14 games similar to Grand Theft Auto (GTA 5)

*Editor’s review of the best ones. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, it is not an advertisement and should not be treated as a guide to purchase. Before buying it is necessary to consult with an expert.

The first part of GTA was the first of its kind, but after almost 5 years the third one is a real breakthrough in the gaming industry. Incredible world, three-dimensional graphics, great gameplay quickly gained a lot of fans around the world. Not surprisingly, the game quickly had clones: some really did not present anything interesting, but there were also those that had a number of individual chips or departed from the original concept. Our experts have collected for you 14 of the most loved by users and critically acclaimed games like GTA 5.

Rating of games similar to Grand Theft Auto (GTA 5)

Ranking of games similar to Grand Theft Auto (GTA 5)1Watch Dogs 25.0
2Sleeping Dogs4.9
3Mafia III4.8
4Saints Row 44.7
5L.A. Noire4.6
6YAKUZA 04.5
7Red Dead Redemption 24.5
8Crackdown 34.5

ayDay 2

10FAR CRY 54.5
11Infamous: Second Son4.4
13Just cause4.2


Watch Dogs 2

Rating: 5.0

Watch Dogs 2

Average rating: 83%

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows

The plot of the rather controversial sequel to Ubisoft’s hacker story is about Marcus Holloway being blacklisted by the ctOS system. It monitors the residents through thousands of cameras, controls the entire “ecosystem” of the city and destroys people’s fates at the snap of a finger. To combat the system, Holloway joins an organization

DedSec to fight lawlessness.

This part no longer has the darkness that was in the first part: the theme seems more fun, a little childish, using the juicy colors (which looks great on a TV 4K HDR). The game boasts a wide variety of features for the player: hacking techniques, the option of controlling the environment through a smartphone, etc. It allows you to create a lot of interesting situations and choose the best way to solve them. And what without the cab with the wacky bloggers and unusual hitchhikers?.

The game’s main features: multiple solutions to problems, unique characters and the story. Among the disadvantages is the presence of technical problems.

Sleeping Dogs

Rating: 4.9

Sleeping Dogs

Average rating: 84%

Platforms: Xbox 360, Windows, PlayStation 3, and later PS 4 and Xbox One

At first, this game looks like a typical clone of GTA, but with one fat nuance: the original terrain – the story takes place in Asia. The main character, Wei Sheng, is an undercover cop whose mission is to infiltrate Hong Kong’s criminal underworld.

This game’s creators were inspired by oriental cinematography, because it’s based on hand-to-hand combat. At times, as the enemy can be 10 fighters with sharp weapons, which is really invigorating. It should be said straight away that Sleeping Dogs is a rather brutal game, that involves all sorts of ways to finish off your enemies: macabre fatalities under the propeller blades, in garbage cans, water tanks and so on.

Here you can even rent a hooker, visit a massage parlor, but the missions can be particularly weird: some involve cannibalism, and sometimes the GM draws circles on the wall with a broken face of a nurse.

Addictive gameplay, an amazing level of detail, quality martial arts, and a host of new weapons to make your Mafia III III experience one of the most exciting. Among the disadvantages – the lack of multiplayer.

Mafia III

Rating: 4.8

Mafia III

Average Rating: 85%

Platforms: PC, PS4, XBOX One

Round orphan and veteran Lincoln managed to distinguish himself in many ways: training fighters for elite troops and working for gangsters. A hell of a colorful character. Returning one day to his hometown, he encounters a dangerous company and ends up getting shot in the head.

Now a new chapter in life begins for the protagonist: he will throw all his forces to find those who tried to kill him. This will lead to an incredible denouement – the entire city will be under Lincoln’s control. In order to hold on to power, you must hire bosses who will exert control over certain areas. But it’s not easy to keep their loyalty: the player will be required to have good controls, which, combined with a great story, makes the game one of the favorites among players.

What is Mafia III? Powerful action combined with relentless adventure awaiting while completing numerous missions to improve control of the city. Those familiar with the previous games in the series will find the division of the world into 10 very large-scale areas. Distinctive features include driving (with an impressive fleet of vehicles), interacting with non-player characters, and a host of side missions that will help advance the main missions.

Main game features: addictive gameplay, great interconnection of key and side missions. Cons: Technical bugs.

Saints Row 4

Rating: 4.7

Saints Row 4

Average Rating: 88%

Platforms: Windows, Xbox 360, PS3, and later, PS4 and Xbox One

Lots of craziness and jokes. After saving the United States from destruction, the protagonist becomes president, but he is not destined to run the country: an alien invasion occurs, after which the planet is destroyed and all people are sent to a virtual reality. The character must take revenge on the invaders.

The game includes elements of geek culture: for example, “Matrix” and “Armageddon” objects are clearly seen, and also a lot of parodies on game series like Sp

  • The Matrix and Armageddon as well as a lot of parodies of game series like Spartan Cell, Mass Effect, etc. on the other hand, the game is a little removed from the GTA, as the vehicle control is in the background. After all, the hero now has a lot of abilities: super jumping and speed, ground shaking, weapon enhancement option, telekinesis, invulnerability (temporary) and many other interesting things. Well, if you want maximum similarity with the GTA, you should pay attention to Saints Row: The Third.

    The main features of the game: individual gameplay, character customization options, gameplay. There are some flaws: glitches.

    L.A. Noire

    Rating: 4.6

    L.A. Noire

    Average rating: 89%

    Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360, Windows, later – Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch

    A highly atmospheric game that is only disguised as a GTA clone. This is a chic detective adventure about being a police officer in mid-20th century LA. Meet Col Phelps: a World War II veteran who started out as a simple patrolman and then joined Homicide and later Arson Squad. At first, the game resembles a multitude of unrelated tasks. But gradually all the plot branches lead into one bundle of conspiracies.

    Special mention can be made of the careful development of the characters, the facial animation (it looks especially spectacular during the interrogations). And when combined with the available evidence and alibis, you get a great picture. It is worth enjoying the passing of the game, because similar projects from the authors (Team Bondi) will never be due to closure.

    The game’s main features: a lot of interesting locations, perfectly developed ’40s setting. Among the minuses – underdeveloped optimization.

    YAKUZA 0

    Rating: 4.5

    YAKUZA 0

    Average rating: 87%

    Platforms: PlayStation 4, Windows + PlayStation 3 (Japan)

    A whole series of games about the criminal world of modern Japan has reached its climax with the magnificent Yakuza 0 – a prequel to the story, in which the two main characters are the real stars of the whole franchise (Kiryu and Madzima). The first takes humble steps in the career ladder of the Tokyo underworld, where dangerous organizations fight to the death for Camurocho, the second enjoys relaxing in a suburban club. Seemingly unrelated stories, but they come together in one powerful.

    In addition to a fascinating story, the game also offers a lot of extra quests with incredible stories (like a quest about a hidden network of schoolgirls selling their underwear to perverts, or cool punks who actually love to cook and play with puppies).

    A distinctive feature of the game is a perfect balance between the quality of the plot, touching emotional moments and real madness, which according to the true fans of the game is a traditional flavor. You won’t get bored here.

    The game’s main features: chic atmosphere and story, a successful introduction to the series. Minuses – weak graphics.

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Rating: 4.5

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Average rating: 79%

    Google Stadia, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

    You like the Wild West? Then the second part of this third-person action game will be to your liking. The story is a kind of prehistory to the original story and tells us about Marston’s past. The users of the game will see the perfectly designed alive world, where NPCs live alone and react to any actions of the players.

    For example, any “left” clash with the unknown can turn into a violent vendetta. There is a multiplayer mode and an opportunity to freely explore the impressive size of the map with a lot of activities, including robberies like GTA 5, but with the Wild West image.

    The main features of the game: carefully designed graphics, many types of weapons, interesting missions, an addition to the content in single player game, became available for PC.

    Crackdown 3

    Rating: 4.5

    Crackdown 3

    Average Rating: 82%

    Platforms: PC, Xbox One

    Mega action, an open world and a feature-rich game mode that lets you do whatever you want in a huge city. The developers made a bet on the unusual technology of destroying the buildings: in fact, the player can turn any building into dust. The technology of calculation is so complex that it is corrected by Microsoft Azure technology.

    The game is a continuation of previous parts both in terms of storyline and gameplay. What awaits you in Crackdown 3? An impressively sized open city with a multitude of gangs, including the creepy Terra Nova organization, which will be key to the story: as you destroy buildings or take over certain game areas, the gang leaders will systematically retaliate against the protagonist, constantly causing considerable inconvenience.

    The main features of the game: the ability to play the team, an excellent system of skills. Among the minuses: poorly developed gameplay.

    ayDay 2

    Rating: 4.5

    PayDay 2

    Average Rating: 82%

    Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch,

  • nux

    Multiplayer first-person shooter, which will allow a team of four players to properly charge the adrenaline. This is a pretty intense thriller based on Hollywood movie theaters. Players love the incredible variety of characters with their own story that led them on a path of robbery and murder.

    Robberies of the most unbelievable types and difficulty levels await you: from banal bank safes to a nuclear lab, a bunker of cyber criminals and even prisons. The number of updates released since the game’s release is overwhelming: the number of available missions and characters has been maxed out.

    The main features of the game: awesome multiplayer, original mechanics of robberies, a variety of equipment and missions. There are downsides, the most obvious of which is the monotony of gameplay.

    FAR CRY 5

    Rating: 4.5

    FAR CRY 5

    Average Rating: 87%

    Platforms: PC, PS4, XBOX One

    Incredible action packed with first-person shooters and the 11th title in the series. The story centers on an unnamed deputy sheriff stuck in the fictional Land of Hope. Now he will have to fight enemies to return to normal life. The developers offer gameplay similar to its predecessors and open world, where you can move freely both by vehicles and on foot.

    Unlike previous games in the series, you can customize the look of the character. An impressive arsenal of weapons and explosives is available to the user during the game. A nice feature – a system of recruitment, where you can recruit local residents to fight the enemy (similar to the 2nd and 4th parts).

    Distinctive features of the game – battle with a religious cult, direct choice of the game path, super action, stealth mechanics – a guarantee of quality spent dozens of hours in the game.

    The main tricks of the game: a lot of game content, the ability to play in a team with a friend (a great gaming experience), great side quests, pleasant sound. Among the cons are the absurd plot.

    Infamous: Second Son

    Rating: 4.4

    Infamous: Second Son

    Average Rating: 80 %

    Platforms: PS4

    The third installment of the unique Infamous series. Impressive open world and excellent gameplay setting. This is a chic exclusive for the PlayStation 4. According to the story, after the events of the previous part, in which Cole McGrath died, 10 years have passed. But the game world is still full of a select few, hunted by the DUP, led by the real-life strongman Brooke Augustine.

    The player character is Delsin Rowe, who has one of the coolest gifts: he is able to absorb the powers of others. Which he learns early in the game and gets to the epicenter of the war. Like the previous installment, in Second Son you can make decisions for both good and evil, which affects karma and changes a character’s abilities and appearance. The rest of the game elements are identical to the previous parts, but have been improved: this applies, among other things, convenient elements parkour, making it easier to move around the world and an excellent combat mechanics.

    Top picks: Lots of unique, immutable skills. Main disadvantage – repetitive quest design takes you away from exploring the open world.


    Rating: 4.3


    Average Rating: 77%

    Platforms: Free, PC, PS4, XBOX One

    For those who wanted a GTA + MMO combo, APB Reloaded is the perfect choice. By the way, until recently the game was paid, so the opportunity to try it out in the case is doubly pleasant. So, the task of the player is to explore a city crowded with criminals. Fully open game world available for free exploration and many exciting quests.

    Partly the game offers the same as the games of the series GTA – the possibility of stealing cars, watching the surrounding characters, and, in fact, committing the utmost mayhem (which, of course, will attract unwanted attention of the guardians of the law).

    Want to play the role of cops? No question: try to stop the city’s wild criminals, do your dirty deeds for bribes. But the coolest thing about the game is the customization. Character customization options are almost endless: a variety of items, weapons, vehicles scattered throughout the game world, and other elements allow you to create a unique tactic of action.

    Top picks: Definitely customizable, comfortable gameplay. Minus: Lots of bugs.

    Just cause

    Rating: 4.2

    Just cause

    Average Rating: 72%

    Platforms: PC, PS2, XBOX 360

    Great action-adventure game, developed in 2010. You can have fun wandering around a tropical island as one of the top agents, fighting the corrupt government along the way. In the story, the player is waiting for both colleagues and rebels, ready to help fight the villains and save many lives.

    Nice bonus: the ability to complete key missions in a variety of ways. If you want, you can ignore the story altogether and engage in wholly and completely explore the island or take on side tasks (of which there are hundreds in this game world). Side quests tie the whole plot together. By doing them, you can undermine the influence of the government.

    Particular emphasis in the gameplay is on shooting and driving. By the way, the number of vehicles will impress even seasoned players. In addition to cars, you can also use boats, planes, helicopters and motorcycles. Character functionality has been expanded with a stunt option – skydiving, car-to-car jumping, basejumping, and lots of cool. A key feature of the game is the variability and spectacle.

    Main features: game world of impressive scale, freedom of movement. That said, the process is not deep enough.


    Rating: 4.1

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