15 best laser MFPs

*Best in our Editor’s Review. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and is not a guide to purchase. It is necessary to consult with a specialist before purchase.

MFP – or the so-called “multifunction device” – combines a printer, scanner and copier. So it’s perfect for your home or small office.

MFPs can be laser and inkjet. The latter are not the most profitable option, since they are characterized by expensive ink and high ink consumption. That’s why it’s better to use laser MFPs for the office.

And so we have compiled a rating of the 15 best laser MFPs, which will be an excellent solution for both the office and for home, especially if you plan to use the device quite actively.

How to choose an MFP

When choosing a MFP, you should pay attention to the following parameters:

  1. Color;
  2. Print speed;
  3. Compatible paper;
  4. Scanning quality;
  5. Type of connection.

The print resolution of MFPs is usually optimized for office and home use. That is, it is optimal for black and white and color documents, but little for photos and other high-density images.


There are color and monochrome (black and white) MFPs. The first can print multi-color images. But color laser MFPs have a comparatively high price.

Black and white are cheaper, but they can only print in grayscale.

Printing speed

This parameter has three components – warm up time, first page out time and actual print speed. For the office it is desirable to buy devices in which warming up and printing the first page takes about 1-1.5 minutes. For home use, specifications like these don’t really matter.

Compatible paper

This parameter refers not only to the types of paper, but also to the size of the source. If you plan to print on heavy paper, it is recommended to buy MFPs that can handle materials with a weight of 350 grams per square meter or more.

The compatible paper size is defined in the same way. If you are going to print only normal A4 paper, then almost any MFP is the right one. For A3, respectively, you will need an A3-compatible MFP, and such devices can also print on A4.

If you plan to print on stickers, envelopes, labels, etc.d. – another thing to consider when choosing a MFP.

By the way, the maximum print size is usually the same as the maximum scan size. That is, MFPs that are compatible with A4 format can scan documents on A4 sheets; those that are compatible with A3 format can scan on A3 sheets.

Scan quality

This option determines the granularity of the documents scanned. Standard scanning quality for MFPs is 600×600 dpi, which is enough for most office or home printing tasks.

However, if you plan to scan any photos, highly detailed documents or images on the MFP, it is worth paying attention to devices with a higher resolution when scanning.

Please note that “space” figures like 6400×9600 dpi are usually provided by extrapolation – increasing the number of pixels – and do not actually improve image quality. But the “weight” of an electronic copy increases to hundreds and thousands of megabytes.

Connection type

There are three types of connection – wired to the computer, wired network connection, wireless network connection. The first one is convenient when used according to the method “one computer – one MFP”, and installing a MFP as a network one becomes quite a complicated process.

Wired and wireless network connections are a convenient solution if you need to print to the MFP from several computers. They differ in the type of connectivity. In the first case, a standard Ethernet network cable is plugged into the MFP, and in the second case it connects to the local Wi-Fi network.

Which MFP is better with inkjet or laser?


Inkjet MFP

Laser MFP

The price of the device itself

Low (from 1-1.5 thousand rubles)

High (from 5-6 thousand rubles)

Cartridge capacity in MFPs for home and small office

200-500 pages

1000-2000 pages

Price of cartridges

High (comparable to MFP price)


Printing cost per A4 sheet

Under 2 rubles with low fill rate

Up to 30 kopecks with small fill

Regular maintenance

Yes, you need to blow out the print head nozzles


Quality full-color printing

High (good shade reproduction)





Filling the cartridges

Not supported

Supported by most of the models in the ranking

So the laser MFP is the perfect solution for economical printing. But if you need to print photos, images or graphics, it is better to get an inkjet device.

Rating of the best laser MFPs

The best black and white laser MFPs for home and small offices4

M6500, black

15 192 €
3HP LaserJet Pro MFP M28w10 573 €
2other DCP-1612WR13 886 €
1DCP-L2520DWR, black18 680 €
The best color laser MFPs for home and small offices4Canon i-SENSYS MF641Cw, white/black26 790 €
3Ricoh SP C261SFNw, white/black26 390 €
2Epson L85029 696 €
1KYOCERA ECOSYS M5521cdw, white37 005 €
The best color laser MFPs for medium and large offices3Kyocera Ecosys M5526cdw58 730 €
2Xerox Versa

  • nk C405DN, white/blue
  • 46 980 €
    1OKI MC853dn, white/black122 300 €
    The best black and white MFPs for medium to large offices4Xerox WorkCentre 3335, white/blue30 509 €
    3HP LaserJet Pro MFP M426fdn, white39 200 €
    2Kyocera Ecosys M4125idn86 630 €
    1HP LaserJet Enterprise 700 M725dn, black/white270 820 €

    Best black and white laser MFPs for home and small offices

    M6500, black

    Rating: 4.4

    Pantum M6500, black

    Let’s start with the most inexpensive option for home or office use. The brand is very young, it is not even 10 years old. But Chinese manufacturer Seine Technology follows the competent marketing policy and this model, despite its superexpensive price, pleasantly surprises by its functionality and main characteristics. In mid 2021 model costs around 8k. rubles.

    Of course, the premium materials are not used here, but still MFP does not give the impression of outright cheapness. Pretty sleek design and a pretty effective control panel – the device will also become a decoration of the workplace.

    The essential features. All resolutions are the same in all three modes, which means you get a maximum 1200×1200 dpi in printer, scanner and copier mode. Also the same printing and copying speed – 22 ppm at medium quality. In copier mode scaling is available up to 4 times smaller or larger in increments of 1%.

    The device only connects via USB. No wireless or wired LAN connection here. As well as some of the features common to more expensive printers and MFPs. For example, this model has no duplex feature at all, and some users complain about that. But taking into consideration the impossibly low price, this point can’t be considered a drawback.

    In their reviews, users often point out the rare combination of good performance and very affordable price. Quiet operation, reliability and dependability, easy installation and management are often noted. The critical remarks are mostly about minor things, like the lack of an output tray.

    From the review of the user Yandex.Market with “Level 2 Gadget Inspector” status: “Compact; runs quieter than the printer before it. Image is crisp, scanner works great. Everything is convenient – it stands up high and the controls are in your face, you can see everything.


    • compactness;
    • low noise;
    • easy to refill;
    • Refilling kit with toner included;
    • Nice design;
    • Convenient control panel with LCD screen;
    • super affordable price.


    • No paper output tray.

    HP LaserJet Pro MFP M28w

    Rating: 4.5

    HP LaserJet Pro MFP M28w

    A budget MFP that is nevertheless not bad for everyday use. The main advantage of the device – economical and practically universal printer, which is somewhat “slow” in comparison with other models in the rating (printing speed up to 18 pages per minute), but provides high-contrast document prints with low toner consumption. Refillable cartridges.

    Built-in scanner – color, supports originals up to and including A4+.

    Supports wireless connectivity through Wi-Fi and wired. Can print documents and images from smartphones via proprietary app.


    • Compact size;
    • Quiet operation;
    • Very high printing quality for its price segment.


    • The small size of the starter cartridge;
    • Not only do the cartridges need to be refilled, but they also need to be serviced at service centers;
    • Does not support scanning when connected via Wi-Fi.

    rother DCP-1612WR

    Rating: 4.6

    </div><p>other DCP-1612WR” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/27316666195471-2715.jpg” title=”<br />other DCP-1612WR”></p><p>This laser MFP is designed strictly for word processing, including light graphics. You can’t print “heavy” images with it, because the RAM size of the device is only 32 MB.</p><p>But as a document printer it is excellent. Provides high resolution when printing, runs up to 20 pages per minute, takes 10 seconds to output first sheet, and warms up in 18 seconds after turning on or coming out of “deep” sleep. Compatible with “office” glossy and matte paper up to 105 g/m<su>2</su>. The cartridge lasts for 1000 pages.</p><p>Flatbed scanner at native resolution of 600×1200 dpi can extrapolate to 19.2K, which is important when working with images.</p><p>Connects via USB – included drivers – or Wi-Fi. Supports AirPrint for printing from mobile devices and remote control via web interface.</p><h4>Strengths</h4><ul><li>The only MFP in its rating segment with a web interface, which is ideal for the office;</li><li>Very simple setup;</li><li>Prints quietly.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>Relatively small tonnage cartridge;</li><li>Sometimes “loses” the network;</li><li>Flimsy, unreliable plastic.</li></ul><h3>DCP-L2520DWR, black</h3><p>Rating: 4.7</p><div style=</div><p>other DCP-L2520DWR, black” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/96416666195471-2815.jpg” height=”444″ title=”<br />Other DCP-L2520DWR, black”></p><p>And the most expensive model in the nomination of the Japanese brand will complete the selection <br />other. Despite the fact that technically the MFP costs twice as much as the described Pantum M6500, these 16 thousand. closer to the real market of office equipment. Quality and cheap models are rare after all.</p><p>Externally, the device does not stand out – the usual office design. But the unimpressive exterior hides quite good functionality. First, print resolution – up to 2400×600 dpi. This format is closer to many, plus not bad printing speed – 26 ppm.</p><p>Standard scanner resolution is 600×2400 dpi. There is an improved mode – 19200×19200 dpi, but here the algorithms are already working, and there can be distortions. In copier mode, the maximum resolution setting is automatically reset to 600×600, as in many other printers and MFPs in this class. There is scaling with the most common parameters – from 25 to 400% reduction/increase, step – 1%. In one cycle it is possible to make 99 copies (counter limitation).</p><p>Connects via USB cable or Wi-Fi. It even scans the original and sends it by e-mail without going through a computer, as long as the settings are correct beforehand. AirPrint for wireless printing from wearable gadgets is supported.</p><p>Here we also have the elements of automatics – there is an automatic duplex printing mode. The scanner doesn’t have an auto-feed for originals, and some users mention that. But still the majority of buyers don’t need such add-on realizing that the autofeeding is more often used in more expensive models.</p><p>In their reviews the users often comment about this model as a solid workhorse, reliable, reliable and durable. The company-manufacturer is also sure of his equipment and gives an official 3 year warranty for this series without any problems.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>Not a bad print speed;</li><li>Reliability and dependability;</li><li>Wi-Fi;</li><li>AirPrint support;</li><li>Automatic two-sided printing;</li><li>three years warranty.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>minor user complaints – “blinky” screen, flimsy scanner cover, etc. d.</li></ul><h2>Which is betterMFP or printer?</h2><table><tbody><tr><td><b></b><p><b>Parameter</b></p><p><b></b></td><td><b></b></p><p><b>MFP</b></p><p><b></b></td><td><b></b></p><p><b>Printer</b></p></td></tr><tr><td><p>Ability to scan and copy documents</p></td><td><p>There is</p></td><td><p>No</p></td></tr><tr><td><p>Print resolution</p></td><td>Generally optimized</td><td><p>Usually optimized, but there are models with high</p></td></tr><tr><td><p>Easy to use</p></td><td><p>Some models (like Canon i-Sensys) require switching between modes</p></td><td><p>“Plug and forget.”</p></td></tr><tr><td><p>Reliability</p></td><td><p>Estimated to print 30,000-100,000 pages per month depending on model</p></td><td><p>Estimated to print 30,000-500,000 pages per month, depending on the model</p></td></tr></tbody></table><p>Dimensions were not considered, since laser printers and MFPs have similar sizes.</p><p>It is worth noting that the printer is one of the functions of the MFP, so that such a comparison in some cases makes no sense.</p><h2>The best color laser MFPs for home and small offices</h2><h3>Canon i-SENSYS MF641Cw, white/black</h3><p>Rating: 4.6</p><div style=Canon i-SENSYS MF641Cw, white/blackCanon i-SENSYS MF641Cw, white/black

    First in the selection will be a relatively inexpensive color laser multifunction device made by Canon. This is more of an office MFP than a home one – the design, size, and a number of features speak to that.

    The resolution parameters of the printing and scanning parts are as follows. Print resolution up to 1200×1200 dpi for both color and B/W. The physical resolution of the scanner sensor is 600×600 dpi and the same will be the quality of copies in the copier mode. Part of the users of such a scanner resolution is not enough. The scaling of the originals is available and the counter is three-digit, which means that you can run up to 999 copies in one cycle.

    As for the speed, it is also different in different modes. When printing – 18 ppm in both color modes. In scanning mode at 600×300 dpi, the speed will be 14 color A4 per minute or 27 black and white. Copy speed equal to print speed – 18 ppm. As you can see, these are far from top features, and therefore this model is recommended for a small office with moderate loads.

    One more thing to look out for. Above, we mentioned features that make this MFP more for the small office than the home. The fact that despite the formal full-color printing, this model is still not for printing family photos. The printer does a great job with color infographics, prints all sorts of charts and graphs, but photos – that’s not its strong suit.

    The important components in this model are communication modules. There is Wi-Fi wireless connectivity with AirPrint support. And there is a built-in network card and Ethernet output to a wired LAN – one of the most convenient and reliable connections for a small office.

    Adds to the operating convenience and respectability of the appearance of a large 5-inch color touch screen panel.

    From Yandex user review.Marketplace with “Level 4 Gadget Inspector” status: “One word Canon. It’s peerless. Quality printing, without paper flipping and incomprehensible service messages with a nasty sound, no blocking analog cartridges, convenient design, great functionality”.


    • The color touch screen;
    • Reliability and dependability;
    • Wi-Fi;
    • AirPrint support;
    • Ethernet connection;
    • nice design.


    • Low scanner resolution.

    Ricoh SP C261SFNw, white/black

    Rating: 4.7

    Ricoh SP C261SFNw, white/black

    Now let’s look at a more impressive and serious MFP with more features and slightly more interesting characteristics. In terms of price, strangely enough, this model is quite comparable with the previous one, with its obvious advantages. But the situation on the market may change.

    This MFP is aimed at a small office and even has a certain specialization – for the digitization of a large amount of paper documents. The thing is that here the developers paid a lot of attention to the scanning unit, and it really pleasantly surprises. Average resolution – 1200×1200 dpi, but the scanner is equipped with an automatic feeder, and is structurally able to scan both sides of the original in one pass.

    Print resolution in printer mode – up to 2400×600 dpi in both color modes. And speed up to 20 ppm on medium settings. The warm-up time is quite long, 30 seconds, and that makes some users nervous, as well as the first print out time, 14 seconds. In copier mode the speed is the same as in printer mode, but the resolution is limited to 600×600 dpi. Scaling is available. Those who, for whatever reason, need a fax machine in 2021 will also be pleased – this atavism is still present in this model.

    Improvements such as PostScript support make a big difference here. It significantly extends the functionality of the device, the flexibility of its use with different platforms and the ability to correctly recognize complex graphic files. This ability even makes it possible to use the printer as an auxiliary in a print shop.

    All connections are taken care of – exactly the same set of wired and wireless interfaces as in the previous model. The control panel is convenient, clear, and includes an informative 4-inch color LCD screen.

    On the whole, users speak highly of this MFP, saying that it is easy to use, quick and trouble-free installation, good print quality, wireless connectivity. Remarks go only to the high cost of original consumables. A set of new cartridges can cost more than the printer. Users decide this question in their own way.

    Advantages of

    • One pass duplex scanning;
    • auto-feeding of originals;
    • Automatic duplex printing;
    • Wi-Fi;
    • Network card with Ethernet port;
    • AirPrint support;
    • PostScript support;
    • LCD color screen.


    • Expensive cartridges, difficult to refill.

    Epson L850

    Rating: 4.8

    Epson L850

    This laser MFP is equipped with a quality color printer that uses 6 toners when outputting color images. Thanks to this color shades are transmitted more realistic. In addition, high print resolution ensures maximum detail. Speed is also excellent – the printer is capable of outputting up to 38 pages per minute! The printer is compatible with both matte and glossy paper up to and including A4 size and up to 300 g/m2. The cartridge lasts for 3,600 medium-fill pages.

    MFP is equipped with a flatbed scanner, which has a native resolution of 1200×2400 dpi.

    MFP does not support network connection. However, it is equipped with a card reader for direct printing of photos from external drives that supports many types of memory cards. Color 2 is used for control.7-inch display.


    • Superior print quality;
    • There is a scanning mode to the USB-drive;
    • A silent scanner.


    • No wireless connection;
    • Sensitive to paper quality when printing photos;
    • Custom Paper Tray Layout.

    KYOCERA ECOSYS M5521cdw, white

    Rating: 4.9

    KYOCERA ECOSYS M5521cdw, white

    We finish the selection of the best color laser MFPs for home and small office, the most expensive device professional Japanese brand KYOCERA. In general, this model does not have many clear advantages that would justify the cost of 35 thousand. rubles. The main thing is still reliability, brand authority, professional bias.

    MFP is initially robust and designed for a decent life. There are even high capacity trays: up to 550 sheets of the feed tray, up to 150 sheets of the output tray, and the manual feed tray holds up to 50 sheets.

    The printing resolution is quite ordinary and typical for this class – 1200×1200 dpi. The warm-up time is quite long, but also can be considered “standard” – 32 seconds. Print speed – up to 21 ppm, regardless of color. In scanner mode the resolution – 600×600 dpi, speed – 23 color images per minute at 300 dpi or 30 black and white. The scanner is equipped with an automatic feed tray, but it has no duplex mode. But there is automatic two-sided printing.

    Connections and additional features here are much the same as the most popular and in-demand solutions. So, there are all three types of connections – USB, Wi-Fi and Ethernet. Scanner in copier mode supports zoom. Pleased to have PostScript support and especially on the background of good electronics: 800MHz Cortex-A9 processor, standard memory capacity – 512MB, expandable up to 1536MB. Such electronics characteristics speak for the potentially fast processing of “complex” documents sent to the printer.

    Users mostly emphasize the quality that KYOCERA is well known for in general – reliability, unpretentiousness, reliability and durability. At first dubious impression of the rather modest characteristics should be understood that the main advantages of this model are seen in the long term.

    From Yandex review.Marketplace with “Level 4 Gadget Inspector” status: “Print quality, you can refill. Runs smoothly and reliably. The light bulb does not blink at night. Lots of paper charges. Tray retracts inside. Scans and prints on both sides”.


    • capacious trays;
    • Powerful electronics (processor and memory);
    • scanner auto-feeding originals;
    • Duplex printing in automatic mode;
    • Wi-Fi connection;
    • Ethernet network connection;
    • AirPrint support;
    • card reader;
    • PostScript support;


    • There are difficulties in setting up wireless connections and services;
    • expensive cartridges.

    The best color laser MFPs for medium to large offices

    Kyocera Ecosys M5526cdw

    Rating: 4.8

    Kyocera Ecosys M5526cdw

    The main advantage of this full-color laser MFP is the combination of high speed and high resolution printing. With the second parameter, it is suitable, for example, for the output of detailed images. In addition, the printer supports automatic double-sided printing and has a maximum speed of 26 pages per minute. Laser MFP supports glossy and matte paper up to and including A4 size and up to 220 g/m2. The cartridge lasts for 3-4 thousand pages.

    The flatbed scanner has the optimal resolution for documents and simple images, is compatible with originals up to A4 size and supports automatic paper feed. Speed – up to 30 images per minute.

    MFP supports local wired and wireless network connection, is compatible with mobile devices via AirPrint, can print from USB drive or SD memory card.


    • Quality and fast printing;
    • Quality and fast scanning;
    • Direct print mode and AirPrint.


    • Very difficult to set up;
    • The interface on the MFP’s display is not always clear;
    • Poor compatibility with non-genuine cartridges.

    Xerox Versa
  • nk C405DN, white/blue
  • Rating: 4.8

    Xerox Versa<li></div><p>nk C405DN, white/blue” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/74716666195471-1215.jpg” height=”444″ title=”Xerox Versa</p><li>nk C405DN, white/blue”><p>Significantly more expensive version of the legendary Xerox brand. In the middle of 2021 costs in Russian retail more than 70 thousand. rubles. This MFP is focused more on productive volumes with some compromise in terms of print resolution.</p><p>As for resolution, it is quite limited – up to 600×600 dpi in all modes – printer, copier, scanner, fax. Fairly fast print speed of up to 35 pages in B/W or color. Warm up even much longer than the options described above – a full minute.</p><p>But when the series has already been printed, the printer more than makes up for the initial slippage. This is a very robust model, capable of working without interruption for a long time. Estimated total life – up to 80,000. copies per month.</p><p>Other helpful add-ons that contribute to high productivity include an automatic duplex scanning autofeed tray; automatic duplex printing and an auto-original feeder. For the copier mode, the counter is 3-way, so you can start the copy queue up to 999 prints per cycle – this also reduces staff time, as there is no need to restart the cycle often.</p><p>Another important thing that affects the speed of documents processing and the ability to work with complex graphics is the 2GB RAM and 1050 MHz processor. This is a very decent performance in this price range.</p><p>The printer has several different interfaces for connection. First of all, it is a standard USB. But here it’s not even exactly standard, because the high-speed USB 3.0, as opposed to 2.0 on most mid-priced models. Also has network card with Ethernet output. Supports Air Print and Mopria, NFC for short-range wireless communication.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>High performance;</li><li>Speed of processing complex documents (powerful processor, lots of RAM);</li><li>80K lifespan. copies per month;</li><li>USB 3.0, Air Print, Mopria, Ethernet;</li><li>NFC;</li><li>5-inch LCD control panel screen;</li><li>automatic two-sided scanning;</li><li>Scanner auto-feeding originals;</li><li>automatic duplex printing.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>low maximum resolution.</li></ul><h3>OKI MC853dn, white/black</h3><p>Rating: 4.9</p><div style=OKI MC853dn, white/black

    The most expensive, but also the most impressive variant of the OKI brand will end the selection. The price of the MFP in the Russian retail network in the middle of 2021 will be more than 120 thousand. RUR. And it is quite a productive machine, the main “chip” which is the format.

    And the format here is A3, i.e. you can print booklets of A4 size in the form of a notebook, small posters, and also small advertising materials (leaflets, flyers) that are more rational to print on sheets of the largest possible size. The format itself adds significantly to the value of the printer, because it largely obligates the rest of the features to match the level.

    And that level is truly met here. For example, cartridge capacity fully meets the positioning of this model as a productive printing station – 7000 prints for black cartridges and 7300 – for color. The printer supports PostScript, the electronics of the device is relatively good – 800 MHz processor, 1260 MB of memory and a built-in 250 GB hard drive.

    Now for the operating modes and their features. Maximum print resolution in printer mode is 1200×600 dpi, in scanner mode – 600×600 dpi. The scanner unit is equipped with a large automatic original feeder – for as many as 100 sheets. Printing speed of 23 ppm A4 size and 13 ppm A3 size. Scanning speed – 50 ppm. In copier mode, the resolution falls even further to 300×600 dpi, but these values are acceptable.

    In terms of connectivity, there aren’t many options here – only USB 2.0 and Ethernet. There are no wireless modes, and this is pointed out by some of the users in their reviews. But the overall impression is strictly positive. This MFP is characterized as a reliable, reliable and durable machine that fully meets the claimed characteristics.

    From the review of Yandex.Market with “Gadget Inspector Level 2” status: “Fast printing and scanning, trouble-free printing on heavy paper. Low cost of printing with original cartridges. Large display with self-explanatory controls. Moderately noisy, the paper does not crumple.


    • A3 size;
    • High-capacity ink cartridges with a long life;
    • Original input tray with capacity of 100 sheets;
    • Automatic two-sided printing;
    • built-in hard drive for 256 GB;
    • PostScript support;
    • Ethernet connection;
    • 7-inch color LCD screen;
    • three years warranty.


    • expensive consumables;
    • no Wi-Fi.

    The best black and white MFPs for medium and large offices

    Xerox WorkCentre 3335, white/blue

    Rating: 4.7

    Xerox WorkCentre 3335, white/blue

    Another MFP American brand Xerox in our review, and this is a relatively inexpensive model will open the selection. The machine costs in Russia from 28 thousand. In comparison with other laptops, this is a good value for money, but in terms of features and functionality this amount is fully reflective, even with the reserve.

    The first thing that this model draws attention is a good performance. In terms of print speed it is 33 ppm. Maximum resolution – 1200×1200. Scanner resolution – 600×600 dpi, there is an auto feed tray. True, the feeder is single-sided, and the scanner itself broaches, so in general this model is quite narrowly focused on scanning / copying of individual sheets, but here with the book will be difficult.

    In terms of durability the printer has quite a long service life for this price – about 50 thousand. prints per month. PostScript support and good basic electronics features – 1536 MB of memory, processor with 1000 MHz.

    The connection is versatile – USB, Wi-Fi and Ethernet. There is support for AirPrint. The printer also has its own user-friendly web interface. Some users have trouble with the initial setup when they first connect, but such cases are not the majority.

    The functions can be controlled in two ways – via the large LCD touch screen or by the mechanical buttons on the control panel there. Many users literally rave about this choice in their reviews. Really, for medium sized office with big workload and multiple employee access to printer, mechanical button control is preferable.


    • Two control options – mechanical buttons and touch screen;
    • print speed;
    • automatic two-sided printing;
    • Connections Wi-Fi, Ethernet (RJ-45);
    • AirPrint support;
    • User-friendly web interface;
    • PostScript support.


    • There are some difficulties with the initial setup;
    • tractor scanner.

    HP LaserJet Pro MFP M426fdn, white

    Rating: 4.7

    HP LaserJet Pro MFP M426fdn, white

    The second number in the selection of the best b/w MFPs for medium-sized offices, we will consider the professional model of another famous American manufacturer – Hewlett-Packard. This is already quite a high level machine with a long life and productivity. In Russian retail it will cost about 40 thousand in 2021. roubles.

    The main advantages of this MFP are speed, productivity, overall sturdiness, reliability and durability. So, the maximum printing speed here is 38 ppm. and that is already an impressive indicator. The scanning unit is equipped with a “fast” duplex auto-feeding tray – scanning 21 sheets in color or 26 sheets in B/W with medium settings.

    Maximum scanning resolution 1200×1200 dpi. The print resolution is twice as low at 600×600 dpi, a natural compromise for the key benefits. The same resolution in copier mode. Cycle time – up to 99 copies. Although it’s not the highest cycle value, at least the high-capacity paper trays still help optimize workflow. Feeder tray – up to 900 sheets, manual feeder – up to 100 sheets.

    It also has all the functionality you need to work with multiplatform documents using the PostScript language. The hardware support is sufficient – the processor with a frequency of 1.2GHz, 256MB of memory.

    Many users are especially positive about the time-saving features, such as the ability to send a scanned document by e-mail directly from the MFP without the need for a computer. Or a similarly useful function – scan to network folder. Users are also mostly positive about the device’s own web interface.

    There are two main ways to connect the MFP – the usual USB 2nd generation or the Ethernet network connection. Also supports sending documents to print from wearable gadgets using AirPrint technology.

    From a Yandex user review.Market with the status of “Level 4 Gadget Inspector”: “We take this model for a medium-sized organization, work steadily, have already served about 40k, no problems. Very pleased with the speed, they finally made a normal mfu with 9000 page cartridges”.


    • High performance;
    • Endurance and long life in general;
    • Two-sided auto-feeding of scanned originals;
    • USB and Ethernet connection;
    • PostScript support;
    • AirPrint support;
    • Capacious trays;
    • User-friendly web interface.


    • No systematic complaints or obvious defects found.

    Kyocera Ecosys M4125idn

    Rating: 4.8

    Kyocera Ecosys M4125idn

    Good solution for large offices. Resource of the device is 100 thousand pages per month. At the same time, the printer is compatible with paper up to and including A3 size, features high speeds of up to 25 sheets per minute, and automatic double-sided output capability. Capable of printing 15,000 pages per cartridge. Works with glossy and matte paper up to 256 g/m2.

    MFP is equipped with a flatbed scanner with a pull-through mechanism for automatic feeding of originals. Compatible with sources up to and including A3+ size. Scanning speed of up to 50 pages per minute.

    Supports local wired network connection. Includes memory card reader, is compatible with mobile devices via AirPrint, and can print directly from USB thumb drives. Also supports remote control via web interface with settings and remote printing.


    • Convenient operation, both remotely and on the MFP itself;
    • High performance of both printer and scanner/copier;
    • Easy setup.


    • Comparatively small cartridge;
    • Additional module is required for wireless networks;
    • Large and massive.

    HP LaserJet Enterprise 700 M725dn, black/white

    Rating: 4.9

    HP LaserJet Enterprise 700 M725dn, black/white

    The review of the best laser MFPs according to Expertology magazine closes with an absolutely expensive professional model from the HP brand. This is an enterprise class device and costs around 250,000 in mid-2021. rubles.

    The main advantage of the device stems directly from its corporate status. It’s all about top-end performance. This includes both speed and the ability to run for long hours without interruption. So, for example, print speed here is 41 ppm on medium settings. But this is for A4-size, but in fact MFP has a maximum A3-size, and for many buyers this will be the main advantage.

    The scanning unit is also highly productive, hardy and flexible in its working modes. There is an add-on for auto-original feeding and it supports duplex auto-scanning. Automatic feed capacity of 100 sheets. Speed of processing – up to 30 images per minute in color and up to 50 in b / w.

    This MFP is optimal for printing large runs of black and white documents. Even in simple copy mode, if you want to duplicate the original in thousands of copies, it will be quite convenient to do. The printer can run for long hours without overheating or resting. The copy counter has 4 digits, which means you can print 9999 copies in one cycle. Average monthly estimate resource is almost a record in this price range – about 200 thousand. copies.

    Everything works for a great resource here. So, the paper trays are expected to be very capacious – up to 4,100 sheets capacity of the paper tray, up to 250 sheets capacity of the output tray, up to 100 sheets capacity of the manual feed tray. Cartridge life is huge – about 10 thousand. prints.

    The printer only connects via USB or a wired LAN connection via the built-in network card. It uses an internal 320 GB hard drive for data storage.


    • A3 format;
    • Top of the line professional grade;
    • print and scan speed;
    • Record-breaking performance;
    • large, handy, color, touch screen LCD;
    • flatbed scanner;
    • Cartridge capacity of about 10,000. prints;
    • 320 GB of built-in hard drive;
    • PostScript support.


    • high price.
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