8 best action-cameras under 10000 rubles

Do you think that video shooting with a smartphone is not the most convenient thing to do? You are absolutely right! It is much easier to use an action camera for this purpose. And it doesn’t cost a fortune to buy. Now you can get a device like this for only 10,000 rubles. And to make no mistake – check out our selection of the best action cameras sold at the above or lower price. In its composition, we focused on customer reviews and reviews of specialized publications, so you will not be disappointed in the purchase.

Best Action Cameras Under 10000 rubles

2Canon IVY Rec Grey10 990 €
3X-TRY XTG330 Smart FHD Wi-Fi Original Black 64 GB7 999 €
4Eken H9R4 690 €
5X-Try EMR XTC1943 961 €
6SJCAM SJ40004 490 €
7Rekam A3102 990 €
8DIGMA DiCam 3002 490 €


Rating: 4.8


This action camera has a familiar form. Available in black or white. On the front panel of the device is placed a large lens, which has a wide angle of view. Here are the LEDs, indicating the current mode. If you turn the camera upside down, you can see the LCD touch screen. It allows you to change settings and watch what is happening in the frame.

Inside this tiny thing is a 14-megapixel sensor. Quite a nice value for a camera that can only shoot in F resolution

    l HD. Such a reserve is necessary to implement electronic image stabilization. With it, the picture practically does not shake, even when shooting with a handheld camera.

    As it is a budget action-camera, there was no place for a particularly powerful processor. As a result the video is recorded at 30 frames per second or less. Even if you reduce the resolution to 720p. But the device has a smart firmware, with lots of features. In particular, the camera is capable of shooting time-lapse, which is useful in many cases. Buyers will be available and photographing, but do not expect to posh image quality – affected by the budget performance optics and the modest size of the sensor.

    The material is saved on a microSD card. Supports a maximum of 128 GB of storage, which is enough. It is pleased that the device has at its disposal Wi-Fi. With its help, you can send photos to your smartphone or use the remote control. Useful if you want to film yourself.

    Despite its low price, the action camera boasts a posh bundle. It comes with a waterproof case, a bike handlebar mount, a flatbed mount, and a few other accessories like a tripod thread adapter. Not surprisingly, that a certain Dmitry on “Yandex.I received the following review in the Marketplace: “An excellent inexpensive camera, optimal for beginners. Can be installed out of the box anywhere. You can pick up a lot of branded and universal accessories. However, there are versions with less rich equipment – they cost even cheaper.


    • The usual form is used;
    • There are two color options;
    • It has a touch screen;
    • There are a large number of settings;
    • Rich equipment;
    • Electronic image stabilization is present;
    • Built-in Wi-Fi module;
    • The weight does not exceed 80g
    • Long battery life.


    • The screen is sensitive to sticking a protective film;
    • Captures the maximum resolution of F
        l HD;
      • Not a very high frame rate.

      Canon IVY Rec Grey

      Rating: 4.7

      Canon IVY Rec Grey

      Japanese company Canon is known for its camcorders and cameras. Recently it has been trying itself in the business of action cameras. Why not?? It has the matrix, the creation of lenses for lenses has also been established a long time ago – all that’s left is to develop a new body. Released by the Japanese device was named Canon IVY Rec Grey.

      This action camera is very different from its competitors. And not just because of its size, which is comparable to a keychain. The device has a very unusual shape, which makes it look like a beer bottle opener. The body here is framed frame, made of metal alloy and has a soft coating. This allows you not to worry about the camera if it falls from a decent height. It also has a replaceable faceplate, held in place by magnets. In the future you can buy panels in other colors – they can be replaced in a few seconds.

      However, the action camera is not bought because of its design. If we talk about video, it is in F resolution

        l HD at 60 fps. A 13 megapixel sensor and 78-degree angle of view lens are responsible for this process. It’s nice that the image is stabilized here, albeit only electronically.

        Will the user have enough of the above parameters? For the most part – yes. It is worth mentioning that the manufacturer took great pains to reduce the size of their device so that it would not get in the way even during extreme shootings. And providing a tiny matrix with a large number of pixels is a bad idea, the picture would get too noisy. Also, the use of such a sensor has reduced the cost of the device, resulting in a 90-gram action camera can buy for only 10 thousand. rubles. To assess the quality of the resulting video you can review the Canon IVY Rec on IXBT.

        The battery capacity of 660 mAh ensures the operation of the device from Canon. It is enough for one hour of video. Interestingly, the action camera can be attached to a belt or backpack strap like a carabiner. And it got its usual tripod socket.


        • IP68 moisture protection is implemented;
        • Can fall from almost any height;
        • Shooting at 60 fps is available;
        • The size turned out to be tiny;
        • There is an electronic image stabilization;
        • It has a remote control via Wi-Fi;
        • There is a tripod socket and carabiner;
        • Not bad photo quality.


        • Maximum resolution – only F
            l HD;
          • Monaural microphone is used;
          • Not a very wide viewing angle.

          X-TRY XTG330 Smart FHD Wi-Fi Original Black 64 GB

          Rating: 4.6


          Do not want to embarrass people around you with your action camera? In this case, you might consider buying the X-TRY XTG330. The thing is that this device is made in the form of sunglasses. Of course, such a solution has a certain disadvantage. In particular, you will find a very tiny lens, placed in the center of the accessory. It can not boast of high light sensitivity, so you have to forget about shooting at dusk or in the evening. Behind the optics is a 1/3-inch CMOS sensor with 8 megapixels. In this regard, the device can be compared to a very cheap smartphone. But shooting with it will certainly cause a lot of attention, while in the X-TRY XTG330, you can recognize the action camera only in the maximum proximity to it.

          Often such devices require the installation of a memory card, and only this model is an exception to the rule – it has already received 64-gigabyte built-in storage. Because it shoots with a low bitrate and F resolution

            l HD, that capacity should be enough for many hours of video. Nice 90 degree viewing angle so you can catch almost anything that happens in front of your eyes in the frame. Disappointing is the frequency – it’s only 30 fps. This means that the X-TRY XTG330 is not suitable for filming action scenes – some tricks, skateboarding and the like. Better to use it for shooting walks around the city and other things that are suitable for normal video blogging.

            As part of the device does not have any screen. This means that it uses a smartphone that connects via Wi-Fi to control it. But the need to change settings is very rare.

            As for the lenses, they are polarizing – no special complaints about their quality. As for the package, which includes a microfiber cloth and a case for storing glasses. You will not find in the box with the glasses the usual battery. The thing is that it is already built into the camera and it can not be replaced. A full charge lasts only 30-40 minutes of video, as confirmed by one customer. And he writes on the “Yandex.Marketplace” the following: “Just a wonder of a thing. Can be used for any sports or outdoor activities where hands free and video recording is needed.


            • Does not require any accessories;
            • Equipped with 64 GB of internal memory;
            • Good viewing angle;
            • It uses good polarizing lenses;
            • The package includes a storage case;
            • Built-in Wi-Fi module;
            • Weight not more than 55g.


            • Records video only in F resolution
              • The video recording frequency is not more than 30 fps;
              • No moisture protection.

              Eken H9R

              Rating: 4.6

              EKEN H9R

              This model is one of the most inexpensive action cameras among those that can write video in 4K resolution. For the baby only ask 5 thousand. RUB! Against this background does not care about the fact that the frequency at maximum resolution will be only 25 fps. In the end you can double it by shooting in F

                l HD (although some buyers argue that the figure is only enhanced by frame duplication).

                The device is available in three colors. If you’re going to shoot extreme sports, we recommend getting the version with yellow body – it’s well visible in the grass and snow.

                The action camera includes a two-inch LCD display on its back. It is with its help the framing and changing of settings. The front side is a home for a lens with an angle of view of 170 degrees. In this regard, the device can be compared to a good DVR – in the frame gets almost everything that happens in front of the camera. Fixing the image here is carried out by a 4-megapixel CMOS-matrix. This parameter is barely enough to implement all the features action camera, so the manufacturer refused to stabilize the image. Also with such a resolution, you should not even think about taking pictures.

                Despite its modest functionality and average video quality, the Eken H9R is in steady demand. And buyers generally leave positive reviews. For example, Alexandra wrote the following in the online store Ozon: “Great budget camera, supports Wi-Fi, there is quite a handy app on the phone. The camera is pretty well time tested – has been on high, in the heat and in the ocean.”. The customer also noticed the rich equipment, which includes an aqua box, many different mounts and even a remote control. And the action-camera surprised long enough to work on a full charge – this is the case in many cases, you can do without additional batteries. More precisely, the battery runs out after about 1 hour and 15 minutes of video.


                • The kit includes everything you need;
                • The weight does not exceed 64 g;
                • Decent battery life;
                • There is a bright LCD display;
                • 4K video recording is available;
                • There are three color options;
                • Built-in Wi-Fi.


                • Average photo quality;
                • There is no image stabilization;
                • Not the best microphone is built in;
                • May not connect to your computer the first time;
                • Low frame rate.

                X-Try EMR XTC194

                Rating: 4.5

                X-Try EMR XTC194

                This action camera exists only in black color variant. It has a familiar shape, so the device can be used with many different mounts designed for GoPro cameras. Since the creation of the device was in every way tried to save money on its front panel housed only the lens and the button to switch the mode. But you can’t do without the LCD screen at all. You should look for it on the back side of the device. It’s nice that the two-inch screen is touch-sensitive – this makes it much easier to change settings. There are also a couple of light indicators – they will tell you about the current mode even when the display is off.

                Despite the modest cost, the camera has a 4K video shooting function. But you should understand that here the process is carried out with a very small CMOS-matrix – its size is 1/3.2 inches. As a result, the picture may seem too noisy. Also do not count on high-speed shooting. At maximum resolution you get 30 frames per second. If you lower it to F

                  l HD, the frame rate goes up to 60 fps.

                  The lens placed here has a viewing angle of 170 degrees. This means that everything that happens right in front of the camera will be caught in the frame. It is interesting that this model has electronic stabilization. Yes, it works noticeably worse than the same feature in devices from DJI and GoPro, but also the cost of the camera – almost ten times less.

                  There are a lot of connectors on the body of this model. HDMI allows you to display the image on a monitor or TV. USB-interface is needed for transferring footage to the computer. It also has a microphone input. What’s more, a plug-and-play microphone with windshield is already included! Waterproof box, remote control and a huge number of other accessories are also waiting for the buyer. Even a network charger is not forgotten!

                  Saving material here is done on a memory card microSD. Another thing to note is the built-in Wi-Fi module. It allows you to engage remote control by installing the appropriate application on your smartphone.

                  You should not expect impressive results from such an inexpensive device. However, most buyers are left with the X-Try EMR XTC194, if not delighted, then with positive emotions. For example, Eugene left the following review in the online store Ozon: “I bought an action camera for my son. Running around with it, happy. You can also use it as a video recorder. Not suitable only for making photos.


                  • 4K video recording is available;
                  • A huge number of accessories in the kit;
                  • Very low cost;
                  • There is a touch screen LCD;
                  • A wide viewing angle;
                  • There is a Wi-Fi module;
                  • There is a microphone input;
                  • Weighs only 58g.


                  • Takes mediocre photos;
                  • The high frame rate is only at 1080p resolution;
                  • Stabilization is implemented frankly bad;
                  • It is better not to shoot in the dark time of the day;
                  • The battery lasts only 40 minutes of video.

                  SJCAM SJ4000

                  Rating: 4.4

                  SJCAM SJ4000

                  It’s a real hit. If an expert is asked about what kind of action camera is worth buying for a conditional 5 thous. If you want to buy a camera for a certain amount of rubles, it is very likely that he will name the SJCAM SJ4000. This device is made in a familiar form factor, so it can be used with a variety of accessories, originally customized for GoPro action cameras. You will also like the nice touch plastic, which is able to withstand quite serious impacts. As for the lens, it uses a typical lens for most inexpensive action cameras, providing a 170-degree angle of view. The light power is far from ideal, so in the dark time of day the device does not show itself in the best way.

                  Inside this tiny device there is a 12 megapixel CMOS-matrix, which size is 1/3 inch. There is no sense to squeeze all the juice out of such a baby. The Chinese manufacturer figured it out. As a result, his creation is only able to shoot video in F resolution

                    HD. The frequency will not exceed 30 fps. Children will be happy with such figures, but adults will want more. However, at such a price, this seems quite logical.

                    To achieve such a low price tag, the manufacturer had to rid the action camera of everything unnecessary. He even did not introduce an electronic image stabilization. He left it only built-in Wi-Fi module. It can be remotely controlled with its help by installing the appropriate app on your smartphone. However, it is often not required, since the back of this action camera is a full-fledged LCD screen. With it, you’ll see exactly what’s in the frame right now.

                    Like other budget action-cameras, SJCAM SJ4000 can not boast a long battery life. Customers say that a full charge lasts for 40 minutes of video. That’s why we recommend getting a couple of extra batteries. Another drawback is well described by Anton Patrushev, who left on Yandex.The following review was published in “Market”: “Weak microphone. The sound is recorded quietly, in the case – you can’t hear anything at all.”.

                    Please note that some online stores deceive the buyer, giving him a incomplete set. The real SJCAM SJ4000 comes with a very large number of accessories. In the box with it should be found and a mount on the handlebars, and aqua box, and charger, and much more.


                    • Low cost;
                    • Rich equipment;
                    • There is a two-inch touchscreen display;
                    • Wireless Wi-Fi is built in;
                    • Comparatively good photo quality;
                    • A wide viewing angle;
                    • Weighs only 46g.


                    • The image is a bit blue;
                    • Poor quality microphone;
                    • It is better not to shoot in the dark;
                    • Low frame rate;
                    • The maximum resolution is F
                        l HD.

                      Rekam A310

                      Rating: 4.3

                      REKAM A310

                      Many modern action cameras have inherited the form factor from American company GoPro devices. The Rekam A310 is no exception to the rule. On the front panel of this device there is a single red button, three light indicators and a lens with an angle of view of the traditional 170 degrees. Somewhere underneath that hides a very small CMOS-matrix. And if you turn it upside down, you can see a two-inch LCD screen. Since it is a touch screen, problems with changing settings and framing definitely will not arise.

                      Despite the very low cost, the action camera is ready to boast the possibility of 4K video recording. But you should understand that a powerful processor is not brought here, so the frequency will not exceed 30 fps. You may also encounter an abundance of digital noise, especially if you start shooting in the dark. Finally, the camera does not get electronic stabilization. This is due to the fact that the device has to read from the entire area of the sensor – no reserve is left.

                      Saving material here is done in the usual way – on the microSD card installed by the buyer. The device is powered by a relatively low-capacity battery. But you are in for a pleasant surprise! The manufacturer has worked hard on the optimization, resulting in a full charge is enough for at least an hour of video. However, time for time is not necessary – some instances are equipped with even a low-capacity battery, so that the operation time is greatly reduced. Therefore, without the purchase of additional batteries can not do.

                      Perhaps the biggest drawback of the Rekam A310 is the fact that it lacks a Wi-Fi module. If you want to take a picture of yourself from a distance, you cannot send commands to the camera from your smartphone.

                      As for the package, in this respect, this model is usually far ahead of the conditional products Sony, GoPro and DJI. In the box you will find absolutely everything you need. You will think about buying additional accessories, if at all, only after a very long time.


                      • The weight of the device does not exceed 61 grams;
                      • Very rich equipment;
                      • Available video recording in 4K resolution;
                      • There is a touch screen display;
                      • A wide viewing angle;
                      • Very low cost.


                      • There is no stabilization;
                      • Writes sound of mediocre quality;
                      • Takes a long time to charge;
                      • Not the best firmware implementation;
                      • It freezes when you try to watch what you’ve shot;
                      • In the dark, it doesn’t do a very good job;
                      • There is no Wi-Fi module.

                      DIGMA DiCam 300

                      Rating: 4.2

                      DIGMA DiCam 300

                      One of the cheapest action-cameras available in the Russian retail. But just a few years ago, it was impossible to imagine that someday this kind of device would cost as little as 3 grand. rubles! And that such a device will be capable of 4K video recording!

                      Yes, this baby does know how to write video in 4K resolution. But get ready to face a number of limitations. First, the resulting video will not exceed 30 fps. Secondly, it uses a very small CMOS sensor, so you will sometimes notice digital noise. Thirdly, you need to forget about filming in low light conditions. This is due at least to the f/3 aperture.

                      DIGMA DiCam 300 will please everyone who does not like the fisheye effect. The thing is that the lens used here has a viewing angle of 120 degrees. But someone will not be happy about it, because something happening in front of the camera can remain out of frame. Luckily you can always keep an eye on the situation with the 2″ LCD screen.

                      As usual, the material is saved on the microSD memory card. More action camera boasts wireless Wi-Fi. This means that you can easily set up a remote control by downloading the appropriate application to your smartphone. The package can be considered as one of the advantages. It will surprise someone a lot, because it includes a helmet mount, thread adapter, bike handlebar mount, waterproof box and many other accessories.

                      It remains to add that the weight of this device is only 56 g. This once again shows how tiny inside the sensor is installed. And the lens seems to be made of plastic, not glass. But at this price this is quite forgivable.


                      • Rich equipment;
                      • There is a touch screen display;
                      • 4K video recording is available;
                      • There is a built-in Wi-Fi module;
                      • Modest Weight;
                      • Very low price.


                      • The battery drains quickly;
                      • High level of digital noise;
                      • It hardly ever shoots in the dark;
                      • A mediocre microphone is built in;
                      • Low frame rate;
                      • No image stabilization.


                      This is the list of the best action cameras sold for 10k. rubles or slightly more expensive. As you might have noticed, they all have certain drawbacks. However, they can be quite tolerated. Especially if you are not going to make money on YouTube.

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