16 best headphones for computer

*Editor’s review of the best. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and does not constitute a buying guide. You will need specialist advice before you buy.

Headphones are classified by many key characteristics – form factor, closed or open type, wired or wireless, etc. d. But there is a conditional category, which can include a variety of types. We are talking about headphones for computers, or as they are called – computer headsets.

What are the main differences between headphones for the computer

A key feature of headphones for the computer is the mandatory presence of a microphone, with the option of switching off and possibly adjusting the position. This requirement is relevant, since the headset is used mainly to communicate via Skype and its analogues, recording content for social networks and video sharing, voice control through assistants like Alice from Yandex.

In addition, computer headphones can be connected, depending on the decision of the manufacturer not through a standard jack 3.5 mm “mini-jack”, but through the USB port. In some cases, the manufacturer adds proprietary software that gives you a significant expansion of functionality.

The editorial staff of the online magazine Expertology, together with the analysts of the RankQua service

  • , presents you an expanded selection of headphones for computers, which our experts have recognized as the best according to the results of an in-depth study. Here we look specifically computer headsets, which means that the review does not include miniature in-ear headphones and in-channel, as it is still more a mobile format. And we also did not consider the studio headphones-monitors are prohibitive prices and generally another topic.

    Best headphones for computer

    Nominationplaceproduct nameprice
    Best budget headphones for computer1Sennheiser PC 3 CHAT1 500 €
    2CROWN MICRO CMGH-212 100 €
    3SVEN AP-G988MV2 450 €
    4Sennheiser PC 8 USB2 500 €
    The best mid-priced headphones for the computer1ASUS Cerberus V24 000 €
    2SteelSeries Arctis 3 2019 Edition6 000 €
    3HyperX Cloud Alpha S10 000 €
    4SteelSeries Arctis 5 2019 Edition7 750 €
    The best headphones for your computer1ASUS ROG Delta Type-C13 500 €
    2SteelSeries Arctis 7 2019 Edition13 600 €
    3HyperX Cloud Orbit26 000 €
    4Beyerdynamic MMX 300 (2. Generation)26 000 €
    Best wireless headphones for computer1SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless9 000 €
    2Corsair HS70 Wireless Gaming Headset11 550 €
    a Evolve 75 MS Stereo
    20 000 €
    4SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless (61473)34 000 €

    Best budget headphones for your computer

    Let’s start traditionally with a selection of the most affordable options, relevant and popular in the autumn of 2020. Our experts did not take into consideration absolutely cheap variants because it is objectively difficult to find models which can be called even good, not to mention the best ones. But even in this extremely affordable price category you can see the well-known brands.

    Sennheiser PC 3 CHAT

    Rating: 4.7


    The first position in the selection of budget headphones for computer can cause a slight cognitive dissonance because of the combination of extremely affordable price and the legendary German brand Sennheiser. But there is no catch, the manufacturer really produces such inexpensive and at the same time high-quality models.

    Sennheiser PC 3 CHAT – is an expanded version of another series Sennheiser PC 2, which was designed almost exclusively for call center operators, because it was equipped with only one ear cup and microphone. In the third generation model received a second earpiece, weighing only 22 grams. Total weight 77g.

    These are compact overhead headphones of the open type. The wording CHAT in the name hints at the most appropriate sphere of usage – for online chatting. This format is sufficient for Skype calls, any other negotiations, as well as for undemanding players of online games to communicate with the team and “intellectual disputes” with virtual opponents. And for listening to music, it would be wise to consider another model.

    Let’s go over the main technical characteristics. The headphones reproduce the sound in the frequency range from 42 to 17 thousand. Hertz. The microphone detects vibrations from 90 to 15 thousand. Hertz. Impedance of the headphones – 32 ohms, microphone – 2 kOhm. SPL, reflecting the sound pressure level – 95 dB. The microphone is directional and its position is fixed. In this, users see the main drawback, although this is not a flaw, but a solution provided in advance.

    The headphones are wired through a rather long 2-meter long cable. At the end of two plugs 3.5 mm “mini jack” – for the headphones and separately for the microphone.

    The overall conclusion of this model as a whole is almost exclusively positive. Of course, you should not expect from the Sennheiser PC 3 Chat superpowers, because they were not originally foreseen. There is not even a volume control, and although many people do not like it, we did not write it down in the disadvantages.

    The fixed headset still deserves criticism. Its directional action in the context of a potential application is more of a good thing than a bad thing. But here the firm fastening inevitably draws sound “artifacts” at the slightest touch. If you avoid direct touch, the recording will have more than acceptable quality and moderate noise, which can be easily cut out with a simple specialized program.


    • The illustrious German brand;
    • decent quality;
    • exceptional reliability;
    • Moderate recording noise;
    • two-year warranty;
    • The most affordable price against a prominent brand.


    • Strictly fixed position of the microphone, causing “artifacts” when you touch.


    Rating: 4.6


    Now let’s pay attention to another type of headphones which are not more expensive than the previous ones, but they are full-sized and designed in gamer style. The affordable price is due to the fact that the CROWN brand is purely Chinese. However, in this case it is not synonymous with poor quality. The headphones show very decent characteristics, and the low price is explained by the specifics of the Chinese mass production and the absence of the factor of overpayment for the brand.

    Here almost everything mentioned in the description will concern not only CMGH-21, but also the younger and cheaper model CMGH-20. The only difference is that the CMGH-21 has some bonus features like “3D Sound” that more accurately localizes the sound source and its volume. So if you plan to gamble a lot, choose CMGH-21, but if not – CMGH-20 will be enough. Plus, the older version has a different type of connection, but otherwise the models are completely identical.

    The headphone body is made of very high quality plastic, the main color motif – black. Colored inserts vary and are designated in the nomenclature by the last pair of digits. For example, CMGH-2101 has blue decorations and CMGH-2103 has orange ones in five colors to choose from. Bowls are full-size with comfortable ear cushions. Mounted headphones, like almost all full-size models with a headband with adjustable. The headband is a reliable, metal. The backlighting is nice and can be switched off if you want.

    The CMGH-21 series headphones are plugged in through the cable with USB plug, and the CMGH-21 series – through the usual plug 3.5 mm “mini-jack” duplex of two plugs for speaker and microphone. Cable length – as much as 3.The headband has a circumference of two meters, and it is made with a surprisingly solid, reinforced fabric braid.

    Let’s take a look at the key features in terms of sound. Diameter of the speakers – 50 mm each. This is a lot, and the sound is reflected in the best way. The frequency capability of the headphones to playback – from 20 to 20 thousand. Hertz. Impedance – up to 32 ohms. The maximum output power is 40 mW. Passive noise cancelling microphone. Sensitivity – 40dB with an error of ± 3dB.

    To make a brief conclusion we can say that CMGH-21 is enough and even enough redundant for communication, shows good results for its level in games, shows good results when watching movies with multi-channel sound. For listening to music it can be suitable only for users with not too high demands – the bass, of course, impressive, but the detail is very mediocre.


    • decent build quality;
    • Attractive design in a gaming style;
    • a nice decorative backlight (can be switched off);
    • The cable is in a fabric braid;
    • The cable length is 3 meters;
    • The “3D sound” function in the CMGH-21.


    • the ear cushions do not “breathe”, it is hot for the ears.

    SVEN AP-G988MV

    Rating: 4.5

    SVEN AP-G988MV

    The third model in the budget review of the best headphones for PC according to Expertology represents SVEN brand with Swedish roots, which is well-known to Russian users. The headset is positioned by the manufacturer as a gaming headset, and with some reservations for unpretentious gameplay may well suit.

    These are full-size headphones with large cups that completely cover your ears. The dimensions are an allusion to the large diaphragms, which are the same as in the previous model – 50 mm in diameter. The materials are of good quality for such a class, and the design is even excellent: the combination of basic deep black color with blood-red design elements. The whole construction weighs 300 g, which means that the headphones are lightweight, and even very light for such a form factor.

    Let’s list out the key technical specifications. The headphones reproduces tones in the range of frequencies from 30 to 16 thousand. Hertz. Sensitivity – 108dB at 32 ohms. The microphone mount is movable. The coverage of frequencies by microphone is from 30 to 16 thousand. Hertz with -58 dB sensitivity. The microphone can be switched off physically by one click. Acoustic enclosure.

    The headphones are attached in the traditional way for this form factor – with a headband. The connection is wired one-way. Main cable length – 1.2 meters, which is clearly not enough, but the kit comes with an extension cable for another meter. Nevertheless, even this overall length is not long enough for many users, especially for those who prefer to play through the connection to the TV, sitting on the sofa at a considerable distance.

    Separately, it is also worth mentioning a point about the connection. The plug here is for the connector 3.5 mm “mini-jack”, but, importantly, 4-pin, which means that the signal goes through it both to the headphones and the microphone. Such Combo jacks are used in portable gadgets and in most laptops. If you need to connect headphones to the PC, then in the vast majority of cases, there will be two jacks – for headphones and microphone separately. The manufacturer has considered this point and added an adapter from one 4-pin plug to two 3-pin.

    In performance this model is very decent, providing clear and expressive sound with good detail and juicy bass. If you plan to mostly play them, it makes sense to use special “enhancers” like Razer surround for greater effect.


    • Decent build quality;
    • comfortable fit;
    • You can mute the microphone with one move;
    • Quite high-quality sound with good detail;
    • cloth braided cable;
    • compatible with mobile devices by jack type;
    • impressive design.


    • Acrid smell immediately after unpacking, wears off over time;
    • Short cable even with standard extension cord.

    Sennheiser PC 8 USB

    Rating: 4.4


    Another headset of the legendary German brand Sennheiser completes the selection of the most inexpensive but quality headphones for computer. Produced in China, but this fact has long been unquestioned by users of any electronics. This headset is more expensive than the above-described Sennheiser PC 3 CHAT, but not too much, and the characteristics are far ahead of it. The model is overhead type, and therefore optimal for those for whom full-size headphones are redundant.

    Bowls headphones and membranes are larger, and therefore the sound will be more “juicy” with greater audible coverage of frequencies. Weighs a little more, but almost imperceptibly – 84g vs. 77g. The microphone is very different – here it is omnidirectional and its position can be adjusted in steps, up to a completely vertical position, when the headband is in line with the headband. Connection to the computer is no longer through a duplex 3.5 mm, and via USB. The cable length is the same – 2 meters. The cable connection to the headphones is two-way.

    The sound characteristics of the model are as follows. Full frequency coverage with headphones from 42,000 to 17,000. Hertz. The sensitivity is 95 dB. Resistance is 32 ohms. The microphone, in turn, is able to detect vibrations within the range of 90 to 15 thousand dB. Hertz. Its sensitivity is rated as -40dB. Here, in contrast to Sennheiser PC 3 CHAT already has a microphone control on the headphones themselves without the tedious and often highly inappropriate management tools of the OS or third-party software. The same way you can adjust the volume through the regulator on the cord itself – the younger model was deprived of such an opportunity.

    The overall conclusion on this model is strictly positive for those who prefer this compact size and overhead form factor. Headphones are very lightweight, well thought out in terms of ergonomics – you can not take them off for long hours, almost without feeling, not to mention any discomfort. There is not the slightest question to the quality of materials and assembly – here Sennheiser, as always, is on top. Hence, the famous durability of products of the German brand, and two years of warranty to that at least indirect evidence. Some users reject the connection via USB, and it’s not even a matter of taste, so this type of connection in this case with a great stretch can be considered a drawback, if only not to ignore the objective feedback.


    • The legendary German brand;
    • Exceptional quality;
    • durability;
    • Comfortable fit for extended wear;
    • microphone control;
    • microphone noise cancellation;
    • volume control on the wire;
    • two years warranty.


    • Not everyone likes the USB connection.

    The best headphones in the mid-range price for the computer

    Let’s move one step up into the conditional middle class of computer headsets, and consider a selection of models in the medium price range. Here, too, we will see very sonorous names and markedly higher characteristics.

    ASUS Cerberus V2

    Rating: 4.9

    ASUS Cerberus V2

    Let’s start directly with the brand name, which does not need a special introduction. ASUS has long gone beyond just computer “hardware”, and produces striking examples of quality peripherals. For the price Cerberus V2 model balances between medium and budget segments, and on the Russian online shopping sites you can see a very large price range. However, our experts have still decided that this model is a middle range one.

    Although in this model manufacturer does not emphasize gaming specialization with iconic acronym ROG (Repub)

  • The look and the expressive design elements hint unambiguously that these are headphones for gamers. There are four color theme options in the range – black, blue, red, green.

    No questions about the quality of materials and workmanship – all assembled solid and reliable, in the hands of headphones feel like a solid device. Ear cushions are very soft, your ears literally sink into them, but the headphones themselves are relatively heavy – 344 g, and especially sensitive people can be difficult to keep them on your ears for hours on end. But it’s too individual to be universal.

    Let’s review the technical data regarding the sound characteristics. The range of playable frequencies is one of the most common – from 20 to 20 thousand. Hz. The impedance of the headphones is also average – 32 ohms. The speakers are large – 53 mm in diameter on neodymium magnets.

    The range of frequencies of sound vibrations, detected by microphone – from 50 to 10 000. Hz. Directional microphone, but with a movable attachment, and even detachable – it connects together with a flexible shackle using a fixed plug 3.5 mm. Microphone sensitivity -40dB.

    And now for the surprise. In the previous paragraph we talked only about the main microphone. And in this model there are two! The additional microphone is in a compact module on the cord itself, as is often the case with mobile headphones. by the way, by connection type (4-pin mini-jack) ASUS Cerberus V2 are compatible with mobile devices, and when connecting to a PC, where you need a duplex of two plugs, you can use the complete adapter, which at the same time and will serve as an extension cord for 1 meter.

    All in all, these headphones are great for networking and gaming. Bass here is juicy and weighty, quite decent midrange, but the highs look cut off to many users and independent testers. Therefore, they are quite suitable for listening to music on the computer, but not for the most sophisticated audiophiles.


    • Brand;
    • overall quality;
    • Very comfortable ear cushions;
    • Compatibility with mobile devices;
    • Two microphones – the main one on the headband and an additional one on the cord;
    • Neodymium magnets;
    • detachable main microphone;
    • Not a bad noise reduction at the microphone;
    • extension cord with duplex 3.5 mm “mini-jack” included;
    • attractive design.


    • are quite heavy;
    • Questionable suitability for audiophiles.

    SteelSeries Arctis 3 2019 Edition

    Rating: 4.8


    The second in this part of the review of the best headphones for computer will be a headset of the Danish brand SteelSeries. these are full size headphones too, and of course they are positioned as gaming headphones. However, to be fair it must be said that this model looks more serious than the previous one and costs more, and deservedly so.

    Although the headset is catalogued as a gaming headset, but its design is restrained in a Scandinavian way – just two color themes – white and black. But the headphones look solid, and the first surface tests only strengthen the positive impression. Unlike the previous model, here the Danes managed to reach almost impossible compromise when the massive full-size headphones do not cause any discomfort, and in addition still manage to provide at least some ventilation.

    Technical parameters in the form of dry numbers look pretty ordinary. Coverage of the frequency range of the headphone – from 20 to 20 thousand. Hz. Sensitivity – 98 dB. Impedance is “standard” for this form factor and class – 32 ohms. Directional, noise-canceling microphone, moving mount. Recognizable frequency range – from 100 to 10k. Hz. Sensitivity – 48 dB. There is an on/off button.

    The size of speaker membranes here is smaller than in the above full-sized headphones – 40 mm, but it is still more than enough, and, all other things being equal, the sound quality in this model will definitely handicap many competitors. In any case, adaptation for multichannel sound 7.1 by Windows Sonic technology speaks volumes.

    A significant plus to the SteelSeries Arctis 3 2019 Edition ergonomics – one-way cable connection. The cable itself is long – 3 meters. In terms of connection type, the headset is compatible with mobile devices and laptops (4-pin 3.5 mm mini-jack), and with the included adapter for two 3-pin plugs, you can connect to a desktop PC sound card. Gold-plated plugs, which means a more reliable connection and minimizes the risk of rattling and sound loss, plus more evidence of high-tech quality.

    With all the undeniable merits of this headset, we must admit that the microphone is still not well designed. There is a small but noticeable percentage of users, noting its hypersensitivity in a bad way. Noise cancellation “lives its life” and you have to resort to third-party software to eliminate sound artifacts.


    • high quality manufacturing;
    • microphone on/off button;
    • Movable microphone socket;
    • ventilation of the ear cushions;
    • One-way cable connection;
    • Long cable – 3 meters;
    • Gold-plated connectors;
    • stylish and solid appearance.


    • flawless microphone.

    HyperX Cloud Alpha S

    Rating: 4.7

    HyperX Cloud Alpha S

    Now let’s take a look at the headphones, produced under the HyperX brand. At first glance it may seem that this is just another up-and-coming Chinese brand, but in fact HyperX is a division of the American company Kingston, which is familiar to almost everyone.

    The Cloud Alpha S model is a full-size headset, of course, positioned by the manufacturer as a gaming headset. Truly, there is no artifice here, and for gaming the headset is more than suitable. The price is noticeably higher than the above-mentioned SteelSeries offering, and the dry performance figures do not seem exceptional at first glance. Understanding the real quality and benefits comes if you start using the headphones.

    The frequency range of this model is noticeably wider than all previous models – from 13 to 27 thousand Hz. The human ear can perceive sound vibrations up to a maximum of 20,000 Hz. Hz, and here we see some redundancy. In fact, this step beyond the limits of human capabilities is fully justified – with such coverage with some reserve, audible high frequencies are reproduced more confidently. The same can be said about the lower range – the bass here sounds especially rich and weighty.

    The impedance of this model is twice as high as most of the full-size ones described above – 65 ohms. Sensitivity is high – 99dB. The microphone detects vibrations in the frequency range from 50 to 18 thousand. Hz at -38 dB sensitivity. The microphone itself is high-quality, condenser-electret. The mount is movable, there is a button to turn it off, if you want you can disconnect it at all. The principle of action – directional.

    The ergonomics of this model is excellent. The quality of materials and high-tech filling, plus the form factor itself does not allow the headphones to be very light, and their 320g weight of some users will really feel. So the manufacturer minimized the load by using unusually soft and comfortable ear cushions with “memory effect”.

    Perhaps most noteworthy is the ability to adjust the bass mechanically. On the back of the bowls there is a device for adjusting the degree of openness. In fact, we’re talking about analog phase-inverters, which can be in three positions: fully open – maximum bass, fully closed – minimum bass, and the middle position.


    • The manufacturer is a division of Kingston;
    • High production quality;
    • Comfortable, soft ear cushions with “memory effect”;
    • sensitive microphone;
    • Movable microphone mount with detachability;
    • the sound quality with a high degree of detail;
    • mechanical bass adjustment on the bowl shells;
    • stylish design.


    • a bit heavy for some users.

    SteelSeries Arctis 5 2019 Edition

    Rating: 4.6


    And another headphone from Danish brand SteelSeries completes the selection of the best mid-priced computer headsets according to Expertology magazine. Still the same line, and still the same 2019 edition, but already a noticeably higher level. Not having a wireless connection method allowed the manufacturer to reduce the cost of this very impressive configuration to an acceptable level.

    The fifth-generation SteelSeries Arctis in the 2019 edition is a high-tech device with its own integrated sound card that supports multi-channel sound of the 7.1. Of course, by definition there can not be such a physical arrangement of sound sources, as in a stationary speaker system with a subwoofer, but the point is still the effect, and it is provided by 100% due to clear localization.

    More than just headphones, the SteelSeries Arctis 5 2019 Edition is optimized for USB connectivity. Cable is long – 3 meters, detachable, with volume control, one-way connection. Comes with another adapter for a standard audio jack 3.5mm “mini jack” for those who prefer the classics. The headphones look solid and expensive, the design is not tawdry, stylish, for a greater effect, especially for photo shoots can include adjustable illumination around the circumference of the cups.

    The headphones themselves of this headset have the coverage of the reproduced frequency range from 20 to 20 thousand. Hz. The diameter of the membranes – 40 mm. Sensitivity and impedance are the most common and somewhat universal – 98% and 32 ohms respectively. Microphone with a good noise-canceling, the range of recognizable frequencies – from 100 to 10 thousand. Hz. Impedance – 2.2 kOhm. The mount is movable and has a mechanical on/off button.

    Briefly, but emphatically, let us point out the quality of materials and assembly, and the impressive attention to detail. Virtually everything here commands respect: the two-part metal headband with soft-touch coating and a soft insert; the fixation of the cups, rotated 90 degrees with a serious margin of safety; ear cushions of AirWeave fabric with inserts with shape memory effect; retractable microphone with flexible shackle; sectional solid and at the same time flexible cable with ChatMIX controller, which supports popular instant messengers and balances the sound, depending on the scenario and much more.

    This is a top level headset at a fairly reasonable price. The manufacturer’s meticulous and extremely responsible attention to detail brings us closer to the premium class of computer headsets.


    • brand;
    • quality and reliability;
    • The manufacturer’s meticulous attention to detail in all areas;
    • stylish design;
    • Built-in sound card;
    • support for multichannel audio 7.1;
    • detachable cable with one-way connection;
    • Cable length – 3 meters;
    • Adjustable decorative lighting around the circumference of the cups.


    • polarized opinions of audiophiles about listening to music.

    The best top headphones for your computer

    The penultimate selection in Expertology magazine’s review of the best headphones for the computer will probably be the most interesting. Here we will consider top models in this segment. Our specialists took into account the premium headsets, but still within a reasonable range, that is more or less affordable. Ultra-expensive studio options are a separate topic.

    ASUS ROG Delta Type-C

    Rating: 4.9

    ASUS ROG Delta Type-C

    The most inexpensive of the models proposed by our experts opens the selection of the traditional. Surprisingly this will be a representative of the legendary series of gaming devices Repub

  • c Of Gamers (ROG) manufactured by ASUS. Incredibly striking in every sense of the word, this model is aimed specifically at gamers, immediately upon release became almost a cult.

    Let’s start with some straightforward numbers and specifications. ASUS ROG Delta is a headset with full-size dynamic headphones with closed acoustic design. Diaphragm diameter is 50 mm. The frequency range of playback has been significantly expanded, from 20 to 40 thousand. Hz. The sensitivity range of the microphone is quite ordinary – from 100 to 10 thousand. Hz. Headphone sensitivity – 127dB, microphone -40dB. The microphone is with movable mount, there is a button to turn it off. The headset weighs quite a bit – 387 g, and this part of users can already create inconvenience.

    These headphones are already completely for the computer without any compromise in terms of connection type and package. So, the headset is connected to your PC via USB cable with Type-C connector. Fabric braided cable, not too long – 1.5 meters, but the kit includes an additional, which serves as an extension cord and adapter for Type-A socket at the same time. It’s already without the braid.

    Adapter to classic connector 3.5 mm is not included, and this is not a disadvantage of the model. The thing is, this headset is qualitatively adapted for different platforms, including PC, MAC, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Accordingly, the headphones can reach their full potential only in tandem with the original software.

    To summarize the advantages of ASUS ROG Delta Type-C sound in a nutshell, we are dealing with a high-tech genius. The key element here is the built-in ESS 9218 Sa digital-to-analog converter
    e, which is a de facto bundle of four transducers in one chip. Each one works individually with a specific frequency range. Together, this approach and the technology it implements yields incredibly accurate localization and detail in the widest frequency range, resulting in a serious gaming advantage.


    • The manufacturer and the legendary ROG Series;
    • Exceptional quality of materials and build;
    • Full package of gaming paraphernalia in the design, including RGB lighting;
    • significantly expanded frequency range of the headphones;
    • detachable sensitive microphone;
    • Top-notch, well thought-out ergonomics.


    • can feel too “warm” (individually);
    • Not super heavy, but for some users it already feels a little too weighty.

    SteelSeries Arctis 7 2019 Edition

    Rating: 4.9


    Again in our review, the prominent Danish brand SteelSeries and the Arctis series of computer headphones, but this time the top “seven” in the 2019 edition. This is the first wireless headset in the review. Although we have created a separate category for wireless models, the selection of premium headsets also has premium features, including connectivity.

    Arctis 7 is a full-size headphones with retractable microphone. The whole Arctis series is known for exceptional build quality, top-notch materials and stylish design, and the “seven” just confirms the established good traditions.

    A quick walkthrough of the key technical features. The diameter of the headphone membranes here is 40 mm. Coverage of the frequency range of sound reproduction – from 20 to 20 thousand. Hertz. The sensitivity of the headphones – 98 dB. Impedance is “standard” – 32 ohms. Microphone frequency coverage – 10 to 10 thousand. Hz, impedance 2.2 kohms, sensitivity -38dB. Directional microphone, there is an option to simply turn off.

    The model pleasantly surprises with a wide range of connectivity options. First of all, the wireless connectivity is cleverly arranged. The transmitter is powerful, and broadcasts a signal to the standard for this type of connection 10-12 meters. But it connects to your computer through a cable, so if you want you can place the radio module in a convenient location and in line of sight, thereby further improving the quality of communication and “range”. In addition, you can also plug in the headphones wirelessly via the UC-E6 jack. Separate micro-USB port for charging the battery. Plus it comes with a standard 3″ jack.5 mm “mini-jack” on the right cup for connecting another pair of headphones in parallel.

    The premium level of SteelSeries Arctis 7 2019 Edition is vividly manifested in the versatility, both in terms of hardware and software. User-friendly interface with excellent Russian localization can easily improve the already high-quality sound with a six-band equalizer. Compressor will help equalize volume. Separate feature will allow you to listen to your own voice in the headphones from the microphone. Also features many other assistive features like monitoring level, auto shutoff at idle, etc. d.


    • retractable microphone;
    • SteelSeries Engine 3;
    • comfortable fit;
    • Controls on the body (volume, microphone, balance control, etc.) are in the headphone. d.);
    • Connect a second pair of headphones in parallel via the 3″ jack.5 mm;
    • Support for DTS Headphone surround sound: X v2.0;
    • stylish design.


    • The fullness of sound is revealed only when using the proprietary software.

    HyperX Cloud Orbit

    Rating: 4.8

    HyperX Cloud Orbit

    Now let’s make a tangible price jump and have a look at the HyperX headset, which we have already seen in the mid-priced selection. It’s also in the Cloud range, but the premium model Orbit, in which the developers put a lot of emphasis on sound quality. The idea of the creators was 100% successful.

    To be precise – this model is an exact copy of Audeze Mobius as it was created as a collaboration between HyperX and Audeze. The only fundamental difference is that they decided not to use a wireless Bluetooth connection for Orbit. The goal was to retain all the “audiophile” qualities of the original, while also making some improvements.

    In this model, the bare numbers are already impressive from the very beginning. For example, the record-breaking frequency range of the headphones – from 10 to 50 thousand. The upper limit is two and a half times that of the human ear. Let’s remind, such approach is justified, because it gives the sound an opportunity to “flourish” in a wide corridor, without being cramped. The sensitivity is also much higher than the average, though qualitative models – 120dB. Microphone detachable, with a connection to the jack 3.5 mm mini-jack and flexible shackle.

    And now we come to the most important thing, which will surely impress anyone – the peculiarities of the sound and the nature of its amazing quality. The crushing auditory effect is based on magneplanar drivers with a diameter of … 100 (!) mm. This is a perfect record. Extremely clear details and localization, the width of the scene – all these parameters “digest” any game, and it is difficult to detect even a hint of sound mixing “in mush. The bass is deep and weighty, the treble is not cut in any way (and this is a “disease” of so many headphones), the midrange is distinctly assertive without going to extremes.

    Despite the fact that there is no wireless connection, the headphones still have a built-in battery. When connected via jack 3.5 mm these powerful headphones will not have enough phantom power from the master device and need to be recharged from their own source and the USB connector is only for charging. In addition, the surround sound function also requires additional power. So, despite the bewilderment of some users, you can’t do without batteries here. Battery life is up to 10 hours.


    • premium model;
    • top quality materials;
    • comfortable fit;
    • high sensitivity of the headphones;
    • Convenient mechanical controls on the cabinet;
    • Record wide operating frequency range;
    • magneplanar drivers with a diameter of 100 mm;
    • Exceptional sound quality, even in complex musical compositions.


    • there are infrequent complaints about the proprietary software.

    Beyerdynamic MMX 300 (2. Generation)

    Rating: 4.8


    One of the most expensive models on the market manufactured by the famous German company Beyerdynamic completes the selection of the best top headphones for computer. The second generation of the super-popular MMX 300.

    Here we’re again returning to strictly wired type of connection and the reason is far from economy, because the cost of radio module would not affect the already weighty price. Here the manufacturer pursued the goal of giving no chance to diminish the sound quality and the Beyerdynamic engineers succeeded to the fullest extent.

    Let us first describe the most important characteristics, and the figures themselves will tell you a lot. Here we see the expanded coverage of the frequency range with almost unprecedented bass from 5K to 35K. Hertz. That is, the sound goes below the threshold of audibility of the naked human ear in the low end, and significantly higher in the high. Their impedance and sensitivity are universal, if not standard 32 ohms and 96dB respectively. As for the microphone, it has significantly lower impedance than any of the above options – 1.5 kOhm. The frequency range is also significantly higher than that of ordinary models, from 30 to 28 Hz.

    The headphones are fully recognized by the gaming community, but they don’t have all those tawdry, colorful gambling style elements in the design. That said, the design is well thought out, both functionally and aesthetically – you can see the stern, silent power in the appearance. And this claim is fully supported by the sound quality, about which in detail.

    Beyerdynamic MMX 300 (2. Generation) – a rare example of a computer headset that combines the capabilities of a headset, gaming headphones, studio monitors and top-of-the-line equipment for high quality podcasting or live broadcasting simultaneously. And they’re even compatible with wearable gadgets and laptops by plugging directly into a lead with a 4-pin 3.5mm combo jack.5 mm mini-jack. For compatibility with full-fledged PC sound cards, the manufacturer has equipped the headset with an adapter for a pair of 3-pin outputs 3.5mm separate mic and headphone. And the included adapter for professional format 6.The 35mm hints transparently at the high professional level of the device.

    Another top Beyerdynamic MMX 300 advantage.2 – Extremely effective noise isolation. This is a direct consequence of the initial plans of the developers – the model was designed for private aviation.


    • the renowned German brand;
    • Exceptional quality materials and high tech level;
    • Extended frequency range of headphones and microphone;
    • Wide compatibility with various audio devices by connection type;
    • high sound performance, including games and complex music compositions;
    • Precise and expressive localization of even barely audible sounds in games;
    • reliability and durability.


    • Very tight wire connection.

    Best wireless headphones for computer

    The final selection of Expertology magazine’s review of the best headphones for the computer focuses solely on wireless computer headsets. We reviewed some models of this type in the previous category, but here we will focus on the best representatives in each price bracket.

    SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless

    Rating: 4.9

    SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless

    The category will open with wireless headphones for computers from the already familiar SteelSeries brand. This is the most inexpensive version of the full-size form factor with decent features, which is suitable for the mass user and does not disappoint for its price neither in sound, nor in functionality, nor in ergonomics.

    Despite the fact that the model in its class is indeed one of the most inexpensive, some users cause some dissatisfaction with rather “dumpy” appearance of the headset. In the case materials are all plastic, the design is pretty faceless. But this is one of the very few circumstances that users point out with regret. For all economy of materials the assembling is quite good, and the model as a whole is quite reliable.

    SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless are full-size headphones with a microphone. Frequency range of headphones – from 20 to 20 thousand. Hz, microphone – from 100 to 6500 Hz. Such a cut frequency range of the microphone does not scare or discourage. In many, comparable models, the above figures are only formal, and in real life performance is much more modest. Here the characteristics are at least honest, and for networking opportunities microphone is enough. Impedance and sensitivity of the headphones is 32 ohms and 98dB.

    The headset connects via radio through the included dongle to the USB Type-C port. Quick connection, typical of radio, not unlike Bluetooth with its inherent complexities. Some users complain about the uncomfortable receiver, they say it overlaps the neighboring ports, but this can not be considered a disadvantage, because the reason is more in the location of ports, rather than in the shape of dongle. There is an alternative to the wired connection via USB Type-C. Another MicroUSB port is for charging.

    In terms of sound, the headset can be considered a solid middling. For audio-video communication, not too demanding gaming and equally unsophisticated movie watching – completely enough. But for thoughtful music listening, you should definitely consider something else, and probably more expensive.

    Declared battery life from the built-in batteries – 20 hours. In fact, with a full charge the headphones can work up to 15 hours in active mode, which is quite enough for most users.


    • Comfortable fit for many hours of wear;
    • versatility in terms of compatibility with devices;
    • easy and fast connection;
    • Fast audio data transmission without delays;
    • Fine-tuning via SteelSeries Engine app;
    • Not a bad microphone for its class;
    • Ability to connect over the wire;
    • decent autonomy.


    • Saving on materials for the body;
    • You need to individually adjust the equalizer for an acceptable sound, and in general the model is not for audiophiles.

    Corsair HS70 Wireless Gaming Headset

    Rating: 4.8


    Let’s continue with other relatively inexpensive headphones for computer Corsair HS70, which, of course, are positioned by the manufacturer as a gaming. However, for gaming they are quite suitable. Externally almost no different from the previous generation model HS50, which once claimed the laurels of “killer” headset Cloud Core. The wireless successor of Cloud Core got into this selection too, by the way, by the decision of our experts.

    If we take strictly the key technical parameters, the Corsair HS70 Wireless does not differ much from the mass of other similar headsets. Frequency range coverage of headphone is 20 to 20 thousand. Hz. For a microphone, this figure ranges from 100 to 10,000. Hz. Headphone impedance – 32 ohms, microphone – 2.2 kOhm. Sensitivity – 111 and -40 dB, respectively.

    Directional microphone, mutable with movable mount. speaker diaphragms are big – 50 mm in diameter. Connects via normal radio with USB dongle and has a range of up to 12 meters. Built-in battery does a good job with autonomy – the headphones can work up to 15-16 hours, that is, with an average gaming load enough charge for a few days.

    In terms of sound, the headset is quite good, without miracles, but without any outright imperfections. The emphasis on bass is noticeable here, as in many other full-size models, the AFC is typical V-shaped. The scene is definitely pleasing – wide and voluminous with quite clear localization. The medium frequencies are well-drawn, the upper frequencies are a little bit harsh with a little more blurred detail than the same medium, but such details can not be distinguished by everyone. In general, the sound is well balanced. Support for virtual surround sound 7 complements the positive picture.1.

    We must praise the manufacturer and for the excellent performance – the materials are of high quality, it is felt from the first minute, as soon as the headphones fall into his hands. Many surfaces are covered with a nice soft-touch coating. The design has snow-white elements, for example on the perimeter of the cups, but this does not affect the practicality, because the surface does not attract dust, dirt and fingerprints in an amazing way. Noticeable quality work out of the small details.


    • comfortable fit;
    • virtual surround 7.1 sound;
    • Balanced sound overall;
    • You can connect and via cable;
    • price-quality;
    • A simple but elegant design;
    • ergonomics;
    • autonomy.


    • Weak wireless signal – may not “penetrate” not too difficult obstacles.

    a Evolve 75 MS Stereo

    Rating: 4.7

    Ja</div><p>a Evolve 75 MS Stereo” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/48716666198011-6516.jpg” height=”400″ title=”Ja<br />an Evolve 75 MS Stereo”></p><p>Premium wireless headphones for the computer does not have to be full-size. A lot of users prefer the lighter, overhead form factor. And especially for them, we’ll take a look at the overhead headset Ja<br />a Evolve 75 MS Stereo. The manufacturer positions the model as an office model, but the characteristics and behavior in real conditions make the scope of application much wider.</p><p>The headphones are designed for corporate use, so they have a classic, understated design, but quite attractive. All controls are mechanical, which is also more of a plus than a minus. Mounted with a headband trimmed in rubber. The boom of the headset is folded, if you do not need a microphone, the boom can be lifted up, and it will be magnetized to the headband with a characteristic pleasant click. Microphone is automatically muted at this time. In general, the control is accessible, clear and convenient. Seating comfort is also at a level, but these headphones are still overhead, and when worn for many hours may feel discomfort.</p><p>The key technical parameters of the headset are. The frequency range of the headphones is from 20 to 20 thous. Hz; 100 to 10,000 mics; 100,000 to 10,000 mics; 100,000 to 10,000 mics; 10,000 mics. Hz. There is an active noise cancelling system. Built-in rechargeable battery provides up to 15 hours of talk time and up to 30 hours of audio playback. Charging time – up to 2 hours. A big plus of the model is that you can use the headset during charging.</p><p>It is worth underlining that despite the compact form factor of this model compared to the full-size variants in the review, the speaker diaphragms here are big – 40 mm in diameter. So you can expect quality sound with good bass, decent detail and decent treble. And in this respect, the Ja<br />a Evolve 75 MS Stereo does not disappoint at all.</p><p>Another important feature for office use – so called “inclusion of colleagues” – simply by pressing the button the headset volume is turned down to the level when you hear the sound from the computer and employees’ conversations simultaneously. The bowls have red ring-shaped indicators on the outside. In active talk mode, they light up and thus give colleagues a “do not disturb” signal.</p><p>The presence of active noise cancellation, especially switchable, is an indisputable advantage, but it would be nice to have a passive. Whereas in this model the acoustic performance is of open type, and sounds like keyboard clicks can be quite audible even when listening to music at a decent volume.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>A nearly perfectly comfortable fit;</li><li>wireless range of 30 meters;</li><li>active noise reduction (can be switched off);</li><li>can be used during charging;</li><li>Easy and intuitive operation;</li><li>are quite good at music playback.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>no passive noise reduction, only active.</li></ul><h3>SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless (61473)</h3><p>Rating: 4.7</p><div style=STEELSERIES ARCTIS PRO WIRELESS (61473)

    And the review of the best headphones for computer according to Expertology magazine will be completed by another headset by SteelSeries brand. The most expensive in the review, which can only be compared with the above described wired “audiophile” HyperX Cloud Orbit, which, if it were wireless, would probably cost just as much.

    To begin with we will describe the technical specifications, as they are even without any deciphering and explanations are more than bright and in many ways already describe the advantages of this model. Impedance and sensitivity of this model are the most universal – 32 Ohm and 102dB respectively. But the working frequency range is almost unique – from 10 to 40 thousand ppm. Hz, and this record is broken only by the aforementioned wired model HyperX Cloud Orbit. The harmonic distortion ratio as for headphones is also almost record low – only 1%.

    Microphone is quite ordinary with the most common characteristics: the frequency operating range of 100 to 10 thousand. Hz; impedance – 2.2 kOhm; sensitivity -38 dB; effective noise reduction. The headphones are connected by a standard radio channel through the same regular dongle for USB port with a range of up to 12 meters. The headphones work from built-in batteries, a full charge of which is enough for up to 10 hours of active continuous operation.

    The overall conclusion on this model in many respects echoes the conclusions on the already repeatedly mentioned HyperX Cloud Orbit, which has similar sound characteristics. Indeed, Arctis Pro is for both average users, willing to pay a high price for high quality, and for demanding audiophiles (in a good sense), who appreciate the clear details, wide scene, pronounced localization and all other advantages that can be found only in very expensive solutions. The same can be said about avid gamers, especially cybersportsmen, who are in dire need to distinguish the slightest rustle in gaming situations.


    • the highest premium class;
    • Impeccable quality of materials and build;
    • Significantly extended frequency range;
    • Exceptional sound quality and surround sound;
    • Bluetooth connectivity is provided;
    • Clear detail and localization of sounds in games.


    • some complaints about the software not being too handy.
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