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Tribulus is considered a dietary supplement used to increase the natural stimulation of testosterone levels. Athletic performance enhancing products are made on the basis of stalked anchovy. This is a small plant that produces prickly fruit-nuts used in holistic medicine. The plant has a positive effect on blood glucose levels and male potency, eliminates inflammation, improves cardiac function.

Important features

  1. Tribulus is very popular nowadays. That is why liquid extracts, pills and supplements containing anchovy can be found in almost every health food store.
  2. The main ingredient of Tribulus– steroid saponins. They increase the permeability of cell membranes. It stimulates the immune system, improves male libido, and normalizes blood cholesterol levels.
  3. Tribulus is rapidly eliminated from the body with urine. The main effect of supplements containing ground anchors is to stimulate testosterone production. It increases strength and activates the brain’s andogenic receptors.
  4. Tribulus is especially popular with athletes and bodybuilders, as it increases physical strength and improves lean muscle mass growth. Tribulus also contains flavonoids, ascorbic acid, steroidal glycosides, alkaloids. So in addition to improving athletic performance, anchorage helps fight cancer.

To understand which drug based on anchorage is more effective, our experts have ranked the best tribulus from proven manufacturers. These supplements meet all quality parameters and help to recover quickly after a workout, as well as improve muscle definition.

Best Tribulus Rankings

    us Maximus
    us 1500
    us Black 1300
iboosteribusteron 90ib
    us 1000 mg
ibX90, 100% Pureib
    us Terrestris 2X Potency, 750 mg
    us 750
    us Extreme
    us Pro
    us Terrestris
Nominationlocationproduct nameprice
Ranking of the best tribulus1BioTech USA
1 214 €

PANY Tribulus Extract

789 €

1 550 €
1 314 €
1 214 €
  • MP Sport Nutrition
  • 1 880 €
    7Real Pharm
    1 390 €
    8ALLMAX Nutrition,
    2 930 €
    1 670 €
    1 400 €
    1 320 €
    12Universal Nutrition
    1 280 €
    1 219 €

    BioTech USAib
      us Maximus

    Rating: 4.9

    BIOTECH USA<tr></div><p>IB</p><ul>US MAXIMUS.jpg” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/72616666195801-6913.jpg” height=”410″ title=”BIOTECH USA<tr>IB<ul>US MAXIMUS.jpg”><p>Our ranking opens with Tribulus from the American manufacturer BioTech. It is a tablet form (1500 mg), derived from the extract of the anchovy. This product contains 79% steroid saponins. The supplement contains no steroids, so it is harmless and does not cause allergic reactions.</p><p>Trib</p><ul>Us Maximus stimulates testosterone production by 15-20%. Can be used by competitive athletes, since it is not considered a doping and is not addictive. The main effect of this dietary supplement is to increase the natural production of testosterone. Regular use<tr>ib<ul>Us Maximus improves athletic performance, increases endurance, and promotes fat burning.<p>For maximum effect, the product should be taken as a minimum of one month’s course. The supplement has a cumulative effect, so continuous daily intake is necessary.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>Natural composition;</li><li>Reasonable cost;</li><li>High concentration of saponins.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>The effect is only noticeable with regular use.</li></ul><h3><p>PANY Tribulus Extract (90 Pcs.)</h3><p>Rating: 4.8</p><div style=PANY TRIBULUS EXTRACT (90 Piece).jpg

    Second place in our ranking is occupied by tribulus extract, provided by the domestic company PANY. The brand makes products using high quality foreign raw materials Fonterra (New Zealand), Lactoprot (Germany), Ingredia / Armor Proteine (France).

    Tribulus Extract is a pure supplement with no harmful additives. Saponins derived from anchovy plants make up 90% of the product’s composition. One tablet contains 420 mg of tribulus extract. Each bottle contains 90 capsules.

    For a healthy man, the average dose of Tribulus is 25-750 mg. Start with minimum amount of the supplement and slowly increase the dosage. The maximum daily dose should not exceed 1500 mg. Tribulus Extract should be taken not more than twice a day.

    Professional athletes note that anchorage extract combines with creatine and protein to significantly improve training performance. To quickly recover from exercise and increase immune activity, it is recommended to combine the supplement with mineral and vitamin complexes.

    Advantages of


      us 1500

    Rating: 4.7

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