8</p><div style=LOL MGA ENTERTAINMENT DOLL

    Almost no people’s rating is without the popular LOL dolls, which come in a unique surprise ball. Inside is a little doll with accessories. Intriguing that you can not tell in advance what kind of doll is in the ball. She usually comes with an outfit, shoes, and a purse.

    Girls love the LOL collections and know every model. The dolls can drink water, cry. Some of them change the color of their hair when lowered into the water. The two halves of the package are made as a room and a bath. Price – about 1400 rubles.


    • A stylish design;
    • multifunctionality of the balloon;
    • 20 different dolls;
    • additional attributes in the set;
    • Bright colors;
    • Nice vanilla scent;
    • great popularity.


    • no.

    IMC Toys Cry Babies Leia by IMC Toys

    Rating: 4.7


    Crying baby Leia with a set of clothes will be perfect for babies from 18 months. He is dressed in a tiger cub costume with a hood and ears, which really suits a pink-cheeked doll. If Leia cries, you have to give her a pacifier. At the back of her head there is a reservoir for filling with water, which is used as a tear.

    Customers are excited by the interesting design, attractive appearance of the toy. Little girls do not part with the baby. It is worth considering that the product is quite fragile. It must not be dropped. Price – about 3 thousand rubles.


    • Can cry;
    • The cutest thing;
    • original design;
    • Kids love it.


    • cases of damage to the head;
    • requires careful handling.

    Mattel Fisher-Price Magic Potty

    Rating: 4.6


    Next in the ranking is a magical toy in the form of a pot. It features bright colors, original shape and musical design. While playing, the girl will learn to distinguish colors, learn words and songs. The fun pot is equipped with a lid and windows of different shapes. In the set there are five figures to stick inside through the holes.

    During the sound effects, the potty’s spout flickers. There is a volume control. This product helps develop fine motor skills, strengthens muscles, develops logical thinking. Price – 2400 rubles.


    • Bright colorful design;
    • Made of quality materials;
    • Funny musical accompaniment;
    • Learning shapes and numbers.


    • ill-conceived sorter.

    Smoby doll stroller walker

    Rating: 4.6

    Baby carriage SMOBY for dolls.webp

    For girls from one year old will fit a popular toy in the form of a stroller from Smoby. The walker will teach your baby to keep her balance and monitor her movement coordination. If a girl gets tired of walking, the wheels can be put on the lock, and the stroller will not roll away.

    Suitable for play with dolls up to 30 centimeters. Baby carriage perfectly suited for the first steps. It won’t mar the floorboards or make noise. Made of durable plastic. It looks presentable and beautiful. Price – 3590 rubles.


    • presentable appearance;
    • ease of use;
    • high-quality material;
    • noiselessness;
    • safety;
    • promotes the development of movement coordination;
    • Helps him take his first steps.


    • Not all dolls fit in the seat.

    The best toys for girls from 3 to 7 years

    Toys for girls from 3 years old should develop the sensory system, speech and fine motor skills, social skills, logical thinking and creative inclinations.

    Zapf Creation Baby born interactive doll

    Rating: 4.9


    Baby Bon, an interactive doll, not only looks like a baby, but behaves like a real baby. She is dressed up in a bouffant pink dress and booties. Head is decorated with a shiny tiara. Girls will love the way the baby closes her eyelids, goes to the bathroom and cries real tears. Simply press the navel of the doll.

    “Baby Bon can be bathed in water. This toy develops the child’s imagination, helps to master social skills and brings up attention and responsibility. Includes potty, bottle with pacifier, diaper, plates and cups, bracelets, special food for the doll. Price – 4980 rubles.


    • eats and drinks for real;
    • can be bathed;
    • No nasty sound effects;
    • develops role-playing skills;
    • The baby will love it.


    • Relatively high price;
    • Stains the furniture and floor in the apartment if you do not put it on the potty.

    Store Zhorya ZYB-B1693-4

    Rating: 4.8


    Next in the ranking is a multifunctional set “Shopkeeper”, which is equipped with light and musical effects. It includes a counter, basket, cash register, scanner and scale, as well as lots of groceries. The device runs on batteries. It is a great option for playing together. The customer puts the goods in the basket and goes with them to the cash register, and the seller scans the bar code and takes the money, putting them in the cash register.

    Customers choose the product for its safety and eco-friendliness. All materials of Zhorya toys are thoroughly tested and are of high quality. The Shopper teaches the girl to perform actions in a certain environment, create plans, enrich her vocabulary and correctly assign roles. Price – 2-3 thousand rubles.


    • a large number of accessories;
    • bright design;
    • high quality materials;
    • The solid reputation of the brand;
    • security;
    • learning about commodity-market relations.


    • no major disadvantages.

    Play Set Canterlot Castle My
  • ttle Pony Has
    o 73 cm
  • Rating: 4.7

    igrovo nabor zamok kanterlot 73 sm MY<li></div><p>TTLE PONY HAS<br />O” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/13416666194661-2614.JPG” title=”Play set CASTLE CASTLE 73 CM MY</p><li>TTLE PONY HAS<br />O”><p>Fans of the cartoon “Friendship is Wonder” will appreciate the three-story castle “Caterlot”, where you can put all the ponies. Includes dragon, Spike and Princess Celestia. The set includes an elevator and over forty accessories. The height of the castle – as much as 73 cm.</p><p>Very easy to assemble. It doesn’t have a nasty plastic smell. Kids are happy with the gift. The castle has codes you need to scan. This is how you open the entertainment in the program “My Little Pony. Price – 5-7 thousand rubles.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>large size;</li><li>easy to assemble;</li><li>Over 40 accessories;</li><li>ponies in the set;</li><li>elevator and 3 floors;</li><li>Bright quality product.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>Not everyone can afford it.</li></ul><h3>Hatchimals 19100-PEN-PINK interactive pet from an egg</h3><p>Rating: 4.6</p><div style=HATCHIMALS 19100-PEN-PINK HATCHIMALS PENGUIN - INTERACTIVE PET FROM EGG

    Next in the ranking is a revolutionary toy, which looks like a penguin pet. You can not find out what color he is, because the animal is in the egg and is not born yet. You have to rub the shell so that the pet breaks it with his beak. The penguin has three stages of growing up. It’s important to take care of the baby in each one.

    He will become a real friend and teach your child how to take care of living creatures. Kids will love the clumsy fidgety guy, who repeats the rhythm of speech and walks if you clap his hands. Price – 4700 rubles.


    • unique mechanism;
    • original idea;
    • Three stages of maturation;
    • bright colors;
    • An interesting hatching process;
    • Battery included;
    • easy on and off.


    • high price;
    • few features;
    • simple games.

    My dream puppy
  • ttle
  • ve Pets Snuggles
  • Rating: 4.5

    shhenok moe mechty<li></div><p>TTLE</p><li>VE PETS SNUGGLES” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/696166194661-3014.jpg” title=”MY Dream Puppy<li>TTLE<li>VE PETS SNUGGLES”><p>The attention of buyers deserves an interactive wonder-dog, which strongly resembles a real puppy. The beautiful fur is very pleasant to the touch. The doggie has a funny look and kind blue eyes. She loves to be stroked.</p><p>Puppy can squeal, bark, whine and move his head. If you press on its nose, the pet will snort and lick the hostess. He eats from a special bottle, which is included in the set. If the doggy gets tired, he can be put to sleep. A toy that will become a child’s favorite friend and make playtime fun. It costs 5920 rubles.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>cute appearance;</li><li>Can eat, sleep, play;</li><li>Looks like a living creature;</li><li>safety;</li><li>high quality plastic.</li></ul><h4>Flaws</h4><ul><li>does not walk;</li><li>Expensive;</li><li>Heavy.</li></ul><h2>The best toys for girls ages 8 and up</h2><p>A girl of 8 years is not a child, but not a teenager. She aspires to be an adult and imitate adults. When choosing a gift it is important to consider her interests and abilities.</p><h3>Secret Diary Project MC2 Play Set 546092</h3><p>Rating: 4.9</p><div style=PROJECT MC2 546092 GAME SET SECRET DIARY

    Every princess has her secrets and mysteries. They will never be blabbed about a personal diary. To hide her notes in it, she uses a special bracelet and always wears it on her hand. Even if the book falls into the hands of a stranger, he won’t be able to read anything, because all the words are written with a pen that is only displayed under UV rays.

    The set includes a booklet with interesting facts and funny jokes, a set of stickers. The secret diary is connected to the gadget through a special app. It will teach the girl to properly express her thoughts. The set costs about 2000 rubles. Buyers are advised to keep an eye out for promotions to buy the toy at a more affordable price.


    • optimal equipment;
    • Development of imagination and fantasy;
    • invisible ink;
    • An original lock;
    • stylish design.


    • not found.

    Set of decorative cosmetics in a suitcase with illumination Markwins Princess

    Rating: 4.8


    The next rating participant is recommended for girls from six years old. The makeup set includes harmless nail polish, lip gloss, tassel, earrings, hairpins, nail file, stickers, and a mirror with illumination. Powered by the two batteries included in the kit.

    The suitcase with cosmetics is easy to take by the handles. It has a Disney cartoon character painted on it. With the help of stickers, the girl can decorate it to her liking. Cosmetics are safe for the child and do not cause allergies. For an incomparable set for a little princess have to pay 870 rubles.


    • reasonable price level;
    • Does not cause allergic reactions;
    • beautiful packaging;
    • easy to transport;
    • Variety of accessories.


    • small volume of nail polish and glitter.

    Cra-Z-Knitz Kids Creativity Kit. Knitting station Shimmer’n Sparkle

    Rating: 4.7


    The bright, large Crazy Knits kit allows you to create warm and beautiful things with yarn. Knitting is done on special looms, making the process easy and fun. This type of needlework is very useful for the development of coordinated action, teaches patience.

    It is gratifying that the set has everything you need to create a scarf, gaiter or hat, as well as unique author accessories that will update the image of a young fashionista. All that remains is to follow the knitting scheme and show your imagination. This is a great activity for a girl 8-12 years old. The only drawback is the need to buy more threads. It is worth considering that the size of the products will be standard. Price – about 3 thousand rubles.


    • an exciting thing to do;
    • beautiful products at the end of the day;
    • Development of motor skills, assiduity and imagination;
    • Original accessories in the set.


    • material costs;
    • the impossibility of changing the size of the product;
    • Expensive pleasure.

    o Monopoly B2247JUNIOR “Cold Heart”

    Rating: 4.6

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