The 6 best Haier TVs

The TV market has changed dramatically in recent years. More and more Chinese companies are going for it. In particular, Haier products are now in great demand. Televisions from this company often have a very low cost, which is why customers like them. However, not all televisions have decent quality. If you do not want to buy a copy that will fail after a few years, or disappointing slow performance, have a look at our selection. In this article we will talk only about those Haier TVs, the purchase of which does not disappoint at all. And, of course, we will talk about devices with a very different diagonal screen. The material is based on the analysis of technical specifications of TV sets on the resource.

Rating of the best TVs Haier

Ratedplaceproduct nameprice
Rating of the best TVs Haier1Haier LE75U6600U123 999€
2Haier LE65U6700U65 090€
3Haier LE55X7000U37 000€
4Haier LE55Q6500U34 990€
5Haier LE50K6500U29 990€
6Haier LE43K6500U26 990 €

Haier LE75U6600U

Rating: 4.9

Haier LE75U6600U

The biggest TV in our ranking. As its name implies, this unit includes a 75-inch (191-cm) display. It also boasts a slim frame and two elegant legs. It is not necessary to use the latter, there are holes on the back of the TV for mounting VESA format 400×200 mm. It should be noted that it is the wall mount that many hotels use, the owners of which have decided to opt for Haier products.

If competitors are investing a lot of money in the development of a new type of LCD panels, the Chinese prefer to save money. The screen included in the Haier LE75U6600U can not boast anything special or surprising. This is a traditional LCD panel with a 16:9 aspect ratio. Pleased that it has 4K resolution – this will enjoy the most detailed picture. What is sad is the screen refresh rate, which does not exceed 60 Hz. This means that most often you will need to watch a film, TV series or any other video in the frame rate in which it is encoded. The same applies to the game on the console. But the display has a bright backlighting, and as a result you have no problem viewing even when the nearest window is full of sunlight. It is made by Direct LED technology. It is impossible not to mention the maximum viewing angles.

Like many other modern televisions, the Haier LE75U6600U boasts Smart TV support. The publicly available and free operating system is used here as the operating system

  • nux. Alas, in the corresponding online store you will find a minimal number of additional applications. Also disconcerting is the interface of this firmware. However, this is a typical problem for Haier products. In this respect, the Chinese company is strongly inferior to more prominent competitors, many years to develop their own operating system.

    This model without any problems recognizes two most popular standards of digital TV – DVB-T2 and DVB-C. Only the satellite signal standard is left out, for the reception of which you will need a receiver after all. As for playing media files from a USB flash drive or external hard drive, there are no problems with it. By the way, on the TV case you can find as many as three USB-connectors. There are the same number of HDMI sockets that allow you to connect other equipment. Well, synchronization with the router is carried out either via Ethernet cable or via Wi-Fi. There are also some old-fashioned connectors. They can be useful for connecting, for example, very old game consoles. The Chinese manufacturer did not forget about the 3.5mm headphone jack. It really can be useful, because there is no support for sound transmission via Bluetooth.

    If we’re talking about sound, then in this respect nothing good can be said about the TV. The Chinese save on it. They believe that the buyer of their TV will buy a home theater or soundbar in the future. You have to agree that two speakers with total capacity of 20 W at such a diagonal screen makes you think about buying the above-mentioned devices.

    Otherwise it is a typical inexpensive Chinese TV. There is a sleep timer, child protection has not been forgotten. This monster weighs 33.8 kg. Let’s specify that cheap – by the standards of competitors, producing TV sets with the same large screen. If you ignore them, the price tag will not seem so low.


    • A huge screen with 4K resolution;
    • There is a Smart TV;
    • High brightness of backlighting;
    • Good viewing angles;
    • Support for DVB-T2 and DVB-C standards;
    • A large number of connectors;
    • You can connect a wired headphone.


    • Low refresh rate of the display;
    • No support for satellite standard digital TV;
    • Not the best speakers;
    • No Bluetooth;
    • high price;
    • No HDR support.

    Haier LE65U6700U

    Rating: 4.8

    Haier LE65U6700U

    Another 4K TV in our rating. It has a slightly smaller size. The diagonal of the screen installed here is 65 inches (165 cm). The size reduction has affected the price tag – it has decreased by several tens of thousands of rubles. The design of the device has remained the same. This means that the buyer is waiting for a very thin frame. Only the area under the display is really wide. Also here are used two legs. You can also get rid of them with a VESA 400×200 mm wall mount. You will have to buy it separately.

    Located here the display has a Direct LED backlight. It is very bright, so you will have no problem watching video neither on a sunny nor on a cloudy day. The screen can also boast a low response time – 8 msec will suit even those who like to play online shooters. As for the resolution, it is, as you have already realized, 3840×2160 pixels.

    Unfortunately, in other respects it is a typical inexpensive LCD panel. At least the absence of HDR support speaks about it. So this TV is not the best choice for a PS4 Pro or Xbox One S gaming console owner. However, if you have not spared money on such a set-top box, it is unlikely that you will look in the direction of Haier TVs. You should not only be confused by the lack of HDR-effect, but also by the low refresh rate of the screen, which is 60 Hz here.

    It is curious that this model in some way surpasses the above reviewed example with its larger size. For example, better sound system is built in here. These are the same two speakers but their summary power reaches more impressive 30 W. As a result, the thought of buying a soundbar does not arise. By the way, the sound can be output to the headphones. But only by wired method, there is no Bluetooth module.

    If we are speaking about connectors we should mention not only presence of three HDMI sockets but also one VGA port. This allows you to connect to the TV Haier LE65U6700U not only modern appliances, but also an old computer. The only thing missing here is SCART. Though, the connectors for “tunes” are not forgotten, so you can still connect a VCR or an old game console. This device also has a couple of USB ports, which are used to connect external drives – a regular flash drive or a full-fledged hard drive.

    I think Haier has a great TV. If you are not confused by the operating system based on

  • nux function of Smart TV, then you can quite well buy it. We are pleased that the delivery and installation of the TV set will not cause any problems – this model weighs only 20.7 kg.


    • Large screen that has 4K resolution;
    • There is support for Smart TV;
    • Low pixel response time;
    • Supports absolutely all standards of digital TV;
    • A very high sound volume;
    • A large number of connectors;
    • You can connect a wired headset;
    • The weight can not be called a particularly large.


    • Screen refresh rate – only 60 Hz;
    • Rather high cost;
    • No Bluetooth support.

    Haier LE55X7000U

    Rating: 4.7

    Haier LE55X7000U

    An even smaller TV in our rating. But it doesn’t get any cheaper. Many retail chains ask for it for about 90 thousand people. rubles! Such a price tag can be partially explained by the presence of an extremely thin frame. Forgetting the under-screen area, the silver bezel doesn’t distract from watching a movie or any other video at all. The legs are moved even further away to the edges of the device. However, we can do without them because there are holes on the back of the TV for VESA 600×300 mm wall mount.

    But not only because of the thin frame the TV got such an impressive price tag? Of course not. The high cost is due to the fact that the screen of this device is made by QLED technology. The so-called quantum dots use a minimum amount of backlighting, so the viewer can enjoy near-perfect blacks. This technology is most actively promoted by Samsung. With a high degree of probability, it is the one that produced the screen for this TV.

    The diagonal of the display installed here is 55 inches (140 cm). This allows us to recommend the device for its placement in a large living room. For the bedroom, consider a smaller TV. Of course, QLED-screen supports HDR technology. This means that the Haier LE55X7000U will be great with a modern gaming console. The user is also waiting for 4K resolution, which makes the picture as detailed as possible. Nothing bad can be said about viewing angles – whichever side you look at the TV, you’ll see a perfect picture, the colors won’t change. As for the response time, it is 8 ms. Again, the gamer is quite satisfied with this parameter. However, we should not forget that the response time will still increase when you activate HDR.

    The only reason to complain about the screen is the refresh rate. It is equal to the standard 60 Hz. But this limitation is due to the large size of the display. If you try to make such a screen more multihertz, its cost will grow to astronomical value. You won’t spend more than a hundred thousand rubles for a Haier TV with a 55-inch diagonal?

    But let’s digress from the screen. What else can please us with this device? First of all, it supports all digital TV standards, including satellite DVB-S2. Secondly, a large number of a variety of connectors. The Chinese manufacturer has not even forgotten about the headphone jack! Although now many people would like to get a Bluetooth-module instead of it, but it is not here. Also, the TV has received support for Smart TV function. Implemented it is not perfect. But if you need only YouTube among the useful applications, then I doubt that this TV set will disappoint you.

    It is impossible not to admit that the manufacturer has seriously saved money. Most of the money obviously went to the QLED panel. Economy forced the Chinese to install a modest speaker here. It’s the usual two speakers with 10 watts each. Expect impressive sound is definitely not worth it. Some owners of the Haier LE55X7000U prefer to have a soundbar and output the sound to it via the optical audio jack. Also, the manufacturer has spared no expense on the Wi-Fi module. It belongs to the standard 802.11n. If you want to watch online video with high bitrate and 4K resolution, you might have some problems. We recommend watching 4K movies from an external hard drive connected via USB – in this case the lags are practically eliminated.

    In short, this is another representative of our rating, which has certain disadvantages. In fact it is difficult to say why we should not look at the QLED TV from Samsung instead. The only attractive factor here is the price, and it can not be called very low.


    • Built-in QLED display with 4K resolution;
    • The maximum viewing angles;
    • There is support for HDR;
    • Implemented the function of Smart TV;
    • Low response time;
    • All digital TV standards are supported;
    • A decent number of connectors;
    • There is a jack for headphones;
    • The weight does not exceed 16.3 kg.


    • High cost;
    • Standard refresh rate of the screen;
    • Low speed of data transfer via Wi-Fi;
    • There is no Bluetooth;
    • Relatively modest speakers.

    Haier LE55Q6500U

    Rating: 4.7

    Haier LE55Q6500U

    It is a rare case when the case of the TV set and its stand are painted in beige. Perhaps someone will buy this device because of its coloring, which allows you to decorate the interior of the room. Other people will definitely pay attention to the curved display. Of course, now we already understand that there is not much gain in curvature. But we can’t deny that the TV set equipped with such a screen looks more peculiar.

    In this case a traditional LCD panel has been used. This means you have to give up watching HDR content. But on the other hand you will see a very bright picture. The manufacturer specifically increased the brightness of the backlighting, so that the image was visible even in the most difficult conditions. Also he tried to reduce the pixel response time – 8,5 ms will be appreciated even by avid gamers who love network battles. But the Chinese producer did not work at refresh rate. You are waited by standard 50 Hz.

    Of course, the screen is not the cheapest TV can boast of 4K resolution. It can display not only the digital TV (DVB-T2 and DVB-C supported), but also the content of the USB-drive. To connect the latter are designed as much as three slots! It also has a Smart TV function, so you can watch content online. However, do not forget that Haier does not have its own operating system, so it has involved reduced in the capabilities of

  • nux, which is free. In this regard, it is unlikely you can install a bunch of applications, and the interface will not please everyone. Another limitation imposed by Wi-Fi – it is possible that its bandwidth is not enough to comfortably watch 4K content.

    On the back of the TV you can find three HDMI sockets, VGA port and other old sockets. Also here there is a 3.5 mm audio output. You can regret the absence of an optical jack. You will have to use coaxial. And you will definitely want to use it. The thing is that the TV set is equipped only with 10-watt speakers, so the connection of the soundbar or home theater will not hurt.

    Finishing the conversation about the sound, it is impossible not to mention the lack of Bluetooth-module. This means that the TV does not support wireless headphones. At least the ones that use “blue tooth”.

    It remains to add that the device can be hung on the wall. Any adult man can cope with this case, because the weight of the TV is only 15.8 kg.


    • The TV is relatively lightweight;
    • There is a jack for headphones;
    • The new connectors are complemented by SCART and VGA;
    • Wall mount is supported;
    • There is support for two standards of digital TV;
    • Low pixel response time;
    • The screen has a 4K resolution;
    • The display is curved;
    • Increased brightness of the backlight;
    • Not very high cost.


    • There is no Bluetooth;
    • Insufficient Wi-Fi bandwidth;
    • Bad sound;
    • There is no support for the DVB-S2 standard;
    • Standard screen refresh rate;
    • Backlighting can be uneven.

    Haier LE50K6500U

    Rating: 4.6

    Haier LE50K6500U

    Another relatively inexpensive representative of our rating. For this model in the Russian networks are sold for about 34 thousand people. rubles. Not bad ! Buying a TV with a 50-inch screen from more reputable companies is often more expensive.

    From a distance it may seem that the body of this model is painted in the familiar black color. In fact, this applies only to the back cover. The thin frame has a dark gray color. It is interesting that the screen of this TV has not only 4K resolution, but also supports HDR. It also boasts a pixel response time of 6 msec! However, do not get excited prematurely. Has a display and a number of disadvantages. For example, the Direct LED backlight is not bright enough. But the most frustrating are the viewing angles. They are by no means the maximum. If you want to set the TV so that it is watched by a large company of people, it is better to choose some other model.

    As befits a modern television, the Haier LE50K6500U is capable of displaying online content. The Smart TV function here works with the operating system

  • nux, so do not count on special comfort and performance. But it will provide access to YouTube, and many buyers do not need more. Also this model allows you to watch digital TV. Absolutely any, there is even support for the satellite standard. And do not forget that there is a possibility to connect external equipment. In particular, only through HDMI you can connect three devices! There are also two USB ports on the back, mostly needed to connect an external hard drive and a flash drive. There is also VGA, which allows you to take a picture from an old laptop or even a desktop computer. The last connector that should be mentioned is a 3.5 mm “jack” – it is necessary for the sound output to the headphones. If it is necessary to transmit the sound to the soundbar, the optical audio output comes in handy. Unfortunately, you can not do it wirelessly, there is simply no Bluetooth-module.

    So that’s not a bad TV we have here. In this case the Chinese have spared on the display. But they gave their creation a lot of connectors and decent internal components. We should add that this TV set can be hung on the wall – for this you will need a VESA 400×200 mm wall mount.


    • Large display with 4K resolution;
    • There is support for HDR;
    • Very short pixel response time;
    • There is support for all digital TV standards;
    • A large number of connectors;
    • There is a jack for headphones;
    • You can attach it to the wall;
    • Weight does not exceed 11.1 kg;
    • Inexpensive.


    • Not the best implementation of the Smart TV function;
    • Standard screen refresh rate;
    • Not the best viewing angles;
    • Weak sound;
    • No Bluetooth;
    • Not the highest speed of receiving data via Wi-Fi.

    Haier LE43K6500U

    Rating: 4.5

    Haier LE43K6500U

    The smallest representative of our rating. However, you can not call it compact. Such a TV is hardly suitable for a child’s room or a kitchen. But in the bedroom and some living room it will look perfect. This model displays a picture with a 43-inch (108 cm) matrix. The screen does not cause any wow effect. But it does not leave negative emotions after itself.

    Just like the other representatives of our selection, the Haier LE43K6500U displays the picture in 4K resolution. It does it with the standard frequency. The backlighting is made by Direct LED technology, it is not particularly bright. HDR support is nice. But if you run the corresponding content you risk to see a rather dark picture – here it is affected by the small reserve of backlighting brightness. If you play without HDR effect, you will definitely appreciate the response time, which is not more than 9 msec here. But the very narrow viewing angles are upsetting. You will have to put the TV at a big distance from the sofa.

    On the 108-cm screen you can watch any kind of digital TV – from terrestrial to satellite. Also the TV supports receiving pictures from other devices. Numerous connectors – in particular, it is impossible not to mention the trio of HDMI-sockets, one VGA port and component inputs. The TV can play back content by itself – it can be stored on a flash drive or a hard drive, which are connected via two USB-ports. Online viewing of content is also possible. This function is realized through the operating system

  • nux. However, note that connecting to the router via Wi-Fi can cause problems with watching 4K video – not enough bandwidth. If you’re no longer happy with it, tap a wired connection.

    As for the sound, you can output it to a soundbar or speakers through the optical audio output. Of course, you can listen to it with the built-in speakers, but their total capacity of 20 watts may seem insufficient. If you want to connect headphones, there is a jack for this. Alas, but the wireless method of connection is not supported – the TV lacks a Bluetooth module.

    This television, of course, can be hung on the wall. For this you will need a relatively inexpensive VESA mount 200×200 mm.


    • There is support for HDR;
    • Low cost;
    • The display is 4K resolution;
    • All digital TV standards are supported;
    • A large number of connectors;
    • You can plug in wired headphones;
    • Easy to hang on the wall.


    • The refresh rate of the screen is 50 Hz;
    • Not perfect Smart TV performance;
    • Not the best viewing angles;
    • No Bluetooth module;
    • Low Wi-Fi bandwidth;
    • Weak speaker system power.


    This is the list of the best Haier TVs. Please note, even the models listed in our rating have some or other disadvantages. Buying Haier appliances, you save money. In doing so, you are sure to limit yourself to something. Do not forget that the Chinese do not have their own operating system for Smart TV. That’s why their TVs are not as fast as devices from more established competitors. However, often it is quite possible to put up with it.

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