6 best rakes

Gardeners prefer to work the soil and keep the plot clean using a rake. We have studied the opinions of dacha owners and compiled a list of the best agricultural tools, displaying all their advantages and disadvantages.

How to choose a rake

Before you go to the store for a rake, it is worth getting acquainted with their types:

  1. Straight.Versatile option, which will be useful in any household. Rake suitable for loosening the soil, leveling the surface.
  2. Twisted. A heavy and durable rake has a twisted tine design. They are suitable for rough and heavy work.
  3. Fan rake.Suitable for small litter. Foliar rakes are available in steel and plastic.
  4. Lawn. With closely spaced tines. Makes it easy to collect grass clippings.

So before buying it is important to decide on the purpose of using the rake, as well as pay attention to other important characteristics:

  1. reliability of fasteners;
  2. the strength of the material;
  3. grip width;
  4. weight;
  5. holder length.

As for the price, even the most expensive tools have their disadvantages, however slight. So don’t go after a rake that sells for excessive prices. And they can be easy targets for theft.

Ideally there should be different kinds of tools in a cottage, because each of them serves a specific purpose. To finally decide on the choice, it is worth getting acquainted with the rating of the best rakes.

Rating of best rakes

Nominationplaceproduct nameprice
Rating of the best rakes1


  • SAD22 teeth
  • 404
    2Grandy cleavers with 20 tines
    3BISON 4-39583-14442
    4Fiskars So
  • d 135751
  • 695
    5Gardena 03022-20.000.00, 0,5 m1905
    6Finland, 10 tines588

    PA Rake
  • SAD buckets, 22 teeth, adjustable
  • Rating: 4.9

    grabli veernye 22 zuba, bez cherenka, reguliruemye, PA<li></div><p>SAD” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/54916666194041-846-.jpg” height=”420″ title=”Fan rake with 22 tines, without handle, adjustable, PA</p><li>SAD”><p>Fan rake with a large number of tines for efficient operation of all necessary work on the site. Sectoral plate guarantees the strength of the product. Flat-surface design makes it easy to remove debris, and high-quality galvanizing protects the material from corrosion. The working part is made of special steel with a high elastic modulus. It increases the durability of the rake.</p><p>Based on reviews, the tines are great for picking up fallen leaves, cut branches and weeds. The tool is made in silver color and costs from 350 to 380 rubles. This is the optimal price for such a product.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>corrosion protection;</li><li>rigid teeth;</li><li>adequate cost;</li><li>sturdy durable construction;</li><li>change in reach of working part.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>No.</li></ul><h3>Grandy slatted rake with handle, 20 tines</h3><p>Rating: 4.8</p><div style=Grandy fan rake with hook, 20 tines

    Continue the rating of fan rake, which is not only an attractive price, but also light weight. They are made of tool steel and have two dozen enamel-coated teeth. No need to worry about rusting over the winter.

    Judging by the reviews, it is a very practical and maneuverable product that allows you to care for the garden, loosen the soil. Plastic handle is comfortable to hold in the palm of the hand. You can buy the tool in the chain stores “Order” at an attractive price. Cost – about 179 rubles.


    • reasonable price;
    • easy to find on sale;
    • light in weight;
    • maneuverability;
    • versatility.


    • no.

    Straight garden rake ZUBR 4-39583-14

    Rating: 4.7

    Straight garden rake ZUBR 4-39583-14

    Next in the ranking are straight garden rakes for working large areas. Flat working part allows you to easily rake branches, leaves and grass. The product of a domestic company makes it possible to aerate the soil by piercing.

    The implement is made from the best quality heat-treated steel. This results in a long service life. The convenient handle is perfectly polished and coated with an antimicrobial compound. Price – 345-450 rubles.


    • long service life;
    • birch stem;
    • makes cleaning easier;
    • protective coating against bacteria.


    • no serious disadvantages.

    Fiskars So
  • d 135751
  • Rating: 4.6

    Fiskars So<li></div><p>d 135751″ src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/53316666194041-136-.jpg” height=”418″ title=”Fiskars So</p><li>d 135751″><p>The next place in the rating belongs to lightweight and comfortable rakes. They have an optimal width, quality coating. The tool has 12 tines of strong steel. The shaft is made of natural wood. The working part is firmly attached to it. It prevents the rake from falling out of the hands.</p><p>Customers say that Fiskars products have always been renowned for decent quality. This model is not an exception. Model height 154 cm cost 810 rubles. Some gardeners thought the price was overpriced.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>Increased strength and durability;</li><li>good reputation of the brand;</li><li>light weight;</li><li>comfortable handle.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>a bit pricey.</li></ul><h3>Gardena 03022-20.000.00, 0,5 m</h3><p>Rating: 4.5</p><div style=Gardena 03022-20.000.00, 0,5 m

    Gardena garden tool has springy rods and helps productively clean the area from debris. Distinctive features of the model are the aluminum handle with a comfortable grip, light weight. Rake does not slip in the hand, it is very important for intensive work.

    Customers love the secure and simple attachment. All components are made from top-quality materials. That’s a guarantee for long life. The combisystem allows you to quickly and easily rearrange the nozzles. The price goes up to 1900 rubles. These rakes should not be left unattended on a garden.


    • Decent workmanship;
    • good galvanizing;
    • a large area of capture;
    • last a long time.


    • easy to grip, light weight, compact size and space saving;
    • expensive.

    10 tines

    Rating: 4.4

    Finland rake, classic, twisted, 10 tines

    The last rated member is perfect for scavenging, raking grass and leaves. The product looks like a classic rake with a wooden shaft and curled tines. The size of the steel working part is 280 mm.

    The manufacturer guarantees durability and reliability of the tool. This is confirmed by positive consumer reviews. Owners say that the product is difficult to hold a fragile women. Therefore, they are more suitable for the stronger sex. Price – 780 rubles.


    • Effective cleaning of the territory;
    • Rake leaves well;
    • high-quality assembly;
    • reliable and durable.


    • heavy.
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