The 8 best 55-inch TVs under 50,000 rubles

*Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before you buy it you need to consult with a specialist.

You would like to have a big TV in your bedroom? Or would you like to put it in your living room?? In both of these cases, the ideal choice would be a model with a 55-inch screen. That said, don’t think that the purchase will prove to be too expensive. We will try to show you that a good 55-inch TV can be purchased for 50 thousand euros. rubles or even cheaper. It is about these devices will be discussed in this article.

Rating of the best TVs for 55 inches up to 50,000 rubles

Rating of the best TVs 55 inches to 50 000 rubles1Samsung QE55Q60TAU56 999 €
2LG 55NANO796NF49 990 €
3Samsung UE55TU8000U45 299 €
4LG 55UNP4006LA40 900 €
5Samsung UE55TU7100U40 999 €
6TCL 55P71731 990 €


  • ps 55PUS6704
  • 37 990 €
    8Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 55 T2 Global38 450 €

    Samsung QE55Q60TAU

    Rating: 4.9

    Samsung QE55Q60TAU

    Samsung usually sells its QLED TVs for quite a bit of money. Even if they only have a 55-inch screen. But there are exceptions to the rule. Samsung QE55Q60TAU is one of them. As you can easily guess, this model belongs to the Q6 series. This means that it has received a number of simplifications. But many Expertology readers will still be satisfied with the capabilities of our television.

    This model is distinguished by a very thin frame of the display. As for the screen itself, it can boast 4K resolution and increased to 100 Hz refresh rate. HDR10+ support means quality content will look almost as good as its creators intended. By the way, you can use Internet, third-party equipment, USB-drive and external hard disk connected to the router to watch it – the Tizen operating system allows you to do all that.

    Of course, the device is able to catch TV channels. At the same time you can easily connect it to the satellite “dish” – the TV even supports DVB-S2 standard. But the QLED-display shows itself in all its glory only if you watch much better content. In particular you can display the picture from your game console using one of three HDMI-connections. You can also watch this or that online movie theater by connecting to your home network via Wi-Fi 802.11ac. Bluetooth is also among the wireless modules that are present here, but it is mainly used to transmit sound to headphones and to connect the appropriate keyboard.

    On the back of the TV you can find a pair of USB ports. This means that you will not have any problems with the connection of the flash drive. If we talk about the speakers that are present somewhere here, then their number is two. Each one is under 10W. There is no doubt that in the future you will want to output the sound on your home cinema or soundbar. Unless the TV will be standing in a relatively small room, where such acoustics will be quite enough.

    Many Samsung QE55Q60TAU buyers then write positive reviews. In particular, Egor wrote the following in the Eldorado online store: “Great picture, great viewing angles, games on the Xbox One X look just stunned. A lot of cool tricks with smartphone connection”. Indeed, in this regard, the products of the Samsung company, it seems to us, strongly stands out against the main competitor.


    • A huge number of connectors;
    • Built-in Wi-Fi 802.11ac and Bluetooth;
    • There is a Smart TV;
    • Comes with a handy remote control;
    • Increased up to 100 Hz screen refresh rate;
    • Ambient mode is supported;
    • Deep enough black color;
    • Understands all digital TV standards.


    • Does not support HDMI 2.1;
    • Not the best sound system;
    • Not a very powerful processor built in.

    LG 55NANO796NF

    Rating: 4.8

    LG 55NANO796NF

    The display of this TV is made with NANOCELL technology. That means you get a 55-inch IPS screen, complemented by a coating that eliminates the fade effect. You’ll enjoy a detailed and sharp picture, especially when watching quality content. And you’re sure to love the maximum viewing angles. The only slight criticism here is the black colors, which are not as deep as we would like them to be. But the price tag of this device is appropriate, the TV is sold for less than 50 thousand rubles. rubles.

    Continuing to talk about the screen, we can not miss the support of technology HDR 10 Pro. Movies and games are a real delight with it. You will also be pleased with the device 4K resolution. As for the refresh rate of the display, it is standard – on this the South Korean manufacturer decided to save.

    Not only a powerful processor, but also the operating system WebOS is responsible for what happens on the screen. With its help, you can watch content online – you only need to connect to the router in advance, preferably via high-speed Wi-Fi standard 802.11ac. The TV also recognizes the contents of your external drive without any problems. Two USB-ports are provided for its connection. On the rear panel of the device there are three HDMI-connectors that correspond to the standard 2.0. Finally, no one will forbid you to watch regular TV – LG 55NANO796NF supports all standards, from terrestrial DVB-T2 to satellite DVB-S2.

    Two speakers are used here as a speaker system. The power of each is 10 watts. If that’s not enough, you can get optical output too. You can also output the sound wirelessly to headphones – that’s what the built-in Bluetooth module does.

    The package with the 14-kilogram TV you will definitely find a Magic Remote. It has a rather large size, but it includes a gyroscope, a scroll wheel, many buttons and a microphone. By default, the TV is placed on the stand with the help of an arc-shaped leg. Also it can be hung on the wall – for this you need a bracket of 300×300 mm.


    • A large number of connectors;
    • Maximum viewing angles;
    • Built-in Wi-Fi 802.11ac and Bluetooth;
    • Comes with a handy remote;
    • You can hang it on the wall;
    • Understands all digital TV standards;
    • There is Smart TV;
    • Support for HDR 10 Pro is implemented.


    • Not the deepest black color;
    • The screen refresh rate is less than 50 Hz.

    Samsung UE55TU8000U

    Rating: 4.8


    This TV belongs to the eighth series. And it means that you get a device based on a powerful processor, thanks to which the Tizen operating system and all applications run without any slowdowns. And you can also count on a good equipment – in the box found a small and handy remote One Remote, which supports voice control. You will like the so-called frameless design. The South Koreans cheat a little about it: the frame around the screen is still present. But its thickness is really striking, it is no longer able to distract attention from the film or video.

    Your TV comes with 4K resolution picture. The frequency will not exceed 60 Hz, which is due to the mid-budget status of the Samsung UE55TU8000U. It is pleased that this model supports HDR10+. If you watch the corresponding content, you will enjoy a very deep black color. For this, by the way, we have to thank the matrix itself, made by VA technology. However, this led to a small disadvantage, which is a relatively narrow viewing angles.

    This model recognizes all digital TV standards – from terrestrial to satellite. But much more often you will watch movies and videos via an Internet connection. It uses high-speed Wi-Fi 802 standard.11ac. And you can also connect your game console or any other piece of equipment to the TV using trio of HDMI 2 connectors.0. If you want to view the contents of a USB storage device, a pair of USB ports will come in handy.

    Like the vast majority of South Korean TVs in this price segment, Samsung UE55TU8000U added built-in Bluetooth-module. Of interesting software “chips” can be noted Ambient mode. It allows you to display a photo of the wall behind the device, thus achieving the effect of transparency of the screen. This is especially useful if you’ve decided to hang your TV on the wall.

    This model mainly collects reviews with the highest rating. For example, one of the visitors of “Yandex.Market wrote the following: “Great TV! Everything is great: the sound, the image is clear, even too clear, after a normal TV just space. Remote control is small, understandable, comfortable in your hand.


    • Supports Ambient mode;
    • You can hang it on the wall;
    • Comes with a handy remote;
    • Deep black colors;
    • HDR10+ support is built in;
    • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 802 modules are built in.11ac;
    • Understands all digital TV standards;
    • There is Smart TV;
    • Large number of connectors.


    • Not the best viewing angles;
    • Standard screen refresh rate;
    • The total power of the speakers does not exceed 20 watts.

    LG 55UNP4006LA

    Rating: 4.7

    LG 55UNP4006LA

    Almost all mid-range TVs from major manufacturers are now equipped with Smart TV function. The model called LG 55UNP4006LA is not an exception to the rule. WebOS operating system is installed, supporting a very large number of applications. You’ll have no problem watching YouTube and some conditional “Kinopoisk HD”. You only need to connect to the router. It is desirable to do so with the help of Wi-Fi standard 802.11ac. In this case, the bandwidth is enough even for viewing content in 4K resolution. And that is what the display installed here can boast of.

    IPS technology was used to make the screen. This means realistic colors and maximum viewing angles. The only criticism we can have is the black depth, which is far from ideal. And the manufacturer has limited it to the standard refresh rate of the display.

    TV boasts support for HDR 10 Pro. But do not hope for a better picture display – affects the technology of manufacture of the screen. The authors of the review of LG 55UNP4006LA, published on the website The situation could have been corrected by a local dimming, but the South Koreans have refused this technology – otherwise this model would have been sold for quite another price.

      As expected, this model supports all digital TV standards. That means you can easily connect your satellite dish and you won’t need a receiver. You can also connect other equipment to the TV for which there are three HDMI 2 jacks.0. If you want to have sound on your headphones, then get ready to use wireless – for this not a 3.5 mm audio output is used here, but the built-in Bluetooth module.

      This model is equipped with an optical audio output. One day it might come in handy, because the built-in 20-watt speaker won’t be enough for everyone. Also not superfluous are the holes for the wall bracket format 300×300 mm. However, on the stand the TV also looks pretty good – thanks to the arch-shaped stand.

      Many buyers are genuinely delighted with this model. For example, Anton wrote on his emotions on Yandex.Market” the following: “The picture is great, my first smartphone. I really like the remote control: the scroll, the cursor – I can’t do without it now”.


      • Comes with Magic Remote;
      • HDR 10 Pro is supported;
      • Maximum viewing angles;
      • There is a Smart TV;
      • Understands all standards of digital TV;
      • A large number of connectors;
      • Wi-Fi 802 modules are present.11ac and Bluetooth;
      • You can hang it on the wall.


      • The standard sound system is used;
      • Not the best contrast;
      • The refresh rate of the screen is 50 Hz.

      Samsung UE55TU7100U

      Rating: 4.6

      SAMSUNG UE55TU7100U

      South Korean company Samsung almost every year reduces the width of the frame of the screen in its TVs. It’s gotten to the point where new devices are called frame-less. In fact, there are still frames, but now you don’t pay any attention to them. And this is not the only feature of Samsung UE55TU7100U. This TV supports Ambient mode. If you are not too lazy to take a picture of the wall behind it, you can achieve some effect of transparency of the screen. This and many other features are offered by the Tizen operating system installed here.

      On the front panel of the device is a 55-inch display, created by VA technology. The connoisseurs will confirm that such a screen is able to produce a very deep black color, pleasing the viewer with a high level of contrast. But it has one drawback, which is not the widest viewing angles. The picture here is displayed in 4K resolution. The customer should be pleased with the HDR10 support+. You can appreciate almost all the capabilities of PlayStation 4 Pro game console with it. Another important feature is the increased screen refresh rate up to 100 Hz. But the picture only gets this smooth when you interpolate. If the content is 4K resolution, the frequency will be limited to 60 Hz. However, this is typical for all modern Samsung TVs with an adequate price tag.

      Since the TV has a Tizen operating system, you can watch movies and videos on the World Wide Web. You just need to connect to your home network. It is desirable to do it via the 802 standard.11ac, because it has a high bandwidth. Also present here wireless modules include Bluetooth. It is mainly used to transmit sound to headphones.

      When it comes to wired interfaces, there are two HDMI connectors 2.0. They are used to receive a picture, say, from a game console. Also on the back of the TV a single USB port. That means you can watch movies pre-loaded on an external hard drive or flash drive. It can also be used to write TV shows and TV series. By the way, Samsung UE55TU7100U recognizes all digital TV standards. Even satellite DVB-S2. Not to mention the presence of optical audio output. One day you’ll want to use it, because the total power of the speaker system used here is only 20 watts.

      The weight of this model does not exceed 13.9 kg. So you can hang your TV on the wall without the help of a second person. But do not forget to buy the bracket of the format 200×200 mm.

      You may think that this device does not have any particular disadvantages. It is not. About the most important of them on Yandex.Market” wrote Victor: “The remote control is standard and uncomfortable. In the more expensive models, the remote control is more interesting”. Fortunately, One Remote can be purchased separately. Still can be pick on the power of the processor used here – it is relatively small, in connection with what some applications at times can slow down.


      • HDR10+ is supported;
      • Deep black color;
      • There is a Smart TV;
      • Built-in Wi-Fi 802 modules.11ac and Bluetooth;
      • Understands all digital TV standards;
      • You can hang it on the wall;
      • There is an Ambient mode;
      • There is a light sensor.


      • Not a very high power processor;
      • Comes with an uncomfortable remote control;
      • The body is made of flimsy plastic;
      • Standard speaker power;
      • Not the best viewing angles.

      TCL 55P717

      Rating: 4.5

      TCL 55P717

      Not only Samsung is capable of creating Frameless TVs. The Chinese company TCL can also boast with it. And its devices are relatively inexpensive. For example, TCL 55P717 in Russian stores costs about 40 thousand roubles. rubles.

      It is necessary to note that here all the same there are traces of the South-Korean technologies. The fact is that the screen for this model was created by Samsung. It is made by VA technology, which indicates a high contrast and deep blacks. The only disadvantage of this solution is not the widest viewing angles. Also the manufacturer did not try to raise the refresh rate, it is equal to the usual 60 Hz. The picture here is displayed in 4K resolution. The best description of the impressions of the display was given by Ibrahim from the online store Citi

    • The picture is high-definition, rich and saturated. HDR10. 4K. Have not found any defects so far. Supports Smart TV.”.

      Smart functionality is implemented here based on the operating system Android 9. This is mentioned in the review of TCL 55P717 on the site In the same article it is mentioned that the TV body is made of plastic. This is true of most devices with a similar price tag, though. Much more important is the fact that the screen got local dimming, consisting of 1296 separate zones. Contrast is high also because of this technology.

        To control the TV is offered rather convenient, albeit quite a large remote control. All the buttons are in good locations, making them easy to grip blindly.

        Since it has Android, you will definitely not face a lack of content. You can easily watch digital TV – the device recognizes all three most popular standards. You can also use one of the two USB-ports, connecting an external hard drive or flash drive. No one will forbid and connect to the router, starting to watch online cinema. Some problem in this case will be only the fact that the TV is designed to work in a Wi-Fi 802.11n. If you count on watching movies in 4K resolution, it is better to use a wired connection.

        This model outputs sound to Bluetooth headphones without any problems. Wired accessories are also supported – there is a 3.5mm audio jack on the back. It also has an optical connector which allows you to connect a soundbar or home theater. The TV itself sounds on an average level – the total power of its speaker system does not exceed 19 watts.

        It remains to add that the device has three HDMI-connections, which will be enough for the vast majority of Expertology readers. And 11-kilogram weight allows you to hang the TV on the wall without anyone else’s help. For this purpose you will need to get a VESA mount of 200×200 mm.


        • It has a very thin frame on the screen;
        • HDR10 support is implemented;
        • Quite deep black colors;
        • Comes with a handy remote;
        • There is a Smart TV;
        • You can connect both wired and wireless headphones;
        • A large number of connectors;
        • Recognizes all digital TV standards;
        • Can hang on the wall.


        • Viewing angles can not be called the maximum;
        • Standard screen refresh rate;
        • Not the best speaker system;
        • The indicator light is very bright;
        • Average processor performance;
        • Wi-Fi module is limited to standard 802.11n.


      • ps 55PUS6704
      • Rating: 4.4

        Philips 55PUS6704

        In Russian stores you can still easily find Philips TVs. And if we are not talking about the cheapest models, they have a distinctive feature in the form of backlighting support, popularly known as Ambi

      • ght. It illuminates the space behind the TV in the color of what is happening on the screen. The effect is stunning. And this is exactly the technology that has a model called Philips 55PUS6704. It has a number of other advantages.

        The display placed here displays a picture in 4K resolution. The screen supports HDR10+ and Dolby Vision, which is very pleasing. Some negative things can cause a buyer only a refresh rate, not exceeding 60 Hz. However, this feature will be enough for most people.

        This model understands all digital TV standards. This means that it is easy to connect the satellite dish – the intermediate link in the form of a receiver is not needed. However, some owners of Philips 55PUS6704 do without an antenna at all. The thing is that this device has a Smart TV function, thanks to which you can watch different online movie theaters. It is recommended to connect to the router with a cable. If you decide to use Wi-Fi, you risk having to boot up while watching 4K content.

        Of course, you can connect other equipment to the TV – for example, a game console. It has three HDMI jacks. It has a pair of USB ports, which allows you to watch the contents of a USB flash drive or an external hard drive. Also on the back of the TV you can find the headphone jack. Unfortunately, this is the only way to connect them – there is no Bluetooth-module.

        You might have noticed that this model is almost at the very end of our selection. That’s because it has some serious shortcomings. First, the Saphi shell is still far from ideal – it provides a relatively small number of applications, and at times can slow down. The second disadvantage was well described by a certain customer of the online store DNS: “Another drawback is the remote control. Camon guys, in 2019 making a remote from the 90’s is a shame. Fortunately, all the HDMI connectors on the TV support CEC, so I put the remote from the TV in a drawer and use the remote from the NVIDIA Shield Pro”. At the same time, the buyer liked the TV and gave it a very high rating.

        The merits

        • There is a Smart TV;
        • Very high contrast;
        • You can hang it on the wall;
        • Implemented Ambi backlighting
        • ght;
        • There is Dolby Vision support;
        • Understands all digital TV standards;
        • A large number of connectors.


        • Comes with an uncomfortable remote control;
        • The proprietary operating system has not yet been finalized;
        • Inside is quite a weak processor;
        • The standard refresh rate of the screen;
        • We would like to have more powerful acoustics;
        • No Bluetooth;
        • Wi-Fi only supports the 802 standard.11n.

        Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 55 T2 Global

        Rating: 4.3

        XIAOMI MI TV 4S 55 T2 GLOBAL

        Several years ago the Chinese company Xiaomi entered the market of LCD TVs. Some of its models immediately became in high demand. In particular, the global version of the Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 55 T2 has aroused great interest among buyers. It can please you with very thin, silver-colored frames, which do not distract your attention from what’s happening on the screen. Which here, by the way, has a diagonal of 54.6 inches. VA technology was used to make it. This indicates not only that Samsung was involved in its creation, but also a very deep black color. You will definitely appreciate this fact, especially if you decide to watch HDR content. The TV is also ready to boast of 4K resolution. As for screen refresh rate, it does not exceed 60 Hz. It is logical, because the manufacturer had to achieve an affordable price tag.

        This TV has the Android TV operating system. If you believe the Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 55 T2 review from IXBT, it does a great job. Its authors also liked the Bluetooth-enabled remote control that comes with it. The menu of the operating system is fully russified. If you connect to the router via Wi-Fi 802.11ac, then get the ability to watch 4K content online.

        This model is ready to recognize two digital TV standards: DVB-T2 and DVB-C. Unfortunately, owners of a satellite dish will also need a receiver. To connect such devices here are designed for three HDMI 2 connectors.0. And here is the same number of USB-ports, mainly used for connecting a flash drive and an external hard drive. The Chinese gave their creation and 3.5-mm audio jack. Despite the fact that the buyer could use the Bluetooth-module by connecting wireless headphones.

        The TV has a standard speaker system, consisting of two 10-watt speakers. It also has 300x300mm wall mount holes. The weight of the device is 12.45 kg, so you can hang it even without the help of a second person.

        Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 55 T2 – it’s a real hit. Proof of this are almost 2,000 reviews left at the DNS online store alone. But this model is not ideal. Otherwise Sergei, one of the buyers, would not have written the following: “Overall good value for money. At first it seemed to be too big, but I got used to it after a while. The most annoying twitching in fast-moving scenes. After using it for a couple of months I came to the conclusion that if I had the opportunity, I’d better save up and take a more expensive one. Sergey also reminds that there is an opportunity to upgrade the TV – for example, for a relatively small amount of money you can buy a module that increases the frame rate.


        • There is a Smart TV;
        • Good contrast;
        • There is support for HDR10;
        • Comes with a handy remote control;
        • Built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 802.11ac;
        • There is a jack for headphones;
        • Can be hung on the wall.


        • Viewing angles were not the maximum;
        • Standard screen refresh rate;
        • Does not support satellite standard digital TV;
        • Speaker power does not exceed 20 watts;
        • It can come with an old-style remote (without the pointer).


        If you go to a store selling household appliances and electronics, then you can be surprised by the abundance of TVs with 55-inch diagonal display. Unfortunately, many models leave negative impression. However, if you’ve read our selection you’re sure you won’t come across this situation. Now you just have to decide on the amount you are willing to spend. And with what functionality you require.

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