Best wireless charging pad for android and iPhone

Today’s smartphones are increasingly support wireless charging. In most cases it is for the sake of the device is equipped with a glass body (metal will not contribute to the implementation of such technology). However, it should be noted that none of the manufacturers include the wireless charger. In connection with this the buyer has a difficult choice. How to choose a charger? What should be guided in its search? Perhaps the easiest way is to look at the rating prepared by the Expertology team. Here are the best models which are easy to use and have a reasonable price tag.

Best Wireless Charging Pads

Nominationplaceproduct nameprice
Rating of the best wireless chargers1Belkin BoostUp Wireless Charging Pad2 990€
2Samsung EP-PG950B
GRU Black
2 970€
3Mophie Wireless Charging Base4 990€
4Samsung EP-N5100B
2 999€
5Nillkin Magnetic Wireless Charger Car II1 6000€

Belkin BoostUp Wireless Charging Pad

Rating: 4.9

Belkin BoostUp Wireless Charging Pad

Under the brand Belkin sold only high quality accessories for smartphones. They all cost noticeable money, but the user can count on perfect compatibility and a long service life of the purchase. A good example of this is the wireless charger, slightly similar to the one we are looking at. Diameter of the device is 12 cm. Such a decent parameter is needed in order to comfortably sit on the surface, even a tablet. Although in fact, the device easily cope with charging smartphones. It supports absolutely all gadgets that use the Qi wireless charging standard, including even the popular iPhone 8.

On the chassis of the accessory are indicators to turn on and the charge level. Large surface area promotes even heat distribution so your product won’t suffer from overheating. Buyers can be confused by the very high cost, reaching up to 9000 rubles. It may seem that this is too much even for Belkin products. Overpriced price tag is due to the high power of the product. Located on the “saucer” smartphone is able to receive electricity with a current of 1.5A. Wireless method! Ie, the charging time will be almost the same as connecting a wired AC adapter.

It remains to add that the accessory itself receives power through a cable connected to theUSB-connector. If it’s not the best wireless charger in our ranking, it’s certainly the most reliable. It can be purchased by all iPhone8, iPhone 8Plus, iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy S8Plus, Samsung Galaxy S9 and other smartphones with Qi technology support.


  • High power (7.5W/1.5A);
  • Even a very large smartphone fits on the charger;
  • Very long service life;
  • Supports all gadgets stekhnologiyu Qi.


  • Very high cost.

Samsung EP-PG950B
GRU Black

Rating: 4.8

<img width="480" alt="Samsung EP-PG950B

GRU Black” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/1641666194461-26lu.jpg” height=”480″ title=”Samsung EP-PG950B
GRU Black”>

Most of the wireless chargers have white color. Maybe that’s what the creators want so that the accessory does not show the dust. However, there are manufacturers who have gone another way. For example, the South Korean company Samsung has decided to put on the shelves of stores the device, the body of which is painted either black or brown. The second option is the most relevant, because it makes the accessory original.

While many other wireless chargers lie flat on your desk or nightstand, the PG950 takes two sliding halves. The result is something like a docking station, as this accessory also allows you to hold your smartphone in a tilted position. It helps you to quickly see overlapping messages when you are e.g. working at your computer. At the same time the device turned out to be not less powerful than the above version from Belkin – here the output voltage reaches 9 volts. Not to mention the material used in the construction of the case. It’s polycarbonate, but it imitates leather very well – before something like this was observed in phablets and tablets of Galaxy Note series. It is interesting that not every guest will recognize in this device charger, someone will accept it wireless speaker or something similar.

The official website says that the accessory was designed for the Samsung Galaxy S8. However, in fact this charger is a little more universal – it will work with many other South Korean smartphones. But before you buy it still read reviews and reviews to find a mention of your specific device.


  • Excellent appearance;
  • It can hold your smartphone in a tilted position;
  • Comes with an adapter frommicro-USB toUSB Type-C;
  • Fast charging;
  • Fits many Samsung smartphones;
  • The device is common in many Russian stores;
  • The price does not exceed 5k. rub.


  • Makes some noise;
  • No USB cable in the box.

Mophie Wireless Charging Base

Rating: 4.7

Mophie Wireless Charging Base

This wireless charger is a big enough pad that you can put your smartphone on. It is painted in black, a set of the user will find a cable with a power unit. The surface of the accessory has a special coating that prevents your smartphone with a glass case from slipping. It is quite difficult to move the charger itself.

The price of this model is about 5300rub. It is supported by most smartphones, based on the standard Qi. This accessory will certainly charge the iPhone8, iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S9and many other similar devices. Not to mention the presence of strong magnets. They will hold the device strictly in the position that allows it to take the maximum amount of electricity. The maximum accessory gives 5 volts. Nevertheless, even this figure is enough to supply the gadget with current of 2A (the real figure depends on what kind of smartphone is placed on the surface). In the quality of materials for the manufacture of the body here were used plastic and polyurethane – in this respect, nothing unusual about the accessory do not expect. As for its size, the diameter of the site does not exceed 97mm. That makes the Mophie Wireless Charger the smallest one in our ranking.


  • The charging is universal;
  • In the kit has everything you need;
  • The accessory is non-slip, as the smartphone on it;
  • There are magnets in the composition of the product;
  • Easy to take with you – won’t take up much space in your bag or backpack;
  • The cost can not be called a prohibitive;
  • Long life.


  • Fast charging is not compatible with all smartphones;
  • In Russian stores are rare.

Samsung EP-N5100B

Rating: 4.6

<img width="409" alt="Samsung EP-N5100B

GRU” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/22116666194461-58lu.jpg” height=”409″ title=”Samsung EP-N5100B

One of the most affordable wireless chargers among those made by Samsung. It costs from2800 to 4000rub. Just like its more expensive counterpart, this accessory consists of two halves. When unfolded, the product can hold the device in a tilted position. The difference is that it uses a plain plastic, no leather imitation. The color of the accessory can be either white or black. Both look great on your desktop, making it easy to see incoming messages as you do something on your computer.

Despite the low cost, the charging capabilities are almost unlimited. It tries to charge your smartphone with up to 1.9A current. If there is a flagship on the pad, it will charge quickly enough. First of all, the product is designed to work with Samsung Galaxy S9. However, the already traditional Qi technology is used here, so you can expect and charging of some other smartphones, but the process will not be so fast. Perhaps if you are the owner of the South Korean flagship, your choice is predetermined, especially if you do not want to spend a lot of money on wireless charging. For the rest you’d better think about other variants which were considered in our rating. Or at least do not forget to read reviews on the charger, where users write about what kind of smartphones accessory works perfectly.


  • High power;
  • The smartphone can be in two positions;
  • Reasonable price;
  • The pad is rubberized;
  • There is a charge level indication;
  • No strong heating;
  • Long life;
  • Available in many Russian stores.


  • The best design;
  • Charging is not always fast.

Nillkin Magnetic Wireless Charger Car II

Rating: 4.5

Nillkin Magnetic Wireless Charger Car II

The cheapest wireless charger in our rating. In Russian retail for this device ask only 1600-2100rub., Depending on the level of aggressiveness of the particular store. The low cost of the product can be explained by its narrow specialization. The fact that it is actually a car charger. This is alluded to and a special Velcro fastener, thanks to which the accessory stays on the tray, and a cable with a connector for the cigarette lighter. It is interesting, that there is also a clothespin with which the charger is attached to the air conditioner crate.

The product uses powerful magnets, so do not wait for the slipping of your smartphone on the pit. Unfortunately, this is the end of the accessory features. Economy forced the manufacturer to abandon support for fast charging. As for the suitable smartphone, that’s almost all devices with Qi technology. It has been noticed that most often the choice in favor of this wireless charger is made by cab drivers, who need to use the smartphone as a GPS-navigator.


  • One of the few wireless chargers for the car;
  • The device is versatile;
  • The smartphone is almost non-slip;
  • Very low cost;
  • Reliable design;
  • A pair of mounts in the kit;
  • There are in many Russian stores;
  • Not only can be tilted, but the device can be rotated.


  • No support for fast charging.


This is a list of the best wireless chargers available in the Russian market. As you can see, they have different form factor, and the cost of all of these products are markedly different. Now you need to think about the amount of money you are ready to part with, and then you can make a purchase.

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