15 best antiviruses for Android

*Review of the best according to the editorial board. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, it is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. You should consult an expert before buying.

Computer viruses have long been created mostly not for pure malware, but for very concrete pragmatic purposes – stealing personal data and confidential information, blocking access followed by extortion, annoying advertising, using your workstation as a “zombie” in a bot farm and much more. Modern smartphones are powerful and feature-rich enough to be as interesting to virus writers as desktop and notebook PCs.

The editorial staff of Expertology brings you an overview of the best antiviruses for Android mobile operating system at the beginning of 2020. Our experts drew their conclusions based on the combination of their own experience, user feedback and independent research by reputable organizations such as AV-Comparatives.

How to choose the best antivirus

The presented review will serve as a qualitative and reliable guide in a motley variety of useful and not so useful mobile antiviruses. But even among this concentration of the most worthy programs, you need to decide what to choose, because you can’t install all 15 of the described applications on your smartphone. All you need to do is take a moment to compare the features of each particular anti-virus described in the review with your needs and/or your ideas about the level of protection. Let’s take a brief look at the main selection criteria.

The ability to detect obvious and potential threats

In professional parlance, this parameter is called “detection rate” and it is the most important in any antivirus application.

The essence of the detection rate is to show the percentage of the anti-virus’s ability to detect real and potential threats. It’s not only about the detection of infected files already in the system itself but also about the ability to prevent such files from “leaking” from anywhere – from the Internet online, via e-mail, from a foreign or your own flash drive, etc. d.

This can be found in published tests conducted by specialized organizations, such as the aforementioned AV-Comparatives. This also refers to other important parameters which will be discussed below.

Erroneous responses

Another important parameter directly characterizing the performance and professional level of your antivirus. The point is that detection of viruses and any other malicious software with known signatures is not so yesterday’s technology, but it is definitely not enough for good defense. An antivirus should be able to detect viruses, Trojans, worms and other “evil things” by certain signs and, at least, signal a suspicion to the user.

This capability has a flip side – false positives, when an anti-virus “brands” a totally harmless application as malicious. There can be various reasons for this, but too much initiative from an anti-virus is tiresome and sometimes even detrimental and certainly does not add to its objective benefits. Therefore the fewer false positives the better, but not at the expense of detecting real threats.


In the context of antiviruses, this term means several things at once: speed of operation, consumption of electronics resources (CPU time, memory), share in power consumption. Simply put, it is highly desirable for an antivirus to work quickly, consume as little battery power as possible and not burden the system too much.

The lack of such feature could be survived if you run an antivirus once in a while. But in today’s realities you need an antivirus running in the background all the time for proper protection. And that is why these requirements come to the fore.


A secondary criterion, but if you have to choose between two anti-viruses with the same detection rate, in the overwhelming majority of cases the one with additional useful features will be preferred. It can be anything: the Anti-Virus function for blocking stolen smartphones and/or destroying information on them, blocking unwanted calls and messages from spammers, backup, encryption, parental control and much more.

Finally, the eternal question – can a free antivirus provide sufficiently reliable protection for your smartphone?. Here, as is often the case, the answer is ambiguous – it depends on the user. Meaning in a broad sense – from the intensity of web surfing on the smartphone, the topics of the visited pages, the awareness of the topic of information security in general, in principle, the level of computer literacy, personal responsibility, etc. d.

So, for example, if you use your smartphone a couple of times a week to check the news and weather forecast on a site you’ve been familiar with for years, a good free antivirus may be enough. If your smartphone has dozens of mobile apps with Internet access, and you have no idea about the origin of half of them, then you need either to install a powerful paid antivirus, or reconsider your attitude towards your personal space.

Best antivirus for Android

Best commercial antiviruses for Android1Kaspersky Internet Security5.0
3AVL Pro Antivirus Security4.8
4Bitdefender Mobile Security Antivirus4.7
5McAfee Mobile Security4.6
6ESET Mobile Security Antivirus4.5
7Norton Mobile Security4.4
8G Data Mobile Security4.3
9F-Secure SAFE4.2
10Trend Micro Mobile Security4.1
Best free antiviruses for Android1AVG AntiVirus FREE5.0
2Avira Antivirus Security4.9
3Avast Mobile Security4.8
4CM Security Master4.7
5Sophos Intercept X for Mobile (Android)4.6

Best commercial antiviruses for Android

The first and most comprehensive selection in the review of the best antiviruses for Android by Expertology represents applications distributed on a commercial basis, simply put – paid. However, very many paid antiviruses have a free version and some of them may be quite sufficient for quite a wide range of users. We will specify the presence of more or less functional free versions in the analysis of each application.

Kaspersky Internet Security

Rating: 5.0

Kaspersky Internet Security

Let’s start with the most recognizable, highly effective and multifunctional antivirus made in Russia, which is well known and revered not only in Russia, but also in many other countries around the world. Kaspersky Internet Security mobile application offers two types of licenses – Free and Premium. The first one, as you can easily guess, is free, but it is one of the most functional compared to the antiviruses of other studios. There is only one fundamental difference – the free program has to be run manually, while the full-fledged paid program runs in the background and monitors all threats continuously.

A complete program, where there are no restrictions, includes such basic working modules and functions:

  1. Constant protection against viruses and threats in the background;
  2. Reflection of various Internet attacks;
  3. a set of anti-virus features;
  4. password protection for access to certain applications;
  5. Blocking unwanted voice calls and text messages.
  6. In the free license, Internet protection and application blocking are disabled, and the application itself does not work in the background. All other functionality is fully available.

To detect threats, the application relies on all available databases of viruses and malware and uses sophisticated algorithms, including exclusive ones, to identify potential threats from applications and modules that are not contained in the databases.

Interesting and useful additional feature – “Antivirus. With its help, you can remotely lock your portable gadget with Kaspersky Internet Security installed, pinpoint its location, take a picture and send it to a pre-set e-mail address, or even set off a siren via a loudspeaker if you suddenly find out via GPS that your smartphone or tablet is still somewhere nearby.

In addition to its outstanding ability to detect known and potential threats, KIS has a very good optimization which largely determines the program’s performance. There was a time when Kaspersky Anti-Virus was synonymous with an exorbitant load on all systems and a corresponding voraciousness in terms of power. But those times are over, and Kaspersky Internet Security for Android is definitely not affected. The program runs quickly by itself and does not interfere with other applications.

In AV-Test’s recent rating of the best antiviruses, it received the highest score of 6.0 for all three main criteria: threat detection, false positives, and performance.


  • reliable protection;
  • high performance;
  • affordable price for the annual premium subscription;
  • Functional and functional free version;
  • AV-Test top rating;
  • huge community;
  • Russian development that takes into account the specifics of the CIS countries;
  • Instant response to new threats – updates within hours or 24 hours.


  • are insignificant in comparison with the advantages of.


Rating: 4.9


As the second number we will consider a mobile version of once second most popular and effective antivirus. It is well known to representatives of the “old school” who were seriously combating viruses back in the days when there were no smartphones at all.

Dr.Web Mobile Security for Android is no longer so appealing to foreign reviewers, so it’s not even in the AV-Test rating. But this does not mean that the program is bad, just that it is still closer to the domestic user. And here we emphasize, as in the case of Kaspersky Internet Security, that the Russian origin in this case is an advantage, not a disadvantage. The program takes into account many nuances, such as the level of computer literacy of Russian electronic users, specific expectations, even mentality.

The comprehensive protection of Android systems by Dr.Web Mobile Security includes a whole set of functional modules: antivirus itself; firewall; parental control; unwanted call and sms filter; URL filter; Antivirus function; security auditor.

Before the first installation of the application the installer prompts you to scan your smartphone for existing damage and potential threats. This is also done to protect the antivirus itself, since it is known that “advanced” malicious programs are able to neutralize the antivirus and even destroy it.

The anti-virus’s functional basis is the background program SpIDer Guard. It is the one that works continuously in the background and monitors all suspicious events and processes, making appropriate decisions instantly. All other functions and modes are available in a simple and clear menu.

Dr.Web competes with Kaspersky Lab in terms of gathering and organizing data about new viruses and other malicious programs in a single database. Monthly additions to the database number in the thousands, so that the antivirus never lags behind the current state of affairs in the Internet space.

The developer’s arsenal includes a free application called “Antivirus Dr.Web

  • ght”, and it is also a very powerful protection tool. Unlike the free license of Kaspersky Internet Security, Dr.Web
  • ght works in the background and provides broader and more complete protection. But the maximum functionality is available in the full paid version – Dr.Web Mobile Security for Android.


    • Russian development with the corresponding advantages;
    • Pre-Scan before installation;
    • many useful additional tools;
    • Android TV protection;
    • Extensive functionality of the free version;
    • simple and easy operation;
    • affordable price;
    • One of the most complete and up-to-date virus databases.


    • can happen spontaneous shutdowns of the program;
    • Demanding to resources – can significantly load the system.

    AVL Pro Antivirus Security

    Rating: 4.8

    AVL Pro Antivirus Security

    The rating continues with a very bright, powerful and functional antivirus product from the AVL Team studio. It is as interesting and promising as it is ambiguous. And this ambiguity manifests itself in the fact that the development team does not always bother to polish the next update. As a result, opinions on the program are often polarized, ranging from rave reviews to outrage. And these opinions can change to the opposite from update to update.

    Anyway, AV-Test gives the program the highest score of 6.0 for all three major criteria, and that’s worth a lot. The last antivirus update was made just “yesterday” – in January 2020, and the preliminary conclusions of Expertology specialists are generally positive.

    AVL Pro Antivirus Security does not parasitize on third-party engines, but uses a completely original proprietary design. The original engine received a number of awards from industry organizations and publications, as one of the most high-quality, stable and reliable anti-virus “radar” for mobile systems. Indeed, the strong point of AVL is the ability to deeply analyze your system and get into the most hidden corners, revealing the most disguised mines.

    Such an in-depth elaboration has a not so pleasant downside. There are often situations when the engine detects a number of threats and correctly and accurately identifies them, but cannot eliminate them. This might be an objective reason, but it can also be the fault of the AVL Team itself and this issue will be addressed in the next update.

    AVL Pro Antivirus Security is also praised for its understandable interface, which is not overloaded and not lacking in aesthetic appeal. the program allows you to check each application separately, providing you with a detailed report on all the “underlying. Not only third-party applications can be analyzed, but also the system’s. The report will include everything, up to the presence of ad units.

    The application has a modular structure, so it supports easy installation of add-ons and plugins. New plugins are periodically released – app cleaner, rootkit scanner, native task manager, and more.


    • powerful engine;
    • in-depth analysis;
    • modular structure;
    • the ability to connect extensions and plugins;
    • Simple interface with stylish design;
    • Moderate resource consumption;
    • there is a nice free version.


    • Updates are often released too raw;
    • cases of inability to eliminate the detected threat.

    Bitdefender Mobile Security Antivirus

    Rating: 4.7

    Bitdefender Mobile Security Antivirus

    The review continues with another top winner of the AV-Test rating, Bitdefender Mobile Security antivirus. In its features it practically keeps up with popular “colleagues”, while possessing the distinct advantage of minimal resource consumption.

    The application is a comprehensive toolkit that includes functional modules aimed at protecting the user’s confidential data, preserving software subsystems, preventing ransomware attackers from taking control of the device, and much more. Also here we see subsections with additional functionality. The most sought-after features are largely the same as those of other leaders on the antivirus front in the Android software market.

    Bitdefender Mobile Security performs a detailed scan of each app that is installed, not after installation, but during. This allows you to detect the slightest attempts to unauthorized introduction of ad trackers and other spyware elements, which can serve as a potential hole in the protection. All functions related to data leakage protection are entrusted to a separate module – Privacy Protector.

    The anti-virus scanner can run in the background, and it can also be run manually from time to time. Effective threat detection based on cloud technologies.

    Additional antivirus features include Anti-Virus, a comprehensive system audit, a suite of Internet security tools, and a built-in app blocker. The latter is a popular and much sought after solution that allows you to restrict the launch of selected applications by setting a startup password. In order for the function to work, the Bitdefender Mobile Security process must always be in the background and not disabled.

    The Anti-Virus function is almost as functional as the apps described above. The only thing it’s inferior in is the lack of the ability to take a remote forced photo with sending to an email address. Other typical Antivirus features are present.

    Bitdefender Mobile Security users are mostly satisfied, and the only thing that systematically gets negative feedback is the unsatisfactory work of the support team.


    • widespread and effective protection against viruses;
    • cloud-based threat detection;
    • rich additional functionality;
    • application blocker;
    • parental control;
    • Lowest system and battery consumption;
    • affordable price.


    • “Unresponsive tech support, even for licensed users.

    McAfee Mobile Security

    Rating: 4.6

    McAfee Mobile Security

    The next point in a long list of the best antiviruses for Android, according to Expertology, is a mobile version of the famous McAfee brand, named after its creator John McAfee.

    Interestingly, McAfee Mobile Security is not primarily positioned as an antivirus, but as a “mobile security application,” and the antivirus itself is not at the top of the list of features. This apparent “second nature” did not prevent the application from receiving the highest scores in the latest AV-Test test. Cross-examination by Expertology specialists confirms the high results.

    The software package is available in three versions – Free, Standard, Plus. The most reasonable option in terms of antivirus protection and minimum cost is Standard. The package provides the user with reliable web protection against viruses and unwanted programs that can get on the computer exactly from the web.

    In addition to on-the-fly content scanning, McAfee Mobile Security allows you to scan your system for “settled” viruses, clean up when detected, and establish secure connections using the built-in VPN. Developers paid special attention to wireless connection security – added WiFi scanner functions, WiFi connection security control, phishing protection and other features.

    In addition to direct virus protection, McAfee Mobile Security has a rich set of tools for other data protection. So, in case your smartphone is stolen, McAfee Mobile Security will take care of locking access, will take a picture of the intruder after an unauthorized access attempt, will delete all sensitive data if the owner wishes. McAfee Mobile Security can be managed remotely from the official web portal.

    What else is interesting about this product is the performance. This article received the top rating from AV-Test for a reason. Not only the program itself is not too ravenous in terms of system resource consumption, but it also provides the user with a set of tools to optimize the system, including battery consumption, and to improve the performance of the smartphone or tablet as a whole.


    • Secure web surfing;
    • instant detection and one-click removal;
    • VPN with 256-bit encryption;
    • protection of wireless connections;
    • suite of system optimization tools.


    • still loses out in terms of anti-virus functionality to the solutions described above.

    ESET Mobile Security Antivirus

    Rating: 4.5

    ESET Mobile Security Antivirus

    We continue to review the mobile incarnation of a super-popular antivirus complex ESET, which appeared on the market under the name NOD32, and this very market is literally stunned by its efficiency, progressive approaches, stability and excellent optimization.

    The application is quite predictably available in two versions – paid and free. Free-version is significantly limited in capabilities, but only if compared to the full paid. In its pure form, it is quite capable, obediently scans the system for all known threats, provides complete security for Internet surfing.

    As for the paid version, it provides much broader capabilities, such as a “destroyer” for phishing scams, removal of adware trackers, phishing programs, and other unwanted elements.

    Classical scanning, that is scanning, is done in three possible modes – quick scan, deep scan and smart scan. The latter is the most reliable, but the slowest option, and it is installed by default. You can easily install any level you want.

    In addition to anti-virus functionality ESET Mobile Security Antivirus has everything you would expect from any of the above mentioned security suites. This also applies to the function “Anti-Virus”, which is called here the same as in other security systems, and its essence is the same – to allow the user through a web portal remotely control a lost device up to photograph the surroundings and send a picture “where it says”.

    We must give credit to the creators of ESET Mobile Security Antivirus for keeping their philosophy of maximum optimization when scaling the product to mobile operating systems. As with the desktop versions, here the program pleasantly surprises with its minimal size, high speed, minimal system requirements and an equally minimal consumption of resources.

    Finally, the usability – in the broad sense of the word – is worthy of special praise. The application interface is well thought out, logical and intuitive, with a pleasing to the eye design. Excellent Russian localization.


    • A high-quality mobile implementation of the famous antivirus for PCs;
    • minimum volume;
    • minimal resource consumption;
    • high speed;
    • The free version is sufficiently functional;
    • Logical and understandable menu;
    • nice interface design.


    • No major flaws on the merits revealed.

    Norton Mobile Security

    Rating: 4.4

    Norton Mobile Security

    Next in the review of the best antiviruses for Android according to Expertology is a real old-timer of the industry, or rather its mobile incarnation. Norton Antivirus is well known to old-school Russian system administrators, but it has always been more popular in the US. Nowadays, the products of the updated brand find an ever-increasing audience in Russia thanks to the mobile antivirus.

    This is a commercial application, but it has a free version, and it is functional enough if you do not need a comprehensive continuous protection, but only a periodic scan of the system with the removal of detected malicious elements. Even has a basic feature to protect against theft of information – the ability to remotely lock the lost device. And there’s also a feature to determine the security level of each individual site visited. Much more opportunities are available in the paid version of the program.

    So, the full version to all the described adds the possibility to determine the Wi-Fi network security in automatic mode – the program will inform about the probable tracing. Also during internet surfing, installation of applications, opening of emails and scanning of QR codes there will be an all-round control and phishing prevention. A separate component is designed to block unwanted phone numbers (including anonymous ones) to receive voice calls and sms-messages.

    A separate module – Application Adviser – provides preventive protection against “classic” types of viruses, blackmail lockers, unwanted intrusive advertising in various forms and confidential data leakage. The Expert Advisor uses the entire arsenal of many years of Symantec developments, including unique, patented innovations.

    According to comprehensive testing by AV-Test, the Norton Mobile Security mobile app received top marks on the main evaluation parameters, and a year earlier it won the “Best Android Protection 2018” award.

    There is only one disappointing thing about this program so far. The last update in January of this year 2020 brought an unpleasant surprise in the form of removing some useful features. Users are still hoping that the developers will reconsider their decision in the next update.

    The merits

    • High-quality anti-virus protection;
    • reliable protection against phishing scams;
    • An effective application advisor;
    • exclusive proprietary protection technology;
    • comprehensive protection against personal data leakage;
    • not a bad free version;
    • good quality optimization in terms of resource consumption.


    • removal of some useful features in the January 2020 update.

    G Data Mobile Security

    Rating: 4.3

    G Data Mobile Security

    Another top winner in authoritative AV-Test rating – G Data Mobile Security. Although the program is not as well-known as the “star” names described above, but its top scores are 6.0 received a well-deserved.

    Objectivity of the study is confirmed by cross-tests conducted by Expertology, with one exception – the load on the system. And if the application “loads” the Android OS itself, it does not conspicuously, but it significantly consumes your battery life. Owners of wearable gadgets with large batteries can ignore this point. But for those who are short on battery capacity, you might want to consider another product.

    G Data Mobile Security provides comprehensive system protection against a variety of malware, phishing, annoying unwanted advertising, leakage of personal data in the case of loss of a portable gadget or theft, parental control.

    Web protection and anti-phishing uses cloud technology to keep track of even the newest and least studied types of malware and attack tools.

    Very well implemented set of actions in case of loss of the gadget. Thus, using the available online functionality, the user can track the device and if desired destroy the confidential data by sending a special service SMS message from any other phone number. Another useful thing – locking the system in case of unauthorized SIM card replacement.

    G Data Mobile Security parental control deserves high marks. For example, parents can set permissions or bans on the use of certain applications, prohibit online purchases or the downloading of any paid content at all, including from the Google Play store. Separate feature – child browser. Uses a custom homepage with a theme design, black and white lists of websites, and special search engines with only pedagogically relevant content in their lists.

    All of these benefits go hand in hand with a user-friendly, intuitive interface that’s extremely easy to learn.


    • broad functionality;
    • usability;
    • A reliable protection against viruses and phishing;
    • Locking in case of unauthorized SIM card change;
    • location tracking;
    • Destruction of data by sending a service sms;
    • High quality and deep parental control.


    • Tremendously consumes battery power.

    F-Secure SAFE

    Rating: 4.2

    F-Secure SAFE

    Now let’s look at another very interesting solution that even breaks the mold, with its impressive combination of extreme simplicity, “prohibitive” efficiency and almost record-breaking performance.

    First about features. F-Secure SAFE is initially focused on constant real-time protection against viruses. It will have these settings by default right after installation. Separate DeepGuard tool can be launched for deep and detailed inspection of all subsystems, files, applications. The component uses effective behavioral monitoring technology and in parallel intelligently generates a list of folders for enhanced control.

    Allows or denies access to specific folders for specific users, easily configurable in the settings. You can do the same for the applications, including whitelisting for high security applications.

    Detailed scanning of the files loaded from the Internet. F-Secure SAFE has its own scheduler of events to perform various additional actions at regular intervals.

    In addition to all of the above, the program provides one of the best sets of parental controls. All settings are set up elementary via F-Secure Web Panel. You can easily set the rules and time limits for the appropriate restrictions. This is one of the most thoughtful and harmonious solutions for those who have one gadget used by different family members. A separate “children’s” browser is not needed – depending on the mode set, the program itself will determine what types of content is allowed in search results, and what do not.

    F-Secure SAFE is one of the easiest antivirus solutions to manage, configure and use for mobile systems. The interface is minimalistic, which is an important factor in high-speed performance and low impact on CPU, memory and battery life.

    The developer provides very detailed documentation, instructions and answers to frequently asked questions, but unfortunately, only in English. But if there’s no tough language barrier, it’s worth trying at least the 30-day free period.


    • Effective and comprehensive protection;
    • deep scanning;
    • user access control;
    • maximum optimization;
    • speed of operation;
    • elementary simple and clear interface;
    • Useful extra features.


    • no Russian language.

    Trend Micro Mobile Security

    Rating: 4.1

    Trend Micro Mobile Security

    Another top winner of the AV-Test rating is another Mobile Security, but this time from a different studio –

    end Micro. The company was founded by talented Chinese specialists back in 1988, and today it is best known for its flagship product – the eponymous mobile antivirus. And it’s not just anti-virus, but also a centralized and transparent control system in a corporate environment.

    The product is different from many of those described above in its very concept. Its main purpose is clear – to protect the system from external attacks, malicious intrusions, information leakage, intentional or accidental infiltrations of malware. But all these actions, according to program creators approach, are carried out within the limits of a unified infrastructure.

    Transparency and end-to-end monitoring of wearable gadgets is a key leitmotif

    end Micro Mobile Security. It makes it possible for top IT managers to implement a progressive BYOD concept that encourages specialists to use their own portable gadgets for work.

    Extensive features

    end Micro Mobile Security directly derives from the best practices that went into its development. For example, it detects threats including potential confidential data leaks, “classic” viruses, Trojans, phishing attacks, and ransomware attacks using the latest machine learning techniques. Such innovative approaches leave no chance even for the most “fresh” and completely unexamined suspicious objects.

    The high professional level of the program complex is also evident in the fact that the developers cared about a harmonious and extremely correct integration of the application into the OfficeScan management infrastructure. A highly centralized, yet flexible, solution allows administrators to monitor employee device activity and enforce corporate policies accordingly.

    All of the above and more, that is not allowed by the format of the article, provides not only information security, but also reduces the overall costs, saves working time of the IT-service employees, minimizes the secondary risks.


    • high professional level;
    • exceptional levels of protection;
    • corporate focus;
    • implementation of the most progressive techniques;
    • tight integration with the OfficeScan suite;
    • affordable, as for a corporate product, prices.


    • No fundamental and objective flaws have been identified.

    The best free antiviruses for Android

    The second and final selection in the review of the best antiviruses for mobile systems based on Android represents a separate category of mobile antivirus applications – distributed for free. And here we will talk about those programs which are more or less full-fledged and are not a forced marketing add-on to the main full-fledged paid version, as we observed in the review of almost all of the above solutions.

    Here are a few caveats. The program can only be free, but indirectly the user can still “pay” by being forced to see advertising banners or messages. Moreover, a free antivirus may at some point suddenly and “without declaring war” become commercial, as it once happened with Panda. Finally, the free status often becomes a factor of not very high performance, compared to even very cheap but commercial solutions.

    AVG AntiVirus FREE

    Rating: 5.0

    AVG AntiVirus FREE

    Let’s start with one of the most famous free antivirus – AVG AntiVirus FREE. Other products are available under the AVG brand, including antiviruses for PC, including those for a fee. The difference is that AVG AntiVirus FREE is not a stripped down version of AVG AntiVirus Pro, it is a separate product and even the vendor has positioned it separately. It’s not hard to do, since AVG was bought out by Avast in 2016, and the top management already has experience in separating software products.

    The free version offers basic functionality and additional add-ons to it. The basic functionality is already more interesting than the free version of Kaspersky Internet Security. Not only does it scan the memory and file folders, but it works continuously in the background. So, outright malicious or even just suspicious files will be stopped by the antivirus even before they are fully downloaded, let alone launched. Application’s background work consumes resources moderately and does not affect significantly either the overall speed of the gadget, or the battery life.

    AVG AntiVirus Free, like all of the studio’s products, has a built-in centralized management module, AVG Zen. With it, you can conveniently and transparently manage processes and monitor the security level of not only the Android device, but also other computers and gadgets in a certain field of consumer influence (home PC, laptop, tablet, etc.). d.) AVG Zen is not a unique solution, there are similar centralized “portals” in McAfee antiviruses and other similar software. AVG, however, manages to pull it off in a particularly elegant way.

    In addition to the basic security features, AVG AntiVirus Free offers something in addition. These include forced scanning, including in-depth scanning; remote locking of your phone if you lose it; data transfer to a memory card or the cloud, and deletion from your device. Of particular interest is the ability to scan your system for potential performance degradation factors and then eliminate them.

    AVG AntiVirus FREE received the highest score of 6 in the latest test conducted by the AV-Test.0 in all three major categories. The current version is not very good at stopping phishing, but it might be fixed.


    • Continuous real-time protection in the background;
    • moderate resource consumption;
    • User-friendly and pleasant interface;
    • centralized monitoring and management through AVG Zen;
    • Antivirus Security and more;
    • scans and optimizes the system for better performance.


    • Weak phishing protection.

    Avira Antivirus Security

    Rating: 4.9

    Avira Antivirus Security

    Let’s take a second look at another well-known antivirus that is tightly associated with free distribution. Actually, Avira Antivirus Security is not only an antivirus, but also a small package for Android, capable of protecting your system and personal data from a variety of threats. Like the previous solution, this free app is part of a whole ecosystem of Avira products for a variety of platforms.

    The suite consists of an antivirus module, an anti-theft module, and a call protection module. Here everything is more or less obvious: the anti-virus part of the application constantly monitors the state of the system and what content is streaming through its channels and through the memory of the device at any given moment. Can run scans separately.

    A function similar to AntiVir – like most of the described applications, it can locate a lost smartphone and remotely perform certain data protection actions with it – block it if it’s lost unlocked, destroy confidential data if it’s been illegally seized.

    Call protection implies a simple management of blacklisted phone numbers, blocking incoming voice calls and text messages.

    Avira Antivirus Security can also detect other kinds of threats, not necessarily viruses. Spyware effectively detects and eliminates spyware activities, detects seemingly harmless applications that engage in deep data collection, can block camera, microphone or even chat rooms with password access if the owner wishes.

    The product is extremely lightweight, installs quickly and works flawlessly, without overloading the system’s resources.

    Overall, it’s actually one of the best free antivirus for Android systems as of February 2020. It has also received top ratings from AV-Test, as well as a number of other industry expert organizations. The current version is especially appreciated for its error-free detection of threats. As for the rest of the functionality, it’s pretty minimal, and you should be prepared for that.

    Advantages of

    • high performance in detecting virus threats;
    • effective elimination of spyware activity;
    • Controlling application behavior;
    • call protection;
    • Remote control in case of loss of the gadget;
    • performance speed;
    • minimal resource consumption.


    • Poor functionality.

    Avast Mobile Security

    Rating: 4.8

    Avast Mobile Security

    A much broader functionality and additional add-ons presents the user with another free antivirus with an equally recognizable name – Avast Mobile Security for Android. The program is originally designed to be free, with a wide range of protection methods and preventive measures to protect personal data.

    Avast Mobile Security basic protection features are the same as for all paid and free mobile antiviruses – periodic or forced scanning of the operating system, the file system, the existing applications and data storages, both internal and external. Most activity-tracking features run automatically so they don’t distract the user. The antivirus starts pestering the user with messages only when it encounters a threat that requires the user to make a decision, such as permanently deleting infected files.

    In addition to this direct functionality, Avast Mobile Security has the same arsenal to block unwanted calls and texts, remotely control a lost device, scan available WiFi networks for security and potential spyware.

    Avast Mobile Security has a huge database of over 8 million code samples that represent direct or potential threats. New signatures and scans are added daily. At peak times, new additions to the database can number in the thousands per day. Reports show that mobile antivirus programs detect an average of 2 million malware attacks per month on mobile devices.

    With so much data and intelligence, Avast Mobile Security can easily detect and destroy malware, its disguised components and deliverables as well as paid multivirus solutions. It can take care of crackers, rooters, banking Trojans, SMS Trojans, clickers and even fake apps.

    It’s well written and optimized to near perfection, so Avast Mobile Security literally “flies” without overloading the CPU or memory, saving battery life.


    • huge database;
    • constant additions to the database with subsequent updates;
    • effective detection of threats;
    • Wi-Fi network scanner;
    • False positives to a minimum;
    • speed;
    • level of optimization.


    • non-principled.

    CM Security Master

    Rating: 4.7

    CM Security Master

    Now let’s take a look at another remarkable Android product by Cheetah Mobile studio, which can provide comprehensive protection for your Android device against viruses, illegal intrusions and other dangerous external activity.

    CM Security Master application is light and fast, highly effective and not too demanding on the resources of your gadget hardware. Here you can see the embodiment of the best of many years of experience of the developers of the recognized most reliable in the world Android-optimizer Clean Master.

    As for features and functionality, the program has a lot in common with the above-described solutions. So we will not repeat ourselves once again, but describe the most remarkable.

    This antivirus uses one of the most advanced engines, Kingsoft. This version uses its dual local and cloud versions. 16 years of development and feedback from 200 million users around the world have clearly benefited this new incarnation of CM Security Master. AV-Test and AV-Comparatives have rated it highly all the time and it has been in the top ratings for years.

    The application provides multifactor protection: real-time memory monitoring and downloads from the Web, for each new application you install and, importantly, for each update of each application. File system and content of visited sites are also regularly scanned.

    The efficiency of the antivirus is even better. Fast scanning in seconds on a more or less powerful hardware. The size of the apk file is also minimal, so the program only takes up space.

    Added to all of this CM Security Master comes with a garbage collection and optimization functions. So there is a chance that the program not only will not slow down Android, but even a little speed up.


    • One of the best antivirus engines;
    • multi-level protection;
    • performance speed;
    • usability;
    • in-depth scanning of applications and even each update;
    • system optimization modules.


    • a lot of ads in the latest version;
    • some functions became fee-based.

    Sophos Intercept X for Mobile (Android)

    Rating: 4.6

    Sophos Intercept X for Mobile (Android)

    Completes the review of the best mobile antiviruses for Android, perhaps the best, complete, effective and versatile solution from the famous British studio. Sophos Intercept X for Mobile leaves the competition far behind in terms of functionality, forward-thinking approaches, innovation and overall intelligence.

    The first thing that arouses respect after getting acquainted with the program is the absence of advertising, that is free antivirus truly and in all respects. The “wow effect” is enhanced when the other features are revealed. The basic set of functions is clear, but let’s recap: scanning file storage, memory, your own system and applications; web filter with blocking dangerous and suspicious pages; password protection for applications; scanning wireless networks for MITM (Man in the middle) threats.

    This program has a number of features and modules that no other free antivirus has, as well as many paid ones. It’s privacy advisor and security advisor, secure QR code scanner, password manager, authenticator, remote control.

    Of particular interest is the “intelligent mobile threat protection (MTD)” feature. To use it, you will need to activate your Microsoft Intune account, which gives you access to flexible access control capabilities for the device and corporate data, the level of which will be determined by the compatibility status. Sophos Central neighboring software will also be required.


    • Effective protection against viruses and similar threats;
    • deep application scanning;
    • screening of networks for potential MITM-type threats;
    • Intelligent mobile threat protection;
    • security and privacy advisors;
    • professional level;
    • corporate applicability;
    • no ads.


    • are insignificant against the advantages and direct benefits.
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