9 best polarizing goggles for fishing

Many anglers use special sunglasses. Not only do they have excellent polarization effect, but they also have almost no glare. Such an accessory allows to notice a bait at the right time, and not to scare away the fish. But not all sunglasses are of high quality. If you are also going to buy them, have a look at our review. He tells about the best models.

Rating of the best polarizing goggles for fishing

Nominationplaceproduct nameprice
Rating of the best polarizing goggles for fishing1Shimano STRADIC6 100€
2Alpina KEEKOR P5 500€
3VISION Panorama3 400€
4Kosadaka 17791 850€
5SALMO S-25221 100€
6Rapala Sportsmans 307A4 500€
7Kosadaka SG90151 250€
8Norfin NF-20041 550€
9ActivePro PS-20561 250€


Rating: 4.9


Everyone knows that the Japanese company Shimano creates a large number of bicycle accessories. Many people also know that the Japanese make fishing equipment. Some are even familiar with the brand STRADIC, under which excellent reels are distributed. And only few people suspect that sunglasses are produced under the same brand. They are also designed for anglers.

This accessory is made of anti-allergenic materials. They look very stylish. You can usually see these sunglasses on the nose of the cyclist. You do not have to worry about them in case they fall somewhere. Even a fall on the pavement will not cause you any special problems. For this we have to thank lenses made of polycarbonate. Practically impossible to damage!

It’s nice that the accessory can’t fall off the face even with a sharp turn of the head. The creators achieved this through the use of rubberized handles, which do not slip at all. Another important feature of glasses is the lenses adjustment system. This means that you don’t have to try the glasses on before you buy them – they will fit any face perfectly.

This model comes with a hard cover. In it she will spend time outside of fishing. However, the glasses can also be used outside of it. For example, for the same cycling activities. The presence of high-quality polarization will allow your eyes do not get tired. You will stop being distracted by all sorts of glare, as they will no longer be visible. As for the disadvantages, there are practically no glasses. The only fault is that the producer has made only one color variant. And if you do not like the color gray? What to do? Also the price is not a delight. You’d pay around 6k for polarizing sunglasses and a half lenses for a pair of sunglasses. Not everyone will want to buy them in rubles.


  • Excellent polarization;
  • Made of hypoallergenic materials;
  • Includes a hard case;
  • The handles are absolutely non-slip;
  • Features a lens adjustment system.


  • Very high cost;
  • Only one color available.


Rating: 4.8


Another goggle that is perfect for their use at sporting events, including those related to fishing. Already available in two colors. The version with a white frame looks the most interesting, but you can also find a black one without much trouble. Also it’s worth mentioning that these sunglasses are cheaper than the abovementioned. But they are by no means budget-friendly.

This model has excellent polarizing lenses with maximum UV protection. In these glasses you can see every pebble, and they fully neutralize glare. Well, the special design contributes to quality ventilation. That’s why Alpina KEEKOR P can be seen on the faces of many sportsmen. People like these glasses for their soft pads on the temples and nose bridge, which make the accessory usage as comfortable as possible.

The frame of these glasses allows you to install also optical lenses. This should please all anglers who have poor eyesight, but do not want to use contact lenses.


  • They belong to the S3 category of protection;
  • There are soft pads on the bridge of your nose and temples;
  • Excellent polarization;
  • Two colors of the frames are available;
  • Polycarbonate lenses are difficult to damage.


  • High cost;
  • Comes without a hard case.

VISION Panorama

Rating: 4.8


Moving on from more expensive sunglasses to more affordable sunglasses… For VISION Panorama in russian internet-shops they ask about 3400 rubles. This price tag is practically no longer scary. For such money you get a stylish accessory the frame of which is made of hypoallergenic plastic. The lenses of this model have a yellow filter. Perhaps the most noticeable disadvantage – these lenses don’t look very interesting. But even they have a signature feature – the lenses in this case capture even the side of the goggles. This is the design element which separates VISION Panorama from the many competitors.

These goggles have full UV protection. The lenses used here are created from cellulose triacetate, so it is almost impossible to damage them. The French producer has not forgotten the polarization effect, thanks to which the water surface ceases to shine. This model has holes in the arms. You can put the lanyard that comes with them, then you do not have to worry about losing the glasses. And along with them you get a case used for storage and transportation.

It remains to be said that this model comes in a very large size. This makes it possible to wear them over conventional glasses. So, even people with poor vision who are not used to contact lenses will not be left out of the equation.


  • Excellent polarizing effect;
  • Perfect UV protection;
  • Includes a case;
  • Can be worn with a fixing lanyard;
  • The glasses are difficult to damage.


  • The yellow filters don’t look that interesting;
  • The price is still quite high;
  • There is only one color to choose from.

Kosadaka 1779

Rating: 4.7

Kosadaka 1779

This is an even more affordable glasses that any angler will love. Their lenses have a smoky filter. As for the frame, it has a standard black color. Unfortunately, there are no other options.

For 1800 rubles you get not only the glasses themselves, but also several accessories. First of all, it is a neoprene case. It will protect the product from dust during storage, and during transportation will not allow its lenses to scratch. Secondly, it is a lanyard, thanks to which the goggles will not be lost even in the case of a fall. Thirdly, it is a small cloth. It is possible to carry it with you, wiping your goggles from time to time. But it is better to immediately replace it with a microfiber cloth.

As all other products which have appeared in our rating, these glasses have effect of polarization. It eliminates all glare. It is especially helpful when you are in the water. Polarization will allow you to see exactly where you are stepping, whereas without glasses you would only see a lot of glare.

Alas, but at this cost, the accessory couldn’t be without its drawbacks. The price is still quite high; Unfortunately, the manufacturer has opted for a plain plastic. As a result glasses regularly squeak when you take them in your hands. They also give the impression of being made for an Asian face. This conclusion is made because most customers are faced with a situation where the glasses slightly press on the bridge of their nose. It does not deliver strong discomfort, but it is impossible not to note this fact.


  • Low cost;
  • Comes with a lanyard and a case;
  • Great polarization;
  • Good UV protection;
  • The glasses are very lightweight.


  • Particularly stylish can not be called;
  • The wipe turned out to be quite tiny;
  • Many people’s glasses put pressure on the bridge of their nose.

SALMO S-2522

Rating: 4.6

SALMO S-2522

Another fairly inexpensive polarizing glasses. They also allow you to look through the water surface, spotting particularly large fish. Then all that is left to do is to throw the bait somewhere close to it.

This model has lenses equipped with a copper colored filter. The amount of plastic is reduced to a minimum here – from the bottom the lenses do not have any protection and fixation. In a way, this is a minus. But the accessory is very lightweight.

The polycarbonate frame is very pleasant to the touch. No claims to the temples – they are as if an extension of the frame. The problem is that the set does not include a lanyard. If the glasses suddenly fall on the ground, they can be lost. And also they can be damaged in one way or another – remember the unprotected bottom of the lenses installed here. If we continue to talk about the kit, it turned out to be scarce. The goggles are complete with only a fabric case. The manufacturer didn’t even splurge on the microfiber cloth.

It remains to add that these glasses also protect against ultraviolet radiation. How else?? First of all, such an accessory is purchased just for the sake of such protection. And the polarization is a nice bonus.


  • Not bad for UV protection;
  • Good polarizing effect;
  • Low cost;
  • The modest weight;
  • Polycarbonate was used to create the frame.


  • In the kit no lanyard;
  • Rarely seen on the market;
  • Not the most reliable design.

Rapala Sportsmans 307A

Rating: 4.5

Rapala Sportsmans 307A

Quite an interesting model. First, its lenses have a green filter. Secondly, their frames have a special pattern of tortoiseshell. All this will make you stand out from the anglers sitting nearby. But for unique glasses will have to pay dearly. Russian sellers charge about 4,000 roubles for them.

This accessory is very lightweight. At the same time, its frame fully protects the lenses. This means that they will not fall out if dropped. Another distinctive feature of these goggles are the hinges with internal spring. Thanks to this, the accessory fits snugly on the face.

Many of the places on the frame and shackles are rubberized. This makes the goggles as comfortable to use as possible. Also it is impossible not to note the shock resistance of the entire construction. Even the lenses are made of a material that is difficult to even scratch. It goes without saying that the glasses perfectly protect from ultraviolet radiation and have a polarizing effect. In a word, the Finnish manufacturer did a superb job!

Alas, not everyone will like this model. The thing is that it is expensive, but it also makes you buy not only a microfiber cloth additionally, but also a case for storage. Why should these goggles be sold in a regular blister? Why not bundle your own case? The buyer will not get a lanyard, which would have prevented any fall.


  • The glasses can not be called heavy;
  • Excellent polarization effect;
  • Maximum UV protection;
  • Increased shock resistance;
  • Comfortable use;
  • Atypical color.


  • The kit does not include a case or a lanyard;
  • Very High Price.

Kosadaka SG9015

Rating: 4.4


You don’t want to stand out among other sunglasses wearers? In this case it makes sense to buy the Kosadaka SG9015. This model has a lens with a filter of the usual black color. The frame and temples are also colored in the same. The latter are very thin and their tips are rubberized.

Glasses fit on your face with confidence. But if this is not the case, you can use the lanyard provided. With it, the accessory is sure not to fall to the ground. Also comes with goggles hard case. A pleasant surprise! Especially if you remember that this model is priced at only 1500 rubles. The manufacturer did not forget about the microfiber cloth. All this shows that you do not have to buy anything extra.

Kosadaka SG9015 includes adjustable nose pads made of rubber. With their help, you can adjust the goggles to the peculiarities of the face. Otherwise it is a typical inexpensive accessory. It has full UV protection. As for polarization, this effect is implemented relatively well, though not at the highest level. Even the budget status of glasses gives their lenses – they can easily be scratched. This means that you should climb into the thicket, consisting of trees and bushes, only after you place the glasses in a case or at least a pocket.


  • Low cost;
  • It comes with a hard case;
  • Available lanyard;
  • Excellent UV protection;
  • The weight does not exceed 18 g;
  • Good polarization;
  • Adjustable bridge width and shape.


  • The lenses can easily get scratched;
  • The design may seem boring.

Norfin NF-2004

Rating: 4.3

Norfin NF-2004

Another goggles for fishing, with atypical color of the frame and temples. This model is designed to camouflage you a little on the background of foliage. Its other distinctive feature is the panoramic type of lens. This means that they are placed even on the side of the glasses.

Frames Norfin NF-2004 created from polycarbonate, as well as the wishbone. The lenses placed here have a gray-green filter. They protect human eyes from ultraviolet radiation. There is also a polarization effect, thanks to which the water surface is deprived of glare. And it is not the only one. No wonder these goggles are also used outside of fishing. For example, cyclists like to ride in them.

Otherwise, these are typical relatively inexpensive goggles. Their temples are rubberized, which makes them very comfortable to wear. The accessory comes with a cloth case. If the manufacturer would generously provide a lanyard – that would be just great.


  • Khaki coloring is used;
  • The temples are rubberized;
  • At least a fabric case is included in the kit;
  • Good protection from UV radiation;
  • Polarization is well implemented;
  • Low cost;
  • Goggles are very light.


  • The lenses can easily be scratched;
  • There are no adjustments;
  • A lanyard would be nice.

ActivePro PS-2056

Rating: 4.2


These goggles also like those anglers who dare to buy them. This model does a great job of absorbing ultraviolet light. No complaints about the polarization effect. Wearing these goggles in shallow water allows you to walk through shallow water and see just where you’re going.

The lenses placed here are brown in color. There are rubber pads on the bars of this model. They make using the accessory as comfortable as possible. Some customers even choose to wear sunglasses every day if it is sunny outside.

Otherwise, it is a typical inexpensive accessory. There are no adjustments, and the weight of the product is 30 g. Included with the ActivePro PS-2056 comes only with a cloth case. Perhaps the main advantage of this model is the price, which is only 1000 rubles. But it is not as easy to find the accessory on sale as one would like it to be. Alas, its production is discontinued, so some stores are selling literally leftovers of these glasses.


  • Very low cost;
  • Not bad design;
  • The shackles are rubberized;
  • Good polarizing effect;
  • Full UV protection.


  • On sale are extremely rare;
  • Lenses can be easily scratched;
  • No lanyard included;
  • The case leaves much to be desired;
  • No settings.


This is the list of the best polarizing goggles among those designed for use by anglers. The accessories reviewed in this review do the job perfectly. They allow you to almost look under the water from a distance. At the same time they almost do not create a glare that might scare the fish.

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