10 best washing machines with vertical load

*Review of the best according to the editorial opinion. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and is not a guide to purchase. You should consult an expert before buying.

The heroes of our review today – washing machines with vertical loading. For the rating we have selected 10 nominees from well-known Russian and foreign manufacturers. For convenience, we will consider two categories of products – machines from the inexpensive price segment and models with inverter motor.

Among the main criteria for selection are the quality of terms, brand awareness, the use of modern technology, as well as practicality and usability in real life conditions. For this purpose, we have analyzed the reviews of the owners of equipment, who use it for a certain period of time and can already make up their opinion about the product, to note the features, advantages and disadvantages.

All data was taken from public sources – manufacturer sites, Yandex marketplace.Market, thematic forums, review sites and other available online resources.

Rating of the best washing machines with vertical load

The best inexpensive washing machines with top loading7Leran WTL 46106 WD22 990 €
6Indesit BTW A585122 005 €
5Midea MWT 70101 Essential23 743 €
4Weissgauff WM 40265 T25 990 €
3Zanussi ZWY 51024 CI25 499 €
2Hotpoint-Ariston WMTL 601 L26 299 €
1Electrolux PerfectCare 600 EW6T5R26131 970 €
The Best Vertical Washing Machines with an Inverter Motor3WhirlpoolLR 7022036 900 €
2Electrolux EW6T4R27248 980 €
1Haier RTXSG584TMH44 990 €

The best inexpensive washing machines with top loading

For the category of inexpensive washing machines with top loading, we have selected 7 models from popular foreign and domestic manufacturers. Each of them is characterized by its own features and advantages, which makes them the best among the competitors.

The prices of all nominees at the time of the review were in the range from 22 to 32 thousand rubles.

Leran WTL 46106 WD

Rating: 4.3

Leran WTL 46106 WD

Our review starts with Leran WTL 46106 WD model from the Russian manufacturer that has been producing small and large home appliances since 2010. The company’s products are focused only on the Russian market. The washing machine is manufactured in China and has a one-year factory warranty.

The machine is designed in a modern style and has a load capacity of 6.5 kg. On the control panel there is a programmer, and on its right side there are buttons with auxiliary functions and a LED display. When you press the buttons or turn the knob of the programmer you hear a melodic sound. The sound can be switched off if needed. All menus are russified, which allows you to quickly get the hang of the technique control.

On the right side of the body is a removable panel that provides access to the pump, motor and other modules. Such a solution is very convenient for service and repair of the appliances.

The machine is equipped with all necessary programs for washing things from different types of fabric, as well as separate modes for jeans, mixed fabrics, sportswear. Additionally, there is a drum cleaning mode, which allows to get rid of dirt and unpleasant odors without the use of chemicals.

Access to the drum is standard for all models with vertical loading – you need to lift the lid and open the flaps. Thanks to the special fittings, the flaps open smoothly, which is very convenient and prevents injury to fingers.

The model features low power consumption, which corresponds to class A+++.

The owners of the washing machine note the quiet operation of the device even at maximum speed, as well as the optimal number of programs. No critical disadvantages have been revealed.

We recommend the Leran WTL 46106 WD to all users, who wish to buy an inexpensive and economical machine, equipped with all necessary features for high-quality washing of various things.


  • Energy Class A+++.
  • Drum cleaning program.
  • Russified convenient menu.
  • Removable side panel (service revision).


  • No critical disadvantages have been identified.

Indesit BTW A5851

Rating: 4.4

Indesit BTW A5851

The next machine in our list is Indesit BTW A5851 from the famous Italian brand of inexpensive and quality large home appliances. The model is made in Poland and has an extended warranty of 5 years instead of the traditional 12 months.

The washing machine is made in a traditional form factor in a minimalist design. The tank can be loaded with up to 5 kg of laundry, energy efficiency class A+.

Electronic control with programmer knob and buttons, which activate the additional functions. The presence of 12 programs allows you to select the appropriate mode for washing various items. Special TurnWash mode allows you to wash clothes made of cotton and synthetics at 30 degrees for 45 minutes.

The maximum spin speed is 800 rpm. There is a separate button for their adjustment.

Convenient and intuitive controls, all inscriptions in Russian. The machine is equipped with a delayed start timer up to 12 hours, and also has a self-diagnostic system. Separate indicator to tell you when you need to clean the drain filter.

The affordability, modern design and good functionalities are the advantages of this washing machine. Among the disadvantages, the owners of equipment note the increased noise and the lack of a short program.

Low price, good functionality and simple user-friendly menu allowed the Indesit BTW A5851 washing machine to take one of the leading positions in its product group.

Advantages of

  • Convenient menu.
  • Self-diagnosis.
  • Energy Class A+.


  • The maximum spin speed is 800 rpm.
  • Increased noise level (according to user feedback).

Midea MWT 70101 Essential

Rating: 4.5


Midea MWT 70101 Essential – a machine from the famous Chinese manufacturer of large home appliances. Model is assembled in China and manufacturer provides 12 months warranty. Some authorized dealers sell this model with an extended warranty up to 5 years.

The washing machine is made in a modern design and has an LCD display, which displays the time until the end of washing. Mode selection is done by turning the knob on the programmer, and additional functions are activated using the buttons. Each time you press the button or turn the crank, you will hear a beep, which can be deactivated if necessary.

The control panel is fully russified, which makes it easy to understand the settings.

Special attention deserves the drum, but more precisely – its inner surface. In addition to the standard perforation on the inside there are embossed areas in the form of pyramids. This configuration ensures better and gentler washing of laundry compared to the classic perforated surface. The door flaps of the drum are fitted with door closers, thanks to which they open smoothly and do not collide with the body. Thanks to the auto-parking system, the drum stops in one position – with the flaps facing up – when the program is over.

Up to 7kg of laundry can be loaded and the spin speed is up to 1200rpm.

The advantages of the washing machine include high energy efficiency (class A+++), a good loading volume and convenient control panel. Among the disadvantages are too short power cord and hoses.

We recommend the Midea MWT 70101 Essential washing machine to all users who want an inexpensive model with easy controls and a good set of features.

Advantages of

  • Energy efficiency class A+++.
  • Drum with autoparking and smooth opening of the flaps.
  • Loading capacity of 7 kg.
  • Special inner drum surface.


  • The power cord and hoses are too short (according to user reviews).

Weissgauff WM 40265 T

Rating: 4.6

Weissgauff WM 40265 T

Weissgauff WM 40265 T is another inexpensive washing machine with a vertical load. Model is made in China and has a one year warranty. In appearance, this washing machine resembles the previously reviewed Midea MWT 70101 Essential in the form of the body and control panel (similar buttons, location of the programmer, only without the display). The high level of similarity suggests that both machines are produced in the same company.

The distinctive feature of this model is the loading capacity of up to 6.5 kg and a maximum spin speed of 1200 rpm. Electronic programmer with a rotary knob to select one of the 16 washing programs, including special modes for clothes of different types of fabrics. Users will be pleased with the programs of fast and ultra-fast washing (45 and 15 minutes), which will allow with minimal time, water and electricity to freshen up sports clothes or wash lightly soiled clothes.

Separately, the manufacturer has provided a program for washing children’s clothes with an extra rinse, which allows more thoroughly wash detergent residues from the fabric fibers.

Also the washing machine has a silent mode, when you activate it, all the buzzers will be turned off. It is topical for washing at night.

System of automatic positioning of the drum in 90% of cases will stop its rotation in the correct position strictly under the lid. The drum flaps open smoothly thanks to the Soft-System

  • ft.

    There is a service window on the left side of the housing, closed by a false panel, which allows the service technician in case of repair easily get to the major components of the machine.

    Among the advantages of the machine owners of technology highlighted convenient management, a large number of programs, especially the presence of a fast washing, a good load and modern design. The disadvantages some users include increased noise and vibration, especially at maximum spin speed.

    The Weissgauff WM 40265 T washing machine deservedly occupies one of the leading places in our rating and in its product group thanks to good functionality, smart design and simple operation.


    • Energy efficiency class A+++.
    • Automatic positioning of the drum.
    • Loading up to 6.5 kg.
    • 2 modes of fast washing (15 and 45 minutes).


    • It is too noisy (according to user reviews).

    Zanussi ZWY 51024 CI

    Rating: 4.7

    ZANUSSI ZWY 51024 CI

    Continues the review of the best inexpensive washing machines with vertical loading Zanussi ZWY 51024 CI from the famous Italian manufacturer of large household appliances. The machine is made in Poland and has a one year warranty from the manufacturer.

    The model is made in a modern design with elements of minimalism, so it will look great in any interior. One of the features of the machine is the absence of the usual rotary knob programmer. Instead of it, modes and additional options can be selected by pressing the touch buttons. All captions are in Russian, which allows to quickly understand the functional capabilities of the model.

    The manufacturer put an emphasis on a fast wash and resource-saving. In addition to the separate modes “freshen 20” and “30/30” (washing at 30 degrees for half an hour), the model is equipped with a function Quick Wash, which can reduce the washing time of almost any program by 50% without loss of quality.

    Airflow technology prevents unpleasant odors and mold in the drum and detergent dispenser. This is achieved by repeated rinsing with a powerful jet of water.

    Loading capacity is 5.5 kg of laundry, which is considered average for washing machines of this class. The outer surface of the drum flaps is covered with a special polymer (carbon) that makes the opening process very quiet (compared to the impact of metal flaps without door closers).

    On the Yandex marketplace.Market rated the washing machine at 4.7 points, as well as received the prestigious “buyers’ choice” mark. With that 100% of users recommend this product. Among the key advantages of the model, the owners of technology note practicality, convenient controls, thoughtful design, a large selection of programs and high quality washing. The disadvantages some respondents attributed to the inconvenient location of the transport bolts and increased vibration in the spin mode.

    We recommend Zanussi ZWY 51024 CI to all users who want a quality European-assembled machine with user-friendly controls and a good set of programs.


    • Modern design.
    • Convenient controls.
    • Reduction of washing time by up to 50% thanks to Quick Wash.
    • Energy efficiency class A++.


    • Inconvenient location of the transport screws.
    • Increased vibration on the spin (according to customer reviews).

    Hotpoint-Ariston WMTL 601 L

    Rating: 4.8

    Hotpoint-Ariston WMTL 601 L

    The next model in our list is the Hotpoint-Ariston WMTL 601 L from the well-known Italian manufacturer. The machine is assembled in Slovakia and the manufacturer provides a one-year warranty.

    The model has a modern design with mechanical buttons and a traditional rotary knob. On the control panel, the names of the programs are written in Russian, and additional options are marked with intuitive pictograms. This makes it easy to get used to controlling the device.

    The machine is equipped with 18 programmes for washing clothes of different kinds of fabrics, including mixed mode and express washing in 15 minutes. The maximum spin speed – 1000 rpm, regulated by a separate button.

    Equipped with the system of automatic weighing, that allows you to adjust the consumption of water and electricity depending on the degree of load the tank. The maximum capacity of the machine – up to 6 kg of laundry.

    Among the advantages of the model are simple operation, a large selection of programs and good build quality. The disadvantages some consumers include the lack of a separate power button (turn off the need to turn the knob of the programmer) and sharp turn of the drum flaps.

    High quality of assembly, good functional capabilities, simple controls and adequate price allowed the Hotpoint-Ariston WMTL 601 L washing machine to take one of the leading positions in our rating.


    • European assembly.
    • Convenient control.
    • 18 programs.
    • Express Washing 15 minutes.
    • Loading of laundry.


    • No possibility to regulate the temperature separately.
    • No on/off button.
    • No smooth motion of the drum flaps (according to user reviews).

    Electrolux PerfectCare 600 EW6T5R261

    Rating: 4.9


    The Electrolux PerfectCare 600 EW6T5R261 from the world famous Swedish manufacturer of large home appliances completes our review. The machine is made in Poland and has a one-year factory warranty.

    The washing machine is made in a laconic modern design. In every detail of the design you can feel the high quality of materials used and well thought-out solutions for user comfort. For example, the detergent drawer is not on the inside of the lid, but next to the drum. The dispenser takes up minimal space and thanks to the special design, all the contents are washed out without residue.

    The control panel is represented by an electronic programmer with a rotary knob, as well as a display and a button to select additional options. All inscriptions are russified, that allows you to quickly understand the control system and make the necessary settings. The display shows the remaining time to the end of the cycle and other important information.

    The model has received the Woolmark Blue certificate, which guarantees quality and safe washing of woolen clothes. This mode is shown separately on the programmer. It is worth noting the super-fast program “14 minutes” and anti-allergic mode, allowing deep cleaning of fabric fibers from the smallest impurities. Also, separately derived programs for washing things made of denim (denim), sports clothes, down jackets and blankets.

    The peculiarity of this model is the patented SensiCare technology, thanks to which the machine automatically corrects the washing cycle depending on the load. That not only saves time, energy and water, but also ensures your clothes don’t get “washed”, extending their lifespan.

    The maximum spin speed is 1200 rpm, and drum loading is up to 6 kg. However, it has a high energy efficiency, which corresponds to class A+++.

    According to the reviews on the resource Yandex.Market, the machine has received the prestigious “buyers’ choice” mark with a rating of 4.8 out of 5.0, with 95% of people recommending this product. To the merits of technology users attribute modern design, washing quality, convenient operation and a large selection of programs, including special modes for bed linen, jeans, wool and sports items. The disadvantages some consumers have attributed to the impossibility of using liquid laundry detergent due to the special design of the dispenser (when pouring the gel into the compartment, it immediately flows into the tank).

    We recommend the Electrolux PerfectCare 600 EW6T5R261 to all users, who are looking for a European-standard washing machine with a broad range of programs and easy-to-use controls for an affordable price.


    • Energy Consumption A+++.
    • Special programs for different types of things.
    • Woolmark Blue certificate.
    • Easy control.


    • No liquid detergents can be used due to the special design of the washtray (according to user reviews).

    The best upright washing machines with inverter motor

    For this category we have selected three models from well-known foreign manufacturers of large home appliances. Each washing machine has its own features and benefits that make it the best in its price range.

    WhirlpoolLR 70220

    Rating: 4.8

    <img width="229" alt="Whirlpool

    LR 70220″ src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/81416666195491-2210.jpg” height=”420″ title=”Whirlpool

    LR 70220″>

    Opens the review of washing machines with inverter motor Whirlpool

    LR 70220. The model is made in Slovakia, and it comes with a standard warranty on the entire product, as well as a 12-year warranty on the inverter motor.

    The washing machine has a modern design, in a white body. The control panel is represented by an electronic programmer with a selector knob, buttons activating additional options, and a large display showing all the basic washing parameters.

    All inscriptions on the programmer and the buttons are russified, which simplifies the operation and configuration of the Cwmash.

    There are 14 wash programs in total, including both conventional and specialty programs (such as denim). You should also pay attention to the Colours 15 program, which guarantees high quality washing of coloured clothing at just 15 degrees Celsius. This is achieved by slowly rotating the drum according to a specific algorithm, resulting in evenly impregnating the items with detergent over the entire length of the fibres. The result is flawless results with minimum energy consumption. Please note that in this mode it is necessary to use special powders or liquid detergents, designed to work in cold water.

    Thanks to the Fresh Care technology, the laundry stays fresh inside the machine for 6 hours. If the program ended in your absence, you can not be afraid that the damp things will be trapped inside the drum, which will lead to a musty smell. The washing machine will occasionally turn the laundry over to ventilate it.

    Loading capacity up to 7kg, max spin speed 1200rpm.

    The owners of the washing machine refer to the advantages of a large loading capacity, availability of different special programs and good quality washing. Among the disadvantages, some consumers noted the increased noise and vibration level, starting from 1000 rpm, as well as the lack of an audible signal for the end of the washing cycle.

    We recommend Whirlpool

    LR 70220 as one of the most affordable models with the inverter motor that is not made in China. The large number of programmes and extensive functional capabilities ensure easy operation and high washing quality.


    • Comfortable control.
    • Loads up to 7kg.
    • Energy efficiency A+++.
    • Cold water wash program at 15 degrees.
    • Keeps clothes fresh with Fresh Care technology.


    • Increased noise and vibration.
    • No beep at the end of the cycle (according to user feedback).

    Electrolux EW6T4R272

    Rating: 4.8


    Another machine with an inverter motor – Electrolux EW6T4R272. In contrast to the previously reviewed EW6T5R261, this washing machine has another 10 years warranty for the inverter motor in addition to the standard one-year warranty. The additional warranty covers only appliances that are registered on the official website.

    The model looks stylish and modern thanks to the large black display on the control panel with touch buttons. The screen shows the remaining wash time, the current cycle phase and other useful information. On the left of the display is located handle electronic programmer, as well as the button to select the temperature and spin with LED indicators.

    One of the model’s features is the patented SensiCare system, which is present in all Perfect Care washing machines. The appliance automatically corrects the washing cycle time, water and electricity consumption depending on the amount of laundry loaded. This not only saves resources, but also prevents clothes from “washing out”, preserving their appearance for a long time.

    The Softer+ option ensures crispness and softness after washing, because the laundry is soaked evenly before being wrung out, and only then is conditioner added from the drawer.

    Another option “Time manager” will reduce the washing time by up to 50% and save resources, guaranteeing the same quality as the standard cycle. This option is recommended for small amounts of laundry with light to medium soiling.

    There is a special program with additional steam treatment to freshen the clothes or to get rid of allergens. During washing, steam penetrates deeply into the fibers of all fabrics, straightening them and destroying various bacteria.

    Other features of the machine are similar to the previously reviewed EW6T5R261.

    Claimed energy efficiency class A+++, but in real life conditions, the washing machine consumes even 10% less electricity. Until a new energy efficiency class is registered (for example, A with four “pluses”), semi-officially the machine meets the standard A+++-10%.

    On the site of Yandex.Market machine earned the prestigious “buyers choice” mark with a rating of 4.9. 100% of users recommend it for purchase. The owners of the appliances speak positively about the washing and spin quality, user-friendliness and a wide range of functionalities. No critical defects were detected.

    Electrolux EW6T4R272 rightfully occupies one of the leading positions in its price range due to the quality of assembling and good functionality.


    • Many programs for different items and types of fabrics.
    • user-friendly control panel.
    • Extremely low power consumption.


    • No critical disadvantages revealed.

    Haier RTXSG584TMH

    Rating: 4.9

    Haier RTXSG584TMH

    Our review is completed with the model Haier RTXSG584TMH from the Chinese manufacturer of home appliances and electronics, which is considered one of the leaders in sales volumes not only in its homeland. But also in many countries of the world. The washing machine is made in China, it is covered by a combined warranty – 1 year for the entire product and 12 years for the inverter motor.

    The machine stands out against many competitors high-tech design, as well as the fact that the control panel combines touch buttons and a traditional rotary selector.

    Loading up to 8kg, which is considered one of the highest loads of an upright washing machine of standard dimensions (85x40x60cm).

    The model is equipped with the patented technology of washing Instant Mix, thanks to which the powder is mixed with water and air in a special way, forming an active foam that penetrates deep into the fabric fibers.

    The presence of automatic weighing allows the machine to determine the duration of the washing cycle on its own, based on the number of items of laundry. It saves water and energy and prevents overspending on washing just a few loads.

    The Antistain option allows removing stains of different origin. To do this, simply press the special touch button and select the nature of the dirt.

    The presence of washing with steam allows you to smooth out the fibers of fabrics, remove odors and allergens.

    A drum spin speed of up to 1400 rpm allows even heavy stuff (like jeans) to be tumble dried.

    To the positive aspects should include a large load, high washing and spinning performance, convenient and clear control, as well as a wide range of useful additional options (especially stain removal and washing with steam). The disadvantages some owners of equipment include the lack of auto-parking drum.

    We recommend the Haier RTXSG584TMH washing machine for everyone who wants a modern, multi-functional and high-quality appliance with lots of options for perfect washing of any items.


    • 8kg load.
    • Spinning 1400 rpm.
    • Touch Screen.
    • Washing with steam.
    • Stain removal.


    • No auto-parking drum (according to user reviews).
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