7 best televisions for PS4

*Editor’s review of the best. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Need to speak to an expert before you buy.

For that part of the keen gamers who prefer a gaming PC to special consoles, an important issue is choosing the best TV to get the most out of the game. Technically, you can play on PS4, Xbox, or any other console connected to any TV – it only takes the right interface. However, there are still minimum requirements, and to reveal all the features you need a very advanced model with specific and not always obvious features.

The editorial staff of Expertology presents you a review of the best, according to our experts, TVs for playing the Playstation 4 made by Sony in 2019.

How to choose a TV for the PS4

To begin with, let us remind you of the main criteria and technical parameters of the TV, which can be of serious importance for a full-fledged game on PS4.


The most notable characteristic of the TV in every way. At first glance, it would seem that the principle “the more, the better” applies here, but it’s not quite so.

Much depends on the size of the room where you intend to install the TV for PS4, that is, the expected distance from the TV to the player. If this distance is 2-3 meters, then a diagonal of about 50 inches may be enough. The greater this distance, the greater will be the minimum recommended diagonal. Opinions on this matter vary greatly, but our experts base their conclusions on the impressions and preferences of the vast majority of surveyed active players.

As for the maximum – here it is a question of personal perception and the size of the wallet, because the diagonal very often directly correlates with the price of TV. But it is desirable to understand that the large diagonal in combination with not the most outstanding resolution, and even at close range – inevitably will give the effect of differentiating individual pixels, and this is a big minus. So a larger diagonal must be backed up by a higher resolution.


The most important parameter, which can eclipse the importance of even the previous point. Just recently we could say that a comfortable minimum resolution for gaming is F

    lHD 1920×1080. Actually this resolution is actual even now in spite of the fact that 4K is coming on all fronts.

    However, you should use this benchmark when you just want to know if your current TV will be suitable for the new set-top box. If you are going to buy a TV, you almost certainly need to choose a 4K resolution at least “for growth”, because in the very near future 4K will very much squeeze the F

      lHD. 4K TVs are only getting cheaper lately, and at quite a rapid pace.

      Separately it is worth mentioning that for PS4 S

    • m 4K television may turn out to be surplus – the set-top box may simply not pull the load, and the picture itself will be far from flawless due to its blurring.

      Matrix type

      Behind these two simple words there is a whole complex of parameters, which implies a particular type of matrix. There are three types on the market today: IPS, *VA, and TN.

      IPS matrices demonstrate the best color rendering and the largest viewing angles (178 degrees horizontally and vertically). Abbreviations SFT, PLS, IGZO and AHVA are the same IPS technology, but with different modifications. In the top three most common matrices IPS is the most expensive. Can be considered as a universal option.

      TN-matrixes are almost the exact opposite of IPS in terms of viewing angles. Here they leave much to be desired, to put it mildly. Some of the advantages of TN are a little bit better contrast, more “real” blacks and faster response time. Plus TN matrices are much cheaper than IPS. Taking the above into account, a TV with such a matrix is quite suitable for playing on PS4, but only if you are supposed to play alone and the TV will be in the direct line of sight of the player. Two players will already notice significant distortions, and a company of fans will not see much at all.

      *VA-matrixes and their variants like MVA and PVA are better than TN but worse than IPS mainly because of the same viewing angles. IPS also wins in color rendering. In rendering HDR colors the two technologies are almost equal. Where the *VA leaves the IPS far behind is in contrast, with many times better performance.

      For completeness we should mention that there are also OLED matrixes, which gradually and surely enter the market. This technology is already far from all the described ones and maybe the future belongs to it. We still have some questions regarding OLED, and it makes sense to consider TV sets for the price of an apartment in a small town in a different topic. But our experts made one exception.

      Other parameters

      The following features can be considered recommended, but the lack of any of them does not have to affect the quality of your time significantly. You can be guided by your own preferences and financial capabilities.

      Barely the most important indicator of the “not the most important” is support for extended range HDR. The essence of the function, quite simply, is to display a more expressive picture by using extreme brightness settings. In order to get HDR in its pure form the matrix has to be 10-bit. 8-bit TVs and monitors use HDR emulation with specially created technology, and on such models, too, in giant letters indicate HDR support.

      Signal delay or Input lag means exactly that, the speed at which the signal from the game console is processed by the TV. The optimal value is considered to be in the range of 10 to 40 msec.

      The maximum screen refresh rate in LCD TVs for the most part is 60Hz, and this may be quite enough for normal gaming. But if there is a desire to achieve the highest possible smoothness of the movements of characters and the environment on the screen, then you need to pick up a TV with a frame rate of 100 or 120Hz.

      The TV set has to contain an interface for connecting a set-top box – this is, oddly enough, not obvious to everyone. HDMI interface is enough in most cases.

      Best TVs for PS4

      Nominationplaceproduct namePrice
      The best TVs for PS4 in terms of price to performance ratio1Digma DM-LED50U403BS2S 50″19 990€


    • ps 50PUT6023 50″
    • 21 850€
      3LG 43UK6450 42.5″26 230€
      4Sony KD-43XF7005 42.5″37 390€
      5Samsung UE58NU7100U 58″37 630€
      TVs for PS4 premium1Samsung UE75NU8000U108 500€
      2Sony KD-65AF8 64.5″175 700€

      The material is based on analysis of data from the resource.

      Best TVs for PS4 in terms of price to performance ratio

      In the first and most voluminous selection of models we will look at five TVs Expertology has proposed as the best for the game on the console PS4. Individual reviews are posted in ascending order of features and cost for each specific model.

      Digma DM-LED50U403BS2S 50″

      Rating: 4.8

      Digma DM-LED50U403BS2S 50

      The first in this selection is the most inexpensive TV in the review, which has everything you need and almost everything recommended for a comfortable game on PS4. DIGMA brand is known for its inexpensive electronics quite decent quality. The origin of the brand is presumably Russian, since the main market – Russia and the CIS countries.

      This is a TV for the game on the PS4 with a conditional minimum diagonal of 50″. The model was introduced to the public in 2018. Recall – no one forbids to connect the console and a smaller TV, and then will be mentioned models including models with a slightly smaller screen size, but more interesting characteristics.

      The TV at this diagonal size – 1131x663x69mm without stand. The stand does not affect the dimensions too much – 1131x716x256mm. The net weight of the device is 11.4kg, the stand will add another 200g. There is a wall mount 400×200mm.

      As for resolution, this model, even being the cheapest in the review, pleases with a maximum of 4K 3840×2160. The type of matrix is not underlined by the manufacturer, but the viewing angle of 178 degrees hints directly that it is IPS or any variation based on this technology. The refresh rate is the most ordinary – 60Hz.

      The display capability of this model is quite remarkable in some places. With a pretty decent brightness of 330 cd per square meter. The contrast ratio is truly outstanding 5000:1, and it’s not dynamic, but physical. Pixel response time – 9ms, progressive scan.

      What else might be important for gaming on PS4 is the presence of two 10W speakers each with surround sound support. Not a bad express option, but a sophisticated player will need a separate, more powerful and advanced system for full immersion. And simple built-in solutions like this are present in every television and we will not dwell on them further on.

      You can connect the set-top box to your TV using any of the three HDMI inputs. This model also features two USB ports, AV, Ethernet (RJ-45) and wireless connectivity via Wi-Fi.

      SmartTV function here is based on Android. The device supports 24p technology

      ue Cinema, TimeShift, DLNA, video recording on an external USB-drive.

      This model is one of the most successful in terms of price, quality and functionality. The only thing you’ll find fault with the TV is the lack of HDR support, even 8-bit emulation. However, taking into consideration the price, the disadvantages are compensated considerably.


      • 4K resolution;
      • Inexpensive but high quality matrix;
      • fast response;
      • Exceptional contrast;
      • protection against children;
      • reasonable price.


      • Does not support HDR.


    • ps 50PUT6023 50″
    • Rating: 4.7

      Philips 50PUT6023 50

      Now let’s look at a TV set with almost the same characteristics and almost the same price but with a more “convincing” brand – Philips. In some places this model even loses out to the above-described, but those to whom the brand inspires more confidence, should take a closer look. Like its predecessor, this TV was introduced in 2018.

      The diagonal size here is also 50 inches. The dimensions of the device itself are 1126x655x83mm and with the stand 1126x716x240mm.3kg. The resolution here is also 4K 3840×2160, the type of matrix is not particularly remarkable, but experts say that this model uses VA – a good compromise between cheap TN and expensive IPS. Viewing angles, at least here, the maximum – 178 degrees, and that’s the main thing.

      The brightness is comparable to the previous model, the contrast is significantly inferior but the picture is of high quality all the same. The frame rate is 50Hz.

      Three HDMI ports, one VGA, AV, MHL and two USB ports are used to connect the set-top box and other peripherals. There is a coaxial output. One HDMI and one USB port on the front panel. There are useful extra features like sleep timer, light sensor, 24p support

      ue Cinema.

      Perfect as a monitor for playing PS4 game. Many people use it as a computer monitor, and reviews of its work in this role are very positive. What in this model is a little bit “pumped up” are the features that make a TV a TV, especially the software.


      • 4K resolution;
      • high quality picture;
      • correct color reproduction;
      • lightweight;
      • reasonable price.


      • user complaints about the regular software.

      LG 43UK6450 42.5″

      Rating: 4.6

      LG 43UK6450 42.5

      Now let’s look at one of the most successful LG TV models in this price range. With a slightly smaller diagonal than in the previous two cases – 42.5″, here we see a wider functionality, high performance and interesting additional features. The year of release is 2018.

      TV dimensions – 977x575x81mm, with stand – 977x636x224mm. Net weight with stand is 9.3kg, without – 8.3kg. The matrix – high-quality IPS with 4K resolution 3840×2160 with Direct LED backlight. And this model finally already has HDR10 support in its budget variant, an 8-bit matrix, plus FRC modeling technology.

      The TV is capable of displaying a picture with brightness up to 350 cd. at qv. Meter, 1300:1 contrast ratio. Frame rate – 50Hz with progressive scan. Viewing angles – 178 degrees. Pixel response time is 9 msec.

      You can use any of the three available HDMI ports to connect your console. Other devices can be connected via USB ports (2 pcs.). Wireless communication is organized through radio modules Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

      In this modification implemented a lot of useful things that can be useful when using the TV for its intended purpose, not just for playing PS4. So, here we have web OS based SmartTV, Miracast, 24pTrueCinema support, DLNA, 4Gb of internal memory, children access lock, sleep timer, technology support

      100Hz uMotion, voice control.


      • quality matrix;
      • Direct LED backlighting;
      • HDR support;
      • additional useful features and enhancement technology support;
      • Wide functionality in general;
      • voice control.


      • Unsystematic user complaints about build quality.

      Sony KD-43XF7005 42.5″

      Rating: 4.6

      SONY KD-43XF7005 42.5

      Next up in this selection of Expertology’s review of the best PS4 game console TVs is a model whose manufacturer needs no introduction. It’s Sony with all the baggage and achievements. This TV set is noticeably, by a third, more expensive than all the previous ones, but it has every right to be. Like its predecessors, this model was introduced in 2018.

      At a diagonal of 42.The 5″ TV size is 970x630x279mm with the stand and 970x571x58mm without. Weight, respectively – 10.4 i 9.8kg. Consume 100 W of electricity.

      The resolution and HDR support is exactly the same as in the previous model. However, there is a significant difference in contrast, as here it is 3300:1, and it is surpassed in this indicator only by the first model in the list manufactured by Digma. The backlight is not the most perfect Edge LED – but for the game, this parameter is not critical, and technology Local Dimming adds uniformity. The brightness is quite decent – 350 cd per square meter. meter. Viewing angles – the maximum possible, that is, 178 degrees. The refresh rate of the screen is 50Hz.

      For different connections, including PS4 console, there are the following interfaces: three HDMI inputs, three USB, one AV, headphone output, optical, network wired interface with RJ-45 connector, wireless Wi-Fi 802.11n.

      This model also features a number of advanced technologies: wireless content transfer from a wearable gadget to your TV WiDi, as well as Miracast, Smart TV based on

    • nux, teletext, FM radio, 24p
      ue Cinema, DLNA, video recording to external drives via USB, TimeShift function. Sleep timer, child lock, support Motionflow™ XR 200 Hz.


      • brand;
      • picture quality
      • 4K resolution;
      • HDR support;
      • wireless data transfer;
      • A number of enhancement technologies.


      • Complaints about poor built-in sound.

      Samsung UE58NU7100U 58″

      Rating: 4.6

      Samsung UE58NU7100U 58

      Completes the first selection of the best TVs for PS4 according to Expertology representative of the Samsung family of electronics. Here we see all the good things of previous models, but also on a bigger screen. The release year of this model is the same 2018.

      So, in this example, we see a noticeably larger diagonal – 58″. This fact has a direct impact on the size of the TV – 1301x757x60mm without stand and the weight – 20.2kg. Uses up to 160W of power.

      The picture pleases with sharpness and correct color rendering. Resolution – 4K 3840×2160, backlight – Edge LED with local dimming. There is support for HDR10. The maximum frame rate of 100Hz with progressive scan is also praiseworthy.

      Three HDMI ports, two USB, component, AV, wireless Wi-Fi 802.11n, RJ-45 wired network port, optical output.

      Of other features in this model is implemented Smart TV technology based on Tizen, as well as Miracast, 24p

      ue Cinema, DLNA, light sensor, sleep timer, child access lock controls, Picture Qua enhancement technology
    • ty Index 1300 Hz.

      One disadvantage of this model is the lack of DTS support, which significantly limits the number of modern 4K movies in which the TV will be able to recognize sound. However, for PS4 gaming, this circumstance does not harm anything.


      • large diagonal;
      • high frame rate;
      • high-quality picture;
      • HDR10 support;
      • 4K resolution.


      • No DTS support.

      Premium TVs for PS4

      The second mini-set in Expertology’s review of the best TVs for PS4 2019 includes only two models, but the premium category is by definition not mass. Our experts have picked up two expensive solutions, which are still the top of multimedia technologies, available to the consumer.

      Samsung UE75NU8000U

      Rating: 4.9

      SAMSUNG UE75NU8000U

      When first acquainted with this model, two things immediately catch your eye – a large diagonal and a very “invigorating” price. The rest of the features require a closer look, and there are definitely a lot to pay attention to. Released in 2018.

      So, the size of the screen in the diagonal here – 74.5″ or 189cm. Appropriate dimensions: 1674x1041x369mm with stand and 1674x964x58mm without; net weight – 39.6kg with a stand and 36kg without. It consumes up to 255W of power.

      The characteristics of the matrix and image in this model is almost identical to the previous one, but here we should remember the impressive size of the screen, which justify the cost. Matrix resolution – 4K 3840×2160, HDR support, Edge LED backlight with local dimming. The frame rate is 100Hz with progressive scan.

      This model has on board a very remarkable sound system that is worthy of special mention. Here it is two 10W stereo speakers each plus a 20W subwoofer. Supports surround sound.

      You can use one of the four available HDMI interfaces to connect your game console. For other peripherals are two USB ports, a network port, Wi-Fi 802.0 and 802.0 radios.11ac and Bluetooth. There is an optical output.

      Of the additional features in this model are: Tizen-based Smart TV, DLNA, 24p

      ue Cinema, USB video recording, 24pue Cinema, Picture-in-Picture, TimeShift, sleep timer, child protection, light sensor, Picture Qua
    • ty Index 2500Hz.

      Unfortunately, for all the outstanding features of this TV, it has exactly the same lack of DTS support as the previous model. But then again, it doesn’t matter for the PS4.


      • large diagonal;
      • quality image;
      • 4K resolution;
      • high frequency;
      • built-in audio system with subwoofer.


      • no DTS support.

      Sony KD-65AF8 64.5″

      Rating: 4.8

      Sony KD-65AF8 64.5

      Completes the review of the best TVs for PS4 in 2019 according to Expertology model, which is one of the embodiments of the most progressive engineering ideas and brilliant technological implementation. The price of the TV is even higher than the previous one, but it is, after all, OLED, and it has to be reckoned with.

      First let us briefly describe the fundamental difference of this TV from any other in our review. This is the technology by which the matrix is made. Here it is OLED – the most advanced at the moment, able to really work wonders in terms of image reproduction. The essence of the technology is the use of organic light-emitting diodes to form an image. If the liquid crystal (TFT) screens use LED backlighting to make the image visible, the OLED-systems is essentially a LED every pixel. Experts are unanimous in the opinion that this technology is the future, and as soon as OLED-TVs and monitors will become cheaper, they will dominate the market.

      As for the physical characteristics of this model, the situation is as follows. With a diagonal of 64.The 5″ TV measures 1447x841x255mm with the stand and 1447x836x55mm without. Net weight with stand – 28kg and 24.4kg – no. It consumes up to 501W of power.

      This TV’s matrix resolution is the expected 4K 3840×2160 with HDR10 and Dolby Vision support. Screen frequency – 100Hz with progressive scan. Brightness here leaves far behind any neighboring model – 500 cd. on qv. the meter. Viewing angles – maximum, 178 degrees.

      The audio system is also noteworthy, just like the previous one. Total power – 50W, of which 40 accounts for 4 speakers and 10 – a separate subwoofer.

      All connection interfaces here are exactly the same as on the Samsung TV described above, only the USB ports are as many as three. Smart TV is based on Android. Expanded internal memory up to 16GB.


        1. ED matrix technology;
        2. impeccable image;
        3. Unique brightness and saturation, typical only for OLED;
        4. quality audio system;
        5. Lots of interfaces;
        6. 16GB internal memory.


      • not found.
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