11 best online cash registers

*Overview of the best according to the editors. About selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and is not intended as a guide to purchase. You should consult with an expert before buying.

With the penetration of Internet in all spheres of life many forms of interaction between citizens and state institutions began to go online successfully. For example, the emergence and implementation of online cash registers allowed to solve a lot of questions about the reporting business or legal entity to the tax authorities, but at the same time and significantly improve the quality of customer service for goods or services. The editorial staff of Expertology magazine has prepared for you an overview of online cash registers, which in 2020 are in the highest demand and acceptance among individual entrepreneurs, medium and large businesses.

Rating of best online cash registers

Nominationplaceproduct nameprice
The best portable online cash registers (with ACB)1Mercury 115F4 690€
2CASSETTE 716 900€
3Evotor 5i24 300€
4ATOL 91F9 600€
5Evotor 7.316 900€
6MTS Cash Desk 511 700€
7MST Cash Desk 713700€
The best stationary online cash registers1ATOL 20F19 285€
2ATOL 150F (Sigma 10)19 700€
3Cash register F9 200€
5Viki Classic54 600€

Best portable online cash drawers (with battery)

In the first selection we will look at the best examples of standalone online cash registers. Here are the compact cash registers that are equipped with a battery and are able to work in portable mode. These are optimal solutions for individual entrepreneurs working in the dynamic mode, as well as for any other commercial organizations, in which the mobility of cash registers is important. As an option, standalone online cash register can be used as a stationary one in places where there are frequent power or internet outages.

Mercury 115F

Rating: 5.0

Mercury 115F

First, consider the most inexpensive mobile version of the online cash register brand Mercury. Model 115F is one of the most popular in the line, along with 180F and 185F, which we will also say a few words further.

The functionality of Mercury 115F makes this almost universal – any cash transactions, monitoring and accounting, logging in electronic form. The main use is obvious – printing receipts, reporting documents, tickets. And it is the last function that is a factor of high demand for the equipment of public transport. Mercury 115F is often installed in buses to accept fare payments. Print a ticket at the touch of a button.

Technical characteristics of Mercury 115F are as follows. The body is 230x116x65mm is made of strong plastic, and combined with the light weight of 1.5 kgf of plastic, and a lot of money.2kg it gives stability against falls and shock loads, which is especially important for mobile conditions. Mechanical buttons, compact LCD screen with blue backlight. Battery capacity – 2000 mAh, which provides guaranteed autonomous work without recharging for at least 24 hours, up to 72 hours.

A full charge lasts for 500 checks per receipt. Width of check tape – 57.5 mm. Printing speed of 7 lines per second (35mm per second). Silent thermal printing. Ribbon change according to the quick scheme EasyLoad. Auto cut is not provided.

The online cash register of this model connects to the computer via miniUSB interface. Configuration and all maintenance is done using proprietary software. Work with a database of goods. As the data storage in this model uses microSD cards up to 32GB. For data transfer there is Wi-Fi-module and a slot for SIM-card of mobile operator supporting 2G and 3G technologies.

Mercury 115F has built-in hardware and software for connecting a bar code scanner. A wide temperature range allows this model to be used without problems at temperatures up to 20 degrees below zero, which makes this model the most applicable for traveling trade.

The manufacturer or the official distributors of the online cash register Mercury 115F can be purchased in different versions: with a fiscal drive for different periods or without a fiscal drive.

In the range of Mercury brand has neighboring models of online cash registers that enjoy the same popularity – 180F and 185F. The first – one of the smallest in this segment with a huge resource for printing receipts – up to 3000 per day. The second – almost identical to the reviewed 115F, only slightly lighter, connector – full-size USB Type A, and to connect the scales provided RS-232 interface.


  • Light weight and durable;
  • convenient operation
  • Data transfer via Wi-Fi or mobile network;
  • Easy replacement of the receipt tape (EasyLoad);
  • Operating temperature from -20 degrees;
  • Suitable for EGAIS;
  • reasonable price.


  • Not compatible with 1C.


Rating: 4.9


As the second number consider a little more expensive and more functional online cash register KASSATKA 7, which in terms of operation is different from the previous method of entry – here is not a mechanical keyboard, and a touch screen.

The KASSATKA 7 is a mobile online cash register designed primarily for small businesses with micro retail: coffee shops, beauty salons, small repair shops, stalls, and any other retail outlets with small customer traffic. The ability to operate at subzero temperatures allows you to use the cash register for street fast food and road sales in almost any season. Fully complies with 54-FZ and can connect to any CRFD (operator of fiscal data).

Let’s have a look at the key technical characteristics of this model. The dimensions of the plastic enclosure are defined by the 7-inch color LCD touchscreen that covers almost the entire front panel area. Resolution – 1024×600 dots. Electronics is controlled by a 4-core processor. Built-in RAM capacity of 1GB, built-in – 8GB, support for external memory cards MicroSD up to 32GB. Cash register software works on the operating system Android version 6 at least.

Three connectivity options can be used for data transfer: WI-FI, mobile internet or wired Ethernet connection. Wireless connection to computer – Bluetooth, wired – USB Host 2 ports. Built-in 2500mAh lithium-ion battery is designed for up to 8 hours of active use. Double capacity battery can be installed as an option. Cash register can work during charging without pause.

Built-in thermal printer prints receipts on 58mm wide paper. Reel diameter – up to 50mm. Print speed – up to 18 lines per second.

The online cash register KASSATKA 7 has another important innovation that significantly expands the capabilities of the device. We are talking about the function of the personal office, through which you can perform many actions remotely: manage the nomenclature of goods, edit the loyalty program, data exchange with other accounting platforms, in one way or another control the work of staff, and much more.

With the overall favorable impressions of the KASSATKA 7 Expertology experts warn against one disadvantage. The built-in NFC-module is declared as fully functional, but in fact in this version it is not quite working. Perhaps at the time of publication of this material, the manufacturer has eliminated the problem. But if not, you can consider a good alternative – online cash register KASSATKA Mini 7, in which acquiring is already fully implemented.


  • touch screen;
  • operation speed;
  • The easiest way to manage;
  • A wide choice of communication options;
  • convenient personal cabinet;
  • Ready to work in the EGAIS;
  • “fancy” design.


  • NFC module may not work;
  • Does not support pre-orders and delayed check
  • only one system of taxation.

Evotor 5i

Rating: 4.8

Evotor 5i

Now let’s take a look at the bright new product of 2019 – the progressive and functional online cash register Evotor 5i. The terminal is designed for delivery companies, mobile and market trade, courier services, small retail outlets, fast food kiosks. there is a full-fledged acquiring. The price of this model is much more expensive than the previous one.

The weight of the device is minimal – only 393g, and the dimensions are also almost pocket-sized – 208.4x86x50mm. Control via 5 size touch screen.5 inches diagonally with a resolution of 1280×720 and a fairly high pixel density – 267 per inch. Connection and data transfer options: Wi-Fi, 2G/3G mobile communication, Bluetooth module4.0. Two cameras and a satellite positioning module with GPS and GLONASS support are built in. USB port is provided for connection of peripherals – it is the only one, but it is a compact format and if you want the port can be easily scaled with a hub.

The working functionality of Evotor 5i is quite broad initially, but it can be easily supplemented and expanded by simply installing the necessary applications, exactly as is done in any smartphone. The preinstalled software is free of charge and includes all the necessary basic operations: everything to do with the sale and return of goods, including discounting; product accounting (receiving, writing off, inventory, etc.). Additional paid software greatly extends the capabilities of online cash registers: work with EGAIS, interaction with 1C, online store, etc. d.

Like previous model this cash register has a feature of personal cabinet with the same remote control, monitoring and accounting capabilities. And here is a fully implemented acquiring – any card acceptance, payment through QR-codes, well-known payment services (Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, WeChat Pay, A

  • pay). You can connect and set up acquiring in the same personal cabinet. Special mention should be a convenient photo scanner function. Evotor 5i does not need a separate bar code scanner for the rapid addition of goods. You can use the built-in cameras, and the device itself will find all the information about the goods in the cloud.

    The autonomy in terms of power in this model is really up to par – it comes with two standard lithium-ion batteries, each with a capacity of 2400 mAh. The total capacity of two batteries is enough for 12 hours of operation. If you “load” the online cash register only to print receipts, the continuous operation time will be 8 hours.

    Advantages of

    • touch screen;
    • working speed;
    • ease of operation;
    • remote control;
    • photo scanner;
    • A simple addition of goods by barcode;
    • ready for EGAIS;
    • Full-fledged acquiring.


    • No microUSB for recharging from the power bank (the users’ wish).

    ATOL 91F

    Rating: 4.7

    ATOL 91F

    Now back to the button form factor and lower price category – consider a new type of online cash register (newer) ATOL 91F. Immediately clarify that in the range of the same manufacturer company has a slightly improved version – ATOL 92F. But there is no fundamental and really significant difference between these versions, while the 92F is much larger and heavier. We prefer the compact format and we will opt for the 91F.

    Externally, the device looks “simple” because of the mechanical keyboard with angular buttons. In fact, this format has a large audience that does not recognize or cannot adapt to touch-sensitive cash registers. After all, the buttons are rubberized, with a nice stroke, and overall appearance looks even more deceptive when you look closer at the functionality.

    The body of the online cash register, size 187h85h66mm is made of durable black or red plastic. The device weighs 390g, monochrome LCD screen size 2.7 inches on 6 lines with adjustable backlight. On the left side of the machine are the main interfaces: a slot for a SIM-card mobile operator (supports only 2G), a jack for a RJ-45 LAN cable, Micro-USB socket for power and battery charging. Wireless interfaces: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules.

    Thermal printer in this model has a resource of about 50 km of receipt tape. Standard roll diameter is 43 mm (winding length – 30 meters), check width – 58 mm. The cut is manual – comb. Printing speed is quite modest – 50 mm per second, which in fact allows you to really print a hundred or two checks a day, no more. Supports QR-code printing. The replacement of the receipt ribbon is extremely simple and fast.

    The device runs on a rechargeable battery, which provides autonomy up to 8 hours. Supports operation while charging. The battery is under one back cover together with a fiscal drive, which is also easy to replace and does not require special skills from the operator.

    The online cash register Atol 91F has an “extension” – a personal office, as the above solutions. It significantly extends the capabilities of the device and compensates for the disadvantages of direct functionality – editing the database of goods, reports, analytics, etc. d. The cash register itself has a built-in ticketing mode specifically for passenger traffic.


    • Small size and weight;
    • Extremely easy to learn and operate;
    • universality;
    • ticket mode;
    • personal cabinet;
    • Different options for data transfer;
    • support for charging during operation;
    • reasonable price.


    • unstable at subzero temperatures, although this feature is declared.

    Evotor 7.3

    Rating: 4.6

    Evotor 7.3

    Another online cash register Evotor in our review, and it will be a model Evotor 7.Evotor 7.3 – today one of the most functional, technically advanced and popular smart terminals. The main purpose of this model – the full automation of retail outlets, but due to the presence of a powerful battery and different ways of communication, the terminal can easily be used in field sales.

    Evotor 7.3 uses the touch screen as a control panel. The dimensions of the terminal – 247h112h115mm. That’s a lot of weight, and it’s a decent one, too – about 1.5kg. That is, this model is fully portable, but the size and weight should be considered if the exit trade will occupy a significant share of turnover. The appearance of the device is quite on point – a “smartphone” format with a minimalist, elegant design. The touch screen is 7 inches diagonally with a resolution of 1024×600.

    The main characteristics of the electronics of the terminal are as follows: 4-core processor Mediatek MT8321 with a frequency of 1.3GHz; 1GB of RAM; 8GB of internal memory; five USB ports for various peripherals; two COM ports to connect the money box; 5MPix camera. Various communication options include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4 wireless modules.0, cellular with 2G and 3G support, plus a built-in Ethernet network adapter with a standard RJ45 jack. Also supports the connection of a barcode scanner, scales, label printer. Software works on its own operating system Evotor OS 3.

    Online cash register Evotor 7.3 is equipped with a thermal printer made in Bulgaria with high enough printing speed – 90 mm per second. Cheque tape width – 57mm. Capacity – up to 100 km of tape.

    In terms of functionality, this model against the background of the above described is the most versatile. The device works with OFD, supports cashless payment, interacts harmoniously with systems of goods accounting. Here, too, the user is given a personal account with all the features – remote control and setup, the distribution of access rights to cashiers, tracking sales and balances, editing product database and much more. All basic software is free and preinstalled, and in the application store you can find other software to expand the functionality.

    The terminal can operate from the network or from a battery pack of four AA cells (included in the package) with a total capacity of 2600mAh. Battery life – from 8 to 14 hours, depending on the intensity of use.


    • Wide functionality;
    • Direct connection of the cash drawer;
    • powerful electronics;
    • broad functionality;
    • High speed of receipt printing;
    • personal office with remote control;
    • working speed;
    • autonomy;
    • stylish appearance.


    • There may be complexities with the setting, requiring the help of official service.

    MTS Cash Desk 5

    Rating: 4.5

    MTS Cash Desk 5

    Another quality, efficient, convenient and reliable mobile online cash register of MTS brand. This model is available in two versions – with and without acquiring, plus a fiscal drive for different terms.

    Cash register is a modern high-tech terminal with touch screen control – size 5.5 inches serves, in fact, the screen of a full-fledged tablet. This is a full-fledged solution for sole proprietorships and limited liability companies, a significant part of whose turnover is occupied by trade, including excisable goods or services. The compact size of the terminal – 211x83x54mm, and an acceptable weight of 500g allow you to use the cash register in dynamic conditions – delivery services, roadshow and market trading.

    Briefly about key technical characteristics of the device. Color touch screen LCD with 1280×720 resolution. Electronics is based on a 4-core processor with a frequency of 1.3 GHz. 1GB RAM, 8GB built-in memory, there is a slot for external flash memory cards. Power and battery charging from the network via the standard power adapter 5V, 3A. Built-in battery capacity – 5200 mAh. On battery power to a full charge, the terminal can operate for up to 24 hours.

    There are three wireless channels for data transfer in this version: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and cellular with 3G support. USB type-C port is provided for connection to PC. the preinstalled operating system – Android 6.

    Built-in thermal printer prints at speeds up to 75 mm per second. tape width – 57 mm. Printer life – 100 km of ribbon. Cutoff – steel comb.

    Cash register can be used for full-fledged work with EGAIS: receiving and depositing goods to the balance, writing-off, sale, return, movement, balance reconciliation. To work with UGAIS it is necessary to connect the terminal to a PC with MTS branded accounting software and UTM.


    • compact and lightweight;
    • working speed;
    • stability and reliability;
    • easy setup;
    • easiness of use;
    • Suitable for full-fledged work with EGAIS;
    • high-capacity battery;
    • High quality professional support.


    • Separate, not systematic user comments on the initial settings.

    MTS Cash Desk 7

    Rating: 4.4

    MTS Cash Desk 7

    And completing a selection of the best portable online cash registers with a battery is another, more advanced model of the famous Russian company MTS. Number 7 in the name means the diagonal screen of the tablet based on which the terminal is built (the above version has the same approach to nomenclature). Like the previous model, the “seven” comes in modifications with and without acquiring.

    MTS Cash Desk 7 – a compact mobile cash desk with the size of 260h120h80mm and weighing 0.77kg. These parameters in combination with its functionality makes the cash register an effective tool for equipping retail outlets, service providers, delivery services, any form of mobile commerce. Added to the portability resource is a high-capacity rechargeable battery, on a full charge of which the terminal can operate for up to 14 hours, and in standby mode for up to 5 days. Block capacity – 2500 mAh.

    For communication the cash register uses a slightly wider set of interfaces. It has three wireless modules – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cellular module with 3G support; plus a built-in network card with RJ45 interface for wired Ethernet.

    To connect peripherals to the cash register, and the cash register to the computer there are two USB ports of standard Type A connector and one micro-USB. So you can connect a bar code scanner, acquiring terminal (if it is not already built in), checkout scales and so on. It is controlled via a touch screen base tablet with a resolution of 1024×600.

    Built-in thermal printer in MTS 7 prints at a speed of up to 100 mm per second. Cheque tape width – 57 mm. Printer resource – 100 km of tape. Autocut is not provided, only the steel comb.

    The software of this model runs on Android OS version 6 or higher. The software is user-friendly and easy to learn. Cash register is fully adapted for use with the EGAIS. Only for this, as in the previous case, the terminal will need to connect to the PC with UTM and installed accounting system.

    The wide functionality of MTS7 makes this online cash register almost universal. Fully automated process of adding new products by scanning barcodes and searching the cloud catalogs for accurate information.


    • Small size and acceptable weight;
    • Easy to learn and use;
    • Stable and smooth operation;
    • A wide choice of communication methods;
    • Compatible with checkout scales and other peripherals;
    • high-tech appearance;
    • very affordable price.


    • unsystematic user comments.

    The best stationary online cash registers

    The second selection of the best online cash registers according to Expertology is formed by our experts on the basis of stationary installation with permanent power from the network. Such solution has its advantages if the entrepreneurial activity does not suppose field trade.

    ATOL 20F

    Rating: 4.9

    ATOL 20F

    Let’s start with the most budget option – online cash register in the form factor of a pure fiscal recorder ATOL 20F. The model is a “reverse-modified” version of the popular low-cost model ATOL 22F. Namely, 20F has specially simplified as much as possible and removed all unnecessary things in the interest of minimizing cost. Today ATOL 20F is the cheapest online cash register in this segment.

    Immediately clarify the point – online cash register ATOL 20F performs the key function of the accounting of trade transactions – fiscal recorder and receipt issuing terminal. There is no keyboard and display, and all the management is done via PC or other compatible device.

    The dimensions of the device body is 131x135x195 mm, the weight of the cash register is 1.2 kg. The built-in thermal printer can print on receipt paper of different widths – from 58 to 80mm. Printing speed – up to 100 mm per second. Printer resource – 100 – 150 km of cheque tape. The printer is equipped with auto cutoff. Exchange of consumables is extremely simple and fast.

    ATOL 20F cash register is equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless communication modules, cellular radio module, USB interface and RJ-12 jack for direct connection of cash drawer. This model fits any fiscal storage devices for the period from 13-15 to 36 months.

    Here and below fixed format with power supply does not imply mandatory data loss in case of unforeseen power failures. ATOL 20F is equipped with non-volatile memory, which always saves information on transactions and receipt printing. Some stationary models are equipped with a battery pack of small capacity to allow the cashiers to at least serve the rest of the queue.

    This model is suitable for businesses that use a variety of taxation systems: UTII, OSNO, PPPN, STSN. Its functionality in combination with proprietary software and additional hardware is sufficient for both individual entrepreneurs and large trading enterprises.


    • Minimal size and weight;
    • Reliable and smooth operation;
    • print on any size ribbon;
    • Wired and wireless data transfer;
    • print speed;
    • auto-cutting;
    • most affordable price.


    • No fundamental disadvantages detected.

    ATOL 150f (Sigma 10)

    Rating: 4.8

    ATOL 150f (Sigma 10)

    Another product of ATOL company – stationary online cash register 150f model, which is often listed in catalogs of online stores as Sigma 10. These designations are equivalent, but the official registry lists the model as a 150f. And this cash register is already strikingly different from the previous one, which is immediately noticeable at the first sight.

    This model is a full-fledged smart terminal with a large touch screen, which is used to control. The screen is built in, but dedicated in a separate submodule that adds to the design of the futuristic and comfortable for the cashier through the possibility of angle adjustment.

    Dimensions of the cash register – 239h151h104 mm, weight 2.1kg. Screen size in the diagonal – 10 inches. The high-quality IPS-matrix provides a viewing angle of 178 degrees, which can be important for super-operative customer service, for example in the catering industry.

    Built-in thermal printer made in Japan submits printed receipts on the right side of the cash register. Printing speed – up to 100 mm per second. Compatible receipt tape – 57mm wide and winding length of 32m. Printer life – 50Km of receipt ribbon. Autorecutter life is 500 thousand hours. cutoffs.

    ATOL 150f cash register is equipped with a very broad set of interfaces: three modules for data transmission – wired Ethernet and wireless Wi-Fi and 3G. Peripherals can be connected via USB-A (four ports), certain types of devices – via Bluetooth, the cash drawer – via a separate RJ-11 interface.

    The main part of ATOL 150f (Sigma 10) functionality is concentrated in the pre-installed proprietary software. In addition to the direct function of the accounting of goods sold, in the cash application, you can also track all the movements of goods, see details of sales, the balance, a comparative analysis. Cash register supports the installation of various discounts for different product groups, taking into account the time of day and even the “promotional” location of goods in the sales area.

    Such feature of firm software as automatic analysis of cashiers productivity, tracking the sales activity for specific time intervals will be interesting for the management of the enterprise. The system allows you to export databases into a popular csv format.

    This model gets a generally positive feedback from users, except for some comments about the software. The software at the time of this model’s release and for some time thereafter clearly needed improvement and refinement. The developers promise to test the software more thoroughly and release appropriate updates.


    • Large touch screen with IPS-matrix and adjustable angle;
    • speed and stability in general;
    • print speed;
    • autocut;
    • Direct connection of the cash drawer;
    • integration with 1C;
    • Emergency battery for the correct shutdown;
    • one of the best solutions for catering and especially fast food;
    • hi-tech design.


    • complaints about the “crude” software (probably fixed).

    Cash register F

    Rating: 4.7

    Cashier F

    Now let’s draw your attention to another interesting solution that fully meets the modern requirements of trade accounting. This product is the company Dreamkas – online cash desk “original” name “Cash Desk F. This apparent and deliberate carelessness in terms of naming creates a bit of confusion, as under the names “Kassa F” and “Dreamkas F” on trading sites can often be found the old version of the terminal. Here we are talking about an updated version with a larger screen and a much more presentable design (in contrast to the previous generation).

    This cash register though stationary, but still compact – 279h156h99mm and not too heavy – 700g. Equipped with a mechanical, but handy and attractive-looking keypad – nice touch rubberized buttons, well-made, pleasant colors. This is a big step forward compared to the previous generation of Cash register F, which featured good quality and great functionality, but totally can not stand criticism for its design and ergonomics. Also the new Kassa F has increased in all directions color LCD screen.

    This model has a sufficiently wide functionality for use in large and small retailers, service sector, online stores.

    A special quality that deserves a separate mention – the maximum ease of use and learning. Everything is done to ensure that a person with any level of training can be trained to work with the cash register in minimum time. Even the software interface is designed to “guide” the cashier in the right direction in the choice of operations and not to make a mistake at any stage. There is a very informative hint system.

    Cash register can closely cooperate with 1C software and can harmoniously integrate with your company’s accounting system. It has the flexibility to change the structure in case of changes in the law.

    A separate useful feature – Cabinet – is moved outside the box as an online service. So, with a simple smartphone you can remotely monitor the average receipt, current revenue, the effectiveness of ongoing promotions, all in real time.


    • extremely easy to learn and use;
    • maximum prevention of operator errors;
    • informative help system;
    • broad functionality;
    • ready for changes in legislation;
    • Integration with 1C;
    • ergonomics;
    • elegant appearance.


    • No systematic complaints or obvious disadvantages.

    Viki Classic

    Rating: 4.5

    Viki Classic

    And to complete the review of the best online cash registers according to Expertology magazine the most productive, functional and expensive model in both selections. This is a product of the aforementioned company Dreamkas, known for its strange naming. Fortunately, in the case of Viki Classic at least the name indicates a specific model without any ambiguity.

    Viki Classic is a complete set of devices, because the cash register consists of two units: a monitor with all the “computer” electronics and separately fiscal logger with a disk drive and a thermal printer. The package is flexible – the fiscal logger can be offered in three versions to choose from, from the simplest to more functional and expensive.

    This cash register with a characteristic completeness. In addition to the main thing – monoblock and fiscal logger – the manufacturer also equips the cash drawer, customer display with 2 lines of 20 characters, and barcode scanner. The touch screen of the monoblock is the largest for this kind of device – even 15 inches.

    The impressive size of the screen makes this model the best fit for the equipment of cash desks in the public catering establishments, especially for fast food: the screen accommodates 100 fast access tiles (baked goods, weight products, ready meals, etc.), and the speed of the set allows you to quickly serve customers.

    The proprietary software harmoniously integrates Viki Classic into the ecosystem of other Dreamkas products with full compatibility with all fiscal data operators.

    For this set the most suitable models of cash registers are recommended: CAS AD for COM-port, CAS ER for COM-port and Shtrich Slim for USB.

    Finally, a few words about the printing unit. Cash register is fully adapted to work with any device of Viki Print family, which includes three receipt printers for UTII and three full-fledged fiscal recorders with built-in printers. Viki Print 57 Plus and 80 Plus models are equipped with automatic cheque cutters. The figures in the model names indicate the width of the used ribbon. All Viki Print devices can print graphic objects on the receipts – logos and QR codes.


    • wide functionality;
    • easy to use;
    • The largest touch screen;
    • three variants of fiscal loggers to choose from;
    • Full compatibility with all OFDs;
    • Money box included;
    • spectacular appearance.


    • high price.
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