NVIDIA’s 14 Best Graphics Cards

No PC gaming enthusiast can do without a graphics card. No one disputes, some modern processors have a built-in graphics core, thanks to which the interface is processed applications, as well as playback heavy video. But to run games the capabilities of integrated “graphics” are often not enough. And if a video card is chosen, in most cases only NVIDIA products are considered. That is why we decided to tell you about the best video adapters from this company. This is how we find out which graphics cards do the best job. That said, we won’t just look at the desktop models. We will talk about those video adapters that are installed inside the laptop. It is interesting to see how they compare to their desktop counterparts. We’ll also tell you about the models designed for in-server installation.

Rating of the best graphics cards NVIDIA

Nominationplaceproduct nameRating
NVIDIA’s Best Desktop Graphics Cards1NVIDIA TITAN V4.9
2NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti4.8
3NVIDIA GeForce RTX 20704.8
4NVIDIA Titan Xp4.8
5NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti4.7
6NVIDIA GeForce RTX 20604.7
7NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti4.7
The best NVIDIA graphics cards for notebooks1NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 (mobile)4.9
2NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 (mobile)4.8
3NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 (mobile)4.8
4NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 (mobile)4.7
The best NVIDIA graphics cards for servers1NVIDIA Quadro RTX 60004.9
2NVIDIA Quadro P60004.9
3NVIDIA Quadro P40004.8

Best NVIDIA graphics cards for desktop PCs


Score : 4.9


As of February 2019, this is the most powerful amateur graphics card among those produced by NVIDIA. It’s a true monster, selling at Russian retail for 255k. rubles. Expensive. But if you’ve read our ranking of the best Intel processors, you already know that top-of-the-line computer components are extremely expensive these days. What’s the price tag on the board??

This graphics card is based on Volta architecture. At the same time using a slim manufacturing process, so the manufacturer has managed to keep power consumption low, and the heat dissipation remains quite acceptable. In all, there is room on the board of this device for 21 billion transistors. That’s a mind boggling number! This number provides approximately 110 teraflops of performance in deep learning tasks. It also uses three-dimensional stacked memory – roughly speaking, this technology is similar to what some time ago began to be used in SSDs. By the way, the amount of memory is 12 GB. It’s hard to imagine a single game that can’t get enough of this. Up to 652.8GB/s memory interface. In short, the bandwidth here is also on the high side.

What else can this monster boast? Perhaps it’s impossible not to mention the 5,120 CUDA cores. With so many of them rendering video after installation is much faster. Also a video card includes 640 Tensor cores. Three DisplayPort and one HDMI connector. Must be able to render simultaneously on two monitors. Needless to say, you can display the video on three or four monitors, especially if they have F

    l HD.

    The width of NVIDIA TITAN V is quite large, so it takes two slots. But you can say that about any powerful video adapter. Power for this model is provided by connectors 8-pin and 6-pin. Don’t forget to stock up on a powerful power supply! But don’t be intimidated. Most of the time the product will not consume more than 300W. Though, no one would argue that we would like to be less voracious…

    Who could possibly need such a graphics card?? The first thing that comes to mind are the top video bloggers who publish their stuff on YouTube. They will appreciate the increased speed in Premier Pro and other similar programs. It’s also the ceiling for the gamer who didn’t want to put two graphics cards in his computer at once. Using NVIDIA TITAN V, you can play Battlefield V with a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels with high graphics settings – the average frame rate will be 80 fps. It should be noted that the measurements were taken in the first days of January 2019. As you know, later on DICE studio released a patch that increased the frame rate even more.

    Benefits of

    • A large number of connectors;
    • Acceptable power consumption;
    • A huge number of CUDA cores;
    • High memory performance;
    • Memory capacity of 12GB.


    • Extremely high price tag;
    • Difficult to find on sale;
    • No ray tracing support.

    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti

    Rating: 4.8


    If the above model is a dream professional, the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti many gamers want to buy. This graphics card is sold for more reasonable prices – about 98 thousand. rubles. Of course, on this representative of our rating still need to set aside a few average Russian salaries. But you can not disagree with the fact that the purchase of such a video adapter looks more real than buying TITAN V.

    Here already uses a completely different architecture – it is called Turing. If you compare the graphics card with the models of the last generation (they will close our rating), it can boast six times higher performance. That’s what NVIDIA says. In practice, of course, the results are much more modest. But it is definitely impossible not to notice the support of ray tracing in real time – of course, where this feature has already been implemented. The technology delivers markedly more realistic lighting, and the reflections are even more believable!

    The factory model is equipped with a 13-phase power circuit. The product has 11 GB of video memory. Here it belongs to the GDDR6 standard – this is the biggest difference between this device and the professional model discussed above. 616GB/s memory bandwidth and 14Gb/s memory bandwidth. The video card also got 4352 CUDA cores. Not a record, but enough for many professional video editors. The output of images with a resolution of 7680×4320 pixels is supported at most. And for sure this video adapter can easily handle any modern VR-helmet. To connect monitors, connectors DisplayPort, HDMI and USB Type-C (the latter is designed specifically for virtual reality headsets). You can output the picture to a maximum of four monitors, if we are talking about models with low resolution.

    Despite providing power through two 8-pin connectors, a graphics card consumes 250-260W. This means that in theory it could be satisfied with a 650 watt power supply.

    If you run Battlefield V on a computer with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti graphics card, the result will directly depend on the resolution used and DirectX. If you selected the latest DirectX, and the resolution is 2560×1440 pixels, then at high graphics settings you will get 52fps. Again, the measurement was done quite a long time ago, and enabled ray tracing until mid-January 2019 too much load on the computer. There is no doubt that nowadays you can get FPS close to the above mentioned even when playing games in 4K resolution. By the way, if you turn off DXR, the video card performance increased by about two times.


    • There are kits with the games Athem and Battlefield V;
    • Artificial Intelligence technology is applied;
    • Real-time ray tracing is available;
    • A large number of CUDA cores;
    • 11GB of high-bandwidth video memory;
    • A large number of connectors include HDMI 2.0b;
    • Power consumption is not prohibitive.


    • Still, not everyone can afford it.

    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070

    Rating: 4.8

    NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX 2070.webp

    Another new product from NVIDIA. Like the copy discussed above, in some stores you can buy a variant with a code to download Battlefield V and Athem games in the box. Also this video card also uses two fans, perfectly copes with the cooling of transistors present here. However, this applies to the factory version of the video adapter. Do not forget that on the shelves of stores are gradually arriving versions of GeForce RTX 2070 graphics cards from third parties – they can have modified cooling system.

    It also uses the Turing architecture. This means that in games will be activated artificial intelligence. And you can also enjoy real-time ray tracing. The difference is observed in the memory block. To save money, the manufacturer had to reduce the GDDR6 capacity to 8GB. However, the vast majority of computer games enough and this. You won’t have a future head start, that’s all. Also, NVIDIA reduced the memory bus to 256 bits, which reduced the bandwidth to 448 GB/s.

    The power of this graphics card is enough to display images on four monitors. For this purpose the DisplayPort 1 sockets are used.4, USB Type-C, and HDMI 2.0b. As for the power supply, it is provided by one 8-pin connector. Just by this fact alone we can guess that the video adapter consumes relatively little. No, up to the results of modern budgetary creations the same NVIDIA is still a bit far. But also 175-185 watts are adequate numbers. This graphics card can even be in a computer with a power supply for 550W!

    In today’s ranking, we have examples of video cards in Battlefield V. It just so happens to be the best benchmark which also supports ray tracing. So, the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 is at its best in this shooter. At a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels and ultra graphics settings the game delivers approximately 62 frames per second. But only when using DirectX 11! However, when you switch to DirectX 12 the result drops by only one or two frames per second. This means that this graphics card is perfectly optimized for modern technologies. And tests have shown that there is no point in spending a huge amount, if 50 thousand for the first time. You can get perfect results. We recommend to look at more expensive models only if you’ve got a 4K monitor. And it is unlikely that such a video card will suit a person who makes money on YouTube. The fact that it built only 2304 CUDA cores, which makes rendering video not at all record fast.


    • A large number of different connectors;
    • Not very high power consumption;
    • Built-in a large amount of video memory;
    • Real time ray tracing is supported;
    • Can be shipped with two Electronic Arts games.


    • CUDA cores could be more.

    NVIDIA Titan Xp

    Rating: 4.8


    An unexpected representative of our rating, having Pascal architecture. It’s quite a performance piece and is the choice of some professionals. It should be noted that its cost is not more than 100 thousand. rubles. I think that even the top videobloggers, not to mention wedding and studio videographers, can afford to spend that kind of money.

    However, even NVIDIA itself states on their website that this solution is not just for professionals. It also shows its best side in games. Product performance is tripled compared to previous-generation adapters. It fully supports all VR technologies. And the icing on the cake is the 12GB of video memory, which is streamed through a 384-bit bus. The only problem is the memory standard – here it is GDDR5X.

    As expected for such a powerful solution, the device covers two slots on the motherboard. This model has a huge amount of transistors on the chipboard. But much more important to someone will seem the presence of 3,840 CUDA cores. They allow for video rendering at quite high speed. Only TITAN V and GeForce RTX 2080 Ti have higher indexes, but they sell for a completely different money.

    For the image output the DisplayPort 1 connectors are used here.4 and HDMI 2.0b. To get the electricity use 8-pin and 6-pin connectors. Power consumption of the graphics card is really heavy, about 250W. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to stock up on expensive kilowatt power supply – a 600 watt model will be enough.

    Probably not a bad choice for those who process video on a professional basis. Such people can only be confused by the design of the video card. Like many titans, it uses only one fan. Needless to say, that under heavy load this “turntable” begins to noticeably noise?


    • A very large number of CUDA cores;
    • Built-in 12GB of video memory;
    • The memory bandwidth reaches 547.7 GB/s;
    • A big number of connectors.


    • High cost;
    • At some points the graphics card starts to get noisy;
    • No ray tracing support;
    • High power consumption.

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

    Rating: 4.7


    It is the graphics card that closed the line of GeForce GTX. We can say that this representative of our rating showed the maximum of what the adapters of the tenth series are capable of. This product squeezes absolutely everything out of GDDR5X memory. The manufacturer also borrowed the design of their creation from the already mentioned “titans”. On the one hand, because of this the device has only one fan, which at certain moments can start to behave quite noisily. On the other hand, most often people buy graphics cards from NVIDIA, created by third-party companies – they may have a completely different cooling system.

    Built-in graphical processor is made on Pascal architecture. It consists of 12 billion transistors. Also, the video card includes 3584 CUDA cores. It is thanks to this number of them the device is in demand among all sorts of video bloggers, because they are the ones who enjoy fast video rendering the most.

    This model is not trained for ray tracing in real time. But this graphics card is perfect for VR-helmets. Interestingly, the owner of this graphics card will be able to use the NVIDIA ANSEL function, making in-game screenshots with a 360-degree angle of view. So you can show your friends exactly what you see inside the VR helmet. You can view these screenshots not only on your computer but also on your regular smartphone.

    This adapter includes 11 GB of video memory. The memory bus bandwidth is 352 bits – now that’s the highest possible setting. Although we must admit that the memory bandwidth is not ideal. Although 484 GB/s is a lot. Numerous connectors are used to connect monitors and VR helmet – it’s HDMI 2.0b and DisplayPort 1.4.

    Unfortunately, the video card did not use a record-setting thin manufacturing process. Because of that the product consumes up to 250 W of power. This is the level of much more professional solutions! Two connectors are used for power supply – 6-pin and 8-pin.

    Don’t be surprised if this graphics card lets you play WWII “battles” at an extremely high frame rate. The fact is that the lack of real-time ray tracing support greatly reduces the load. As a result, at a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels, DirectX 11 and ultra graphics settings you can get an average of 103 frames per second. Even in bursts the frequency will not drop below 94 fps! Of course, these results are true for a computer with a powerful processor on board. Well, if you decide to display the picture on a TV with a 4K display, the frequency will drop, but to quite acceptable 60 fps. With the same ultra settings!


    • Large amount of video memory;
    • Excellent memory bandwidth;
    • A very large number of cores CUDA;
    • There’s no shortage of connectors.


    • High power consumption;
    • It does not support ray tracing;
    • The price can still seem to be too high.

    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060

    Rating: 4.7

    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060

    The junior representative of the latest line of GeForce RTX. As we know, all video cards of this series support ray tracing in real time. And this one also comes with one of Electronic Arts games – it could be Anthem or the more than once mentioned in our ranking Battlefield V. However, we know how quickly the price of EA games falls, so it is unlikely you can put this proposal in the serious merits.

    The processor used here is based on Turing architecture. This means that the user expects not only ray tracing, but also the use of artificial intelligence. Two wide-bladed fans (factory default) are used for GPU cooling.

    Of course, this model has some limitations. For example, it has only 6 GB of video memory, even if it corresponds to the GDDR6 standard. Data movement is on a 192-bit bus. As a result, memory bandwidth is only 336 GB/s.

    Also, the product has got at its disposal 1920 CUDA cores. Relatively few, but still more than what previous generations of graphics cards could boast, now sold at times cheaper. To display the picture on the monitor used connectors USB Type-C, HDMI 2.0b, DisplayPort 1.4 and DVI-DL. You can display images on four monitors at the same time, which is an excellent indicator for a video adapter, which is not at all a record price.

    Despite its status, it is still wide enough to take two slots away from your motherboard. As for the electricity supply, it is carried out through a single 8-pin connector. As a result the product only consumes 160W. It is safe to say that this graphics card will work even inexpensive computers, equipped with 500-watt power supply.

    Let’s traditionally mention the results of the graphics card NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 in Battlefield V. When choosing a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels, DirectX 11 and high settings, you should expect FPS of 79 fps. If you activate ray tracing, the result drops to 35-36 fps. This suggests that the video adapter has a minimum number of RT cores built in, which are responsible for this function. In short, you should not buy this graphics card for the sake of enjoying new lighting effects and reflections. Unless you’re going to be playing on an F resolution monitor for a few more years

      l HD, where the FPS will be quite satisfactory.

      The merits

      • Beam tracing is supported;
      • A decent number of CUDA cores;
      • All the most necessary connectors are present;
      • Quite low power consumption;
      • Free game from EA included.


      • Not the largest amount of video memory;
      • Not the best memory bus bandwidth;
      • It is better not to turn on ray tracing at high resolution.

      NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti

      Rating: 4.7


      It must be the representative of our ranking that is the most affordable for average gamers right now. First of all, it is much easier to find GeForce GTX 1070 Ti in stores than more powerful models (some of them are just preparing for the official launch of sales). Secondly, the cost of this graphics card is about 35 thousand. rubles. That is, in its price point it is as close to a modern gaming console with which it and should be compared. Thirdly, third-party vendors have stepped up their game long ago – MSI, PA

    • T and some other companies.

      Most of all this graphics card will appeal to owners of VR-helmets. The performance of this solution is quite enough to give two pictures with high resolution. And it is impossible not to pay attention to the fact that the device only has one fan. But third-party vendors may give you a different cooling system – one with more “turntables” but a noticeably quieter one.

      Despite the relatively low cost, the graphics card offers as many as 2432 CUDA cores. That is why many video bloggers opted for the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti because they were not ready to spend money on a more expensive GTX 1080.

      It is impossible not to notice that the graphics adapter includes 8 GB of video memory of GDDR5 standard. At the same time, the manufacturer has provided 256 GB / s (using a 256-bit bus). In short, there is no shortage of video memory, especially if you are not yet using a monitor with 4K resolution.

      Actually, if we talk about the display, it uses HDMI 2 for image output.0b, DisplayPort 1.4 and DL-DVI. The maximum you can achieve a picture with a resolution of 7680×4320 pixels and 60 Hz. Of course, in theory. In fact, the FPS at this parameter will be mercilessly dropping not only in games, but also in common applications.

      The width of the video adapter is quite large, two slots the product will definitely cover. Power is supplied via an 8-pin connector. At its peak performance it will consume 180W. Probably the only serious disadvantage it has. The vendor says that you need only 500W power supply for PC with this adapter, but we would recommend to consider a more powerful one…

      As you know, GeForce GTX 1070 Ti does not support ray tracing, so even with a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels and DirectX 12 it shows quite good results in Battlefield V. When choosing ultra settings the average FPS is 70 fps. Needless to say, that many gamers do not need more, because they do not have at their disposal a monitor that supports a frequency above this parameter?


      • A very large number of CUDA cores;
      • Decent amount of video memory;
      • Good memory bus;
      • Present all the most necessary connectors;
      • The price is not exorbitant.


      • No ray tracing support;
      • High enough power consumption.

      The best NVIDIA notebook graphics cards

      NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 (mobile)

      Rating: 4.9


      Of course, a powerful graphics chip on the Turing architecture could not ignore laptops. However the cost of the product is very high, so it is unlikely that in the next few years we should expect to see at least somewhat affordable notebooks with this chip. Apparently, while the mobile version of the GeForce RTX 2080 will receive only the top gaming cars, the cost of which starts from 180-200 thousand TEUs. rubles.

      While we can only theorize about this graphics card. The thing is that it was announced quite recently. This means that so far we know very few of its characteristics. Well, the mass release of laptops equipped with it will have to wait about six months. Nevertheless, at the time of the rating it is known that the product must receive support for GDDR6 video memory, data from which is read on a 256-bit bus. Also the chip should get 2944 shader processors. The graphics card will run at 1380 MHz, and if necessary, you can activate Boost mode, which will raise the frequency to 1590 MHz.

      Alas, the product has not yet been tested in the latest “battles. But there is no doubt that the chip will pull this game off at ultra graphics settings and 4K output. And not just pull it off, but do it at least 60 fps. With or without ray tracing activation is still questionable.


      • There is support for ray tracing;
      • Must have 2944 CUDA cores;
      • Possible increase in frequency to 1590 MHz;
      • A large amount of video memory;
      • Must use a good memory bus.


      • Power consumption at peak times will be 150W;
      • Laptops with this GPU will cost a lot of money.

      NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 (mobile)

      Rating: 4.8


      Of course, NVIDIA company could not do only with the announcement of the top graphics processor. GeForce RTX 2070 and GeForce RTX 2060 mobile versions were introduced at the same time as the aforementioned model. The second chip seems to be the least interesting, though it is happy with power consumption not exceeding 90W, which would allow you to play even without connecting the laptop to the socket. As for the GeForce RTX 2070, this graphics card will consume 80 to 115 watts, depending on the load. In short, many laptops with this chip will be able to run the game only when the battery is fully charged, or after connecting a network adapter.

      So far you can find only one laptop in stores, equipped with the GPU announced in January. The novelty is called Gigabyte Aero 15-X9. It was with it some publications have tested the mobile version of the GeForce RTX 2070. But there is a lot that remains unexplained. How does the graphics processor behave when displaying images with higher resolution?? The thing is that the notebook screen has a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, which by today’s standards seems to be an insufficient parameter. It is clear that the GPU easily cope with Battlefield V at this resolution, even with ray tracing – the laptop gives more than 50 fps. However, when going to ultra settings begin to have a serious drop in FPS. All of this is relevant in the neighborhood of not the most powerful processor.

      Video bloggers should like the fact that the product has 2304 CUDA cores. As for the frequency, the video card can reach 1440 MHz. But if you want to play games outside the home, it’s better to avoid turning on Boost mode – in this case the frequency will be limited to 1185 MHz.

      In short, the chip turned out very good. Of course, even it will not be the cheapest way to see the effect of ray tracing. However, it is equipped with it laptops will cope with this mode in games without a strong drop in frame rate – GeForce RTX 2060 will show itself markedly worse.


      • Beam tracing is supported;
      • That’s a decent amount of CUDA cores;
      • High Frequency;
      • A large amount of GDDR6 memory must be present;
      • Optimal Power Consumption.


      • Notebooks with this GPU will have a very high cost.

      NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 (mobile)

      Rating: 4.8


      If we talk about laptops on sale now, almost all of them have a graphics processor that does not support ray tracing. In particular, if you want to buy a gaming laptop for 100-150 thous. Most likely you will get a variant with a mobile version of GeForce GTX 1080. It should be noted that this GPU is quite different from its desktop counterpart. Do not wait from it extremely fast video rendering and great FPS in games on ultra settings. However, it all depends on the configuration of your particular notebook and the game you play.

      To begin with let’s get acquainted with the characteristics of another representative of our ranking. In fact, the mobile version of the GeForce GTX 1080 consists of a processor running at a clock frequency from 1566 to 1733 MHz. Of course, the power consumption increases a lot in Boost mode, so it is recommended to use it only when you connect your notebook to the mains. Also, this graphics card can boast a memory standard GDDR5X, which in most laptops is 8 GB. It interacts with it via a 256-bit bus, which can also be considered an excellent parameter.

      This chip belongs to the Pascal architecture, just like the GPU included in the desktop version. It has 7.2 billion transistors. Nevertheless, even this may not be enough to perfectly run some modern games. However, GTA V on high graphics settings is running at an average of 71 FPS, when it comes to resolution F

        l HD. Problems are caused by the third “The Witcher” – at maximum settings and 1080p resolution it can be played only at 41 FPS. Once upon a time, the mobile version of the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 was the ideal notebook PC in the world. But now the palm is not that GPU. Nevertheless, its capabilities will suit fans of tanks and other games that do not require a top-end computer.

        The merits

        • Uses fast GDDR5X memory;
        • Good memory bus capacity;
        • High clock speed;
        • Large amount of video memory;
        • Notebook can be equipped with HDMI 2 connectors.0b and DisplayPort 1.4;
        • Large number of CUDA cores.


        • Consume up to 165W;
        • There is no ray tracing support;
        • Notebooks with this GPU are generally quite expensive.

        NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 (mobile)

        Rating: 4.7

        NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 980 (MOBILE).jpeg

        If we can say about the previous representatives of our rating that they are unlikely to become obsolete in the coming years, the mobile version of GeForce GTX 980 will soon fail to meet the requirements of many gamers. However, if you know for sure that you will be using this gaming laptop only for one or two years, you can consider buying the model with the above mentioned video adapter.

        Unfortunately, this GPU is only 28nm processor. We can safely say that it is unlikely NVIDIA will ever return to it. Although this GPU is more than a year old, it still supports DirectX 12. And the product is able to please with 2048 CUDA cores. This suggests that a notebook equipped with this graphics card is ideal for the person who regularly engaged in video editing.

        The graphics processor clocked at 1126 MHz. Like brothers, released later, this GPU supports automatic increase in frequency. It also claims to work with traditional NVIDIA technologies – PhysX and G-Sync. Video memory is read on a 256-bit wide bus. As for its volume, it can be different – it all depends on the specific laptop. This graphics card supports a maximum of 8 GB, which is more than enough for most games. However, many laptop makers prefer to create a cheaper product, eventually opting for the GeForce GTX 980 with half the capacity. It remains to add that the memory belongs to the GDDR5 standard.

        This graphics adapter is great for gaming, if the image output is carried out on a display with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. For example, DOOM will give out at least 84 FPS, Hitman – 61 FPS, The

        68fps in ision, and over 100fps in Star Wars Battlefront. But even with these results it is clear that the output picture on the monitor with 4K resolution makes sense only if you’re going to run FIFA or something like that.


        • A very large number of CUDA cores;
        • Quite high clock frequency;
        • Good memory bus width;
        • Notebooks with these GPUs aren’t always expensive.


        • Most often has a small amount of video memory;
        • High power consumption;
        • No ray tracing support;
        • Doesn’t perform well when rendering 4K resolution images.

        Best NVIDIA graphics cards for servers

        NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000

        Rating: 4.9

        NVIDIA QUADRO RTX 6000.webp

        Our ranking could not do without graphics cards designed for in-server installation. Often these models are called graphics stations. This is due to the fact that such devices are used for professional purposes. For example, Pixar studio uses them for rendering frames for their cartoons. Other studios can use similar solutions to create special effects. And of course, such powerful graphics adapters are ideal for video editing. But needless to say, these graphics cards are terribly expensive? Well, what else would you expect from a device that shows the most of what NVIDIA’s current creations are capable of?

        The most powerful graphics card at the time of this ranking is the Quadro RTX 6000. As is clear from its name, the device supports ray tracing (this is done by RT-kernels). This monster costs about $6300. Such a purchase is only affordable to professionals who make a lot of money. There is no point in playing games if you are curious about the video card.

        Quadro RTX 6000 uses up to 295W of power-even Intel server processors use less power. The product has 4608 CUDA cores, so there is simply no way to fit more of them into such a small device. At least until NVIDIA has not learned how to create them at an even finer level. This model also gets 24 GB of GDDR6 video memory.

        The manufacturer claims that the performance of his creation reaches 16.3 teraflops. It seems that it is enough to display the picture on four monitors at the same time, and even with a high resolution. By the way, only DisplayPort 1 connectors are used for this.4. The product also received a Virtual slot

      • nk (actually USB Type-C) – it is used to transfer the picture to the virtual reality headset.

        As usual, these graphics cards can be combined into a common array. The corresponding bridge costs $80 – also not a cheap treat.


        • Huge processing power;
        • A large number of DisplayPort connectors;
        • Astronomical amount of video memory;
        • Excellent memory bus width;
        • A large number of CUDA cores;
        • There is support for ray tracing.


        • Incredibly high power consumption;
        • The cooling system can not be called quiet;
        • Very high price.

        NVIDIA Quadro P6000

        Rating: 4.9

        NVIDIA QUADRO P6000.webp

        It is noticeably easier to buy this graphics card. If the flagship comes in limited quantities, the Quadro P6000 can be found in many Russian stores. The price tag, of course, also bites – it reaches 400 thousand rubles. rubles. For this money you’ll get a massive product which includes 3840 multipurpose processors. Of course, this graphics card supports DirectX 12. It is capable of displaying a picture with a resolution of 7680×4320 pixels at most. You can connect four monitors at the same time, it uses DisplayPort connectors.

        This graphics card is not among the novelties. Therefore, do not be surprised that its video memory is GDDR5X standard. The memory capacity is 24 GB, which should suit any professional. Interaction with memory is carried out on, as easy to guess, a 384-bit bus.

        In fact, Quadro P6000 graphics card doesn’t have any disadvantages, if we forget about the astronomical price tag. Yes, there is no ray tracing support. But if you are not a game developer, you are unlikely to be disappointed. And even during the development of games this graphics adapter can find a lot of applications – for example, it can be used to create 3D-objects. The only thing you can find faults with this graphics card is its power consumption. It reaches 250W. Of course, the whirlwind that cools the hot chip may be quite noisy. But that doesn’t matter, because the adapter will be installed in a server, which by itself would definitely not be quiet.


        • A very high clock speed;
        • An incredibly large number of universal processors;
        • A large number of connectors;
        • Huge amount of video memory;
        • Good memory bus.


        • A very high cost;
        • The power consumption reaches 250 W.

        NVIDIA Quadro P4000

        Rating: 4.8

        NVIDIA QUADRO P4000.webp

        One of the lowest cost graphics card for use in a server environment. In Russian stores they ask for this model for about 70 thousand rubles. rubles. Of course, for such a money you should not expect to get some monster that can deliver perfect graphics with maximum frame rate. The manufacturer’s saving is noticeable at least by the amount of video memory, which is only 8 GB. And it only belongs to the GDDR5 standard. The good news is that the memory bus is 256-bit, which provides 243 GB/s of throughput.

        The product includes only 1792 CUDA cores. Also on the graphics card you can find four DisplayPort connectors 1.4. The manufacturer promises that there will be no problems even if the connected monitors have 5K resolution.

        The graphics card runs at a clock speed of 1227 MHz. If you activate Boost mode, this parameter will go up to an impressive 1480 MHz. The good news is that the components used here do not consume much power – only about 105 watts. This means that a computer with one such graphics card can use a modest 450W power supply.

        Many people buy this graphics card not only for professional purposes but also to play games. Why not? The graphics card is more affordable than many of its GeForce RTX counterparts, but it is not much inferior to them. Also at one time it was a great option for mining cryptocurrency.


        • High clock speed;
        • Good memory bandwidth;
        • A large number of connectors;
        • Low power consumption;
        • Only takes up one slot;
        • The cost can not be called prohibitive.


        • No RT cores;
        • The number of CUDA cores may seem insufficient;
        • Only 5K resolution is supported at most.


        This is the list of the best NVIDIA graphics cards available at the time of writing. Please note that we were talking about the highest performance solutions. This time we did not divide the devices into price segments. So it costs a pretty penny to buy any of the video adapters reviewed. Notebook graphics cards are not sold separately at all. But you can always buy the laptop itself, focusing on our selection!

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