The 5 best manufacturers of roller skates

*Editor’s review of the best. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Consultation with a specialist is required before purchase.

Comfortable and high quality roller skates play an important role in mastering basic skating techniques. In addition to the amateur hobby of roller skating, there is quite a serious sports direction with many disciplines: freestyle, roller skating, figure skating and more. If you are interested in any of these areas, it is important to buy a really worthwhile and suitable model for all kinds of amateur and professional skating. If you choose the wrong model, your feet will be in constant discomfort and you won’t be able to concentrate on riding. To avoid mistakes in the choice and to get acquainted with the best skate brands will help our article.

How to choose the perfect roller skates

Roller skates are gaining more and more popularity. In stores there is a wide range of products, each of which is aimed at different needs and experiences of buyers.

  1. for fitness– Rollers are considered universal. They have a standard set in the form of four wheels and a brake. They are bought by beginners and just lovers to ride for the soul.
  2. training– these rollers will suit those who have experience in riding. Their frame is usually a little longer and the cuffs are lower than usual. In the store you’ll find them at a biting price. If you are not a beginner and love to develop speed on the street – this is your option.
  3. jogging– without skating experience it is quite difficult to keep the balance on these rollers. Their name speaks for itself, which is why they buy jogging rollers for competitive riding and other high-speed rides.
  4. for freestyle– You’ll recognize these skates by their firm foot support. Due to the tight fit they are easy to control and maneuver. This model is chosen by those who skate very confidently.
  5. for extreme skating– they’re not good for beginners or for riding on the pavement. These rollers are designed for dangerous stunts on railings and so on. Models for extreme skating are bought by professionals only.

Most skates have a simple design, consisting of a frame, shoes and wheels. Choosing skates, pay much attention to the frame. They’re divided into several types.


  1. Standard – its length does not exceed 280 mm and allows easy maneuvering during tricks.
  2. shortened – the frame reaches 243 mm in length and is considered ideal for regular fitness skating, as it stands up to a hard riding style.

By material:

  1. Composite – the main advantage of these frames is that they effectively dampen vibration while riding on uneven surfaces. Fiberglass is often used in their manufacture.
  2. aluminum frame is unbeatable in terms of wear resistance. They are often chosen for fitness skating.

There are several other criteria, which you should pay attention to when choosing roller skates:

  1. Construction.Beginners are better to choose a soft base, while more experienced people will be fine with boots with rigid support for the foot. Don’t be discouraged by the plastic construction of the wheels. It serves as protection, and the main attention should be paid to the inner shoe. Although modern models have come to look more like sneakers. And only in some places reinforcement with plastic elements is added. Experts consider such models to be more hygienic and comfortable.
  2. Lacing.It is very important, especially for a soft shoe. The clips do not provide a snug fit and serve as an extra attachment. The main attachment is most often the lacing.
  3. Wheels.If you come to the store and are confused about the size of your wheels, don’t be alarmed. It’s quite simple: the first number is the diameter, and the letter standing next to it indicates the stiffness.
  4. Bearings.The smaller the number, the easier the wheels on your rollers will spin. Although this is not the main selection criterion, because if the bearing number is the only thing you’re not happy with, it can always be changed. Over time they need to be replaced anyway.

Choosing the perfect-fitting model of roller skates – not an easy task, but be patient, so that the casters, bought hastily, will not have to return in a few days back to the store. We make it easy for you to choose. Our experts have prepared for you a small rating of the 5 best roller skate manufacturers. These companies have managed to show themselves from the best side and collect their fan base. Each of them deservedly got a line in the ranking.

Rating of the best manufacturers of roller skates

Ranking of the best manufacturers of roller skates1SEBA5.0


  • DE
  • 4.8


    Rating: 5.0


    The French company appeared on the market not long ago, but it deserves attention no less than other brands. Its skates are suitable for beginners and professionals. In almost all models of skates you can always replace various parts if necessary. Users say 95% of SEBA rollers are put on in as little as 30 seconds thanks to comfortable velcro. When riding on asphalt, SEBA models give the sensation of soft gliding on ice.

    Customers never stop praising the brand for quality. From a user’s comment on Yandex.Market with more than a year of skate experience: “Premium unbreakable skates. Very high quality snaps!”. The company’s product line includes many roller skates that are perfect for safe bouncing. If you love not only the classic way of riding, but you also like to do a lot of tricks, you’ll definitely like this brand’s products. The brand is a recognized leader in freestyle and street skating and our experts add it to our ranking.


    Rating: 4.9


    This company appeared on the market over 25 years ago and for a long time was the only brand to produce inline skates. The company was founded by two hockey brothers who wanted to transform ice skates into something off-season. Later on, the Rollerblade brand was the first to use lightweight composite frames and introduced many other innovations in rollerblading. Many of the brand’s models feature big wheels which make it easy for you to gain speed.

    The company’s experts have also developed a system of active braking ABT, which helps beginners to adapt easily. Users leave good reviews of Rollerblade skates: “Quality rollerblades with an amazingly comfortable boot and skating comfort.”. The brand is loved for its good speed, high build quality and controllability. The main thing about the brand is comfortable models for fitness and children’s skates, for which our experts added it to the rating of the best manufacturers skates.


  • DE
  • Ranking: 4.8

    POWERS<li></div><p>DE” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/82516666196491-95-.jpg” height=”125″ title=”POWERS</p><li>DE”><p>POWERS models</p><li>DE is characterized by sleek, high and stiff shoes. They provide great support for your feet, and MYFIT technology helps you adjust the inner yoga mat to the exact shape of your foot. Customers praise the company for the use of soft lining material. It imitates the comfort of soft socks and provides an incredible comfort to feet. Although the lacing and buckles securely fasten the foot in the shoe, the soft innerskin prevents chafing even in the most vulnerable places.<p>The brand’s assortment always offers a worthy alternative for every level of skiing, even for beginners. Double size of many models solves the problem of lack of millimeters. Before buying, experts advise to look closely at the characteristics of models, as some brake is not included, but can be additionally mounted and adjusted in height. In our rating of roller skates got for the neat appearance and innovative 3-point system for fixing the frame</p><tr>INITY.<h3>K2</h3><p>Rating: 4.7</p><div style=K2

    The American company has long produced products for outdoor activities, including roller skates. Great emphasis is placed by the company on softness and comfort. If you dislike the feeling of a cramped foot – the brand’s models will suit your taste. Compared to their counterparts, these skates are much faster to put on and many models are designed for first-time skaters. Even on the first day of use they do not chafe and do not put pressure thanks to vapor inserts that repeat the anatomy of the feet.

    Outside the soft shoe skates brand usually surrounds a plastic protection, so that skates will last longer and will not break. The only disadvantage of the brand is a weak range of spare parts and accessories. However, the affordable price combined with the soft padding and durability of the bindings made the K2 models very popular. They have great ventilation so your feet don’t get sweaty and the composite frame gives less kick back to your feet. Our experts consider roller skates of this brand as a good option for purchase, so included the firm K2 in the rating.


    Rating: 4.6


    The young brand is famous for its successful fitness line and comfortable models for adults. They used to make skates for children as well, but in recent years they have not devoted much time to this segment. Relatively inexpensive, comfortable and convenient skates fit perfectly on the foot. Due to the quality fasteners you won’t have to spend time lacing up. The company tests it for durability and comfort before releasing a product into the line. Specialists of the brand regularly polls a large number of people on the skating grounds. That’s why it’s easy to anticipate the needs of today’s consumers.

    FILA SKATES rollerskates usually have a soft boot, so the foot does not feel discomfort in the form of friction. The manufacturer always adds hexes in the kit, for which customers are doubly grateful. In our rating skates get to our for ergonomic shape and high quality rubberized wheels. Our experts think that skates from this company motivate to keep in shape. Their simplicity and ease of use helps begin skating even for beginners.

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