7 best packing machines

*Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, it is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. It is necessary to consult with a specialist before purchase.

Every food production facility is equipped with food packaging equipment. Thanks to the use of such machines, they retain their freshness longer, look more aesthetically pleasing and attractive to customers, some in a vacuum undergo a further stage of maturation. They are also used for packaging construction mixtures, household chemicals, medicines and a number of different products to protect the contents from external influences, penetration of dirt, dust and moisture.

The equipment is characterized by high efficiency and greatly reduces the share of manual labor. Recently, it has been used at home, too. Manufacturers make different versions of the machines. They have high output and are used for commercial or domestic purposes. The compact machine can be installed in any available space in an apartment and enjoys all the advantages of a packaging machine.

Our review presents 7 models of specialized equipment that have outperformed similar products in their quality. The selection was based on consumer feedback and the opinion of professional experts.

Rating of the best packers

Nominationplaceproduct namePrice
Rating of the best packing machines1LAVEZZINI MINI MINI19 500€
2VIATTO YJS60613 828€
3Hurakan HKN-V3337 267€
4STATUS SV200010 710€
5GEMLUX GL-VS-779S5 490€
6Biolomix automatic vacuum bagger5 200€


Rating: 4.9


The first machine made in Italy, which is used in restaurants, cafes, food production facilities and in the home. It helps to preserve the quality and freshness of products and increases their shelf life by up to 10 times. Stainless steel guarantees a long life even in intensive use. Designed by Europe’s leading engineers so everything is thought out for the user’s comfort.

Vacuum pump features reduced noise during air pumping. Speed – 20 liters per minute. The maximum length of the welding slat is 350 mm. Electronic panel with soft keys lets you quickly set the desired mode. The apparatus requires a minimum of time to prepare for work. It features high mobility due to its small dimensions. The universal machine is used not only for vacuuming solid products, but also for vacuuming liquid containers.

The machine has earned high marks and many positive reviews. You do not have to worry about the integrity of delicate and pressure-sensitive products. The settings suggest a delicate mode of packing.


  • professional equipment;
  • European build quality;
  • high speed pump;
  • electronic control;
  • easy preparation and care.


  • not identified.

VIATTO YJS606 vacuum bagger

Rating: 4.8

VIATTO YJS606 vacuum bagger

In second place is a tabletop machine, which is used in the food, chemical, medical industry. It has several modes, including sealing bags without vacuuming. The stainless steel housing ensures a long life span. The plastic elements are created with high precision and are resistant to all external influences.

The electronic display shows the current settings. A special scale shows the vacuum level. The panel is easy to operate. The “start button” is located on the handle of the machine. Slat length – 310 mm. Joint thickness of 5 mm guarantees absolute tightness. 2 pumps increase evacuation speed. No noise or vibration during operation.

The model is also used for domestic purposes in the intensive preparation of raw materials and semi-finished products. It allows the use of pouches and rolls that are cut automatically. Compact and lightweight design can be carried and installed in any available space.


  • Two powerful silent pumps;
  • High quality, durable materials
  • self-explanatory control;
  • convenient options for the operator;
  • wide welding seam.


  • not identified.

Hurakan HKN-V333 vacuum bagger

Rating: 4.7


Bronze – a small machine that helps to keep raw food, half-finished products and ready meals for a long time. It is made of high quality stainless steel. It is shock resistant, non-corrosive, chemical-free and easy to clean. The model is used for commercial and domestic purposes. Electronic control panel for easy and clear operation.

The machine is designed to work with ready-made bags and rolls. Vacuuming speed is high, thanks to a powerful pumping system. Time per sealing varies from 10 to 20 seconds. The maximum width of the weld is 300 mm. Included are 10 bags measuring 25*19 cm and a roll with a width of 200 mm.

Many consumers note the low noise level at work, the optimal number of necessary options, the maximum protection of products from oxidation, thanks to the strong seam that does not allow air and bacteria to enter inside. Despite its metal parts, the machine is lightweight, so it can be set up and moved from place to place by a single user.


  • quality materials;
  • For hard and delicate foods;
  • the use of bags and rolls;
  • silent sealing process;
  • Accessible control panel.


  • not identified.

Vacuum packer STATUS SV2000

Rating: 4.6

Vacuum packer STATUS SV2000

Fourth place goes to the packaging machine with a capacity of 22 l/min. It is designed for all types of products: both dry and wet. The package includes 6 bags of different sizes, 2 rolls, a torch and a nozzle for evacuating air. Double piston pump runs at high speed. Can be operated manually or fully automated.

Compact device made of food-grade plastic, so it weighs only 3.7 kg and can be easily repositioned at any time. All accessories are stored in the cabinet. Knife and rolls are placed in special compartments. Removable container for accidentally sucked-in liquids. Moisture indicator is provided to control it.

Clear panel. Electronic temperature control system ensures perfectly smooth and strong seams. In case of overheating there is an automatic shutdown. The model has 3 modes of operation. According to reviews, it has many advantages, including the ability to control the process, eliminating damage to delicate products.


  • Quiet and powerful pump;
  • quick and easy process;
  • self-explanatory electronic control;
  • Container for escaping liquid;
  • Low weight and dimensions.


  • have not been revealed.

Vacuum packaging machine GEMLUX GL-VS-779S

Rating: 4.5


The machine, ranked fifth, is suitable for domestic use and for use in small food workshops. It is designed for dry and wet products with or without vacuuming in containers. All materials are of high quality. Stainless steel is particularly tough. Plastic parts withstand mechanical shocks, wear and tear. Model performs 6 different operations.

The control panel is intuitive. It can be operated in the following modes: Vacuuming and sealing, vacuuming dry or moist products, simply sealing bags, vacuuming delicate foods or semi-finished products in a container. The user can set the vacuuming speed himself. Its high performance is ensured by two pumps.

Maximum pouch neck width 32 cm. Wide gap guarantees absolute tightness. The model uses pre-made pouches as well as rolls. A special compartment and cutting knife are provided for this purpose. Customers note that the machine helps to preserve a variety of foods: vegetables, meat, fish, fruit for a long time. Automated process requires a minimum of manual labour.


  • High evacuation speed;
  • impulse delicate mode;
  • cutting of rolled packs;
  • electronic control;
  • Compact dimensions.


  • not detected.

The Biolomix automatic vacuum bagger

Rating: 4.4

Biolomix automatic vacuum bagger

On the sixth line is the machine, which will help to preserve cooked semi-finished products, freeze them without ice formation and significantly increase the shelf life. Easy to use, it does not require special skills in the management of the process. LED panel with a soft keyboard displays all the necessary settings. Vacuum system has 2 sealing modes.

Wet packing is designed to keep cooked and steamed food juicy. Normal mode with dry sealing is chosen for solid products. Model has undergone clinical trials, where it has been proven effective. Food stays fresh up to 5 times longer than in other sealing methods. They also retain all the nutrients needed for healthy recipes.

The manufacturer takes into account all aspects and offers a complete starter kit. It comes with 10 reusable and watertight 25×20 cm vacuum pouches and an air suction hose. Reviews confirm the high quality of the model.


  • Two sealing modes;
  • fully automatic control;
  • quick sealing of products;
  • quality tested in laboratory;
  • everything you need in the kit.


  • none.

GASTRORAG TVS-HW-450 packaging machine

Rating: 4.3


In seventh place, a popular model at an affordable price that combines the best qualities of packaging equipment. Designed for sealing of portioned raw products and ready meals in stretch film. The machine is used in small catering facilities and at home. Its power is 270 W. Temperature range: 50-140°C. The tabletop type of unit allows it to be placed on small work surfaces.

Electronic system facilitates the process of adjustment and operation. All materials used are of high quality. The body is made of stainless steel, resistant to corrosion and impacts. 450 mm wide film is used when working. The machine is equipped with a “hot table”.

According to reviews, the unit has a simple design, does not require experience when starting to work with it, easy to operate. It packs significant amounts of product in a short period of time. GASTRORAG brand product is recognized as one of the best in the budget price segment, which explains its popularity and demand among customers.


  • for different types of products;
  • clear settings;
  • different temperatures;
  • small dimensions;
  • reasonable price.


  • not identified.
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