12 best game consoles

*Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement, and does not serve as a guide to purchase. It is necessary to consult with an expert before purchase.

With the pace of development of the game industry, comparing consoles is becoming more and more difficult every year. Manufacturing companies are trying not to yield to competitors, even in the smallest details. However, with each new series, there are new advantages and disadvantages, which determine the reaction of the target audience, even with a high initial demand.

Expertology magazine experts have analyzed the market in the second half of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, and selected the top 14 models based on the results of independent testing and feedback from real users.

Selection Criteria

We have compared the opinions of foreign researchers with the results of our own studies, and in many ways our experts’ views coincide with the assessment of our Western colleagues. The same goes for views on what to consider when choosing a particular model of set-top box.

The experts from Decision Innovation have compiled a list of important parameters, identified through their own research and supplemented by the opinions received from professional gamers:

  1. console and monitor graphics compatibility– Modern gaming consoles are capable of providing breathtakingly beautiful “pictures” with smooth dynamics and rich colors. But this advantage comes to naught if the TV or monitor itself does not support HDR, is not capable of refresh rates greater than 60 Hz, etc. d. So before you buy, you need to make sure that the TV will “pull” the console’s capabilities. This, by the way, applies to retro models, only in the opposite direction of compatibility.
  2. possible users– All console manufacturers are trying to reach not only the target audience of advanced gamers, but also ordinary users who play just for fun. And it’s often the whole family.When choosing a console, you need to understand who will play, whether family members will play together, whether users will play online and whether parental control features are needed.And if the console is intended for the family, whether there are enough games for it, suitable for all ages.
  3. Not just games – every console has additional features, Which make it a true multimedia center. Some consoles feature online movie services (such as Netf
  4. x) or provide subscription services to other digital platforms with movies and TV shows. Also, manufacturers offer additional features such as popular social networking apps, including Twitter and FaceBook.Some devices have a built-in web browser, others offer high-definition Blu-ray movies, and still others have on board an outdated, but many in demand DVD drive. The presence of such additions can significantly change the preferences in terms of choice.
  5. accessories– the question seems minor, but can be troublesome if not considered. For example, whether the console has a built-in wireless adapter, or you need to buy it separately – it may not be at all obvious.Another important point is the type of interface of each console. Wii consoles are almost entirely controlled by pointing the controller at the screen, using RF and motion sensors to input information into the system, while Xbox and PS3 use more traditional game controllers.
  6. available games– this criterion is obvious.Each console boasts a large number of exclusive games released just for it.But sometimes embarrassing things happen, when a console is bought for a particular game, but it turns out that such a game is released only for the manufacturer-competitor.
  7. cost– also a seemingly obvious point, but there are nuances. Of course, there are no questions for the flagships, they are always expensive. But very often manufacturers produce
  8. The te-versions of expensive consoles, which are also quite normal are the necessary toys. So it does not always make sense to overpay.

Best Gaming Consoles Ranking

Best gaming consoles1

layStation 4 S

  • m
  • 26 380 €
    2Xbox One X39 849 €

    layStation 4 Pro

    42 889 €
    4Xbox Series X56 900 €

    PlayStation 5

    59 750 €
    The best portable games consoles1Nintendo Switch

  • te
  • 15 939 €
    2Sony PSP 300014 999 €
    3Nintendo Switch21 650 €
    The best retro game consoles1Sony PlayStation Classic6 500 €
    2SEGA Mega Drive1 584 €

    The best stationary game consoles

    In this section of the review collected actual at the turn of 2020 and 2021 gaming consoles desktop type. This is the most sought-after type of console that has always been a trendsetter in the video game industry. Portable compact models are already derivatives of full-fledged desktop models.

    XboxStation 4 S

  • m
  • Rating: 4.6

    PlayStation 4 S<li></div><p>m” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/18416666197761-9612.jpg” height=”431″ title=”PlayStation 4 S</p><li>m”><p>S4 S</p><li>m combines everything people loved about the original PlayStation 4 and makes it even better in some places. Sony took a risk with the S version<li>m, but in the end the project “hit” the needs of the target audience, and this model became for many the ideal device with an excellent gaming library. Sony’s range of games for the PS4 S<li>m included epic products such as Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, Devil May Cry 5 and Metro Exodus.<p>Power consumption in this version has been reduced by 28% compared to the original model, while the new system is quieter and overheats less. In terms of resolution and frame rate the S</p><li>The m-version hasn’t lost anything.<p>The most noticeable change is the new design in a compact casing. The dimensions of the original PS4 were 27.5 x 30 x 5.3 cm, which is also not much. But the new PS4 S</p><li>m noticeably more compact at 26.5 x 26.5 x 3.8 cm, which is about a third smaller. The result is an incredibly thin gaming system that could be compared to a large book rather than a powerful gaming computer.<p>In this version, the manufacturer left support for optical discs – the slot is placed on the front panel. There are also two USB ports on the front. Buttons instead of touch controls. “Eliminated” the colored LED strip on top. In the full version, it also showed the state of the system, such as sleep mode.</p><p>A very significant improvement is the more advanced Wi-Fi module. In the previous version the module only supported 2.4 GHz, but in the S</p><li>m it is already dual-band, with support for 5 GHz.<p>Another positive change, which may not seem too significant. This version adds the ability to connect the controller via USB connection to control the game. The original controller could only charge via USB cable, relying solely on its Bluetooth connection for gameplay. It also allows you to use the new DualShock 4 controller with your PC without having to purchase a Bluetooth module.</p><p>From Yandex user review.Marketa with “Verified User” status: “For the PS4 we get a pretty good combo with online mode and as a full TV set-top box, and of course free games that are updated every month.”.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>quality cooling;</li><li>Dual-band Wi-Fi;</li><li>You can connect wireless headphones with a regular Bluetooth adapter;</li><li>there is a disc drive;</li><li>PS Now subscription for 800 games;</li><li>Allows you to use the new DualShock 4 with your PC;</li><li>The gamepad for PS4 has a built-in battery.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>almost no applications.</li></ul><h3>Xbox One X</h3><p>Rating: 4.6</p><div style=Xbox One X

    Now moving on to the more advanced console series Xbox One X. This is a high-performance gaming system capable of playing games in 4K resolution, including at 60 frames per second.

    The console supports extended dynamic range HDR, and plays streaming high quality video under the Dolby Vision standard.This is, in fact, the only console that contains both a Blu-ray 4K player and support for Dolby Atmos.

    The built-in 1TB hard drive may seem big enough at first glance, but fans of playing many toys may not have enough space, especially in the presence of additional 4K video content.

    The console is equipped with a power connector, HDMI output, HDMI input, two USB ports, IR infrared output, optical audio interface, Ethernet port for local wired network.

    As for the controller, the device has a darker gamepad, which is, in every sense mechanically exactly the same as the one that currently comes with the Xbox One S. In addition, the Xbox One X supports keyboard and mouse control for some games, such as Gears 5, The Sims 4 and Metro Exodus.

    The console features a 2.3GHz 8-core Jaguar processor, 12GB of GDDR5 RAM.The graphics processor is more productive than on the Xbox One and Xbox One S – even by the very frequency of 1172 MHz you can judge a 76% increase in computing speed.

    A notable advantage of this console is its ability to supersample. If you use a TV with 1080p resolution, the Xbox One X will specially process the graphics stream to improve the quality of the “picture.The idea behind supersampling is that the game displays itself on a screen with a resolution of F

      lHD 1920×1080, “thinking” that it is connected to a 4K screen, causing objects to be rendered with four times the detail.

      In practice, this means that the images will look a little sharper.For example, fog can become thicker and more realistic with the Xbox One X. But in any case, on a full-fledged TV with 4K, and even with HDR support, the Xbox One X reveals all its power.

      From a Yandex user review.Marketa with “Verified User” status: “Incredibly quiet cooling system is a great idea from the manufacturer. Only a slight rumble is heard and no howling when the console is heavily loaded.”.

      The merits

      • handy gamepad;
      • Works almost silently;
      • High performance compared to previous models;
      • user-friendly updated interface;
      • Blu-ray 4K player;
      • games in 4K HDR;
      • 8-core processor at 2.3 GHz;
      • supersampling.


      • All online games are by paid subscription only.

      PlayStation 4 Pro

      Rating: 4.7

      PlayStation 4 Pro

      Looking at the PlayStation 4 Pro, we should start with its design. Sony “doubled down” on the complex design of the original model and it looks like someone cut up the PS4 S

    • m in half and placed one of the halves on top of the other PS4. The implementation is peculiar, but fun, and to many people’s liking.

      S4 Pro is equipped with two USB 3 ports.0 on the front and one on the back. On the back of the console are also HDMI output, optical output, a jack for the Ethernet local network. As for Wi-Fi, the PS4 Pro has been upgraded to 802.11ac, a big step up from the 802 standard.11n PS4. Strange as it may sound, the 802.11ac has been the most common for quite some time.

      The S4 Pro comes with the Sony DualShock 4 controller. With the exception of a small LED strip built into the touchpad, there are not many obvious differences between the one that comes with the standard PS4 or PS4 S

    • m. The new controller got rid of the shiny surface around the D-Pad and the face buttons. D-Pad buttons now also have a matte gray color instead of shiny black. The device retains the embossed texture on the back and sides for a secure and comfortable grip during extended play.

      This model runs on the same processor manufactured by AMD as the base version of the PS4. The main difference is that the PS4 Pro’s processor is overclocked to 2.1GHz, compared to 1.6GHz in the S

    • m and PS4. As for the graphics subsystem, it still has eight cores, but includes additional add-ons. For example, AMD Polaris technology increases TFLOP from 1.84 to 4.2, which automatically means twice the performance of the Pro compared to the S
    • m or the original PS4.

      The S4 Pro can stream Netf

    • x and H
        u in 4K, but Sony decided not to install a UHD Blu-ray drive in this console. By connecting your PS4 Pro to the Internet, you can buy games through the PlayStation Store, saving them to a 1TB hard drive, or play them with a PS Plus subscription. Bonuses and other rewards available, such as cloud storage.

        From a Yandex review.Marketa with “Verified User” status: “Great gamepad, it has a minijack for headphones, touchpad and vibration, everything a gamer needs, and it also has space position sensors, which extends the game mechanics for many games”.


        • Support for games and video in 4K;
        • powerful microprocessor base;
        • SSD replacement is possible;
        • Physical buttons on the console instead of touch buttons;
        • powerful Wi-Fi module;
        • You can turn the console with a joystick.


        • Can overheat with active use after 4-5 hours.

        Xbox Series X

        Rating: 4.8

        Xbox Series X

        Xbox Series X is a big console whose design is even half-jokingly compared to a kitchen refrigerator. In fact, this design is due to the peculiarities of the cooling system. The electronics are really powerful and it takes a lot of heat to dissipate.

        Series X is largely this shape because of the huge fan on top.It draws outside air in through the ventilation strips at the bottom of the console, past the components, cooling them along the way, and then removes the hot air through 144 holes in the top panel.

        The Series X’s fan runs almost silently for the most part, just because of its large size.But while Microsoft has clearly gone to great lengths to keep the Series X cooling system as quiet as possible, the “volume” has come from unexpected places. A fair number of users complain about the noisy operation of the Blu-ray/DVD optical drive.

        Xbox Series X runs on a powerful 3.8GHz 8-core processor. Combined with 16GB of RAM, this gives a noticeable performance boost over the Xbox One X. There was a 2.3GHz processor and 12GB of RAM, which was also a lot, but the memory itself was the previous generation, with noticeably less impressive speed specs.

        The manufacturer created the Series X somewhat of a “growing out” since the console supports 8K resolution. However, this option in the system settings is disabled by default “for lack of need” – there are no full-fledged gaming products with such characteristics. Microsoft promises to provide such support in the future, as the console, according to company management, was designed with 8 to 10 years in mind.

        Meanwhile, the focus is on 4K resolution gaming at higher frame rates than previous consoles could support.Microsoft says its performance goal for the Series X is 4K at 60 fps, with support for up to 120 fps in some games.

        While the console is originally designed for gaming, it also serves as a universal entertainment system, and Microsoft has properly packaged the Xbox Series X with apps.In addition to its own 4K HDR movie store, there’s also a Netf

      • x And Disney+, which lets you play content in 4K, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. Spotify and Deezer provide music streaming capabilities, while Plex and VLC allow you to play your own media files.

        The merits

        • 8-core 3.8 GHz processor;
        • 16GB of “fast RAM;
        • Its own 4K HDR movie store;
        • Blu-ray player;
        • fan runs almost silently;
        • loading speed and fast switching between games;
        • Backwards compatible with Xbox One and Xbox 360 games;
        • a large number of applications.


        • Joystick charging cable purchased separately.

        PlayStation 5

        Rating: 4.9

        PlayStation 5

        It’s worth starting the description with the design of the console, specifically its dimensions. This model is not just big – it is one of the largest gaming consoles that have ever been created. Many users call it “gigantic,” but when you look at the actual size, it’s comparable to a typical desktop case — 390mm tall, 260mm deep and 104mm wide.

        Console available in two versions with a slight difference in design and functionality: the basic model is equipped with a drive that protrudes on the right side, which gives it an asymmetrical look, and the “digital” version has no drive.

        Opening panel gives access to an expansion slot, where you can connect peripherals.It is also possible to download games from a USB drive.As for free space, the PS5 gives the user 667.2 GB of hard drive space, and the rest is taken up by the system. As for ports, the PS5 has three USB-A interfaces (two on the back, one on the front), a USB-C port on the front, an Ethernet port and HDMI version 2.1 on the back panel.

        Another feature on the console is the new DualSense controller.This is the first major redesign of the PlayStation controller since Sony introduced dual joysticks.The DualSense feels a little bigger and heavier in my hands than the DualShock, but it’s still comfortable.It has a two-tone design that matches the PS5, and the button layout is virtually unchanged from the PS4, though the touchpad and rear triggers are slightly larger.

        Meanwhile, the “Home” button – which previously was a simple circle between the sticks – is now an engraved PlayStation logo.It charges via USB-C and lasts about 6-7 hours without needing to recharge it, which is comparable to the DualShock 4.

        The DualSense controller features new variable-tension triggers that provide physical resistance depending on what action takes place.At the same time, the controller has tactile feedback in the form of subtle vibrations that indicate what’s happening in the game.

        In addition to performance, there is another notable improvement in the PS5: loading time.The console is equipped with what Sony describes as an “ultra-high-speed SSD,” and as a result, games load much faster than on the PS4.

        From a Yandex user review.Marquette with Verified User status: “This device has a great gamepad with its tactile response and variable resistance triggers. All of this combined makes the device a gamer’s dream.”.


        • high performance;
        • A vastly improved gamepad;
        • fast loading of games and apps;
        • Access to the expansion slot;
        • The PS5 runs almost noiselessly;
        • Plays and streams video content in 4K;
        • great design.


        • Little available memory.

        The best portable gaming consoles

        Many users because of the active lifestyle do not have time to play your favorite console sitting at the TV. But being on the road or on a break at work makes you want to dive into the painted world. In this case, there are other alternatives to fixed consoles – handheld consoles. No need to look for a monitor and pull wires – everything is in one small device.

        Nintendo Switch
      • te
      • Rating: 4.7

        Nintendo Switch<li></div><p>te” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/43616666197761-8412.jpg” height=”284″ title=”Nintendo Switch</p><li>te”><p>The miniature version of the Nintendo Switch is one of the most comfortable and attractive handheld consoles, with a pleasing design and dimensions perfect for travel.The white buttons stand out well against the background color options of turquoise, yellow, gray, and coral.</p><p>Although the Switch</p><li>te smaller and cheaper, it looks even better than its bigger brother. Switch<li>te is a one-piece, solid monolith with a sturdy plastic body that makes it look like a real handheld, not a display with two flimsy controllers attached to the sides. This was a comparative reference to the full Switch, with its moving parts, removable Joy-Cons, and large tablet display – you can even feel everything rocking a bit when the system is in portable mode.<p>Switch Buttons</p><li>te look a little different than its big brother, and mostly in a good way.The A, B, X, and Y face buttons are less sharp but contribute to a softer, longer stroke, while the ZL and ZR triggers seem slightly more responsive.This model has the same gyroscope as the original, allowing you to move the system deftly to control in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and precise aiming in Splatoon 2.<p>One of the best features of the Nintendo Switch</p><li>te is that it can play almost all the best games from Nintendo Switch.Switch has one of the best game libraries of any modern console, and almost all of its games work perfectly on<li>te versions.Switch<li>te designed only for Switch games that support handheld mode.<p>From Yandex user review.Verified User status marketplace: The nimble operating system. All the switching between the desktop, games, settings happens without lag. The device can be compared to an iPhone in the world of consoles”.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>Excellent library of built-in games;</li><li>microSD card support;</li><li>The Joy-Cons is designed for 20 hours without recharging;</li><li>Doesn’t make any noise or overheat;</li><li>good stereo sound;</li><li>The ability to quickly save a video of the last 30 seconds of the game;</li><li>charges quickly.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>drains quickly under full load.</li></ul><h3>Sony PSP 3000</h3><p>Rating: 4.8</p><div style=Sony PSP 3000

        Now let’s take a look at the hit product, the famous PSP (PlayStation Por

        ) made by Sony. Unfortunately, this format probably will not continue, but for now fans of handheld gaming can still have time to buy this super-popular console – it is still on sale in sufficient quantities.

        The mini console gets an improved 4.3-inch widescreen LCD that provides better color reproduction, reduces glare, and reduces “double vision” in fast-moving scenes.The screen is limited to controls on the left, right and bottom sides, as well as two shoulder buttons along the top edge.

        An update on the PSP 3000 is an improved built-in microphone, located just below the screen.It can be used for online communication, whether it’s in a game or for the PSP’s built-in Skype app.The advantage of having a built-in microphone in the case is that you can use it with any standard pair of headphones.

        SP is designed for games and movies from so-called UMDs – Universal Media Discs.They’re something between a mini compact disc and an old mini disc, and they only hold about 2.2 GB of data.They load into a snap-in door on the back of the PSP.Memory Stick Duo slot remains on the left side.Like the UMD compartment, it’s an opening lid that slides on rubberized plastic guides.

        Headphone jack is on the bottom edge of the device.You’ll need any standard 3.5mm headphones to connect to the TV, as well as special AV-out cables just for the PSP. The USB port remains centered on top of the PSP.There are two screw holes on the sides of the USB connector to securely attach accessories to its frame.Many use the USB port to quickly connect to a PC to transfer digital media – photos, music and video, as well as games and demos available from the online PlayStation Store.

        The SP has built-in Wi-Fi, allowing you to connect to any wireless Internet service, including services with WEP and WPA encryption (but not WPA2).The PSP is also a decent music player, with the ability to play MP3, WMA, WAV and other files.

        SP can display JPEG, GIF and TIFF photos stored on the MS Duo card. The top USB port of the PSP is designed with at least two special accessories. PSP 3000 has the same 1200 mAh lithium-ion battery as the 2000 version. With all the most power-consuming functions of the device at the same time, the battery lasts for 4.5 hours.

        From a Yandex review.Marketa with the status of “Verified User”: “Pleased to be able to put emulators for many popular consoles of yesteryear”.


        • Connects to PS3, PC and TV;
        • UMD support;
        • user-friendly controls;
        • speed of operation;
        • built-in microphone;
        • The possibility of virtual flashing;
        • Wi-Fi module;
        • The most popular portable format.


        • Videos need to be converted.

        Nintendo Switch

        Rating: 4.9

        Nintendo Switch

        And finally, let’s take a look at the full Nintendo Switch. It’s a full-featured home game console, but it can also be used as a handheld console such as the 3DS. Switch has a diverse collection of great first-person games, games from the past, and a surprisingly wide selection of fantastic indie games, most of which can be played on a TV.

        The central system in this console looks a lot like a tablet. The left and right Joy-Con controllers are responsible for the controls; a handle to hold the controllers like a normal gamepad; two Joy-Con wristbands. USB connector and docking station serves for connection. Comes with HDMI cable.

        The Switch has a small power button and volume wheel on the top, as well as a 3.5mm headphone jack and a slot for a game card.On the bottom of the device is a USB-C port for charging and connecting to the Switch dock.

        There are a couple of speakers on the back, as well as a small plastic stand that hinges and allows you to put the Switch on a table and open the microSD card slot behind it.This model has 32GB of internal memory with microSD card support up to 2TB. The Switch features a 6-inch 720p touchscreen, one of Nintendo’s most advanced handhelds.

        The included Joy-Cons are a pair of wireless controllers that can be used with the Switch in various configurations.Both Joy-Cons have half the controls of a standard gamepad, including an analog joystick.

        The Joy-Con handle is a plastic case into which you can insert two Joy-Cons to use them as a full-fledged gamepad.With the Joy-Cons attached, it looks like a lighter and smaller version of the standard Xbox controller.

        The Switch has a battery life of 3 to 7 hours depending on what you play.And since the console is charged via USB-C, you can keep it charged with an external battery pack.Meanwhile, the Joy-Cons are designed to last up to 20 hours without recharging.

        Switch is a great gaming console and a great handheld.More importantly, the console is compatible with a huge library of games from Nintendo and other publishers.

        From a Yandex user review.Marketa with the status of “Verified User”: “The main advantage of the device – the hybrid console, it is nice that you can play in stationary and portable modes. None of the portable consoles have ever offered this before.


        • 32 GB of built-in memory;
        • microSD card support;
        • Joy-Cons are designed to last 20 hours without recharging;
        • 6-inch touchscreen;
        • connects to the TV via HDMI;
        • Ability to play in stationary and handheld modes;
        • Extensive collection of built-in games.


        • A sense of wobbly design in portable mode;
        • No Bluetooth for headphone connection.

        The best retro gaming consoles

        This segment of gamer electronics is aimed at users who are nostalgic for the old days. And also wantpolshare with the new generation of gamers emotions, which were experienced when passing such games as: Ninja Turtles, Mario Brothers, Mortal Kombat, and other cult toys. It is important to understand that such devices can not boast of serious power and enjoy a really good quality picture, which is typical for modern tablets and smartphones, so we should treat the concept of “Retro” properly.

        Sony PlayStation Classic

        Rating: 4.6

        Sony PlayStation Classic

        This model is a miniature game console with preloaded games of a bygone era. It looks exactly like the classic Sony game console, only smaller. This is one of the most enjoyable tech products of recent years, which has made many users nostalgic for the first days of 3D graphics games.

        The console made history by popularizing 3D gaming and paving the way for more mature titles such as Grand Theft Auto and Resident Evil. While the PlayStation was not the first home console to support 3D graphics, Nintendo’s SNES enabled 3D graphics through the Super FX chip built into some game cartridges such as Star Fox.

        This little console is 45 percent smaller than the original, and almost every little detail – the gray color, the radiator-style sides, the distinctive LED lighting, the proportions of the buttons, even their kickback when pressed – are reproduced close to the original.

        The two included controllers (not analog) connect via USB and plug tightly into the front.Sony engineers did a good job on the controller cables, and at the same time provided for their length – 120 cm.Very short controller cables were a serious complaint with the NES Classic, though Nintendo has since corrected the problem.

        HDMI port on the back of the device for connecting to HDTV or HDMI monitor.The package includes a 2-meter HDMI cable, as well as a microUSB-to-USB-A adapter cable for connecting to a power source.Unfortunately, like the Nintendo mini-console, there is no USB power adapter in the box.

        There are three function buttons at the top of the console.Power button simply turns the console on and off.Reset ends the game and saves the “resumption point” exactly where the player left off, and returns to the main game screen.And the “Open” button changes virtual drives for games that require more than one drive.

        On the PlayStation Classic, all 20 included games are accessible from the carousel on the home screen.Each game comes with its own virtual memory card for storing saved games and has a shortcut to return to the last auto-resume point after pressing the “Reset” button.

        From a Yandex user review.The marketplace with the status of “Verified User”: “If you consider this device is not as an original console, and as a mini computer with the subsequent modification of the software, firmware and a third-party visual shell, then this console becomes extremely attractive”.


        • loads quickly;
        • quick save feature;
        • allows you to emulate the NES, SNES, SEGA, PS1;
        • two gamepads;
        • A very low price;
        • close to the original visual and tactile moments reproduced.


        • no power supply included.

        SEGA Mega Drive

        Rating: 4.7

        SEGA Mega Drive

        This console is a real retro miracle, because it’s hard to believe that the model is still so popular, and in all seriousness. But it is a fact, and there are quite objective reasons for that – the mass of adult users are subject to nostalgia for their childhood. Games are far from perfect in terms of graphics, but the point here is not the graphics, but exactly the “lameness”.

        The main factor that appeals to users is that the modern SEGA MegaDrive is made as a replica of the original SEGA MegaDrive, with a working power switch and reset button.However, the volume slider is purely decorative.

        Even the hole plugs for the cartridges work, although you can’t insert the cartridges themselves into the slots, and you don’t have to. It is obvious that the console only superficially resembles the classic one, while all electronics inside is modern and not compatible with solutions of twenty years ago. All games are simply preinstalled in the memory of the device.

        This retro console comes with two controllers which are exact duplicates of the original Sega controllers.They are the same size as the original and not the mini version.

        There are some issues in terms of interfaces that couldn’t be avoided, given today’s realities, no matter how hard the manufacturer tried to keep it classic. For example, there is an HDMI output on the back for connection to a modern TV, and the power is supplied via MicroUSB and a power adapter. Two USB ports on the front instead of the old two.

        One of Sega’s strengths is the classic user interface – it’s visually almost identical to the original, and by doing so already makes the user excited and pleasantly nostalgic.

        In the main menu, you can change the way titles are sorted, including alphabetically, by genre or number of players, and by release date, which is set by default. There is also a settings menu.The system language can also be changed from here.

        The unit has the nice bonus of being able to turn on a “CRT filter” to make modern televisions look like old CRT televisions, with lines of scrawl. Sega Genesis Mini game selection is very large: 40 classic games spanning the console’s history, plus two bonus editions. Many of these games are real classics.

        From Yandex user review.Marketa with the status of “Verified User”: “40 built-in games and sounds that accompany the entire gameplay and surfing the menu, not only make you nostalgic, but also to get a real pleasure from the game”.


        • 40 built-in games;
        • user interface;
        • USB ports;
        • The ability to turn on the CRT filter;
        • Two joysticks included.


        • Some of the simulation elements are sloppily made, which reduces the authenticity effect.
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