Lenovo’s 6 best laptops

*Review of the best according to the editorial board. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and does not constitute a buying guide. Before buying, it is necessary to consult with an expert.

Electronics of the Chinese brand Lenovo are tightly associated with the common expression “value for money” in its good sense. Indeed, Lenovo pleased and continues to please with good-quality budget laptops, but the company is also successfully mastering the high price segment.

The editorial staff of Expertology has prepared for you a brief review of the best models of Lenovo laptops, current for 2020. We take a look at the key basic models in the budget and high price categories.

Rating of the best laptops Lenovo

Lenovo’s Best Inexpensive and Mid-Budget Laptops1Lenovo IdeaPad S14529 990 €
2Lenovo Ideapad L340-1530 990 €
3Lenovo IdeaPad 3 1532 500 €
Lenovo’s top laptops1Lenovo IdeaPad 5 1540 400 €
2Lenovo Legion Y540-1561 500 €
3Lenovo THINKPAD X1 Carbon
    Laptop (8th Gen)
134 400 €

Lenovo’s best budget and mid-range laptops

First, let’s break down the top three inexpensive entry-level Lenovo laptops that are sufficient for everyday home or office use with moderate workloads. We will not consider the middle price segment separately, because it is actually represented by the same series, only equipped with more powerful processors, large-capacity RAM and storage.

Lenovo IdeaPad S145

Rating: 4.9

Lenovo IdeaPad S145

Let’s start with the most inexpensive option, which can be composed based on the IdeaPad S145 series. We say “make up” because the number of possible modifications of this series exceeds all imaginable and unimaginable limits. You can adjust anything – the processor, memory, video card type, storage characteristics, even the matrix and its maximum resolution.

To keep the notebook as reasonably priced as possible, you should take into account the processor. The cheapest option is AMD A4 9125. On this basis, whatever you do not add to the manufacturer’s equipment, it will not affect the price too much, except for the matrix – you can choose between HD 1366×768 and F

    lHD 1920×1080, but in any case it will be TN its known shortcomings.

    This model has a full, not “cut off” keyboard with a right numeric block. This option is typical for all laptops with a screen 15 inches diagonal and larger. Case dimensions may vary depending on the final configuration in width and depth, but the thickness is always the same – 19.9 mm. Weight from 1.6 to 1.85 kg, that is, more than acceptable. The design is minimalistic, “modern classics”, but the highlight is still there – the developers managed to minimize the thickness of the frame, so the laptop looks even a little “expensive.

    Below we are going to consider the minimum configuration with the most affordable price. RAM ready for sale modifications are offered with a capacity of 4 or 8 GB, but this is not the physical limit, and if you want in the future the machine can be upgraded up to 12 GB. Hard drive can be solid state from 128GB or mechanical from 512GB. You can have a couple of hard drives of both types, but such a configuration will cost significantly more.

    The developers have done with communications what they do with typical ultrabooks. No wired network card, and you can only connect to networks via Wi-Fi. Wired interfaces – USB 2.0 on the classic Type A socket and two more Type A sockets, but already USB 3 standard.1, HDMI video output and standard 4-pin mini jack 3.5 mm for a headset.

    The battery of this model is a middle one, consisting of two cells with the total capacity from 30 to 35 Watt-hours. But the battery life is pretty good, up to 4 hours of runtime in normal mode and up to 6 hours in power-saving mode.


    • thin frame of the screen;
    • F screen resolution
      • SSD hard drive with the possibility of using it in combination with a mechanical HDD;
      • A pleasant minimalistic design;
      • Good battery life;
      • a lot of modifications;
      • can be flexibly upgraded.


      • TN-matrix with narrow viewing angles;
      • No wired network card.

      Lenovo Ideapad L340-15

      Rating: 4.8

      Lenovo Ideapad L340-15

      Let’s continue with a little more advanced series, which, as well as the previous one, abounds with variants of various modifications, but the starting conditions mildly hint that here already makes sense to collect something more serious. In terms of cost, if you build a configuration based on the Intel Core i3 processor, you can fit in 35-36 thousand. rubles as of October 2020.

      Dimensions here are the opposite situation if compared with the previous model – width and depth are fixed 363×254.6 mm and the thickness varies from 22.9 of 23.9 mm depending on the “stuffing”. The design is the same minimalistic, numeric keyboard block on the right side is present and corresponds to the size of the screen 15 inches diagonally.

      The second major difference is the presence of a wired gigabit network card and a more advanced set of interfaces. So, here we have two USB ports 3.1 Gen 1, one USB 3 port.1 on the modern Type-C socket. There are also two classic Type A sockets for USB 3.0. There is a standard combo output for an audio headset 3.5 mm. Last but not least the thickness of the laptop is due to the interface kit.

      Matrix in terms of resolution in this series, too, you can pick up either HD or F

        A set of interfaces; modifications with discrete graphics cards; lHD, but to stay in a reasonable price range, we will have to make do with TN-technology with its bad angles. IPS-matrix is also present in a number of modifications, but the price will increase significantly.

        Standard RAM bundle is offered – 4 or 8 GB in the factory version, and the upgrade ceiling is noticeably higher than that of IdeaPad S145 – 16 GB. It is also possible to install a discrete graphics card. This fact some marketplaces already consider sufficient to position the laptop as a gaming, but seriously to such bold statements should not take seriously.

        Options for bundling a hard drive, too, any. The minimum option is a 128 GB solid state drive or a 512 GB mechanical HDD. The maximum is not fundamentally limited by anything, you can install a fast small and inexpensive SSD for the operating system, plus a mechanical volumetric HDD for data, but in the sum of such a set will lead to a tangible increase in price.

        The battery life capabilities of the Ideapad L340 are noticeably better. Battery capacity of 3900 mAh at first glance is not too impressive, but in combination with good system optimization and economical consumption time from a full charge can reach 8 or even 9 hours in energy-saving mode with moderate load.

        Another cool thing about this series is the presence of the FW TPM 2 trust platform crypto chip.0 for fast and secure data encryption.


        • reliability and reliability;
        • FW TPM 2 crypto chip.0;
        • there is a wired gigabit network card;
        • modifications with discrete graphics cards;
        • set of interfaces;
        • decent battery life;
        • Lends itself to a wide range of upgrades;
        • There are USB 3 ports.1 Gen 1 Type-C;
        • value for money.


        • very short charge/power cord;
        • TN-matrix with narrow viewing angles (in the minimal package).

        Lenovo IdeaPad 3 15

        Rating: 4.8

        Lenovo IdeaPad 3 15

        Rounding out Lenovo’s top three inexpensive and mid-budget laptops according to Expertology magazine is a super-popular series that honestly deserves some sort of “user-favorites prize”. All sorts of combinations of equipment manufacturer also offers a lot, and you can fit even in 30 thousand. We have some options for hard disk drive for any price, but we look at a little more interesting and high-performance modification, which costs no more than 45 thousand rubles, but we will consider a little more interesting and high-performance modification. rubles as of October 2020.

        Dimensions of the laptop body – 362.2h253.4h19.9 mm, the weight depending on the configuration can vary from 1.7 to 1.85 kg. As you can see, the notebook’s size and weight are pretty standard, but its shape visually gives the impression of a thin and light ultrabook.

        Optimal configuration in terms of performance and price can be selected on the basis of the processor family Intel Core i5 or comparable from AMD Ryzen series. In this case the price of the laptop will be in the range of 43-45 thousand. rubles (October 2020). Minimal RAM capacity is 4GB, expandable up to 12GB. The configuration of the storage subsystem can also be chosen according to your needs and budget.

        The parameters of the screen here also can be “tuned” when choosing the configuration, but for the described scheme and the indicated cost fits a normal IPS matrix with good resolution F

          lHD 1920×1080.

          In terms of interfaces, the layout is similar to that of the Lenovo IdeaPad S145, where the main drawback is the lack of a wired network card. In terms of thickness the laptop doesn’t really benefit from it, but those who need a wired connection have to resort to “crutches” in the form of USB-adapters. On the other hand, the wireless options here include top-of-the-line solutions – Bluetooth 5.0 for direct file transfer to devices and next-generation Wi-Fi module 802.11ax for full-fledged connection to networks at high speeds. Other interfaces: two USB 3 ports.2 Gen1 Type A, one USB 2.0 Type A, Combo output 3.5 mm for a headset.

          We also have to praise the autonomy of this model, which definitely pleases. The regular battery is able to provide up to 7 hours of work in a moderate mode, and up to 11 hours “at minimum” if you disable all communication (airplane mode) and turn down the screen brightness.

          Everything in this model would be fine if the manufacturer has not saved money where there is nothing to save, namely on the body material. The plastic here if not obviously cheap, then obviously too thin. Hence the two problems – the keyboard sags significantly when you press it, which is annoying; plus the frame of the screen doesn’t hold firmly and the matrix flexes dangerously when you move it awkwardly.


          • Many modifications with different equipment to choose from;
          • decent performance at a reasonable price;
          • autonomy;
          • IPS-matrix with maximum viewing angles;
          • luetooth 5.0;
          • Optional next-generation Wi-Fi module 802.11ax;
          • has the FW TPM 2 cryptochip.0;
          • successful design, giving the impression of thinness and lightness.


          • weak case;
          • no wired network card.

          The best top Lenovo laptops

          As we said above, the average price category notebook Lenovo formed almost entirely of the above models simply by increasing the equipment. At the same time the top models of this trademark differ already fundamentally. And the prices here are impressive, comparable to individual Apple models. But you should understand that you still have to pay for it – the characteristics are really top-notch.

          Lenovo IdeaPad 5 15

          Rating: 4.9

          Lenovo IdeaPad 5 15

          First up in Lenovo’s selection of top laptops will be a representative of the same widespread and insanely commercially successful IdeaPad series. Here and beyond, even by indirect characteristics, we can judge the premium level of the device. As in the previous variants, many options are available in terms of configuration, but the range is noticeably wider.

          The IdeaPad 5 doesn’t skimp on quality materials and has a solid build, which was completely lacking in Lenovo IdeaPad 3. In terms of size and weight this is a pure ultrabook. Dimensions can range from 321 to 356.67 mm in width, from 211 to 233.13 in depth, and from 16.9 to 18 mm thick. Minimal weight – 1.3 kg, max 1.8. The case is not all metal, just the lid, but this is a reasonable compromise, as it protects the most vulnerable element – the screen.

          For optimum performance-price ratio it is reasonable to pick up the configuration on the basis of the processor of Intel Core i7 family. The RAM capacity, respectively – 8 GB, at least. 16GB for maximum capacity. Typical configurations imply as hard drives only SSDs of 256GB to 1TB to choose from.

          Now a few words about the screen. In general, the matrix here is not bad, good-quality, F

            lHD 1920×1080. IPS technology, so the viewing angles are the most comfortable – 178 degrees. The bottleneck is that even though it is an IPS, but one of the budget variations. In fact, there is a brightness level of 250 cd/sq. m, although claimed 300. So the brightness margin of the screen is minimal. At home, in the office and in general in any room no problems, but in an open space in the daylight, even in cloudy weather, the screen will be noticeably “blind.

            This model has all the communications you need. There are two USB 3 ports.1 on Type A sockets (or even four, depending on the modification), there is also a USB 3.2 Gen1 Type-C with charging support, HDMI video output and even DisplayPort. On the wireless side, the situation is also favorable. It can even be equipped with the latest generation 802 Wi-Fi radio.11ax with support for top speeds. Bluetooth version 5.0 or even 5.1.

            As for battery life, IdeaPad 5 deserves high marks. You can choose to pack with batteries of different capacities, from 57Wh to 70Wh. The work time on a full charge, respectively, from 11 to 14 hours, but this is with moderate loads and “on minimum”.


            • build quality;
            • metal cover;
            • thin and light enough;
            • backlit keyboard;
            • many interfaces;
            • USB-C port with charging support;
            • fingerprint scanner built into the power button;
            • FW TPM 2 cryptochip.0;
            • Good battery life.


            • Marked case;
            • Some users miss the brightness of the screen.

            Lenovo Legion Y540-15

            Rating: 4.8

            Lenovo Legion Y540-15

            Second in this selection, consider an even brighter model from the category of top models with the sonorous name of the line Legion, series Y540. In Lenovo’s range there is another prominent Legion 5 series, but our experts have included this variant in the review for the reason of twice the threshold of maximum RAM.

            In size and weight the laptop does not fit into the category of ultrabooks, but no one expects that from it. Maximum dimensions in the appropriate package – 242x360x24.2 mm. weight – 2.3 kg. The body is strictly black, the surface, however, with a texture that does not mask fingerprints in any way. The keyboard is full-featured with a side numeric block, equipped with a nice backlight. 15 screen size.6-inch IPS-matrix resolution F

              lHD 1920×1080 and anti-glare surface.

              In this series, even the minimum packages imply high performance. So, the minimum RAM can be 8 GB, and there is still a free slot for upgrading. Total memory can be expanded up to 32GB. It’s not a bad deal for gaming capabilities.

              With a Core i7 processor and discrete graphics card, the laptop is quite gaming-friendly. The option of separate graphics can be chosen up to the powerful NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 with up to 6GB of video memory. If there is no such a need, you can limit yourself to the built-in, thereby significantly reducing the purchase budget.

              With data drives the breadth of choice also allows you to make the best configuration for any need. At least it can be a small solid state SSD with 256GB capacity, or a big one with 1TB capacity. In addition you can install a mechanical HDD for data storage with a maximum capacity of 1TB. The maximum allowable total capacity of the storage subsystem is 1.5TB. The mechanical “hard drive” here, by the way, can also be fast, like in desktop PCs with 7200 rpm spindle.

              The set of interfaces will please the most demanding user. Everything from a wired network card with RJ-45 to modern USB 3 ports is here.2 Gen1 Type-C, there is even a DisplayPort or Mini DisplayPort output for those who need it.

              Finally, it is worth giving high marks to the autonomy. Battery capacity of 4630 mAh, coupled with a good optimization of the system provides battery life up to 10-11 hours (!), but that’s on minimum power settings, in airplane mode. Under heavy workloads like gaming, the notebook will last up to 3+ hours, which is also more than good.


              • materials and build;
              • thin screen frame;
              • backlit keyboard;
              • gaming capabilities in the presence of a discrete graphics card;
              • effective cooling;
              • expandable memory up to 32GB;
              • optional fast HDD 7200 rpm;
              • wide set of interfaces;
              • There is a wired network card;
              • high-capacity battery.


              • Dirty case (in some places);
              • Unfortunate idea to combine the buttons PgUp, Dn, Home, End on the NumPad with arrows;

              Lenovo THINKPAD X1 Carbon
                trabook (8th Gen)

              Rating: 4.7

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