7 best barrel balancers

indispensable in the warehouse or service station, the barrel tester. This device allows you to move barrels with minimal physical effort, lift them to a certain height, as well as overflow liquids. Drum tippers or barrel stackers are now widely available in Russian retail chains. They differ both in price, design and technical parameters. Our experts will help you choose the best model for your lifting needs.

Recommendations for choice

Lifting capacity. Why not start with the important feature of a tippet tapper – lifting capacity?. Since drums can contain liquids with different densities, the weight can vary widely. For example, in a 200 liter container, the mass of oil I-20 would be 178 kg, and the same volume of sulfuric acid would weigh 366 kg. Also remember that there are different barrel volumes.

Barrel sizes. Drum tippers are designed for a certain size range. First of all it concerns the height of the container. The height range of 879 to 890 mm is considered standard. Nowadays, however, containers with a height between 830 mm and 960 mm are increasingly common. Also observe the permissible diameter limits.

Lifting height. Drum tippers are often used as stackers. Most models lift up to 1400 mm. If in the production cycle is required to pour liquids, then the height of lifting 200-300 mm will be enough.

Tilting tool weight. The tilting drums also differ greatly in their own weight. The greater the mass of the device, the more difficult it is to move it. The simplest mechanical designs weigh only 20-50 kg. But the presence of hydraulic cylinders, electric batteries weighs equipment up to 400-500 kg. Lifting such a model without lifting gear is not possible.

Operating modes. Barrel tippers are able to perform several operations with the load.

  1. All models can lift drums, but their lifting height differs. Usually a hydraulic drive is installed for this. Rarely, the lifting is done mechanically by a large lever.
  2. Load is moved by the wheels on the tilting head chassis. The larger the wheel diameter, the easier it is to move a heavy cart on uneven ground. Models with 4 wheels are the most stable. More affordable 3-wheeled tilting machines.
  3. Depending on the swivel mechanism barrels can be tilted at a certain angle. In most devices, the drum rotates on a transverse axis. To fix the load in a certain position, reliable locks are used.

Our pick of the 7 best tilting drums. All of them are sold in specialized stores in Russia. When deciding on the placement, expertology editors relied on the opinion of the expert community, taking into account feedback from equipment owners.

Top of the range barrel tippers

Nominationlocationproduct nameprice
Rating of the best tippers1GROST DSE 350/15 with electric lift (109988)147 039€
  • YTC3
  • 53 500€
    3TOR COT for 1 barrel x 200 l., 0,35 t – 1,4 m 12913554 759€
  • FT NBF35
  • 60 064€


  • FT SD 350
  • 54 909€
    6TOR HD-80A for 1 barrel x 200l. (with wheels) 131365126 274€
  • YTC2
  • 18 200€

    GROST DSE 350/15 with electric lift (109988)

    Rating: 4.9

    GROST DSE 350/15 Electric Lift Dunkin Operator (109988)

    Simple design and ease of handling were the key factors that won our review of the GROST DSE 350/15 Electric Lift Dump Tipper. Max. lifting capacity of 350 kg with lift height up to 1.5 m. Experts liked the big polyamide wheels that make it possible to move the drums on uneven floors. Easy operation and compact dimensions are its strong points. The tilting motor is powered by a 12 V battery with a capacity of 120 Ah. the unit is capable of operating over a wide temperature range (-15 °C, -15 °C, -15 °C, -15 °C, -15 °C)…+50ºC).

    Domestic warehouse owners praise the electric tilting machine for maximum comfort and efficiency. The high price is one of the disadvantages.


    • convenient operation;
    • compactness;
    • good technical parameters;
    • broad working temperature range.


    • high price.

  • YTC3
  • Rating: 4.8

    DING<li></div><p>YTC3″ src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/48816666193991-657-.jpg” height=”420″ title=”DING</p><li>YTC3″><p>Mobile lifting device is a hydraulic drum tapper DING</p><li>YTC3. The 350 kg reach stacker has a turning radius of 1180 mm. It can not only lift and move drums, but also rotate them around the transverse axis. The lifting height is limited to 1425 mm. Experts praised the ergonomic design, easy operation, unpretentious maintenance. Thanks to the large wheels, the barrels can be moved on even or uneven ground. An important advantage of this model is its affordable price.<p>Russian warehouses have already appreciated the advantages of DING</p><li>YTC3. Users are satisfied with the unpretentiousness and durability. The model is inferior to the winner only in operating comfort.<h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>Ergonomic design;</li><li>unpretentiousness;</li><li>affordable price;</li><li>durability.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>is a lot of effort when working.</li></ul><h3>TOR COT for 1 barrel x 200 litre., 0,35 t – 1,4 m 129135</h3><p>Rating: 4.7</p><div style=TOR COT FOR 1 BARREL X 200 L, 0,35 T - 1,4 M 129135

    The TOR COT barrel tapper is on the third position in our review. Designed to lift, move and swivel 200 litre drums, weighing up to 350kg. It has a lift height of up to 1.4m and a turning radius of just 875mm. Experts note the quality of workmanship, stability of the model, compliance with international standards. The stacker also looks attractive in terms of cost. But the high weight of the device (400 kg) did not allow to beat the leaders of the review.

    TOR COT is widely used in logistics centers and industrial plants in Russia. Operators praise its reliability, easy operation, maneuverability, unpretentiousness. They point out the heavy weight of the tugger as a disadvantage.


    • wide range of applications;
    • reliability;
    • maneuverability;
    • quality manufacture.


    • high weight.

  • FT NBF35
  • Rating: 4.6

    NOBLE<li></div><p>FT NBF35″ src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/1571666193991-737-.jpg” height=”525″ title=”NOBLE</p><li>FT NBF35″><p>NOBLE stacker makes it easy for the operator to handle drums</p><li>FT NBF35. Model allows a single operator to lift, move and tilt a barrel to a specific angle. Lifting height of 1,425 mm and maximum weight of a barrel limited to 350 kg. The lift is done with a hydraulic mechanism, and for the rotation the manufacturer has installed a mechanical worm-type reducer. Large nylon wheels make moving loads on uneven surfaces easy. Chinese barrel tipper equipped with a brake system. The product successfully combines low price and low weight (155 kg).<p>Couldn’t rise higher in our review because of its shorter life span. Experts found the miscalculation of the manufacturer in the manufacturing technology of some parts.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>reasonable price;</li><li>low weight;</li><li>a high lifting height;</li><li>easy handling.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>short parts.</li></ul><h3><p>RO</p><li>FT SD 350</h3><p>rating: 4.5</p><div style=PRO<li></div><p>FT SD 350″ src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/15616666193991-857-.jpg” height=”424″ title=”PRO</p><li>FT SD 350″><p>Widely used on construction sites, logistics centers and industrial plants keg tipper PRO</p><li>FT SD 350. Chinese model makes it easy to handle barrels and other cylindrical objects weighing up to 350kg. The hydraulic mechanism allows lifting loads up to a height of 1400 mm. The movement is manual, the drum rotation is controlled by a worm gearing. The manufacturer used a sturdy steel profile for the manufacture of the equipment, protection against corrosion is ensured by paint coating. Experts praise the model for its maneuverability and its reliable braking system.<p>Users have no complaints about the operating comfort and ease of movement. However, the wheels are not reliable, especially when working on uneven ground.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>comfortable handling;</li><li>easy movement;</li><li>The small weight (155 kg);</li><li>rust proof.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>short-lived wheels.</li></ul><h3>TOR HD-80A for 1 barrel x 200l. (with wheels) 1313651</h3><p>Rating: 4.4</p><div style=TOR HD-80A for 1 barrel x 200l (with wheels) 1313651

    Low price and light weight (20kg) put the TOR HD-80A barrel tapper in our top 6 reviews. Experts liked the simplicity of the model, but all operations have to be done through physical force. A barrel is fixed to the cart with a metal clamp and chain (EURO mounting-

  • FT). Lifting is achieved by a long U-shaped stick lever. It has three wheels and can carry weights of up to 360 kg for easy maneuvering. Product loses out to competitors not only in operating comfort, but also in lift height (200mm).

    Users are flattered by the affordable price, the thick frame, the good welds, the stability of the machine and the comfort of the seats. The disadvantages are the low lifting height and the small swivel wheel.


    • affordable price;
    • lightness;
    • simple design;
    • sturdy frame.


    • low lifting height;
    • difficult to move on an uneven surface.

  • YTC2
  • Rating: 4.3

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