12 best monoculars

*A review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and is not a guide to purchase. Consultation with a specialist is necessary before purchase.

Monoculars occupy a special place among magnifying devices. Unlike binoculars and spotting scopes monoculars stand out for their lower price, compactness, and lightness. At the same time, these devices allow you to successfully observe your surroundings. In our country we sell a wide range of monoculars, which have different prices and specifications. Recommendations of our experts will help potential buyers to choose the right device.

Selection Recommendations

Magnification. One of the main characteristics of any magnifying device is the multiplicity. Monoculars are capable of magnifying an object from 2 to 50 times. Hunters, anglers and nature lovers can opt for devices with a magnification of 8-15 times. Experts advise not to be overly fussy about the multiplicity if the user puts the image quality in the first place. Most models have a constant multiplicity, they are lighter and more reliable, less expensive and easy to use. Adjustable magnification allows you to quickly switch to objects at different distances. The magnification is indicated on the monocle body as a marking (first digit).

Lens diameter. In addition to the multiplicity in the marking indicates the size of the front lens (the second number). This is essentially the diameter of the built-in lens, listed in millimeters. The larger the lens, the higher the aperture ratio of the optics. Monoculars with a larger lens diameter will have a brighter image. Also, with a larger lens you can observe at dusk. However, it should be taken into account that increasing the front lens increases the overall dimensions and weight, as well as its cost.

Field of view at a distance of 1 km. Another indicator will be important for hunters or zoologists. It is a linear field of view. A 1 km distance is taken as a reference point, and the width of the visual field is determined from the two outermost points. Knowing the linear field of view, you can calculate the index of the angular field of view.

The minimum focusing distance. Different monoculars are capable of producing a sharp image at a certain distance. Minimum focus distance is expressed in meters. The smaller this is, the closer the zoom will be to a clearer distance.

Additional features. Modern monoculars are equipped with a number of useful features.

  1. Shock resistant case is required for the cases when observing in extreme or hiking conditions. In the case of a fall the device will retain its performance.
  2. Inert gas (nitrogen or argon) fills the body to prevent condensation on the inner surfaces of the optics.
  3. Retractable eyecup provides maximum comfort for the human eye in relation to the eyepiece. Soft rubber pads make observing even more comfortable.
  4. To get a quality picture you need to hold the monocular at a stationary position. In heavy models, manufacturers make a special socket for attaching to a tripod. It is also recommended for instruments with a magnification greater than 15x.
  5. Important parameter for the hunters is the distance to the object. Some monoculars are equipped with a rangefinder reticle. The premium models are equipped with a digital rangefinder powered by battery power.
  6. Rugged case is a useful accessory for storing your expensive optical device.

Our review includes the 12 best monoculars. You can buy these devices in specialized stores in our country. When assigning the places expertology magazine editors proceeded from the opinion of the expert community, taking into account the feedback from the domestic users.

Rating of the best monoculars

Nominationplaceproduct nameprice
Best monoculars ranking1LEICA MONOVID 8X2037 500€
2VORTEX 15×50 Recon46 130€
3Zeiss Monoc
    ar 10×25 T*
26 990€
4Bushnell Legend
    HD Monoc
      ar 10×42 191142
16 000€
5LEVENHUK Vegas ED 10×5015 520€
6Steiner 8×22 Miniscope Monoc
6 231€
7LEVENHUK Wise PLUS 10×424 949€
8ESSER Zoomar 8-25×256 586€
9KOMZ MP 15×503 680€
10Veber 8×42 WP with Compass3 699€
11LEVENHUK Atom 10×422 414€
12KOMZ MP2 8×302 920€


Rating: 4.9


Compact (36 mm wide) and lightweight (112 g) the professional monocular LEICA MONOVID 8X20 caught the experts’ attention. German optic is equipped with an aluminum housing that is resistant to atmospheric influences. The monocular is filled with inert gas inside which prevents the glass lenses and eyepiece from fogging. The maximum magnification is 8x, but it requires a minimum focus distance of 1.8m. The manufacturer took care about the water resistance of his product, with a monocular you can dive underwater to a depth of 5 meters. For easy viewing there is a retractable eyecup. This model is the winner of our review.

Users are satisfied with the manufacturing quality and technical parameters of the monocular. The disadvantage of this model is the high price.


  • compact and lightweight;
  • German quality;
  • detection efficiency;
  • waterproof .


  • high price.

VORTEX 15×50 Recon

Rating: 4.8

VORTEX 15x50 Recon

The American development VORTEX 15×50 Recon has the maximum magnification (15x) among monoculars in our review. Experts praised the large diameter of the lens (50 mm), rich equipment. The manufacturer has equipped the device with a shockproof body, filled the internal space with inert gas and installed lenses with low-dispersive multi-layer coating. Extendable eyecups for comfortable operation. In terms of overall dimensions (width 178mm) and weight (431g) the monocular is inferior to many competitors. In addition, the model costs more than the winner of the review. In second place.

Russian users have no claims to the build quality and functionality. They are dissatisfied with the high price and bulky design.


  • 15x magnification;
  • shatterproof casing;
  • moisture tightness;
  • quality assembly.


  • high price;
  • bulky.

Zeiss Monoc
    ar 10×25 T*

Rating: 4.7

Zeiss Monoc<ul></div><p>ar 10×25 T” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/851666197551-7312.jpg” height=”412″ title=”Zeiss Monoc</p><ul>ar 10×25 T”><p>The Zeiss Monoc won the experts’ attention with its versatility and practicality</p><ul>ar 10×25 T*. It is suitable for studying wildlife as well as for watching spectacle. Compact size and light weight (88 g) allows you to carry the scope in your purse or jacket pocket. The model has a 10x magnification and the objective diameter is 25mm. But the minimum focusing distance is quite long (4.5m). Due to the organization of the assembly in Hungary, the German developer managed to get the attractive price.<p>Consumers are happy with the comfort of the monocular and the fact that it can be used without removing their glasses. Inferior to the leaders of the review in terms of equipment, it is not equipped with a retractable eyecup, there is no inert gas inside.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>lightness and compactness;</li><li>10x magnification;</li><li>moisture resistance;</li><li>case included.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>modest equipment;</li><li>large focusing distance.</li></ul><h3>Bushnell Legend<ul>HD Monoc<ul>ar 10×42 191142</h3><p>Rating: 4.6</p><div style=Bushnell Legend<ul></div><p>HD Monoc</p><ul>ar 10×42 191142″ src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/3721666197551-2012.jpg” height=”400″ title=”Bushnell Legend<ul>tra HD Monoc<ul>ar 10×42 191142″><p>Bushnell Legend monocular provides clear magnified images</p><ul>HD Monoc<ul>ar 10×42. Experts like the ED Prime glass prism with phasing and the lenses with multi-coated lenses. The model is made in a waterproof version, the manufacturer has applied a patented RainGuard HD technology (water-repellent coating on the lens). The device has a 10x magnification, 42mm objective lens diameter and a minimum focus distance of 1.9m. Highlights include retractable eyecups, internal space filled with inert gas and a large 8×22 Miniscope monocular.<p>Russian hunters are happy with the image quality, ease of use, and all-weather performance. The disadvantages of the model, they say, are the high weight (374 g).</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>waterproof optics;</li><li>10x magnification;</li><li>Short focusing distance;</li><li>retractable eyecup.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>high weight.</li></ul><h3>LEVENHUK Vegas ED 10×50</h3><p>Rating: 4.5</p><div style=LEVENHUK Vegas ED 10x50LEVENHUK Vegas ED 10x50

The experts consider the LEVENHUK Vegas ED 10×50 to be a high-end monocular. The manufacturer has equipped his product with low dispersion ED-lenses, a large objective lens (50 mm), tripod mount. The monocular is capable of high quality magnification of the object under study by a factor of 10. The minimum focusing distance is 2 m. It has a good field of view at a distance of 1 km (103 m). The interior is filled with inert gas and has rubber eyecups for easy viewing. The disadvantages are the plastic body, but it is possible to mount it on a tripod. Comes with a reliable case.

Domestic users liked the sharpness of the image, 10x magnification, high quality build. But without a tripod it’s hard to get a perfect picture without shaking.


  • high-quality optics;
  • inert gas;
  • wide field of view;
  • sharp image.


  • plastic housing;
  • requires a tripod.

Steiner 8×22 Miniscope Monoc

Rating: 4.5

Steiner 8x22 Miniscope Monoc<ul></div><p>ar” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/97116666197551-2012.jpg” height=”400″ title=”Steiner 8×22 Miniscope Monoc</p><ul>ar”><p>The Steiner 8×22 Miniscope Monoc consists of two parts</p><ul>ar. The experts highly appreciated the first-class color reproduction, clear and sharp images. The device changes its shape easily due to its two-part construction. It has compact dimensions and light weight (80g). Distinctive feature of the optical device is the Sport Auto-Focus system, which automatically adjusts the focus. True, the minimum focusing distance is quite long – 4 meters. Wide field of view (115 m at a distance of 1 km) is provided by a 22 millimeter lens. This model comes in at the bottom of the top six in our review.<p>Users like the image quality, small size and lightness. The disadvantages are the plastic housing and the lack of a lanyard holder.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>excellent image;</li><li>the lightness and compactness;</li><li>wide visibility;</li><li>original design.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>plastic housing;</li><li>small lens.</li></ul><h3>LEVENHUK Wise PLUS 10×42</h3><p>Rating: 4.4</p><div style=LEVENHUK Wise PLUS 10x42

The optimal price/quality ratio earned the LEVENHUK Wise PLUS 10×42 monocular a place in our review. Experts liked the clarity of the image the most. The monocular is light and easy to hold, therefore the image is not distorted too much. The manufacturer has installed a jack in the case to mount the device on a tripod. Monocular allows you to observe single objects or keep a panoramic view (101 m). Due to the inert atmosphere in the optical system, the monocular feels confident in a wide temperature range of -15…+60°s.

Consumers are flattered by the clear images, rubber eyecups, compact size. They consider the drawbacks of the model as short shelf life and absence of fastening for the protective cover of the lens.


  • clear picture;
  • 10x magnification;
  • wide temperature range;
  • rubberized case.


  • flimsy carrying case;
  • poorer sharpness at the edges.

ESSER Zoomar 8-25×25

Rating: 4.3

</div><p>ESSER Zoomar 8-25×25″ src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/1841666197551-9612.jpg” height=”319″ title=”<br />ESSER Zoomar 8-25×25″></p><p>The minimum focus distance (0.5 m) distinguishes the monocular from the competition <br />ESSER Zoomar 8-25×25. Optics of the device is made of glass BK-7, the manufacturer has enlightened lenses, resulting in a bright and clear picture. Monocular body is made of aluminum, experts highly evaluated the tightness of the product. Rubber eyecups allow spectacle wearers to comfortably observe nature. The German-Chinese manufacturer has equipped its product with a zoom, it allows you to smoothly change the magnification from 8 to 25 times. Comes with nylon carrying case.</p><p>But users doubt the monocular’s ability to provide 25x magnification, because of its small lens diameter (25mm) it has a weak aperture ratio.</p><h4>Advantages of</h4><ul><li>minimum focusing distance;</li><li>affordable price;</li><li>rugged case;</li><li>rubber eyecups.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>weak power of light;</li><li>rugged case.</li></ul><h3>KOMZ MP 15×50</h3><p>Rating: 4.2</p><div style=KOMZ MP 15x50

Home-made monocular KOMZ MP 15×50 has an excellent optical system. Its base is the porro-prism made of high-quality glass with multi-layer coating. The device has a 15x magnification, the diameter of the lens is 50 mm. Experts noted the built-in rangefinder scale. But the quality of the device negatively affected the weight (500 g) and overall dimensions, but the manufacturer has not provided a socket for attaching to a tripod. Two versions available for sale: right- and left-handed.

The device is in steady demand among domestic hunters. They are satisfied with quality optics and low price. Among the disadvantages are poor equipment, uncomfortable rubber eyecups and limited field of view (80 m).


  • low price;
  • 15-fold increase;
  • rangefinder scale;
  • rugged aluminum case.


  • poor equipment;
  • small field of view.

Veber 8×42 WP with compass

Rating: 4.2

Veber 8x42 WP with compass

The Russian-Chinese Veber 8×42 WP closes the top ten monoculars of our review. The model stands out from the competition with its built-in compass and rangefinder. Monocular shows 8x magnification, diameter of objective is 42 mm. Roof prism is made of VAK-4 glass, the lens has a multi-layer coating. Rubberized casing reliably protects the optics from dust and moisture (IP65), the interior is filled with inert gas. The multifunctional device weighs in at 300 g. Convenience in operation provides a retractable eyecup.

Domestic users praise the monocular for its rich equipment, affordable price and high-quality optics. The displeasure is the long focusing distance (5 meters).


  • high-quality optics;
  • rich equipment;
  • inert gas;
  • rubberized case.


  • large focusing distance;
  • limited magnification.

LEVENHUK Atom 10×42

Rating: 4.1

LEVENHUK Atom 10x42

LEVENHUK Atom 10×42 monocular stands out from the competitors in our review with the most attractive price. 10x magnification, wide field of view (113 m), rubberized metal housing. The manufacturer has provided the ability to mount the device on a tripod, although the product weight does not exceed 300 grams. Optical system of the monocular consists of glass enlightened elements. Large eye relief and twist-out eyecup design provides comfort for users with imperfect vision.

Domestic users liked the monocular for its high-quality construction, good equipment and 10x magnification. The disadvantages are poor protection against moisture, long focusing distance (5 m).


  • wide field of view;
  • rubberized case;
  • ease of use;
  • good equipment.


  • weak moisture protection;
  • longer focusing distance.

KOMZ MP2 8×30

Rating: 4.0

KOMZ MP2 8x30

One of the most popular monoculars in Russia is a domestic development KOMZ MP2 8×30. The Kazan device has the most reviews on NM, most of them are positive. The device has an 8x magnification, 30mm lens. Experts consider the device the best option for fans of hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation. The manufacturer put a ruby multi-layer coating on the glass elements, which enhances the practical properties of the device. In the monocular built-in rangefinder reticle, it facilitates determination of the distance to the object. At the heart of the model should include a quality protective case.

The uncomfortable housing shape, too light eyepiece rotation, weak protection against moisture did not allow to rise higher in the review of the model.


  • low price;
  • rangefinder reticle;
  • protective cover;
  • ruby coating of optics.


  • uncomfortable shape of the body;
  • weak protection against moisture.
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