5 best oil presses

The oil press allows you to get environmentally friendly products from natural ingredients used in cooking and cosmetics. The device should be of high quality and affordable in terms of cost, to meet the requirements of the customer, as well as have a high squeezing efficiency. There are two types of oil presses, differentiated by the type of drive: screw presses and baling presses. Our experts have tried to choose the best models, as well as describe their features on use, technical characteristics of each device, and provided recommendations for choosing a particular device.

How to choose the right oil press

Oil presses are bought for long-term use. These devices are updated very rarely, so it is important to choose the most suitable model at once. To do this, when buying, you need to pay attention to the following criteria, highlighted by our experts:

  1. Type of drive. If you want to find an oil press for giving, which will work not on electricity, a great solution would be mechanical or manual versions. If there is constant access to a socket, automatic devices from reputable manufacturers will suit better.
  2. Pressing. Choose an oil press with good spinning performance that can meet your needs. Do not buy too powerful a machine if you are going to squeeze a minimum amount of oil.
  3. Quality.Devices can vary significantly in the presence of impurities in the processed product, so it is important to choose only high-quality units.
  4. Capabilities. The best option would be a device that is able to press a large amount of products.
  5. Modes. Most modern devices are capable of both hot and cold spinning. However, there are simpler and cheaper options that do not support one of the technologies. Before buying, it is worth reading about the advantages and disadvantages of each device and choose the right one or save money.
  6. Constant work.You may need to use the oil press for a long period without stopping, so the function will obviously prove useful.
  7. Simplicity. It is desirable that the device has a clear interface and does not cause difficulties for users when using. Intuitive operation is an advantage of all modern machines.
  8. Reliability. Oil-pressing devices are bought only once, so it is desirable that they work as long as possible without any problems. You can learn about the reliability of the device from the reviews of real customers.
  9. Compact. If you need to constantly transport the device, it is better to choose small in size products.
  10. Noiselessness. The quieter the oil press works, the more comfortable the operation. No one will like to use a too loud unit.

Our experts have highlighted the 5 best butter press options for private use and small restaurants. All of them allow you to get natural, high-quality and useful oil.

Rating of the best oil presses

Ratingplaceproduct nameprice
Rating of the best butter presses1Rawmid ODM-0122 900€
2Rommelsbacher OP 70024 990€
3L’equip LOP-G324 500€
4Penzmash Salyut6 300€
5Farmer MB-015 600€

Rawmid ODM-01

Rating: 4.9


The company Rawmid, which focuses on the production of devices for people with a healthy lifestyle, was confidently placed in first place. This oil press is perfect for those who want to get ecologically friendly products from seeds and nuts. The device has a gentle spin, as well as minimal power consumption, only 200 watts at 50 revolutions per minute. The small size (415x183x280 mm) allows you to take it with you comfortably to the country house or on vacation.

Manufacturer offers gentle spin technology with low revolution. Suitable for oil seeds and nuts, as well as peanuts, sesame and flax. The control system allows you to set the temperature of the heater between 30-200 degrees. Oil press allows up to 92% oil from a range of products. Processes up to 3 kg per hour, and is able to function continuously for up to 60 minutes. Buyers like its stylish appearance and high efficiency.


  • versatility;
  • high efficiency;
  • High-quality materials – aluminum alloy and plastic;
  • stylish appearance
  • low power consumption.


  • have not been identified.

Rommelsbacher OP 700

Rating: 4.8

Rommelsbacher OP 700

Honorable second place in the ranking took auger device, designed for cold spinning of butter. Oil seeds and nuts can be handled. The mechanical part is made of durable stainless steel and is suitable even for very small seeds. Compact and stylish body in black, made of durable plastic, allows it to be conveniently placed on the table. Suction feet do not allow for position changes during operation.

The delivery set includes 2 augers for different size of seeds. They are specially marked: red for small products and black for larger ones. Removable container suitable for a maximum load of 700 grams. Simple and intuitive operation with 3 buttons and an integrated reverse function in case the auger locks up, increasing the appliance’s reliability. Customers give positive feedback on the unit’s performance.


  • compact size;
  • stylish design;
  • high power (650W);
  • reliability;
  • positive feedback.


  • not found.

L’equip LOP-G3

Rating: 4.7


In third place is a screw version of an oil press made in China. It has a high power of 650 W and is designed for fast spinning. The appliance has an electric motor with 1 speed and reverse function. 80 rpm will squeeze the oil out of nuts and other masses extremely quickly. Compact size of 30x35x18 cm makes it easy to set up on a table. Weight is quite high for a plastic device and is 4.46 kg, which makes it more stable.

The oil press is designed for continuous operation for not more than 30 minutes. Sleek design will appeal to minimalists. Large-sized rubber feet prevent vibration and provide high grip with the table. Squeezing plate is made of stainless steel. Users like its low cost and attractive appearance.


  • is made of durable materials;
  • indication of operation modes by a light marker;
  • high stability;
  • quick turnaround time;
  • Continuous operation for 30 minutes.


  • not identified.

Penzmash Salut

Rating: 4.6

Penzmash Salyut

On the next line is a domestically made device, designed to produce butter. This device allows you to get a natural product in 20 minutes. The average power consumption of 400 watts and high efficiency saves energy. Maslopress able to serve for a long time through the use of modern materials.

All components in contact with the mass to be processed are made of food-grade plastic. You will need to purchase cream to make the butter. It’s possible to make it yourself with the help of special separator. The device is able to process not more than 8 liters of cream at a time to obtain butter. Efficiency reaches 50%. Buyers like the good performance and low price of the device.


  • economy;
  • large volume;
  • separator
  • good efficiency;
  • high speed of operation;
  • low price.


  • are not identified.

Farmer MB-01

Rating: 4.5


At the honorable fifth place, our experts have put an electric oil press, equipped with an asynchronous motor with overheat protection. The appliance is designed for fast natural product from cream. The device has a low power consumption. Butter yield can reach 50%. It takes no more than 30 minutes to produce nutritious and delicious cream.

Can process 3 to 6 liters of product in one run. Small dimensions 271x271x490 mm allow easy transportation. It also helps in 6.5 kg. Butter press is equipped with an electric motor capable of speeds up to 1380 rpm. The machine is made of modern and certified materials, easy to use according to the assurance of the users.


  • compactness;
  • low cost;
  • high efficiency
  • pleasant design;
  • good product yield.


  • have not been detected.
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