12 best tablets for gaming

*Editor’s Choice Awards Review. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and does not constitute a buying guide. You should consult a professional before buying.

For quite some time now on tablets (or just tablets) you can play mobile versions of popular PC games that are inferior, if not inferior to the full-fledged desktop versions. As with desktops and laptops, a tablet, in order to be considered gaming to some degree, needs to meet at least the minimum necessary set of technical requirements.

The editorial staff of the online magazine Expertology has summarized the dynamics of the electronics market in 2020, and based on the findings and recommendations of our experts, we have prepared a review of 12 best tablets for gaming today.

Best tablets for gaming

NominationThe placea namePrice
Best inexpensive tablets for gaming1Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 SM-T515 32Gb (2019)15 400 €
2Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 10.4 SM-T500 32GB (2020)14 970 €
3Lenovo Tab M10 Plus TB-X606F 128Gb15 990 €
4HUAWEI MediaPad M5
  • te 10 32gb WiFi (2018)
  • 17 890 €
    5HUAWEI MatePad LTE 64Gb20 990 €
    6Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab YT-X705F 64Gb (2019)19 680 €
    The best top tablets for gaming1Huawei MediaPad M624 990 €
    2HONOR Pad V625 990 €
    3Apple iPad (2020)29 990 €
    4HUAWEI MatePad Pro WiFi43 990 €
    5Samsung Galaxy Tab S752 490 €
    6Apple iPad Pro 1159 990 €

    Best inexpensive tablets for gaming

    In the first selection of the review we will traditionally focus on the most popular and mass category of devices – those that can afford to buy almost everyone because of their relatively affordable price. Of course, the Russian market is full of even cheaper models, and quite good, but for a more or less comfortable gaming still there is a certain lower price point, less than which the gaming tablet does not cost anything.

    Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 SM-T515 32Gb (2019)

    Rating: 4.6

    Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 SM-T515 32Gb (2019)

    We open our review with the most inexpensive model, and paradoxically it will be the Samsung Galaxy Tab – this word combination is not associated with low prices. In fact, the tablet is really inexpensive, because you can not miss the index A in the name, which implies a simplified version. Plus, this model was released in 2019, and since then it has managed to get noticeably cheaper.

    We clarify right away, so that the reader has no illusions – this is actually the lower limit of performance, at which the tablet or smartphone can be called without remorse gaming at all. You have to be prepared that here at maximum settings will not go all the games, in most cases you will be satisfied with the medium settings. But you can run and play almost any game with rare super heavy exceptions.

    First let’s go over the technical specifications. The basis of performance here is an octa-core Samsung Exynos 7904 processor with graphics Ma

  • -G71 MP2, built on 14-nanometer process. RAM only 2GB, but the memory is pretty fast, and that’s much more important than the volume. Built-in storage is 32GB, plus a microSDXC card reader with support for large memory cards up to 512GB.

    The tablet’s screen size of 10.1 inch, resolution is sufficient – extended F

      lHD 1920×1200 with a density of dots 224 per inch. In multimedia aspect, we are definitely happy about the sound – the Dolby Atmos technology and standards are supported. Connecting headphones via Bluetooth also allows to transmit sound in high quality thanks to the fifth generation radio module and A2DP support. There is no stereopair in the body of the tablet, the sound is produced by a single speaker. This is disappointing, but looking at the price, this point is excusable.

      Now we will orient you how this model shows itself in games, and we will do it on the example of some of the most iconic and “mainstream” toys.

      In GTA:San Andreas you can play even on max settings, but the game will freeze and spoil the fun, so it is better to lower the settings.

      In the latest CallOfDuty the game automatically recognizes the device, and in the graphics quality settings this very graphics will offer the maximum “average”, and the highest possible frame rate. And at these settings the game will go as it should – smoothly, without frizzes, with a quick response to control.

      UBG: Mobile on settings above average (“high” graphics quality and “high” frame rate) will slow down a bit, but you can play it. Raise the settings in any case, you can not, because here the game also recognizes the “iron” tablet and sets its own limits.


      • a trusted brand;
      • quality matrix;
      • resolution F
        • Dolby Atmos sound system;
        • children’s mode;
        • luetooth 5.0;
        • LTE-enabled cellular communication;
        • A2DP support.


        • minimum characteristics, the lower limit of acceptable for mobile gaming.

        Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 10.4 SM-T500 32GB (2020)

        Rating: 4.5

        Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 10.4 SM-T500 32GB (2020)

        The second in our review inexpensive gaming tablet will also be manufactured by Samsung. And that might seem doubly odd, since right after it comes a slightly more expensive Lenovo. But, let’s not forget that Lenovo is known far beyond the budget segment, and Samsung does not only make flagships.

        The processor here, although far from top-end, but still more interesting than the above-mentioned Samsung Exynos 7904. In this model is octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 clocked by 2.0 GHz and 1.8GHz, depending on specialization. It is built with a thinner 11nm manufacturing process. Outperforms the previous tablet’s processor in almost everything, and it’s also well known that game designers are much more willing and more often optimize games for Snapdragon than for Exynos. 3 GB of RAM, 32 GB of internal storage. There is a card reader that supports memory cards up to 1TB.

        The screen of this tablet is slightly larger than the previous one – 10.4 inches. On the same addition to the screen and added pixels resolution, it is also slightly higher here – 2000×1200 with a pixel density of 224 per inch. On the sound side we can already see the stereo speakers, and it is good. There is a standard mini jack 3 headphone output.5 mm, and this is even more encouraging in line with the massive rejection by manufacturers of clearly outdated, but still popular connector. To transmit high-quality gaming sound over the wireless module is Bluetooth 5.0 with support for A2DP.

        In the body of the tablet there are metal elements. The size of the device is 247.6×157.4×7 mm, weighs quite impressive – 477 g. A significant proportion of the weight is due to the battery with a capacity of 7040 mA⋅h. Charging and wired connection via USB Type C.

        Now briefly about how the tablet shows itself in combat conditions, that is, directly in the game. Let’s take for example the same GTA: SanAndreas and PUBG: Mobile, and for a change – Real Racing.

        The best and most comfortable way on this tablet is playing Real Racing, and it is natural, because the game is not as demanding as the other two examples. Motion smooth, frame rate of at least 60 fps on maximum graphics settings.

        GTA:SanAndreas on high settings, the same as the previous version on the first try, already behaves much better. No more frills or lags, so it is safe to play on higher settings.

        UBG:Mobile is the most difficult for the tablet, but without complete failure. On settings above low, about average, the game runs smoothly and is quite comfortable to play. The quality of graphics can be improved if desired, but you have to be prepared for not quite smooth dynamics and possible freezes.


        • brand;
        • A relatively powerful processor from Qualcomm;
        • High screen resolution;
        • Good color reproduction;
        • stereo speakers;
        • luetooth 5.0 with A2DP support;
        • Standard headphone output 3.5 mm “mini-jack”;
        • USB Type C;
        • combination of performance and price.


        • No major shortcomings or systematic user complaints revealed.

        Lenovo Tab M10 Plus TB-X606F 128Gb

        Rating: 4.5

        Lenovo Tab M10 Plus TB-X606F 128Gb

        Now consider a tablet that does not cause cognitive dissonance in terms of the combination of brand name and affordable price. Lenovo brand just won such a wide audience thanks to a very forgiving price policy. And although under the brand Lenovo goes quite a lot of quite premium and expensive electronics, the manufacturer remains in the minds of consumers the embodiment of affordable prices, as well as the same Xiaomi.

        The processor in this model is an octa-core MediaTek He

      • o P22T on Cortex-A53 cores with 2300 MHz and PowerVR GE8320 video module. The overall level of this single-chip system is comparable to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 625, in some moments surpassing it. The advantage is expressed, for example, that He
      • o P22T supports big.
      • TTLE, whereas the Snapdragon 625 does not. The essence of the technology is the ability to switch optimally between cores to achieve maximum performance with minimum possible consumption of battery life. In the context of mobile gaming, this translates into using more powerful cores for gaming, and less powerful and less power-hungry cores for ordinary applications.

        The tablet has a high-quality IPS matrix of size 10.3 inches diagonally with a resolution of 1920×1200 and a density of 220 dots per inch. Headphones can be connected via a standard 3.5 mm “mini-jack” or wirelessly via Bluetooth fifth generation.

        And now briefly summarize the practical behavior of this tablet in games. Let’s take GTA:SanAndreas and PUBG:Mobile for example, and Asphalt9 for an alternative view.

        PUBG:Mobile game automatically detects the maximum allowable graphics settings as above the low level, slightly underpowered to the medium. At these settings the game runs without problems and the whole process is “playable” without brakes and glitches.

        GTA:SanAndreas, unlike the previous game, does not impose strict limits on the choice of graphics settings, which our experts did not fail to take advantage – all settings are set to maximum. Miracles do not happen, and in this mode, the game may lag a little, but the sharp rejection does not cause, and not a particularly sophisticated player does not feel much discomfort. For full smoothness, you can always lower one of the parameters of graphics.

        Rather demanding to resources Asphalt9 automatically sets low graphics settings, but runs smoothly and the dynamics provide 100% smooth – you can play without problems.


        • metal housing elements;
        • Well-designed optimization;
        • processor support for big technology.
        • TTLE;
        • power saving;
        • Bluetooth 5.0;
        • standard output 3.5 mm “mini-jack” for headphones;
        • Quality IPS matrix with F
          • USB Type-C.


          • low sound;
          • not the most capacious battery.

          HUAWEI MediaPad M5
        • te 10 32Gb WiFi (2018)
        • Rating: 4.4

          HUAWEI MediaPad M5<li></div><p>te 10 32Gb WiFi (2018)” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/97816666195481-5512.jpg” height=”328″ title=”HUAWEI MediaPad M5</p><li>te 10 32Gb WiFi (2018)”><p>Next relatively inexpensive tablet for gaming – MediaPad M5 model</p><li>te produced by HUAWEI. This is, as is not difficult to understand, “light” version of the flagship MediaPad M5 Pro, and even with a very serious simplifications and limitations, not a bad gaming opportunities are still available here.<p>The tablet’s performance is determined by a fairly outdated HiSi processor</p><li>con Kirin 659 with eight cores at 2360 MHz and Ma graphics<li>-T830 MP2. At the time of release it was a pretty good configuration. At the end of 2020 one can buy a tablet with such a processor for the sake of games only due to the limited budget and being clearly aware of the limitations that one will have to face in today’s games. However, this applies to all models in this review category. There’s 3GB of RAM and 32GB of built-in memory, and there’s a microSDXC card reader for up to 256GB.<p>The screen size of the device is 10.1 in diagonal, IPS matrix with a resolution of F</p><ul>lHD+ 1920×1200. The quality of the matrix is pleased, HUAWEI in this part, as a rule, on top. The pixel density is 224 per inch. On the multimedia side, we want to praise the sound – in the tablet built in a very good speakers, forming a stereo pair with decent sound, deployed (as far as possible) scene and enough expressive localization. There is a jack for headphones mini jack 3.5mm.<p>Dimensions of the device – 243.4×162.2×7.7 mm, weight – 475 g. The body for the most part metal. On the battery capacity the manufacturer did not skimp – 7500 mA⋅h with charging via USB Type-C. Through the same port can connect peripherals, but this is an option, and its availability should be checked with the point of sale.</p><p>Let’s go over the test results of the tablet in popular games. In PUBG:Mobile you can play on settings one level higher than low, or on so-called “balanced”, and the HD level is probably not available – so the game decides. But at this level of “slightly below average” will be acceptable dynamics, and in general will be comfortable enough to play.</p><p>Popular, dynamic and colorful racing Asphalt9 just the same will set its own limitations on the quality of graphics, and it will not be the highest, but also not the most terrible. But it will provide enough game dynamics and fluidity, which are so important in racing themes.</p><p>As for games like FreeFire, you can safely put the settings on “ultra” and “maximum” and be confident in the smoothness of the game and comfort of the gameplay in general. In an extreme case, if the system itself has been used for a long time and there are many parasitic processes, the settings can be slightly reduced and achieve the same effect in the dynamics.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>metal casing;</li><li>matrix resolution F<ul>lHD+ 1920×1200;</li><li>Image quality and color reproduction;</li><li>High-quality stereo sound from the speakers;</li><li>There is a headphone output mini jack 3.5mm;</li><li>a capacious battery;</li><li>Optionally it is possible to connect peripheral devices;</li><li>has Google services.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li><b>Bluetooth 4.2 without high quality sound transmission support;</li><li>Obviously outdated model (“psychological” drawback).</li></ul><h3>HUAWEI MatePad LTE 64Gb</h3><p>Rating: 4.3</p><div style=HUAWEI MatePad LTE 64Gb

          Another HUAWEI tablet in the selection of relatively inexpensive. It is more expensive than its predecessor, but has definite gaming advantages. Unlike the previous model that is not yet touched by the trade war between the United States and China, there is no Google services. The problem, in principle, is solvable, but requires a certain skill.

          This model is already quite new – it was released in the middle of the current 2020. Automatically the tablet received and updated processor – octa-core HiSi

        • Kirin 810 with 2.2 GHz, created by the most advanced technology with the use of 7-nanometer process. 4GB of RAM, 64GB of internal storage, large microSDXC card reader supporting up to 512GB.

          The screen size was decided to be slightly larger than the most common standard – 10.4 inches diagonally. From such an expansion the screen has not lost anything, because the manufacturer “pulled up” the resolution – a true 2K 2000×1200 with a density of 224 dots per inch. The matrix, by the way, good quality, with a good margin of brightness and quite impressive color rendering.

          The sound in this tablet is a separate topic. A pair of stereo speakers sound incredibly harmonious, create a three-dimensional scene and also have a significant volume reserve, long before the distortion. Also there will be excellent sound and wireless headphones thanks to the increased bandwidth module Bluetooth 5.1. Wired headphones can only be connected via the included USB Type-C connector.

          Long battery life of 7250mAh provides up to 15 hours of work with average usage. The game time on a full charge will depend on the games themselves, but it is still counted in long hours. Dimensions of the tablet – 245.2×154.9×7.35mm, weighs 450g. The casing is mostly metal.

          Now let’s take a brief walk by examples of gaming capabilities of this model. In PUBG:Mobile is already available at high settings graphics HD, which can not but rejoice. The game itself detects the system capabilities, and when choosing the maximum allowed level the dynamics of gameplay is smooth and comfortable, textures are well distinguishable, there is detail.

          As for the races Asphalt9, the game initially allows this tablet to set the maximum graphics settings to 100%. And at these max game runs smoothly, the picture moves smoothly, including all collision situations when in the frame there are a lot of “artifacts” of destruction. Extremely rarely there may be literally seconds of slowness, so if you do not play any vital conditions, you can safely put the graphics at maximum.

          The situation is no worse with Call Of Duty Mobile. In the graphics and frame rate settings the default setting for this model is “High. If you switch to “Very High”, you will be warned that with these settings will not be available the maximum frame rate. But it’s essentially unnecessary, as the “Very High” level framerate is more than enough, and it’s exactly what’s available. With these settings, the game goes without problems at all – no lags, no Friszes are not observed.


          • A powerful new processor;
          • Da Vinci intelligent algorithms to optimize the system;
          • metal housing;
          • high-quality matrix with high resolution;
          • Card reader up to 512 GB;
          • excellent sound stereo speakers;
          • telephony;
          • high-capacity battery.


          • No Google services (solvable).

          Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab YT-X705F 64Gb (2019)

          Rating: 4.3

          Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab YT-X705F 64Gb (2019)

          We finish the selection of relatively inexpensive tablets for gaming according to the online publication Expertology another model manufactured by Lenovo. We should say that this tablet does not have a gaming advantage over the previous one, which is probably the best of the budget in this regard. But it has some features that may matter to many users, especially movie buffs.

          Here it is worth starting not even with the processor, but with the appearance. Yes, exactly, because even on first acquaintance it becomes clear that the tablet is clearly special. We’re talking about the characteristic thickening of the cylindrical shape at the bottom of the tablet on the long side. In this thickening is a stereo pair of speakers spaced apart, and the emitters also “look” away from the user. Even this cursory description is enough to realize that the external sound in this tablet is simply outstanding compared to other models, even the most elaborate in this respect.

          The high sound characteristics do not only come from the size of the speakers and the acoustic circuitry. Here comes the help of a number of other, embodied by JBL. So, the sound circuit supports DolbyAtmos surround sound technology. All this is best reflected in the sound of the content in the headphones. By the combination of all these factors, this tablet is a real godsend for those players who are not comfortable or cannot use headphones. Movie buffs in general will be delighted.

          Now let us analyze the electronic component. In terms of direct performance, this model is already behind the previous. It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 439 processor with eight cores at 2 GHz. RAM – 4 GB, built-in – 64 GB, there is a card reader for microSDXC up to 256GB. Such characteristics are enough to play games comparable to PUBG:Mobile on minimal or almost minimal settings. In less demanding toys will already be available more “interesting” graphics.

          The tablet’s screen size of 10.1, an IPS matrix with 1920×1200 resolution and a pixel density of 224 per inch is installed. The matrix is high-quality, brightness is decent, contrast is also at the level. Viewing angle – typical for IPS technology – 178 degrees, which is more than enough.

          On the back of the tablet at the bottom is a hinged lid, under which “hidden” fingerprint scanner and rear camera. The lid itself is fixed in the hinged position and can be used as a stand. So you can watch gameplay or movies with the whole company. The tablet even supports Miracast.


          • A unique sound circuit that has no worthy counterparts;
          • DolbyAtmos support;
          • Outstanding sound performance in general;
          • Support for memory cards;
          • IPS quality matrix with F
              lHD resolution;
            • Built-in hinged stand;
            • Miracast support.


            • not the strongest graphics;
            • unusual shape, there may be inconvenience to wear.

            The best top tablets for gaming

            In the second selection we will look at more powerful and efficient tablets, where by “top” we will mean the ability of the gadget to run and withstand for a long time, even the most demanding toys on high graphics settings. So we will not parse examples of tablet behavior in specific games, but focus on the technical nuances that may incline a potential buyer to choose a particular configuration. The vast majority of models – from the price category, at least, “above average”, but there are a couple of relatively inexpensive options.

            Huawei MediaPad M6

            Rating: 4.9

            Huawei MediaPad M6

            Let’s start with the inexpensive variant. It’s a Huawei product, and this model first came out last 2019. That’s why at the end of 2020 you can buy a tablet at a fairly comfortable price, getting almost flagship characteristics. MediaPad M6 is still available in sufficient quantities, but will probably start to disappear in the coming months.

            The basis of tablet performance is a powerful octa-core processor HiSi

          • con Kirin 980 with a frequency of 2600 MHz and graphics Ma
          • -G76. This single-chip system is based on the most advanced 7nm technology available at the time. This processor is often compared to the super progressive Qualcomm Snapdragon 855. The Kirin 980 falls short of the level of the 855 “dragon” in almost all respects, except for the ones we are interested in. Namely, it has 2MB more third level cache and, most importantly, the frequency of the graphics gas pedal is 23% higher.

            Of the other important electronics, let’s highlight the presence of 4 GB of fairly fast RAM. Built-in memory is quite small – 64 GB, but is completely saved by a card reader that supports large microSDXC cards up to 512 GB.

            The second (if not the first) thing after performance, which may be of interest to the mobile gamer when buying a gaming tablet, is the characteristics of the screen. Here, it’s all right. The screen is big – 10 diagonal.8 inches; IPS matrix, high-quality and bright with good color and contrast. The resolution is quite high – 2560×1600, that is not even F

              lHD, but full-featured 2.5K, even a little more on the short side, where “canon” should be 1440 pixels. Taking into account the large size of the screen, the pixel density is not too high – 280 pixels per inch, but expectations from such diagonals are appropriate, so this does not spoil the impression.

              What else is important for the gamer is the sound, and here, too, Huawei engineers have tried their best. The tablet is comfortable to play even without headphones – a full-fledged stereo pair is built into the body, and the powerful speakers create a quality sound scene with good detail. even more experience can be obtained by plugging in headphones. This can be done through a standard mini jack 3 output.5 mm, or wirelessly via Bluetooth 5.0. When you connect via Bluetooth, it turns on the implemented Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) technology, which is designed to transmit sound wirelessly in HD quality.

              The overall conclusion on this model is strictly positive – the tablet is successful in the context of video games, and a very affordable price in December 2020 adds a pleasant emotion. With the gaming tasks copes with excellent, it is possible to play on it at maximum capacity not only in the “Tanchiki”, but also in more heavy games like Fortnite.

              Even better, this tablet has a special “kids mode” as an extended parental control option. It will take care of your kid’s eyesight by adjusting the screen in the optimal way, offering educational applications and even recommending to change the position, if, for instance, a kid or a teenager is playing games lying down.


              • high performance processor with an increased frequency of the graphics gas pedal;
              • children’s mode with useful recommendations;
              • Loud and high-quality stereo speakers;
              • USB Type C;
              • luetooth 5.0;
              • A2DP technology to transmit HD sound via Bluetooth;
              • high quality and bright matrix;
              • Matrix resolution 2.5K 2560×1600;
              • active OTG;
              • autonomy.


              • no Google services (can be installed with some preparation);
              • often wrong fingerprint scanner.

              HONOR Pad V6

              Rating: 4.9

              HONOR Pad V6

              The second tablet in the selection of top models according to Expertology also made by Huawei, but represents the line, isolated in a separate, well-recognized brand. This is already a 2020 model, and it costs on average significantly more than its predecessor.

              The higher price is easily explained by improved electronics on almost “all fronts”. The only exception was the screen. Although the matrix is also quite good IPS with wide viewing angles and a decent amount of brightness, but the resolution is lower than the previous version – 2000×1200, and this is closer to the classic F

                lHD 1920×1080. And with the fact that the diagonal here is exactly the same – 10.4 inches, we get a significantly lower pixel density of 224 per inch. People with good eyesight can already tell the difference between the dots.

                Back to the aforementioned advanced electronics. In this model, everything is fueled by the processor of the same line as in the previous version, but newer – eight-core Kirin 985 with Cortex-A55/A76 to 2580 MHz and a graphics module Ma

              • -G77. Mobile gameplay on such a single-chip system is even more pleasant, comfortable and exciting. Many modern toys go at maximum performance without any problems.

                Definitely worth praising the sound in this model. At least it is not worse than the previous tablet, and in some places even better. There’s a quality stereo pair built into the case here, too, with a decent amount of volume without distortion.

                As for the headphone jack, here the developers have gone the same marketing route, as many others – refused to, even though terribly outdated, but convenient for many audiophiles standard jack mini jack 3.5 mm. The headphones can be connected via universal USB Type-C or wirelessly. At least the adapter to the mini jack 3.5 mm put in the kit.

                As for the connection of headphones via bluetooth, this option is even preferable, since the tablet has a module Bluetooth 5.1 of the latest generation with A2DP – streaming high quality audio wirelessly.

                This model also has an impressive reserve for the future in terms of high-speed Internet connection via Wi-Fi with a minimum ping – there is a radio module that supports Wi-Fi 6, that is, Wi-Fi 802.11ax.

                Additional useful features and functions of the tablet: multiple windows mode, multiscreen mode, connecting peripherals OTG (need to clarify at the point of sale), support for stylus (stylus itself is not included in the package).


                • quality matrix with good color reproduction;
                • A powerful new processor;
                • productive graphics module;
                • the stereo speakers sound of high quality;
                • USB Type-C;
                • luetooth 5.1;
                • Wi-Fi 802.11ax;
                • A2DP support;
                • Autonomy.


                • No standard 3.5 mm for headphones;
                • low pixel density.

                Apple iPad (2020)

                Rating: 4.9

                Apple iPad (2020)

                The next gaming tablet in our review may seem a little surprising, because it was in the company of relatively inexpensive models. Another thing that may cause a combination of far from exorbitant price with the year of presentation, and this is the current year 2020. Actually there is nothing surprising here, because we are talking about the “regular” iPad, and the top and super expensive model Apple iPad Pro 11 we will consider at the end of the review.

                Let’s get straight to the point about the comparative affordability of the price. We are talking about the version with less built-in memory – 32GB. The device will be enough for many people, but for many others will be catastrophically insufficient, and with support for memory cards in Cupertino devices, as always, a strain. The choice of the second modification with 128 GB of storage automatically adds +10 thousand. to the cost of the gadget.

                Now to the heart of the matter. This tablet is 100% suitable for mobile gaming, especially thanks to the powerful Apple A12 Bionic processor. It came out in 2018, and at the time was the pinnacle of engineering. It was designed by Apple and manufactured by TSMC using the most advanced 7-nanometer technology at the time.

                3 GB of RAM, so don’t let that bewilder those who haven’t used an Apple smartphone or tablet yet. iOS operating system is strictly closed, it does not profess the “philosophy” of the open source, and was originally designed for stability and uptime, as well as the maximum optimization of processes. Thus, all other things being equal, the applications in iOS environment work almost faster and more stable with less RAM volume than in Android devices even with twice the RAM volume. The situation with internal memory we have already described above.

                About the screen, here too, there is no doubt that the Cupertins will equip its new tablet with the best matrix. Yes, indeed, the display is 10.2 inches in diagonal pleases a fine quality matrix with rich color reproduction, brightness, contrast and increased resolution up to 2160×1620. With such a resolution the pixel density is also higher – 265, which is also nice. The screen is protected by glass, preventing scratches and scrapes.

                With the sound in this model, everything is also very good – there is a good quality stereo speakers, and they sound quite impressive, with a clear rendering of the scene and detail. Surprisingly, the manufacturer did not skimp on the standard headphone output 3.5 inches.


                • The powerful and advanced Apple A12 Bionic processor;
                • The best system optimization compared to tablets from other manufacturers;
                • Relatively affordable, as for the iPad 2020, price;
                • reliability, reliability and stability;
                • Smooth operation without “glitches” and crashes by the operating system;
                • A bright screen with a juicy picture;
                • High-quality stereo speakers with great volume and a clear localization;
                • Belongs to the most prestigious ecosystem of Apple electronics.


                • There is no memory card support;
                • personal prejudice to Apple.

                HUAWEI MatePad Pro WiFi

                Rating: 4.8

                HUAWEI MatePad Pro WiFi

                We go back to HUAWEI products again, and consider another MatePad, only with the prefix Pro. This attachment, or rather the technical background behind it, makes the tablet twice as expensive as the HUAWEI MatePad LTE 64Gb described in the previous selection. But, discovering the specifications, doubts about its gaming abilities are not allowed.

                Here we have even more advanced processor even in comparison with HONOR Pad V6. Namely HiSi

              • The con Kirin 990 on eight cores Cortex-A55/A76 with quite impressive, as for a mobile processor, a clock frequency of 2860 MHz. This single-chip system is compared to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865. Just like in the case of the CPU of the HONOR Pad V6 tablet. And, the Kirin 990 loses a little in many ways, but wins in graphics due to the increased frequency of the graphics subsystem Ma
              • -G76.

                The memory situation here is more “confident” than in the previous iPad. It has 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage. Who doesn’t think it is enough, can use external memory cards. Just to emphasize that the card reader only reads memory cards proprietary format HUAWEI – NM Card (Nano Memory). Not the most convenient solution for the consumer, but that is how the company is trying to impose their standards on the market, and that market will judge it.

                The screen of the tablet can be confidently praised. With a standard diagonal of 10.8 inch matrix resolution is a full-fledged 2.5K, that is 2560×1600 – exactly like the Huawei MediaPad M6 described above. And the quality characteristics here is not worse, after all, we are dealing with exactly the same screen and the same technology in the matrix. At this ratio of resolution to diagonal pixel density is already much more comfortable – 280 per inch.

                On the audio side, we see exactly the same great stereo speakers as in the Huawei MediaPad M6, but the standard output 3.No 5 mm for headphones, and it’s a little frustrating for music lovers. But at least the adapter from USB Type-C to 3.5 mm in the package is available.

                The tablet is equipped with a rather impressive 7250 mA⋅h battery, which easily provides a whole day of fairly intensive use of the gadget. Charging via USB Type-C. Dimensions of the tablet – 159x246x7.2 mm, weighs 460 g.


                • powerful processor;
                • Increased frequency graphics subsystem;
                • quality matrix;
                • high screen resolution 2.5k;
                • memory card support (bad that the format NM);
                • A capacity battery;
                • USB Type-C.


                • no output 3.5 mm for headphones;
                • card reader only reads NM Card format.

                Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

                Rating: 4.8

                Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

                Finally, we get to the top premium models that shine at the top of the electronics market in late 2020. Now we will look at the latest development of Samsung in this segment – the multifunctional tablet Galaxy Tab S7. It is exactly what multifunctional, because in addition to gaming and multimedia capabilities, it also implemented telephony and some useful additions, as befits a flagship.

                But let’s start with what makes this tablet gaming – with the processor. Here is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+, which was released in July this year. It is an improved version of the already top flagship SoC Snapdragon 865, and in it the famous manufacturer broke the 3 GHz frequency milestone. The clock speed of this 8-core beast is 3.1 GHz. It is built on 7-nanometer technology, the cores are Kryo, graphics – Adreno ™ 650.

                To be quite precise, the 865+ is completely similar to the 865 without the plus, it’s the same processor with the same architecture but only overclocked. And this in this case is a real boon for the gamer, as overclocked both the computing part and the graphics core. Such a powerful groundwork for top-end performance on the other hand provide 6GB of fast LPDDR4 memory. Built-in memory – 128GB, microSDXC memory cards are supported in ultra-high capacity – up to 1TB.

                This gaming tablet differs from others even in its diagonal. It is slightly larger here than in the four above – exactly 11 inches. The manufacturer did not let us down with the resolution – a fair 2.5K, even by a small margin – 2560×1600 dots with a correspondingly high density of 274 dpi. The matrix itself is exceptionally high quality, made with advanced LTPS technology.

                As we mentioned above, this tablet supports telephony. Of course, voice calls over a cellular network are unlikely to be of any use to a gamer, but there is no such goal. Support for a cellular SIM card can be a real boon in places where there is no available or fast wi-fi, while cellular coverage is no problem. In this case you can easily play over the network via 3G or LTE.

                The tablet is equipped with a high-capacity battery – 8000 mA⋅h, which provides up to 15 hours of continuous work in video mode. The duration of the game session will depend on the “voraciousness” of the toy and mode (online or offline).


                • The most powerful Qualcomm processor on the market;
                • Exceptionally high performance;
                • enlarged screen;
                • quality advanced LTPS matrix;
                • high resolution 2.5k;
                • excellent color reproduction;
                • Telephony – support for SIM cards of mobile operators, including 4G;
                • Support for memory cards up to 1TB;
                • Increased battery capacity.


                • heavy – about 500 grams.

                Apple iPad Pro 11

                Rating: 4.7

                Apple iPad Pro 11

                Finishes the premium selection, and along with the entire review of the best tablets for gaming according to Expertology magazine top, most expensive and best in every sense Apple iPad Pro 11. As is well known, the prefix Pro in the names of portable gadgets often shows a dramatic difference in performance and price. Here this difference is quite obvious.

                Let’s start, as usual, with the processor. Here, too, stands the 12th Apple Bionic, as in the Apple iPad model (2020). Let’s make it clear that this is the Apple Bionic A12Z, which differs from the younger A12X with an additional graphics core – just what you need to play the heaviest games at maximum. Perfectly optimized operating system and impeccable quality of the electronic stuffing only contribute to a comfortable gaming.

                RAM is installed here as much as 6 GB, and we recall that for the iPad, this is a prohibitive amount – in the above-described Apple iPad (2020) only 3 GB of RAM, and this is quite enough. Built-in storage of 128GB, no card reader, of course.

                Here we also have a slightly larger screen 11 inches diagonally. The arch rivals – Apple and Samsung are walking a fine line, trying to both outdo their rival and not “overdo” the features that might alienate audiences. The matrix is the same IPS extremely high quality, which Apple calls Retina. Resolution close to 2.5K, and, in principle, nothing prevented it to do more or less accurately to the standard. But the Cupertinians wouldn’t be Cupertinians if they didn’t impose their standard here as well. So the resolution of the tablet is 2388×1668 pixels with a density of 265 per inch.

                Continuing about the multimedia data of the tablet praise its sound. Speakers above all praise – loud, clear sound, decent volume without distortion, excellent scene and detail. And for those who prefer wireless headphones, a high-speed Bluetooth 5 module is a good choice.0 with A2DP support. In the near future, when the sixth generation Wi-Fi will be more widely spread, mobile gamers will be able to check out its advantages – on board the tablet Wi-Fi module of the latest generation – 802.11ax.

                It also has all the typical high-tech options that are unique to Apple flagships. This technology is ProMotion, support for Face ID unlocking (recall that in Apple gadgets, the technology is implemented in the best way), scanner

              • DAR, Apple Pencil support.

                The battery capacity of 28.6W⋅h battery provides up to 10 hours of battery life. And perhaps most importantly, charging via USB Type-C. It’s a real gift to users, since you can recharge your tablet almost anywhere now, and there is no need for an original cable or charger.


                • A prestigious brand and the top flagship model;
                • The powerful Apple Bionic A12Z processor;
                • An additional graphics core in the processor;
                • the most optimized system;
                • exceptionally high performance;
                • A high-quality screen with a large margin of brightness and natural color reproduction;
                • clear sound;
                • USB Type-C;
                • belonging to the Apple ecosystem.


                • Typical features of the iPad, which is not to the liking of “non-fans” of Apple electronics;
                • high, for many unaffordable price.

                How to choose a tablet for gaming

                We will start with the things that are worth being guided by when choosing a tablet for playing games for a child, and for an adult as well. in a nutshell – the same as when choosing a desktop PC: here will be important and the power of the processor, and graphics module, and screen parameters, and much more. But on almost every point there will be nuances, and we will briefly consider them.


                Tablets, like desktop PCs, too, of course, are equipped with central processors, but here they are somewhat different – the so-called “mobile” and often have not quite familiar names. They often also take over some of the functions of the graphics module.

                The processors we have reviewed are the Snapdragons 435, 625, 660, 820, 835; and the somewhat exotic HiSi

              • Kirin 960 in the tablet from Huawei and separately for special connoisseurs Apple A10X. They can be guided by it when choosing.

                RAM and RAM

                Tablets use RAM and permanent memory. And the same principles apply here, just different numbers. You need as much RAM as possible for comfortable gaming, so our experts recommend gaming tablets with at least 3GB of RAM. As for the internal memory, here are possible variations, especially since it can usually be expanded with an additional sd-card.

                Screen and overall dimensions

                Although the above technical data is the most important in the gaming tablet, for the average user they can say little, but the size of the screen is obvious for everyone. Here you should be guided by your personal comfort and conditions of future use (carrying, child comfort, etc.). d.). There are also such parameters as resistive or capacitive screen. The first in our review rating we do not consider at all, because they are completely unsuitable for comfortable gaming. Matrix type IPS and multitouch only. Also when choosing, do not forget about the overall dimensions of the device, because the inexpensive tablet may be thick and heavy at first sight. Our experts have chosen the best models.


                This is an important point when the game tablet you are going to carry with you for a long time, and give your child only for a short time. The charger can always be forgotten at home. Especially with a resource-intensive modern game, the battery will drain very quickly. Basically, you need to look at the battery capacity of 4000 mA⋅h or more, but Expertology has decided to look ahead and in our review you will find devices with a capacity of 7000 mA⋅h or even higher. On this seemingly unimportant point Expertology experts strongly recommend not to save.

                Design and material

                Here is the question of personal taste. Metal is not always and not necessarily good, and plastic is not always and not necessarily bad. It is necessary to listen to the tactile sensations, how the tablet sits in the hands, whether it fits where you need it, etc. d. The only thing – the soft-touch coating is very pleasant to touch, but, unfortunately, rarely any copies hold it for a long time. In general, any external coating does not always hold up well, especially with not the most careful use. But this applies not only to tablets, but in general everything in the world.

                Operating System

                And finally a few words about the point that you can miss and then face a disappointing disappointment. Today’s tablets are mostly available with one of three operating systems: Android, iOS and Windows. The problem is that even a powerful and fast gadget can be useless in terms of suitability for this or that game. Here are the criteria our experts advise based on. Most of the games are adapted for Android, because it is the most popular OS in the world. As for the Windows tablets, they are more suitable for working use, but there are exceptions. Users of iOS gadgets is difficult to advise something, because they themselves know everything. The only thing – some gamers do not like iOS for several reasons.

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