17 best browser games online

Modern computer games are not only classified by genre (“shooters”, strategy, simulation games, etc.), but also by their genre (e.g., “shooter”, “strategy”, “simulation”, etc.).), but also on other grounds. But there is one of the most important criteria – supported platform. That determines whether the game will run on your home PC, or you will need to upgrade the operating system, or even buy a console. This separation has spawned a whole class of games that don’t care about the platform, since they run directly in the browser. Such games are not afraid of compatibility issues, you just need to make sure that your browser is working correctly necessary add-on – Flash Player, HTML5 or something else.

Rating criteria

Expertology editorial staff presents you an overview of the best online browser games, according to our experts’ research. The criteria for the rating were such factors as relevance in 2019, the average number of active players in the world and among the Russian-speaking audience, the availability and quality of Russian localization, genre diversity, the nature of feedback from real players and a number of other important points. We emphasize that the purpose of this review was not to cover all genres, but to highlight the most high-quality and popular products. Therefore, some genres are not represented in the rating, and we will consider these topics in the next issues.

Rating of the best browser games online

igger3 – the former Red Crucible:Firestorm
NominationThe placeNameRating
Best MMORPG1RuneScape5.0
2Storm On
  • ne
  • 4.9
    3Dragon Knight II4.8
    4League Of Angels III4.7
    Best Strategy1Vikings: War Of Clans5.0
    2Throne: Kingdom at War4.9
    3Rail Nation4.8
    4Star Federation4.7
    5Game of Thrones Winter is Coming4.6
    Best shooters1Headshot5.0
    2Main caliber4.9
    3Tanki On
  • ne
  • 4.8
    Best sandboxes1Digger Online5.0
    2Wild Terra On
  • ne
  • 4.9
    Best simulators111h115.0
    2Let’s Fish4.9

    Best MMORPG

    The first nomination is dedicated to the most massive, popular, intense and complex genre in the PC gaming industry in recent decades. These games are able to so deeply immerse the player in a virtual world that particularly keen spend years playing, creating and developing their own alternative life in fantasy worlds. MMORPG involve interaction of real people through game characters, collective planning of strategies and raids. In some cases, there are even ways to monetize the game achievements up to turning the game into a lucrative business.


    Rating: 5.0


    Let’s start with the old-timer game, which first came out almost two decades ago. At this venerable age, it’s still relevant. It’s not surprising, because it was RuneScape once entered the Guinness Book of Records as the most popular MMORPG in the world among the free. Back in 2012 the number of registered accounts exceeded 200 million.

    Since its introduction the game has evolved significantly, changing the game engine twice. Graphics from the old-fashioned sprite became much more modern and colorful in 3D, but the “old-school” is still very noticeable.

    A big plus of this online browser game – a huge number of servers around the world. Ping at servers can vary significantly, and the best location the player can choose freely – changing the server, the player retains all the achievements of the character, its achievements and level.

    The game world of RuneScape is filled with everything that is necessary for self-respecting online MMORPG – treasures, resources, mysterious objects, all kinds of animals reasonable and not very. Developing and improving your character, the player will have to repeatedly test themselves in numerous quests and missions.

    This online project does not have a rigid linear scenario, that is, the player largely free to decide what he does and what “lifestyle” to follow. The choices are rich – you can collect treasure and fight with other players or NPCs for material goods and influence, or you can peacefully master a craft, fishing, or other occupation. For the successful completion of quests you get different game prizes. You can meet other players, talk to them, become friends, form coalitions and join forces to achieve common goals.

    The free version of Runescape is full-fledged, and gives you the opportunity to enjoy the process to the fullest. Paid access opens up some abilities, locations, equipment, and servers, but no fundamental advantages. This approach is considered fair and compromise by players for the most part.

    In order for the game to work, a Java virtual machine must be installed and activated on the system. This feature is not available by default, at least on Windows systems.


    • wide gameplay opportunities;
    • multifaceted and fascinating PvE component;
    • huge community;
    • many servers representing different game worlds;
    • Full-fledged free version, there are limitations, but not fundamental;


    • Outdated graphics, even in the latest version.

    Storm On
  • ne
  • Rating: 4.9

    Storm On<li></div><p>ne” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/42816666194451-5317.jpg” height=”400″ title=”Storm On</p><li>ne”><p>Number two in the ranking of the best online browser games according to the editors of Expertology, consider a free MMORPG style action game – a fairly new toy Storm On</p><li>ne. Performed in a fantasy style and colorful, with great graphics and game dynamics.<p>About the graphics, it is worth specifying that here everything is built on the format with the conventional name of 2.5D – two-dimensional world and three-dimensional characters. The quality of animation is a well-deserved delight to the players.</p><p>The action takes place in a magical world with no less magical, albeit very recognizable race – humans, elves and their hostile ghosts, demons and other incarnations of Darkness. first time in the game you will have to choose the class of your character. There are only three – two military “specializations” – Warrior (a specialist in close combat) and archer – for long-range combat, and a magical – Warlock. Notable is the gender fixation – the Warrior and Sorcerer are always men, and the Gunslinger is always a woman.</p><p>From the moment of the choice of the character and his “profession” the player can plunge headlong into the exploration of the world, pumping character, exciting adventures alone or as part of a team of associates. By joining a guild you can develop faster and more effectively, getting tasks from the guild and taking part in events.</p><p>Character upgrading can be done both in standard mode, which requires control and participation of the player, and in automatic mode. But here it should be understood that by enabling the automatic mode you leave your character alone with the environment, and the probability that he will be killed in the next gameplay cycle is not zero.</p><p>Duels with enemies are happening in real-time mode in a hack-n-slash format, which means that you do not have to think much about the strategy and tactics. Such an approach is understandable, because Storm On</p><li>ne is an action game after all.<p>You will encounter many exciting quests, battles with monsters and mighty bosses throughout the game. As for the social component, you can not only join existing player guilds, but also create your own, thus finding true friends and companions.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>colorful graphics and animation;</li><li>quality and appropriate music design;</li><li>The highly aesthetic appearance of the “good” characters;</li><li>very dynamic gameplay, which does not allow you to be bored for a minute;</li><li>there is an automatic mode to improve the character</li><li>Are constantly opening new servers;</li><li>large Russian-speaking community.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>practically no really original ideas, moves, solutions.</li></ul><h3>Dragon Knight II</h3><p>Rating: 4.8</p><div style=Dragon Knight II

    Continues the rating another colorful and exciting MMORPG – Dragon Knight, namely its second version, which has significantly improved the graphics, expanded capabilities and introduced a number of other improvements.

    The game is made in anime style, and since its release, Dragon Knight was exclusively in Japanese. Russian-speaking users had only to admire the pictures and with a shy hope to wait for the localization. With the release of the second version of the long-awaited game became available to Russian gamers in full.

    Gameplay and the idea as a whole here go on a well-trodden reliable way – a fabulous world with bright expressive characters, the initial event, the confrontation with the antagonist and all the accompanying activities. Everything starts with the classics – the evil dragon has enslaved the princess, and you will have to save the beautiful young creature. That’s if you choose the bright side, because you can also play as the bad guys.

    At the start of the game you need to choose a character. Classes only two – Warrior and Mage. Further, everything is quite simple – you need to move forward, destroying everyone who obstructs to get to the dragon, receiving tasks from special NPC, gradually pumping character. Seeming simplicity is very deceptive – tasks are sometimes very complicated, such as “win 100 battles with other players. Increase the quality, “star” or the level applies to any item of equipment of the character.

    The character does not travel the world alone, but with a support group: “tanks” – defend from the front; support – heal and strengthen allies; fighters – crush enemies mainly from a long distance.

    In Dragon Knight II there is a significant and important social component. Here you can take part in online parties and weddings, various interserver events.


    • Nice, colorful graphics;
    • Close to many anime style (very, however, restrained and unobtrusive);
    • high quality Russian localization;
    • high social component both in the game and in real online communication;
    • The game is constantly evolving and being added to.


    • Occurs prohibitively difficult tasks.

    League Of Angels III

    Rating: 4.7

    League Of Angels III

    Completes the selection ranking of the best browser games in the MMORPG genre third sequel to the League of Angels superpopular franchise. The sequel kept all the good that appealed to the audience in the first two parts, and added a lot of new and interesting.

    The plot, as before, revolves around an irreconcilable confrontation of celestial entities and the forces of darkness. The player can incarnate in any of a few dozen heroes and go on the hunt for twelve mystical artifacts. Along the way, the player awaits fascinating discoveries of the game world, challenging plot puzzles, dynamic battles with dragons and other foes. Upcoming epic adventures collected in a single storyline of more than ten chapters. And it’s all wrapped up in a bright cover of colorful 3D graphics and impressive sound design.

    Like many other browser multiplayer online RPG, LoA 3 supports automatic gameplay. This mode is mostly used for background leveling of the character. You can turn on “autopilot” and go about your business while your character goes about his, gaining experience and leveling up.

    In LoA you can notice a serious bias in PvE (player versus environment). You will constantly have to face a variety of enemies, including powerful bosses. Battles in such cases are held in a separate focus – the screen is dimmed and instead of maps opens enlarged area with lined up against each other troops opposing parties. By default, the battle is automatic, but the player can at any time by simply pressing a button to switch the battle to manual mode. Beginning with the 52nd level, opportunities for PvP battles are opened.

    The distinct advantage of the game is a really wide range of opportunities for any activity. The novice player from the first minutes is similar to training in the Academy of Angels, and having acquired the minimum required set of skills, can already join one of the full guilds, or establish their own with the internal rules and ideology.


    • beautiful graphics and special effects;
    • Aesthetically appealing heroes and units;
    • support for automatic gameplay;
    • High-quality Russian localization;
    • rich diversity of the game world and development opportunities;
    • does not require investment of real money for high achievements.


    • There are lags and freezes.

    Best Strategies

    The second nomination in the ranking of the best browser games online is devoted to another extremely popular genre – strategy. These toys have a lot in common with MMORPG – large worlds, large-scale field of action, elements of global planning, etc. d. Still, there are fundamental differences that shape individual audience preferences.

    Vikings: War Of Clans

    Rating: 5.0


    About this online browser strategy have repeatedly heard, even those who are indifferent to computer games, but regularly happens on the Internet. Developers and partners for quite a long time forced the spread of “Vikings” powerful advertising campaign. Created by the international company Plarium originally for mobile platforms, but after the explosive success was quickly scaled up to the PC.

    So, “Vikings: War of the Clans” – a modern online strategy game in real time with a multiplayer concept (MMORTS). Performed in medieval style with a military-economic bias – the most popular theme among fans of strategies. Stylistics are well developed, including realistic characters, thematic music and numerous references to the real-life sagas of ancient Scandinavia.

    The gameplay in Vikings is typical of any mass-market military-economic strategy. The player has to develop his own virtual world in three conceptual areas – creating and strengthening the economic base in the form of his own city, the formation and development of the army, battles with enemies. the battles factor here is embodied with all the historical authenticity without “glamour” – raids on the possessions of neighbors are made not for a high goal, but with an “honest” goal of profiteering.

    An important feature of Vikings is that it is overwhelmingly a team game. Survival and achieve something on your own is theoretically possible, but extremely difficult, and unnecessary. But by enlisting the support of like-minded people, you can become a “master of life” much faster. Unification of players into teams is facilitated by the system of clans and ranks: Chief, Elder, General, Warrior and Private. The mere fact of joining a clan gives the player a number of advantages.

    Another important aspect of this game is the serious importance of the political component. On a macro scale, political intrigue, backstabbing, backroom deals and other virtual manifestations of the political realities of our world can fundamentally change the course of history.


    • colorful realistic graphics;
    • the scale of the game world;
    • A wide range of opportunities for activity;
    • high social component;
    • large community;
    • deep immersion in the gameplay.


    • a significant portion of players are unhappy with the fact that investing real money gives radical advantages to subsidized participants.

    Throne: Kingdom at War

    Rating: 4.9

    Throne: Kingdom at War

    Continues the rating another interesting gaming product from a large international studio Plarium with Russian founders at the head. Like the previous online browser game, Throne: Kingdom at War was originally released for mobile platforms in 2016, but a year later, convinced of the positive feedback, the creators scaled it up to the desktop version.

    Like Vikings, this strategy game is implemented in a medieval fantasy style, but with a more neutral ethnic component. “The meaning of life” in this virtual world is quite expected – to develop their possessions, acquire property, interact with neighbors, both diplomatically and militarily.

    A newcomer to the game does not need to rise from the bottom socially. The new player is “blue blood” by default and is the lord of the chosen kingdom. Another thing is that he got the kingdom itself in a complete state of decline, which constitutes the initial impetus for the game’s activity.

    Gameplay is quite expected – a few initial simple tasks to master the basics of management provide an opportunity to look around and shake things up, after which the game engine sends the player into free floating. “School” is very informative and useful, so it is strongly not recommended to underestimate it and skip it.

    Five types of resources are present in the game, the collection and accumulation of which lay the foundation of future economic power: food, wood, stone, iron, and silver. There is also a “premium” resource – gold, but you can only get it for real money. Resources can be obtained in three different ways: building appropriate objects that bring the resource regularly; taking values from other kingdoms during military campaigns; completing numerous tasks and quests.

    On the whole, there is nothing special about Throne: Kingdom at War that has not been done countless times in other strategy games. But the popularity of the game is due to a combination of other factors: easy to learn, the ultimate in logic and clarity, well-balanced, optimally tuned complexity limit strategic planning. The game allows you to enjoy a rich virtual life, get satisfaction from the achievements and the efforts made. That is why it is loved by the fans.


    • high-quality graphics;
    • balance;
    • Logical and easy to learn;
    • simple and intuitive interface;
    • game dynamics;
    • ample opportunities;
    • Donat does not give a radical advantage.


    • a noticeable percentage of complaints about the flawed optimization and “voracious” graphics, as a consequence.

    Rail Nation

    Rating: 4.8

    Rail Nation

    From historical epics to our times of peace. Number three in the selection rating of browser-based online strategies consider economic strategy Rail Nation. There will be no bloody wars and treacherous political intrigue. The player’s job is to create and develop his own railway transportation empire. The keys to success are organizational skills, money management and planning, as well as diplomatic and collaborative skills. Fierce competition has its place, too.

    The historical aspect in Rail Nation is still present and is expressed in the division into several eras. Each of them reflects the stages of development of the railway industry with typical for each stage types of locomotives, wagons, tracks, and features of transportation.

    The game begins by choosing an avatar character and going through basic training in the basics. The tutorial may seem too long, but it actually goes quickly and effortlessly.

    The central and most important object in the game is the locomotive. It has a set of characteristics to be pumped and improved. The same applies to wagons, but to a lesser extent. At the very beginning the player will have to start small – to build these very locomotives and wagons, to form trains. After that you will need to think about future routes between cities and calculate the economic benefits of transporting cargo. Truly effective routes can be quite difficult to make at first, but the in-game AI will help the newcomer with hints, and for each successful trip the player will receive rewards.

    a kind of “command center” of the player is his own railway station. This is where you make management decisions, set goals, accept tasks.

    Rail Nation’s game world is frighteningly large. The map is filled with a variety of cities and production facilities, so you have countless options for building efficient routes. You will have to think a lot – the result will affect the number of service stations along the way, gas stations, delivery points and much more.


    • a huge game world;
    • the coverage of several historical eras in the development of the railway industry;
    • accessibility in mastering through thoughtful training and informative tips;
    • measured, but fascinating dynamics;
    • You can pause with no losses.


    • many players are extremely unhappy with the fact that when you pass a certain level barrier, the character loses all the savings and achievements.

    Star Federation

    Rating: 4.7

    Star Federation

    And another stylistic leap in the selection rating of the best browser-based online strategies – in the distant future, when the development of distant planets humanity ceased to be fantastic. This is the first domestic browser Sci-Fi-strategy, which pleasantly surprised not only our countrymen, but also a large army of gamers around the world.

    This browser-based online strategy game best combines the economic and military aspects. The player can reach unprecedented heights by any means: long-term sequential accumulation and investment, lightning enrichment by rapid military blitzkrieg, through the diplomatic intricacies, including the conduct of the double game and espionage. The setting is designed to the smallest detail and creates an impressive realism.

    When you first enter the world of the Star Federation you will get an entire planet to yourself. It would seem – a whole planet! But it’s nothing compared to the scale of the game world and all the potential opportunities that are always open to the player. Stomping in place will not work, because the planet is “not rubber”, and the amount of resources is limited.

    you can play as any of the seven races offered. Each has its own unique story, advantages, disadvantages, and features. Resources and materials required for development here are counted in the dozens. There are dozens of types of spaceships, but only the basic configuration. By taking a particular starship or several, the player can indefinitely develop and build their own models with unique characteristics in an unlimited amount.

    The military side of the game is also implemented very well. Real-time combat. The player can fly his own fleet or a part of it, or put the space battle in automatic mode, enjoying the action, like in the movies.

    Star Federation, while fairly simple to control, has a fairly high threshold of entry – so multifaceted is the gameplay here. It can take tens or hundreds of hours just to get a quick look at the game map. Many even compare the game to EVE On

  • ne precisely because of the complexity. So a beginner should not fail to be patient and take seriously the training material. It’s definitely worth it.

    The merits

    • a huge open world;
    • Good graphics;
    • meticulous detail;
    • accessible control;
    • A lot of opportunities for self-realization;
    • There is no development ceiling;
    • DONAT doesn’t add to the imbalance.


    • high entry threshold.

    Game of Thrones Winter is Coming

    Rating: 4.

    Game of Thrones Winter is Coming

    The epic fantasy saga of Game of Thrones is over, and the gaping void in fans’ hearts needed to be filled. As has been the case with many other super-popular series, the cinematic universe got its sequel in an online multiplayer strategy of the same name. Development was done by Yoozoo with the participation of HBO and Warner
    os Interactive Entertainment, so Game of Thrones Winter is Coming is the official game from the creators of the series.

    The plot of the game is extremely consonant with the meanings of the original series. The game events begin with the execution of Ned Stark, which leads to a major escalation of everyone’s conflict with everyone else in the Seven Kingdoms. Player will play as no one previously known lord, charged with the mission to stop the bloodshed between the people, and at the same time to protect everyone from a much more formidable danger – sinister white walkers. You will need to develop your own castle, assemble an army, find allies, accumulate resources and prepare for battles (if you want peace, prepare for war).

    The game world is divided into several levels according to the nature of interaction with it. So, you can, while doing routine chores in your castle, see all the buildings in it and easily move around, do construction and housekeeping. You can switch to the overall map at any time and see all your neighbors on a global scale.

    The player’s game life proceeds in the same typical way for this kind of strategy. There is a purely material aspect – the development of the castle-city, the accumulation of resources; military – gathering an army, character training, participation in battles, the capture of foreign lands and the defense of their own; diplomatic – making alliances, joining alliances, non-aggression pacts, trade and exchange. All this takes place in a special atmosphere, where everything, it would seem, is arranged as in any other large-scale strategy, but at the same time there is an undoubted zest.

    This is a classic MMORTS (multiplayer online strategy game in real time), which due to its tie-in on almost the highest-rated series originally had a serious head start on success. But the creators themselves, we must admit, have tried. The game world is huge, colorful, interesting and incredibly close to the fans of the series. In 2020, this world has also grown to mind-boggling proportions. If a year ago there were about 89 server kingdoms in the world, at the end of 2020 there are already several hundred, and the number of active players has long gone to many millions.


    • well-recognized beloved characters from the original series;
    • Russian localization;
    • colorful and high quality, as for a “browser”, animation;
    • enormous scale of the game world;
    • Multifaceted development options;
    • cooperation and powerful alliances;
    • Hundreds of server-kingdoms at the end of 2020;
    • the game is free.


    • subjective remarks about the secondary and the lack of fundamentally new ideas.

    Best Shooters

    Now let’s move away from the vast worlds of browser strategy and put the rating in a simpler way. Consider the best browser-based online shooters, which our experts presented three styles – “roving shooter,” naval and tank browser-based military arcade-simulation.


    Rating: 5.0


    First let’s look at the browser-based online “shooter-roller” Headshot. its popularity is due to its close resemblance to the legendary game Counter Strike and its sequel CS:GO.

    The developers have provided four game modes to suit all tastes and player temperaments:

    1. “Team Battle” – firefighting mode for two teams of eight players each. You have 15 minutes for everything, the task is to put down as many enemies as possible.
    2. Bomb Mode is a classic, borrowed from Counter Strike. terrorist team sets bomb, special forces team must prevent the explosion and destroy the bad guys.
    3. “Meat Grinder” – the name of the mode speaks for itself. It’s every man for himself. The goal is to survive yourself and kill everyone.
    4. “Mutants” – an original game solution in which the player can feel himself in the role of a monster. The task is obvious – to survive itself and to destroy the people, only in this case, people can be exterminated by contamination.

    The choice of weapons is very wide and is even divided into three categories: “Classic” – standard firearms, edged weapons, grenades; “Prestige” – automatic weapons and its different variations; “Elite” – advanced “Prestige”, plus shotguns, snipers, and more. To get a new and better weapons, you must participate in battles and events – for this you will get energy crystals, which can be exchanged for a more perfect gun.

    The location in Headshot, of course, is not the only one. The developers have created 20 maps of different scales with different styles, so that the player certainly will not be bored.

    Multiplayer online component is implemented here is very good. There is everything for cooperation with other players, joint action in the team. Also, the system itself shows excellent balance, precisely matching the player with adequate in strength and skills opponent. At the same time no one forbids to fight with the top players, relying on luck in pursuit of a rapid increase in level.


    • Nice graphics;
    • fascinating modes;
    • Dozens of maps, different in style;
    • A lot of similar moments with Counter Strike;
    • well crafted balance.


    • Some gamers condemn the developers for too obvious borrowing.

    Main Caliber

    Rating: 4.9

    Main Caliber

    Continues the rating “sea” browser-based online shooter “Main Caliber” from the St. Petersburg team of software developers WNG Team. Many reviewers mistakenly classify the game as a naval simulator, but in fact it is the purest arcade – no realistic physics and mechanics in the “Main Caliber” is not to the mention, but this is more plus than minus. This mode is all about dynamics, colorful battles on the fly without thinking too much.

    Built in a historical setting of the Second World War game. There are very obvious allusions to World of Warships, just as the aforementioned Headshot has to Counterstrike. Only in the “Main Caliber” the action is dynamic, fast, bright and hot (in all senses).

    There are four sides involved in the confrontation – the USSR, Germany, the U.S., and Japan. Each side has its own fleet with its own features. in total there are about a hundred different ships in the game world, and access to them opens gradually with the passage of levels and leveling up. Each ship model also has individual upgrade options.

    Battles take place in one of three modes: a fair duel one-on-one, “medley”, where up to 15 participants play “all against all” or a team battle – two teams of 5 participants in each.

    Combat is not the only activity in Main Caliber. There’s also a global map with resources that you can collect, defend, or take away. The “beauty” of the game is that the maps are generated by the game engine randomly. So there are no scenarios and general lines by definition.

    Main Caliber – one of the easiest online naval browser battles. Here the physics has been intentionally simplified for the sake of dynamics and action. The game allows you to quickly and easily get the adrenaline, relieve stress, and just as easily go out and do everyday things without any obligation.


    • game dynamics and impressive action;
    • Good graphics;
    • The unpredictable generation of maps;
    • Simplicity and unobtrusiveness;
    • Free-to-win (no distinct advantages for paying players).


    • dissatisfaction with “too arcade” physics among a small portion of the audience.

    Tanki On
  • ne
  • Rating: 4.8

    Tanki On<li></div><p>ne” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/61816666194461-617.jpg” height=”480″ title=”Tanki On</p><li>ne”><p>If we have found a place for ships in our rating, we could not ignore tanks. Our experts have included in the ranking browser-based online game Tanki On</p><li>ne on the same principle – a maximum of shooting, chases and action, even at the expense of realistic physics.<p>In Tanki On</p><li>ne has quite a lot in common with World of Tanks, but they are still completely different games. Tanki On<li>ne simple, unpretentious, aimed at an audience not too demanding to the details, and that was a major factor in its global success.<p>The game offers as many as 63 model versions of combat vehicles and countless upgrade, design, equipment and protection options. Also, the number of maps of different scales and styles is astounding. Finally, a major aspect of Tanki On</p><li>ne – tank battles, are an incredibly dynamic action with chases, frantic shooting, colorful explosions and destruction.<p>You can choose from a variety of game modes with different tasks. This can be a target mode “capture the flag”, a super dynamic battle “all against all”, team confrontation, and more. System of ranks, levels and other achievements is a powerful motivator.</p><p>The social aspect is fully implemented in the game. The player can easily make friends with real gamers from other countries, enter into teams, coordinate actions, participate in events. Any successful activity contributes to the game’s career.</p><p>One notable feature of Tanki On</p><li>ne – in the game there are no bots, mobs and other NPCs on tanks. When you see a tank, enemy or friendly, you can be 100% sure that it is controlled by a living person somewhere on our planet.<h4>Strengths</h4><ul><li>game dynamics;</li><li>a lot of models, maps, options;</li><li>only live players;</li><li>daily bonuses for logging into the game.</li></ul><h4>Flaws</h4><ul><li>there are complaints about accounts being blocked for no reason.</li></ul><h3>War<tr>igger 3 is the former Red Crucible: Firestorm</h3><p>Rating: 4.</p><div style=War<tr></div><p>Red Crucible: Firestorm ” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/73116666194461-717.jpg” height=”431″ title=”War</p><tr>The former Red Crucible: Firestorm”><p>In conclusion, consider another browser-based first-person shooter that came out quite a long time ago – five years ago, but quickly gained a large loyal audience. Since then, the game has gone through some transformations, and is still available to gamers at the end of 2020 – this is against a rather disappointing picture of the mass closure of browser projects. For the same reason, some of the disadvantages of graphics will be more a plus than a minus for owners of old and weak computers.</p><p>Many players who liked this toy draw different parallels to the full-fledged PC or console games – for example, Cross Fire, Counter-Strike or even Battlefield. Comparison with the latter is, of course, greatly strained in view of incomparable characteristics and scale, but there is such an opinion.</p><p>The game has a dynamic gameplay, a large selection of maps, as well as a deep and multi-variant system of character development. In the game world you can not only run, jump and shoot with different types of handheld weapons. You will also have various armored vehicles and even helicopters at your disposal.</p><p>War</p><tr>igger 3 offers a fairly wide range of game modes, which have different objectives, and this changes the nature of the game itself. There are six such modes in total: Search and Destroy – clear goal “find and destroy”; Territories – for those who like to explore the game world; Conquer – conqueror mode; Survivor – survive at any cost; two options of team play – Team Deathmatch: Resources and Team Deathmatch: Armored.<p>As with any game, War</p><tr>There are both fans and fans of the game, and this is quite normal. Harsh critics often complain about mediocre graphics. This remark makes sense, but on the other hand, the game will go even on weak computers. After all, even browser games on some computers can be “overpowering,” especially when it comes to the latest developments.<p>The game is completely free, and available on Steam. What may be a problem for part of the audience is the English language, as the game has no Russian localization.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>free-to-play;</li><li>A lot of options and ways to develop your character;</li><li>a large selection of weapons;</li><li>the ability to switch to armored vehicles and helicopters;</li><li>simple and accessible controls;</li><li>a variety of game modes.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>English only;</li><li>mediocre graphics.</li></ul><h2>Best Sandboxes</h2><p>The following mini-set in the ranking of the best online browser games according to Expertology consists of two toys in the Sandbox genre. Here the whole beauty in a 100% open world, the ability to build anything you want, as you want and as much as you want, flexibility and variability in all aspects.</p><h3>Digger Online</h3><p>Rating: 5.0</p><div style=Digger OnlineDigger Online

    The rapid popularity of Mainecraft, which spawned an entire industry, could not fail to influence game designers, who have expectedly tried to “take a bite from the pie. A variety of clones of Meinkraft appeared quite a lot, but not all of them caught on. One example of the success of the domestic browser-based online sandbox game “Digger Online”. The creators even in the title of the game did not build themselves original, and this honesty even bribes fans.

    Executed “Digger” in the extremely recognizable style of Meinkraft – characters, units, the game world and all its objects resemble the Lego constructor. Freedom of action in the game is complete.

    The environment in “Digger Online” consists of blocks of blocks. These blocks themselves come in different types – wood, stone, colored, glass, lattice, natural, etc. d. Apparently, you can build anything your imagination can.

    Creators have implemented four game modes: War, Hunger Games, Zombie Virus and Run. All of them are competitive in nature. In “War” you have to kill very “cute” girl-like opponents; in “Hunger Games” you have to survive; in “Zombie Virus” you have to exterminate other players, but in a different story plane; in “Run” you have to jump from block to block, trying not to fall down together with a rockfall.

    The game itself is free, but a big influence has a donation, which in all ways is imposed on players. This is one of the factors of discontent even among the ardent fans of “Digger Online.


    • complete freedom of action;
    • Unlimited and flexible game world;
    • deep involvement;
    • well-implemented game modes.


    • aggressive doughnut.

    Wild Terra On
  • ne
  • Rating: 4.9

    Wild Terra On<li></div><p>ne” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/30516666194461-9517.jpg” height=”330″ title=”Wild Terra On</p><li>ne”><p>Now, in this mini-sample rating consider another online browser sandbox, which is a kind of reverse pole in relation to the “Digger Online”. There’s not a hint of deliberate Meinkraftovskuyu angular simplicity. At the same time, the gameplay possibilities are just as boundless and versatile.</p><p>The game is made in a medieval style. The graphics are isometric, but cute and even quite pleasant. Many players notice associations with Age of Empires, and there’s definitely something to this.</p><p>Game action begins in an almost completely empty location, when the player is “naked as a falcon. He has a long time to be engaged in digging in the broad sense – to extract resources, working with a pickaxe and hoe. The Grind Festival at first will even be fascinating and will end before you get particularly bored. Further development is quite obvious – nagrindivav material values, the player can build useful and useful objects, expand and pump them, to capture new lands, gradually increasing the power of its possessions.</p><p>the game is full of nourishment – your character has to eat something to be able to work. And in order to get or get food you need to do what? That’s right, to work, losing power. This vicious circle at first will not allow the player to relax and will make him think hard about the effectiveness of his own actions. As you gain experience the character will already have surplus food, and you will be able to think about higher goals, not only about bread.</p><p>The social aspect of the game is not just a “biological” signs. You can and should cooperate with other players here. Often, of course, will have to fight off the raids of greedy neighbors to the profits, and then the very “good” and “inflict justice” at least in order to preventive protection. But still one in the field is not a warrior, and to really achieve something in the game is much easier when you have the right allies.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>Isometric, but nice graphics;</li><li>complete freedom of action;</li><li>the ability to construct any “design” of buildings, rather than choose from templates;</li><li>elaborate system of crafting and construction;</li><li>Cooperation as a recipe for success.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>the game is already paid in early access.</li></ul><h2>Best Simulation Games</h2><p>Final selection in our rating is dedicated to two interesting browser games online. Both of them formally belong to the genre of simulators. The essence of such games comes down to the most credible imitation of a human activity. Many games of other genres have elements of simulation, as well as simulators can contain military, historical, economic and other aspects.</p><h3>11h11</h3><p>Rating: 5.0</p><div style=11h11

    First in a mini-set of online browser simulators is a popular soccer manager 11×11. In the CIS, it is the most popular soccer club simulation game, bringing together thousands and thousands of fans of the game and soccer in general.

    By joining the game, you become the head of the soccer club. You will form a team of 18 players – 11 main players and 7 substitutes. Variations in the age of players and even the nationality of the team are possible.

    A newly formed team is a dubious professional spectacle – your players will need to be trained first and then continuously improved. Each player has a whole set of characteristics that can be upgraded.

    Another important aspect of “11×11” – organizational. The player will need to organize tournaments, engage in some kind of economy (at least modernize the stadium), to arrange and control the distribution of tickets. Closely related here is the economic aspect – tickets are sold for play money, which goes into the club’s coffers. The number of tickets sold and the outcome of each match combined determine your success in the game. Win the more often you win, the better. And the stronger will be the defeated opponent, the greater will be the game reward.

    During training, you should improve your physical skills – stamina, power of attack, accuracy, passing, receiving the ball, but also mental ones, such as morale.

    You can apply for the match on a special page in the game and select an opponent from among the clubs that have already applied. A standard set of instructions makes it possible to determine the tactics, players can be given individual tasks (penalties, penalties, corners). Even such fine-tuning settings as pass rate, “permissibility” of risky decisions, and even rule breaking are available!


    • Unique characteristics of each player;
    • flexible options for building a strategy game;
    • match betting system;
    • regular tournaments and championships;
    • Simulator realism in general;
    • accessible and understandable interface;
    • A huge community of like-minded people;
    • decent graphics.


    • noticeable complaints about cheating and obtrusive donation.

    Let’s Fish

    Rating: 4.9

    Let's Fish

    And in the conclusion of the rating of the best online browser games according to Expertology, we consider a kind of “dynamic opposite” of the above game. But the minimum of dynamics will be compensated by an excess of emotions that necessarily accompanies catching a big fish. This is a real fishing simulator – Let’s Fish. German developers have managed to win the hearts of fans of virtual fishing around the world. The number of active players is estimated in the tens of millions.

    The game allows you to fish in the most picturesque and colorful places in the world without leaving home. Everyone can take a fascinating evolutionary path from novice to professional fisherman.

    Starts the game with a short tutorial on the basics of fishing as such and game implementation of the whole process. You learn how to reel in a fishing line, hook a hook, hold a fishing rod correctly, choose the right tackle and the right bait. After learning you are free to choose where to fish and how to fish.

    The game provides ample opportunities for new experiences. 400 species of fish, each with its own characteristics, will require the constant acquisition of new skills, buying new gear, inventing cunning combinations. In the process of sports achievements in front of the player will open up more and more new locations, one more beautiful and interesting than another. Total locations more than forty, so that you can enjoy the game will be very long.

    The beauty of the game is also in the significant social aspect – the player has all chances to make new friends, become a full member of a large community of friendly and positive like-minded people, take part in various events and get for it individual bonuses.


    • colorful game world;
    • Many picturesque locations;
    • user-friendly interface;
    • Hundreds of fish species with individual features;
    • bonuses from the creators and in-game events;
    • friendly community and a positive social aspect.


    • expressed disadvantages and noticeable negative feedback is not observed
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