6 best gaming consoles

Gaming consoles are getting more and more popular. Playing on the PKK is already mauvais ton. Why when it’s so much easier to do it on a console?? More console exclusives – just think of the Uncharted series from Sony and Games of War from Microsoft. Which game console should I choose?? If you want to know the answer to that question, take a look at our selection which includes only the best models available.

Best gaming consoles ranking

Nominationplaceproduct nameprice
The best stationary gaming consoles1Microsoft Xbox One X27 700€
2Sony PlayStation 4Pro26 380€
3Sony PlayStation 4S
  • m 1TB
  • 21 400€
    The best portable gaming consoles1Nintendo Switch18 990€
    2Sony PlayStation Vita Wi-Fi
    3Nintendo New 2DS XL9 690€

    Best games consoles

    Microsoft Xbox One X

    Rating: 4.8

    Microsoft Xbox One X

    As Microsoft assures, this is the most powerful gaming console among the existing at the time of writing this ranking. In fact, the Xbox One X includes a very powerful hardware, which provides an incredibly high performance computing – on par with top gaming computers. For example, as the processor is used here is an eight-core solution fromAMD, running at a clock speed of 2.3GHz. Already this alone provides games with improved AI behavior, as well as increases the resolution to 4K. Also features GDDR5 high-speed video memory up to 12GB. It significantly reduces the load time of the game, at the same time providing a seamless huge worlds.

    If we continue the story about the parameters of the Xbox OneX, we should mention the processing power of 6 teraflops. The video memory bandwidth reaches 326 GB / s – a higher parameter can boast only the top-class graphics cards, which themselves are much more expensive than this gaming console. More console is able to surprise with a minimum noise level – in this respect, it is also ahead of all competitors. Oddly enough, the console does not overheat. The secret of this miracle lies in the use of liquid cooling system.

    A 1TB hard drive is designed to store games and other data. As mentioned above, some games on Xbox One X launch with 4K resolution, and even at 60 fps. Of course, there is also support for HDR – a special effect that makes the colors more realistic. Of course, for a game console and TV need the appropriate – buy it for a regular LCD with F

      l HD makes no sense. However, it should be noted that the console in any case will not suit every gamer. The fact that the high power components uses a limited number of games. The fourth Gears of War and the next Forza Motorsport – that’s probably all that may be of interest in the first place. Needless to say, the Japanese competitor is ready to offer more titles?


      • Built-in three USB 3 ports.0;
      • Size compared to its predecessor reduced;
      • During operation the console is practically noiseless;
      • A very large amount of high-speed video memory;
      • There is a dual-band Wi-Fi module;
      • Available in 4K resolution and 60FPS;
      • There is an HDMI 2 port.0b;
      • The gamepad has become very comfortable;


      • Few exclusive games that use all the power;
      • The price reaches 40k. RUR.

      Sony PlayStation 4Pro

      Rating: 4.8

      Sony PlayStation 4 Pro

      This is a gaming console is now the most in demand. Proof of this is its regular disappearance from the shelves of many retail chains – the console is sold out very quickly. The device exists in two colors, white and black. Also from time to time leave bundles with a particular game, which can have the original coloring of the case. For example, in the spring of 2018 we got a set of sigra God ofWar – this console has a silver case, decorated with Scandinavian runes.

      The Japanese console is also able to produce graphics with 4K resolution, albeit in most cases only at a happy 30fps. Nevertheless, this is quite enough to enjoy the game with a skinematic picture. The greatest delight cause projects with HDR – this technology makes the image as realistic as possible.

      Compared to the standard PS4, the graphics processor power has almost doubled. Faster here is used andvideomemory, it slightly speeds up the loading of games. By the way, you don’t need to buy a 4K TV for this console. You can see the difference in picture quality

        lHD-screen, it confirmed by numerous reviews, comparisons. Also with this resolution most of the time the frame rate goes up.

        All of the features described above the console neimeliby any importance, if for Sony PlayStation 4Pro has not created a large number of games. Fortunately, the Japanese and third-party developers have tried their best. You can already play Uncharted4, God of War, Driveclub, Gran Turismo Sport, Horizon Zero Dawn and many other games with 4K-definition support. And in the foreseeable future there will be more of these games – we are waiting for “Spider-Man”, “One Rape: Part Two”, Ace Combat 7 and other long-awaited releases. In short, it is not very difficult to score a 1TB hard drive here.

        Not to mention the expansion of PS4 Pro through the purchase of a virtual reality helmet PSVR (on the “slim” it will provide less pleasure, because the level of graphics will be lower). For this accessory there is a variety of games – from children’s Playroom VRdohardcore Resident Evil VII.

        Advantages of

        • A large number of games with 4K resolution;
        • Several variants of colors;
        • Very handy gamepad with extra features;
        • HDR is supported;
        • It is possible to connect a camera and VR-helmet;
        • Three USB ports are built in;
        • Comfortable and easy to learn interface;
        • High-speed video memory is used;


        • It is quite difficult to buy in Russia for an adequate price;
        • It gets a little noisy at some point.

        Sony PlayStation 4S
      • m 1TB
      • Rating: 4.8

        Sony PlayStation 4S<li></div><p>m 1TB” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/80216666193661-836-.jpg” title=”Sony PlayStation 4S</p><li>m 1TB”><p>S version</p><li>m has come to replace the standard Sony PlayStation 4. The size of this console is slightly reduced, but in terms of features it is almost unchanged. Moreover, it has HDR support which makes the picture more realistic for the corresponding TVs. Also, changes have been made to the Wi-Fi module, now he supports high-speed standard 802.11ac. The device comes with a hard drive, which is up to 1TB. Also under the body of the console hides an octa-core processor from AMD. The processing power of the chipset is 1.84 teraflops, which, of course, is not enough to display a picture with 4K-resolution. Strictly speaking, that’s what PS4 S<li>m different from thePro version – this console is set up for the traditional resolution F<ul>l HD. That’s why the console is priced at about 23 thousand Euros. rubles., Which can be considered a very affordable price tag.<p>It is nice that the Japanese did not limit the amount of video memory. This allows you to count on the fact that in the near future will not be released games designed exclusively for the Pro-version of the console. However, this doesn’t change the fact that it takes a bit longer to load games here, which is associated with a slower bandwidth of video memory. Also a bit disappointing are the USB-connectors, only two of which are built in. It is easy to imagine a situation where you need to charge two gamepads – at that moment you can, for example, connect a USB-stick. And this is quite relevant, because some time ago Sony introduced a function to download games purchased in ÐSportoger to the external hard drive.</p><p>Perhaps the PlayStation 4S</p><li>m is a great choice for everyone who only has a regular LCD TV without a 4K display. Also this console is designed for those who are not going to buy a virtual reality helmet in the near future. The possibility of its connection is present here, but don’t expect good picture quality.<h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>Small size and weight;</li><li>The price tag isn’t overpriced;</li><li>You can connect your VR-helmet and camera;</li><li>There is a large number of exclusive games;</li><li>Comes with a 1000GB hard drive;</li><li>Very handy gamepad, complete with a headset jack;</li><li>Can connect to Wi-fi 802.11ac;</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>There are only two USB-ports;</li><li>No support for 4K resolution.</li></ul><h2>The best portable gaming consoles</h2><h3>Nintendo Switch</h3><p>Rating: 4.8</p><div style=Nintendo Switch

        Japanese company Nintendo has been going its own way for quite some time. When competitors are trying to implement in their consoles the latest and most powerful computer “iron”, thus achieving a realistic graphics, the company Nintendo launches Switch. In fact, it is a hybrid console. That is, it can be played anywhere in a plane or car, which says about its portability. You can get all the juices out of it only by inserting the device into the special base connected to the TV.

        The device most of all resembles a compact tablet. All controls are on the device. What is important, these sides can be detached, they are miniature gamepads (a so-called joycons). I.e. the default feature is two-game-playing while competitors can sell it with one gamepad only. Under the controls there are special vibration motors. Their extraordinary work can be estimated out of several social games. The joycons also have gyroscopes that work precisely. In short, the gamer will not only press buttons and move the sticks, but waving a gamepad (or even two at once).

        To talk about the technical characteristics of the Nintendo Switch is sad. Stronger in terms of specifications please even modern smart phones, not to mention the žostationary game consoles, reviewed in this rating. The display has a diagonal of 6.2 inches and 720p resolution. 32GB of internal memory. Also the device includes two USB-ports, and it’s the case when their greater number is simply not needed. Connect the base to the TV through the usual HDMI-connector. There is also 802.0 WiFi wireless module.11ac, which provides Internet connection. The battery capacity of 4310mAh provides autonomous work of the console. This is enough for four to six hours of gaming, depending on the load of the processor and controls. Charging begins immediately after the console was in the base.

        Of course, the realistic graphics from Nintendo Switch do not wait. This console takes fun and uncommon gameplay. The most surprising thing about it is the social games, where you can milk a cow with your gamepad. It’s also impossible not to mention the chic realization of such hits as the new The Legend of Zelda (which, incidentally, the first time translated into Russian), Super Mario Odyssey and Mario Kart 8Deluxe. Now the console is selling well, so many third-party studios have announced their return to this platform. As a result, DOOM, FIFA 18, WWE 2K18 and L were released on Nintendo Switch.A.Noire, and literally a week after writing this article on the console will be able to play the already mentioned Resident Evil VII (of course, non-VR-helmet). In short, Nintendo Switch is a great choice for those who want to try something new. Especially for those who already have a Sony PS4, but at the same time, this console was bored. Sold for about 21-22 thousand for this portable and stationary console. rubles.


        • You can play on the road, and TV;
        • Not bad stereo speakers;
        • Relatively small weight (297g);
        • Exclusives from Nintendo are almost perfect;
        • Available unique gaming experience;
        • You can buy a large and comfortable gamepad;
        • Two joysticks in the kit;


        • The case scratches easily;
        • Little built-in memory;
        • Not the most convenient online store;
        • High prices for the exclusives;

        Sony PlayStation Vita Wi-Fi

        Rating: 4.8

        Sony PlayStation Vita Wi-Fi

        It is probably the most outdated console in our rating. No, games for the console is now a pleasant joy to the eye. However, they are currently only produced in Japan, and it is mainly visual novels and simple JRPG. In Europe and the United States sales of Sony PSVita almost completely stopped, and the above-mentioned genres of our people almost completely unattractive. However, this does not mean that the console is not recommended to buy. Some previously released games are sure to please you. For example, the Hatsune Miku: Project rhythm game series has a lot of fans

        A. Also must-see exclusives “Uncharted: Golden Abyss” and “Killzone: Mercenary”. However, these exciting games on PSVita are very few, so it is better to pay more than 5000 rubles for the console. Roubles. does not follow .

        The device is equipped with a 5-inch screen with a resolution of 960×544 pixels. By modern standards, this parameter seems ridiculous, but pixelation, strangely enough, is not conspicuous, many games look quite good. It should be noted that the first version of the console was equipped with OLED-display, so she could enjoy the deep black colors. In the future the console is a little more convenient in transportation, but her screen is now made cheaper IPS-technology. It also has cameras, but it’s better not to remember them – they should only be used outside of a few games with augmented reality.

        PSVita with or without a SIM card slot. You should only consider buying the standard version, endowed with only the Wi-Fi module. You are unlikely to walk around with this rather large console on the street in search of like-minded people, not to mention the launch of online games, of which there are very few.


        • There are some good exclusives;
        • Can be found at a very good price;
        • It is possible to play games remotely from PS4;
        • The first revision has a colorful screen;


        • Not many games released;
        • Uses a special and extremely expensive memory card;
        • Proprietary charging jack;
        • Very weak cameras;
        • Production of the console is gradually halted;

        Nintendo New 2DS XL

        Rating: 4.8

        Nintendo New 2DS XL

        A simplified version of the pocket game console New Nintendo 3DS. The only important difference is the lack of support for 3D. That is, you can not see a stereoscopic picture. In the rest it is still the same console, which has two large enough screens. On the top you need to watch the game process, while the second is still itachscreen. Easy to fold in half, so it fits in a jacket pocket. The built-in memory is almost non-existent. Nevertheless, it uses the microSD card, which is not very difficult to obtain. However, no one forbids to forget about online shopping, buying only games nakartridzhah, good prices u physical and digital versions are about the same.

        It should be noted that you do not experience the lack of games. Projects for 3DS and2DS are backward compatible with each other. Very few have been released in recent years. In particular, should please the game series Monster Hunter, Mario, Pokemon and The Legend of Zelda. Too bad that only a few games are translated into Russian – in this respect Nintendo should learn from Sony.


        • Large library of games;
        • Price ranges from 9-10k. RUB.;
        • Good stereo sound;
        • Weight does not exceed 260g;
        • Amiibo figures are supported;
        • Two displays are used;


        • Proprietary connector for the charger;
        • The console is quite fragile;
        • Games are quite expensive;
        • Does not display a stereoscopic picture;


        Of course, it costs money to own a gaming console. If games are sold quite cheaply, especially during all sorts of sales, tokakoykoy hit for the desktop console can easily cost several thousand rubles. However, it is more than compensated by the excitement you will get when passing some God ofWar. In short, take a closer look at the crating from Expertology. Maybe it’s time to buy one of the reviewed devices?

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