13 best AMD processors

Processors for computers are made by only two companies. Somewhere in the neighborhood we tell you about the best chipsets from Intel. However, not everyone can afford such processors. No matter how you look at it, the American giant pays a serious markup. If you want to save money, you have to consider buying a chip made by AMD. At the same time there is no need to be afraid, such a processor will also cope with most tasks, and for its cooling you do not need exclusively “water” – an ordinary cooler is enough. In short, let’s look at those AMD processors, the purchase of which almost does not disappoint.

How to choose an AMD processor?

To begin with, let’s define exactly how you should choose an AMD processor. And it’s all very simple. In this aspect, AMD products are not different from those produced by Intel. It means that the first thing is to choose the motherboard. It depends on it, what kind of processor list will be available to you. The fact is that to install the chip the corresponding slot is used – the socket. And it is the socket that determines what kind of processor you can put in a given motherboard. For convenience, we will indicate exactly what socket each processor discussed in this article is designed for.

Also, when choosing a chip, you should be guided by the specific tasks that you will use it for. For example, the cheapest processor consisting of four or even two cores will be enough for an office computer. Believe me, its processing power is definitely enough to run Word and other similar programs. But if you’re going to use your computer to run games or make videos on it, you’ll have to spend a lot of money for a more powerful chip. At the same time you should think about how long you want not to change computer components. The fact is that the four cores are already the last century. If you don’t want your PC to become obsolete in the coming years, it’s best to consider buying a processor with six or more cores.

Do not forget that the average chip is not suitable for use in a server. To be more precise, such processor will not perform at its best in such conditions. Chips designed to be installed in a server have a huge lifespan. It is also better at digesting errors in the code – there is a high probability that the appearance of such will not lead to a system reboot. In a word, if you are going to assemble a server, it is better not to save money – pay attention to chips from AMD EPYC series. By the way, the reverse is also true – such processors should not be bought for installation in a regular desktop computer.

Best AMD processors rating

Nominationplaceproduct nameprice
AMD’s best desktop processors1AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2950X74 990€
2AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X52 110€
3AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1920X32 500€
4AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX136 925€
5AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 2700X25 999€
6AMD Ryzen 7 2700X21 900€
7AMD Ryzen 7 1800X16 140€
8AMD Ryzen 5 2600X13 990€
9AMD Ryzen 7 170014 290€
10AMD Ryzen 5 1600X10 600€
AMD’s Best Processors for Server1AMD EPYC 7501273 620€
2AMD EPYC 7551168 500€
3AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 1700X25 999€

The best AMD desktop processors

AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2950X

Rating: 4.9


A very expensive representative of our rating. Sellers are demanding at least 70k for this chip. rubles. But this is pennies compared to what Intel processors with similar characteristics cost. This chip is created by modern 12-nanometer process technology, and the computational power of the product provides 16 cores. Of course, not all games and programs know how to split the stream so much. But if your application supports 16-core processors you will notice a huge power gain!

Usually such multi-core solutions can not boast of high clock speed and the presence of integrated graphics. No graphics core here either. And there are no problems with the clock speed – even in default mode it reaches 3500 MHz. You can use Turbo Boost as well. In this mode, the clock speed can be 4.4 GHz! Along with 32MB of Layer 3 cache, it delivers record-breaking performance!

However, not everything is as good in this kingdom as it may seem at first sight. Unlike Intel products, chips from AMD are very “hot”. Not in the literal sense of the word. If the temperature exceeds 68°C the system automatically shuts down the processor to protect it. But the heat dissipation even in default operation reaches 180W, so the owner of the chipset will need a very powerful cooling system. The set with the processor can be supplied with a cooler, but it should be considered only as a last resort – it can cope with cooling, but at the same time it can not be called silent.

The chip fits into the socket sTR4. The processor runs in 32 threads. Of course, there is a memory controller, which is a four channel. It is interesting that the maximum chip supports DDR4-2933 RAM standard – competitors cannot work with such high-frequency memory.

Perhaps this is an excellent variant for installing to a gaming computer. You just need to have a good cooling system. Also AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2950X should suit professionals who use the PC for video editing and other demanding tasks. But don’t forget that you need a decent graphics card to match such a processor.


  • Very high clock speeds;
  • Huge number of cores;
  • 32 threads;
  • Large volume of high-speed memory is supported;
  • Very big L3 cache volume;
  • Serious overclocking is possible.


  • In single-threaded mode is inferior to Intel chips;
  • High heat dissipation;
  • The price won’t suit everyone, though;
  • Needs a good cooling system.

AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X

Rating: 4.9


This representative of our rating is about 1.5 times cheaper than the above reviewed model. In Russian stores it can be purchased for 50-58 thous. rubles. It may seem unlikely that AMD will sell a chip with a huge number of cores for this money. But in the struggle with Intel, it still took this step. Yes, the product received 16 cores, just like the processor considered above. The difference is in a slightly larger size of components – 14-nanometer process technology was used to make the chip.

Like other expensive chips, the product does not have an integrated graphics core. This is not a problem, as AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X buyers are not without a video adapter. You might also get the impression that the manufacturer will lower the clock speed. But no, here this parameter reaches 3400 MHz. It is exactly enough for any modern game! And professional applications are unlikely to have any problems. But don’t forget that not every program knows how to work with so many threads.

Like any other modern CPU, Ryzen Threadripper 1950X supports DDR4 RAM. This chip includes not only a memory controller, but also the familiar multilevel cache. To be precise, the L3 cache size is 32768 KB. Not a bad figure? It demonstrates that the processor has a decent reserve for the future – it is unlikely it will become obsolete within the next ten years.

What about flaws, they are typical for AMD products. The chip has a high heat dissipation, up to 180W. At the same time, the user is not recommended to heat it up to temperatures higher than 68°C. This forces you to spend quite a lot of money for a good cooling system. May even be waterborne if you suddenly want to overclock.


  • It supports a big amount of DDR4 memory;
  • A huge amount of Level 3 cache;
  • A large number of cores;
  • Very high clock frequency.


  • You can’t call the price low after all;
  • Hard to find a suitable cooler;
  • Very high heat dissipation;
  • Not suitable for extreme overclocking.

AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1920X

Rating: 4.8


Even more affordable representative of our rating. This chip retails in Russia for only 31 thousand. rubles. It goes without saying that such an inexpensive processor for a gamer could not get a record number of cores. Here we have 12 of them. It is gratifying that the 12 nm process was used for their manufacture.

To install this processor you will need the socket sTR4. Cores used here run at a clock frequency of 3500 MHz. It’s nice that the creators didn’t skimp on cache memory – its size (we’re talking about Level 3 cache) is 32 MB.

The memory controller that we use here is able to recognize DDR4 memory cards. The only thing that can upset someone a little is the absence of integrated “graphics”. But we want to mention once again that usually AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1920X is purchased by gamers and people who work with professional software. It would be strange if such a person didn’t have a video card, don’t you think?

As for the heat dissipation, there are no surprises. This parameter reaches 180W. Unfortunately, AMD does not manage to make their creations cooler. So the user needs a good cooler. Alas, for the aforementioned socket very few quality cooling systems are produced, so you can not find them in every store.

Reviews on this chip are written only in a positive way. Buyers are not confused by the difficulty to find the right cooler. But a small overclocking nevertheless occurs in mentions of disadvantages. But that’s why AMD products are so inexpensive.


  • A large number of cores;
  • High clock frequency;
  • Very big cache volume on the third level;
  • High-speed DDR4 memory is supported;
  • The price tag can not be called extremely high.


  • Low overclocking potential;
  • High heat dissipation;
  • It is not easy to find a good cooling system.

AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX

Rating: 4.8


Usually the products in our ratings are sorted by their price. However, sometimes there are exceptions to the rule. For example, only now we decided to mention Ryzen Threadripper 1920X. This is the most powerful processor among those that have been created by AMD. However we still recommend to consider buying one of the chips we’ve already reviewed – it seems more profitable to buy them. And only if you are not short of funds, you can think about this processor. In Russian computer hardware stores, it sells for 120-140 thous. rubles. Do you agree that for this money you can buy a top chipset from Intel, which many will find more reliable. And for sure it will support more extreme overclocking.

But let’s go back to the AMD product. Unlike almost all competitors, it has got 32 cores at its disposal. In this case, the chip requires a socket sTR4 – absolutely familiar, they are endowed with many motherboards designed for installation in gaming computers. Cores run at 3000 MHz by default. High, but not prohibitive parameter. It feels that this chip has to take the number of threads, not the frequency. By the way, 64 threads are supported here, two per core!

Of course, this chip allows you to overclock. Even with the standard UEFI-BIOS it is possible to clock at 4200 MHz! Needless to say that this is more than enough for any game? And also the processor has support for DDR4 RAM with a frequency of 2933 MHz. What is important, the data from memory is transmitted via four channels.

In a word, AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX is a miracle of engineering thought. It’s amazing, how such a relatively small chip “digests” such great amount of data. How did the creators manage to put a third level cache of 65 MB inside the chip? On this background does not care at all about the fact that the heat dissipation in typical applications reaches 250W. Processor operating temperature of 68°C. This means that it is advisable to buy a water-cooling system. If you put a standard tower cooler, you’ll have to forget about overclocking.

Nevertheless, it is impossible not to note that the competitor’s products do not have such abundant heat dissipation, unless we are talking about a server model. Without water-cooling you will need a high fan speed, so the computer will definitely not be quiet. That’s something to think about.


  • An alarmingly large L3 cache;
  • High-frequency RAM is supported;
  • High clock frequency;
  • Extreme overclocking is possible;
  • A huge number of cores.


  • The price tag seems astronomical;
  • The heat dissipation is too high;
  • In single-threaded mode performance does not seem high.

AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 2700X

Rating: 4.7

AMD RYZEN 7 2700X.webp

A very popular processor, which is chosen by those who are not ready to spend several monthly salaries to buy a chip. By the way, you can’t call this AMD’s creation cheap either – in Russian stores they ask for chipset 25-30 thou. rubles. Here we don’t have a record number of cores – it’s not this that takes a chip, but the high clock frequency.

The product is made by 12-nanometer process. It is pleasant. 16 MB of level 3 cache will make you happy. Believe me, competitors with a similar price tag can boast half as much. As for the eight processing cores, they work at a clock frequency of 3.7 GHz. This is a decent parameter, thanks to which any professional programs will feel on a computer with this processor very comfortable. And if you’re an avid gamer, you’ll definitely activate the Turbo Boost feature, which will increase the clock speed up to 4300 MHz. By the way, this octa-core processor can run in 16-thread mode, which is also important!

Paired with this chip you will need to use DDR4 RAM. The maximum supportable clock speed is 2933 MHz, which can’t help but make you happy. And the number of supported memory channels equals two, so it shows not the highest price for the processor.

Several variants of the chip are available for sale. And this is one case where you might consider purchasing a version with a cooler. Yes, it’s quite loud, but it can cool the processor down to 85°C. And how it could be otherwise, when the heat dissipation of the chip is only 105W? However, the OEM version is also quite acceptable. The thing is that to mount the processor requires a socket AM4. There are plenty of cooling systems designed for this connector and many of them cost quite a bit of money.


  • Not a particularly high price;
  • It consists of eight cores;
  • Need a popular socket;
  • High clock speeds;
  • Large amount of high-frequency memory is supported;
  • Two threads per core;
  • Not the highest heat dissipation.


  • It is not strongly overclocked;
  • Performance is not very good in single threaded mode.

AMD Ryzen 7 2700X

Rating: 4.7

AMD RYZEN 7 2700X.webp

This is a slightly simplified variant of the CPU above. This model could not help but get into our ranking, since the chip is in steady demand. This is confirmed by numerous reviews and reviews. Buyers note that the processor easily fits into AM4 socket, and it is very easy to choose a cooling system for it. Heat dissipation of 12nm chip does not exceed 105W. So, even a simple “tower” equipped with one fan will cope with processor’s cooling. By the way, the chip is able to run stably even at temperatures of 83-85°C.

Like its bigger brother the chipset has got three-level cache. At the same time, the L3 cache size reaches an impressive 16 MB. Also it’s impossible not to mention that the octa-core processor runs using 16 threads. By default the cores run at 3700 MHz. If you overclock through BIOS, you can get up to 4300 MHz. But that’s in theory. In fact, many copies allow to achieve only 4.1 GHz – when you increase this value, the work becomes unstable.

The product does not have integrated graphics core. But here is a good memory controller, supporting DDR4 memory running at 2933 MHz. As it is easy to guess, two memory channels are used here, which is typical for a budget processor.


  • Not so high price;
  • A big amount of Level 3 cache;
  • High clock frequency;
  • Two threads per core;
  • High frequency DDR4 memory is supported;
  • Not very high heat dissipation.


  • No integrated “graphics”;
  • Only two memory channels;
  • Strong overclocking is impossible;
  • Singer-threading performance is not so good.

AMD Ryzen 7 1800X

Rating: 4.7

AMD RYZEN 7 1800X.webp

Everyone knows that quite inexpensive AMD processors are the most popular. In particular, many gamers prefer to buy AMD Ryzen 7 1800X rather than some more expensive chip. This is one of the most affordable octa-core processors. Of course it has a few limitations, but the average user will not feel them. And the builders of high-end computers won’t even look at the chip, which costs from 18 to 25 thousand. rubles.

Let’s start with the fact that the cores of this chipset are made on 14-nanometer process. They can run at a clock speed of 3.6 GHz. Turbo Boost speeds up, but only up to 4GHz. It’s nice that there are two threads per core – not every mid-range chip can boast of that.

The manufacturer’s saving is noticeable in the built-in memory controller. It supports DDR4 RAM, but only two channels are used and the frequency is limited to 2667 MHz. But AMD did not skimp on the cache. Like its bigger brothers, this processor has a 16MB L3 cache.

Eight-core chips almost never have an integrated graphics core. Their manufacturers rightly say that such processors are built into the machines that have a powerful video card. The AMD Ryzen 7 1800X is no exception to the rule. As for heat dissipation, in most cases it does not exceed 95W. Only nothing by the standards of AMD products! And the product successfully operates even when heated up to 95°C. In short, some kind of advanced cooling system you certainly do not need.


  • Low heat dissipation;
  • The large volume of L3 cache;
  • 16 threads;
  • Large number of cores;
  • A very high clock frequency;
  • The price tag can be called affordable.


  • Only two memory channels;
  • Not very high single-threaded performance;
  • Weak overclocking.

AMD Ryzen 5 2600X

Rating: 4.6

AMD RYZEN 5 2600X.webp

This representative of our rating belongs to the budget Ryzen 5 line. At the same chip is made by 12-nanometer process. This means that its production started relatively recently. And its 16MB Layer 3 cache makes it clear that the chip is unlikely to become obsolete in years to come.

The chipset requires motherboard with AM4 socket. Needless to say, you can buy it for relatively little money? You don’t have to spend money for cooling system at all – there is a version of the processor that comes with a cooler. But even if you decide to buy a quieter cooling system, there are many inexpensive models to choose from. Processor’s heat dissipation is only 95W, so you don’t even need to think about a water pipe. The good news is that the chip can operate without any interruptions even at temperatures of 95°C.

If the processors sold for a few thousand rubles more, consist of at least eight cores, here their number is reduced to six. But it keeps the same clock speed – it’s 3600 MHz. And that’s with twelve threads! And Turbo Boost goes up to 4200 MHz, which is even more impressive!

Despite the reduced price, the chip supports DDR4 RAM operating at 2933 MHz. Too bad it has two memory channels. However, more of these are only found in chips twice as expensive.

In a word, one can not be surprised that the processor does not lie idle in the warehouses of the stores. With its help you can easily build an inexpensive computer that can cope with both modern games and with professional programs. Not suitable product only for installation in an office computer – for that it is still expensive, and there is no integrated graphics core.


  • High clock frequency;
  • L3 cache capacity up to 16 MB;
  • Large number of threads;
  • Six cores will satisfy even many gamers;
  • High-frequency DDR4 memory is supported;
  • Reasonable price tag.


  • No integrated “graphics”;
  • Low overclocking potential;
  • Only two memory channels;
  • Not so high performance in single threaded mode.

AMD Ryzen 7 1700

Rating: 4.5

AMD RYZEN 7 1700.webp

Another low-cost representative of our rating. It already belongs to Ryzen 7 series, which formally must include more powerful processors. And this chip does handle some tasks a bit better than the Ryzen 5 lineup. Exactly with some – the ones that allow 8 cores and 16 threads.

Roughly 15-20k. roubles the buyer will get an eight-core chipset that requires the usual AM4 socket. The kit may be different. Bare chips are sold at more modest price. If you agree to spend 500 or 1000 roubles more then you will find an air cooler in the box with the processor. However, it may not be enough if you decide to increase clock speeds from 3GHz to 3.7GHz.

It’s nice to know that by default the heat emission will not exceed 65W. This parameter is increased only if you increase the clock frequency (this is done by means of BIOS). At the same time the product remains functional even if the temperature reaches 94-95°C. It turns out that you will definitely not like any powerful cooling system. This is quite untypical for AMD products!

The processor includes a decent dual-channel memory controller. It supports DDR4 RAM, but its clock speed must not exceed 2667 MHz. However, it is enough for the vast majority of gamers. More chipset can boast of L3 cache size of 16 MB. It seems that this is one of the most inexpensive processors with this cache!

It is a pity that there is no integrated graphics core. But what chip from AMD is able to boast of it?? And whether it is necessary for the person who is obviously going to install in his computer not only the processor, but also a graphics card?


  • Large amount of L3 cache;
  • High clock frequency;
  • Eight cores and 16 threads;
  • DDR4 memory is supported;
  • Very low heat dissipation;
  • The price is not very high.


  • No integrated “graphics”;
  • Only two memory channels;
  • Using memory with frequencies higher than 2666 MHz is not recommended.

AMD Ryzen 5 1600X

Rating: 4.4


The weakest AMD processor in our rating. But even it consists of six computing cores! Unlike its competitor which costs the same 10-11 thousand. offers only quad-core solution. To install AMD Ryzen 5 1600X you need usual AM4 socket, which is available on many inexpensive motherboards. And the expensive ones too – there are special solutions for gamers, which have modern high-speed connectors.

Usually the smaller number of cores, the more clock frequency they can run at. It is in theory. Gives you more room to move the heat around. AMD Ryzen 5 1600X was created with 12-nanometer process, and there is no integrated “graphics” here, so the free space is really present. As a result the cores are able to run at 3,600 MHz. And that’s in default mode! If you use Turbo Boost function you get up to 4000 MHz. But is there a point in using it?? The gain is not much, but the heat dissipation and power consumption will go up quite a bit.

It is impossible not to be pleased that the chip can run in 12-threaded mode. But the memory controller is only dual-channel – here the traditional economy becomes noticeable. It supports DDR4 memory cards running at 2667 MHz. Fortunately, this is almost the only component of the processor on which the manufacturer has saved. For example, the cache is borrowed from more expensive solutions. This is confirmed by the amount of L3 cache, which is 16 MB.

Of course, a high clock frequency could not do without serious heat dissipation. The default setting is 95W. But it cannot help pleasing, because if the chip can work with the temperature heated up to 95°C, the user certainly does not need some prohibitively expensive cooling system.


  • Not very high heat dissipation;
  • Large cache size;
  • Very high clock speed;
  • Two threads per core;
  • Supported DDR4 RAM;
  • Low cost.


  • No integrated graphics core;
  • Only two-channel memory controller;
  • There are problems when installing high-frequency memory;
  • Low overclocking potential.

The best AMD processors for a server


Rating: 4.9

AMD EPYC 7501.webp

One of the most optimal AMD creations. And it is certainly the best representative of this rating, if we talk strictly about the models intended for installation in a server. For 300k. The customer gets the 14 nanometer chip that requires a motherboard with SP3LGA socket to be installed. That means that desktop computers are right out of the box.

Unlike the above products, this processor consists of 32 cores, working in 64 threads. To somehow reduce the heat dissipation I had to limit the clock frequency to 2000 MHz. But if your server has to perform some power-consuming tasks, you can use Turbo Boost speeds to bring it down to a more manageable 3GHz. Heat dissipation in this case will increase from 155W to slightly higher value – this has to be taken into consideration.

Of course such a chip couldn’t do without large cache. In this case the buyer will get L3 cache of 65 MB. And it’s loaded with an eight-channel memory controller! As a result you get the opportunity to fill the motherboard with DDR4 memory up to the wall – the whole amount will be used. Note that its frequency can reach an impressive 2666 MHz. In short, it’s a perfect server processor, if we talk specifically about AMD products.


  • A very large amount of third and second level cache;
  • The memory controller has eight channels;
  • It supports DDR4 standard RAM;
  • A large number of cores and 64 threads;
  • A very high clock frequency.


  • High heat dissipation;
  • Astronomical price.


Rating: 4.9

AMD EPYC 7551.webp

The most expensive representative of our rating. In the Russian retail for this chip are around 370-390 thous. rubles. To install it, you will also need a motherboard with the SP3LGA socket. Moreover, the other technical characteristics are also almost identical to the processor considered above. Particularly, the product was also created on 14nm process. The number of cores is the same, exactly 32. They also work in 64 threads, which allows you to solve a huge number of tasks simultaneously. Here even the cache is used the same – if we talk about L3, the volume of this cache is 65536 KB.

How does this processor differ from its less expensive counterpart? Honestly, we can only guess. Perhaps only a higher prevalence. AMD EPYC 7551 is much easier to buy – it can be found in plenty of online stores.

As it should be, this chipset has a quality memory controller. It steadily supports a huge amount of DDR4 memory running at 2666 MHz. Here we use eight memory channels in total. As for the graphics core, it is, of course, not here. The heat dissipation is 180W. The number is quite large. But this does not cause any special problems, because you can install even a rather noisy cooling system in the server.


  • A very large amount of cache;
  • A huge amount of DDR4 memory is supported;
  • Eight memory channels are used;
  • 32 processing cores and 64 threads;
  • It is possible to increase clock speed up to 3000 MHz.


  • High heat dissipation;
  • Extremely high cost.

AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 1700X

Rating: 4.5

AMD RYZEN 7 PRO 1700X.webp

To finish our rating, it seems, should be another representative of EPYC series. But in fact you can use processors from the Ryzen 7 line in servers. And why not?? Of course, such chips are not capable of identifying 128 GB of RAM. But not every server is a home for this amount of RAM. And AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 1700X also recognizes half of its volume. And the high power of this chipset will allow the server not only to host a lot of sites, but also to solve some much more complicated tasks.

The chip is easily mounted into AM4 socket. It can be heated up to 95°C, only after exceeding this temperature it begins to work irregularly. The heat output of this processor is 95W, almost half of that of any full-fledged server chip. But the number of cores is not so great here – only eight. They can run at clock speeds up to 3800 MHz. Note that there is no unlocked multiplier here. This means that full overclocking is not possible.

The product was created using 14nm process technology. They have stable support for DDR4 memory. Data is processed by two channels. The RAM frequency should not exceed 2667 MHz.

This processor hit store shelves in the summer of 2017. Since then, it has become a hit with both low-cost server builders and gaming machines. It remains to add that it has 16 MB of level 3 cache – as you may have noticed this is almost a standard for not very expensive AMD products.


  • Very high clock frequency;
  • Low heat dissipation;
  • The price can not be called brutally high;
  • 8 cores and 16 threads;
  • Need the popular AM4 socket;
  • Large amount of cache.


  • Extremely low overclocking potential;
  • Only two memory channels.


Now you know about which AMD processors are the best. We have tried to look at both top-end chips, as well as mid-budget models. Don’t forget that the cheapest chipsets are not designed for use in gaming computers. Low-performance processors are great for office PCs – be sure they handle Excel, notebooks and other similar programs with ease. We also looked at the server chips – they can boast an incredibly long MTBF. And such processors are better at processing code – it’s almost impossible to cause an error.

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