10 best inkjet printers

*Review of the best according to the editorial. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, it is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. You should seek professional advice before making a purchase.

Inkjet printers have been the most common in recent years. They use liquid ink to recreate an image or text on paper.These types of devices have a lower cost and create quality images because they blend ink colors more smoothly than their laser printing counterparts.In addition, many of the inkjet printers are small in size, so they are easier to place in your home or office. Inkjet printers have also become very popular for professional use, the size of which allows you to place them even in small design studios.

In order to answer the question about what inkjet printers are better, as well as what features printers have for professional or home use, Expertology has analyzed the spring 2021 market and picked the 10 best inkjet printers, distributing them by price and typical characteristics.

How to choose the perfect inkjet printer

There are many opinions on choosing the best inkjet printer. In our review, we looked at the tips and assessments of foreign experts from CNET, which describe in detail how to choose the right model.

When choosing a printer, the first thing you see is a long list of specifications, full of abbreviations such as dpi and ppm.Not only are all these values confusing, they also often have little or no effect on performance that really matters.Here are the main benefits to help you make the right choice:


Resolution refers to the maximum number of dots per inch (dpi) that can be printed, when measured both horizontally and vertically.A reasonable value of resolution when choosing a printer is 1200×600 dpi (more relevant to home office models). Although manufacturers overestimate the resolution for marketing purposes, and these numbers no longer correlate directly to higher image quality, resolution still has some impact on text and curve quality, especially on premium paper.

This specification measures how many pages or photos per minute (ppm) the printer prints. To get the fastest possible speed, some manufacturers test simple text documents with the lowest quality print settings (draft mode). Print speed in standard mode is significantly slower. In inkjet printers, it ranges from 4 to 30 seconds per sheet.


USB connection is the most popular in recent years and almost all printers now have a USB 2 port.0.Workgroup printers also support network printing with a standard RJ-45 Ethernet cable.For even greater mobility, many models support wireless printing using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi with built-in print servers, and cloud printing.

Paper handling

Generally, all inkjet printers print on standard paper (Letter and Legal formats), accept envelopes, and have input and output trays that hold approximately 100 sheets, except for snapshot and portable models.Many devices also include advanced paper handling features, such as banner format printing and double-sided printing (duplex).

The main rule when buying a printer is to try to print at least one page before paying for the product.Many retail stores allow you to print demo pages to evaluate product quality.

Ink and toner

Inkjet printers are the least expensive available. Ink typically lasts from 100 to 800 pages for models with a large capacity.However, more expensive printers tend to be more economical to use because they have larger ink tanks and separate ink tanks for each color (one tank is used for all slots), so you don’t have to replace all of them when just one color dries out or runs out.

Expertology’s ranking of the best inkjet printers

The best inkjet printers for the home1Canon PIXMA TS3045 415 €
2HP Ink Tank 1158 729 €
3Epson L1209 365 €
Best inkjet printers for the office1Epson WorkForce WF-100W23 972 €
2Canon imagePROGRAF TM-20039 000 €
Best inkjet printers for professionals1HP DesignJet T63050 500 €
2HP DesignJet T730 36-in (F9A29A)200 000 €
3Epson SureColor SC-T3200 with stand256 590 €
4HP DesignJet Z6 24-in PostScript (T8W15A)235 475 €
5HP DesignJet T1700 (W6B55A)346 500 €

Best inkjet printers for home

Home printers are not much different from more professional models and are nearly as good as office models in terms of build quality. They are also equipped with a number of useful features, have wireless connectivity, and come with proprietary applications. These printers cost significantly less and print speeds of home devices are slower.

Canon PIXMA TS304

Rating: 4.7

Canon PIXMA TS304

First up in our review is a compact printer for printing high-quality documents and borderless, saturated photos from portable devices and cloud services. Distinctive features of printers from the PIXMA line can be considered the compactness of devices, low cost printing and the use of innovative technologies for easy printing.

Canon FINE technology and hybrid ink, instead of standard cartridges, contribute to low cost printing with high quality. 10×15 color prints up to 2000 prints. The A4 printing speed of this model is high – 8 pages per minute in black and white mode and 4 pages per minute in color mode. As for the speed of the first page – only 6 seconds. Tray capacity in this model is 60 sheets.

With Canon’s proprietary PRINT application via mobile devices you can use the scanning and copying function for further printing. This model features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for wireless printing. Also the device supports technologies such as AirPrint from Apple and Mopria. The printer supports mobile printing thanks to Access Point Mode (without Wi-Fi) and printing from popular cloud services – Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, One Note and One Drive.

For iOS devices there is an application Message In Print, which allows you to create custom images, as well as the ability to add secret messages to them and send them to your friends with a QR-code so they can read them. This model is quite quiet compared to similar devices – the noise level is 45 dBa.

Users highlight in this model the possibility to use an application with which it is possible to scan a file and send it for printing through a mobile device. Many also highlight the ability to use cloud storage. The disadvantages are rather expensive ink, the kit costs a little less than the printer itself.

From a Yandex user review.Marketa with “Verified User” status: “Good printer with a wide range of features. Can be used even without connection to a computer. Just have the right file on your phone and send it to print. Image quality is good and virtually line free”.

The advantages are

  • Canon FINE technology;
  • hybrid ink;
  • compact size;
  • This model is equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules;
  • AirPrint support from Apple and Mopria;
  • support for Access Point Mode technology;
  • Cloud support;
  • Message In Print application is provided.


  • expensive hybrid ink set.

HP Ink Tank 115

Rating: 4.8


Inkjet printer from the popular brand HP is a compact device for color printing with a built-in CISS, which is protected from spilling ink. Reliable ink delivery system produces clear-character documents and rich, vivid images with natural color reproduction. This model supports A4 and prints in standard quality at 8 pages per minute in black and white and 5 pages per minute in color.

The device is often used for printing large amounts of text documents of A4 size, pictures on matte or glossy photo paper and for many other purposes. It is worth noting the feature of this printer, it is a high resolution color printing – 4800×1200 dpi. The resolution in black and white printing is 1200×1200 dpi.

This model is equipped with built-in ink tanks that allow you to monitor the ink level. USB connection for PC, external media and other devices. There is a black and white display on the body of this model with which you can adjust printing parameters and monitor the process. The device is equipped with a 60-sheet paper tray. For stable operation of the printer, it is recommended to install the software.

Users note the high resolution of color printing in this model, which can boast of not all printers of similar type. To the disadvantages is the lack of included wire to connect to external devices, such as a PC.

From Yandex user review.Market with “Verified User” status: “Satisfied with purchase; prints both color and black-and-white documents and photos in high quality. Print speed is not bad and the 60-sheet paper tray is good enough for home use.


  • It has a CISS;
  • High resolution color printing – 4800×1200 dpi;
  • The model is equipped with built-in containers;
  • A black and white display is installed;
  • compact size;
  • low price.


  • no included cord to connect to devices.

Epson L120

Rating: 4.9

Epson L120

The considered model is considered the most affordable among printers of this series. The device has the most compact size of the entire line thanks to the new design of the ink tanks, which hold 40 ml of ink in each color. Due to the lack of cartridges, the device prints color files at a low cost and is a great solution for users who need an economical and high-quality printer.

It offers a maximum print resolution of 720×720 dpi for both color and B/W printing. A4 print speed in color mode is 4.5 pages per minute and 8 in black and white.5 pages. Paper input tray has a maximum capacity of 50 sheets. Can be printed directly from a PC as well as via handheld devices connected via the integrated USB interface.

This model is equipped with a new generation of ink tanks that do not require disconnection from the body to refill – just open the sealed lid and pour the necessary ink. The ink tanks of the device have an impressive resource – 6500 pages for color printing and 4000 pages for black and white printing.

Modern design allows you to transport the device without any additional valves and sealed plugs. Also this model is equipped with the proprietary Micro Piezo printing technology, thanks to the control of pressure in the containers, the quality of prints is quite high. The printer is great for home use, as well as for high-volume work in the office.

Users highlight the ability to refill ink tanks without unplugging them, just open the sealed lid and pour the ink. The disadvantages include the lack of wire to connect to a computer, as well as a rather flimsy body of the device, also in the model there is no tray for the paper.

From the review of the user Yandex.Marketa with the status of “Verified User”: “Excellent printer, suitable for printing a variety of documents, no difficulties with it. Prints fast and doesn’t jam the paper. Also pleased with the presence of a proprietary application that promotes high quality prints”.


  • New design of ink tanks;
  • Built-in USB connector;
  • No need to detach from the body to refill the tanks;
  • transportation without additional valves and sealed plugs;
  • Micro Piezo proprietary printing technology;
  • impressive ink tank life.


  • No function for selecting the paper type.

Best inkjet printers for the office

Speed and paper capacity are of the utmost importance in many offices.As a rule, the more expensive the printer, the lower the cost per page.Most offer security features, such as password-protected printing. These models can be equipped with many useful features, including remote start printing.

Epson WorkForce WF-100W

Rating: 4.8


Yet another model from the world-renowned company that is considered the most compact A4 inkjet printer of the company’s products. This model is convenient to use not only indoors, but also on the road due to the fact that it runs on a built-in battery. Recharging the battery is possible with the AC adapter through a standard outlet and via micro-USB cable. Built-in lithium-ion battery capacity is enough to print up to 80 pages.

Outputs up to 7 pages per minute in black-and-white standard quality and 4 in color. This model uses four colors for printing, and its ink is pigmented. They provide high quality printing and printed documents dry out instantly preventing smudging even in water. Cartridge life is enough to print 250 pages in black and white and 200 pages in color.

The printer has the ability to connect wirelessly and print via built-in Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct. Also supports Epson Connect, which lets you print from a tablet and mobile devices when you install Epson iPrint. The printer is compatible with cloud services such as Cloud Print from Google and AirPrint from Apple. The model is very portable and very lightweight, it weighs only 1.6 kg.

Users highlight the ability to use this model on the road, as the unit is battery operated and has enough to print 80 pages. In addition, wireless connectivity and the ability to print from cloud storage was a definite plus. On the downside, many include a fairly high price for the ink and the recommendation from the manufacturers – to transport the device in an upright position, which complicates transportation on rough roads.

From Yandex review.Marketa with “Verified User” status: “Great and modern printer, in addition to the battery life, was pleased with the ability to recharge the device through portable chargers. I also use the printer a lot by connecting it through my phone. I print my photos right after I create them”.


  • Powered by a built-in rechargeable battery;
  • Battery is enough to print up to 80 pages;
  • pigment ink;
  • built-in Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct;
  • compatible with cloud services;
  • Supports Epson Connect service applications;
  • weighs only 1.6 kg.


  • high price.

Canon imagePROGRAF TM-200

Rating: 4.9

Canon imagePROGRAF TM-200

The last model we will consider is perfect for small offices and using the device for printing not only a large number of documents but also posters. The model is often used for professional purposes, for printing drawings. This 5-color printer combines print quality and economy. Engineers have taken care to reduce vibration and noise in the device by 60% compared to similar models, making it indispensable for use in quiet offices.The maximum print resolution in black and white and color is 2400×1200 dpi.

Connects to devices using built-in Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and USB. This device can be synchronized with a Canon L24EI wide format scanner, resulting in a full-fledged MFP. The printer can support workflows with dedicated software – Direct Print Share, Poster Artist

  • te and Free Layout Plus. There is also a control panel with touch screen display.

    With Lucia’s 5-color pigment ink system

    High quality printing is possible. Printer has “Hot Swap” ink tank system in operation. In many devices, the ink from the cartridge fills the printhead immediately, while this model has additional reservoirs between the tanks and the printhead. At start-up, the ink fills these tanks, which serve as a spare.

    In addition to the printer itself, the package includes drivers that ensure compatibility with such programs as Autodesk AutoCAD and Adobe Photoshop. This gives the possibility to scale the image for optimal placement on the sheet and select a certain color profile. It also facilitates borderless printing and printing drawings at 1:1 scale. Model is shipped without a floor stand; if necessary, it can be purchased separately.

    Users highlight the vibration and noise reduction system on this model. Also on the advantages of many include the use of pigmented inks and ink tank system with “hot swap. The disadvantages include the lack of floor stand, without which it is discomforting to use the printer.

    From Yandex review.Marketa with the status of “Verified User”: “Excellent and powerful printer that justifies its price. It is equipped with all the necessary functions and thought-out creation of comfortable conditions for the user, almost does not noise and does not vibrate when printing a lot of sheets.


    • 5-color printer;
    • 60% reduction in vibration and noise;
    • The maximum print resolution of 2400×1200 dpi;
    • pigment ink Lucia;
    • built-in Wi-Fi module, Ethernet and USB connector;
    • can be synchronized with a scanner Canon L24EI;
    • ink tank system with the support of “Hot Swap;
    • control panel with touch screen display.


    • supplied without floor stand.

    Best Inkjet Printers for Professionals

    If you plan to use the printer to print professional materials or photographs, color accuracy, quality and inclusion of features such as borderless printing will be top of the list of concerns when looking for the right printer. Professional models are much more expensive, and the dimensions are much larger than standard models. These devices are also capable of printing images and other files on fairly large materials in very high quality.

    HP DesignJet T630

    Rating: 4.5


    Consider professional inkjet printer sshirinoy print 914 mm, which is considered an indispensable device when working stekhnicheskim, graphic and other tasks. It is worth noting that the printer is ideal for companies working in the field of architecture and construction, as well as an indispensable device can be and enterprise engaged in geographic systems and many other institutions.

    This model uses the standard four-color CMYK scheme, which provides a maximum print resolution of 2400x1200dpi at 30 seconds per page in A0 format. The device has a built-in 1Gb memory and a USB 2 port.0. Gigabit Ethernet connectivity and wireless Wi-Fi support has been developed for this model.

    This model can use Adobe PostScript, which makes it possible to print any document in high quality from any computing platform on any compatible device. Provides high quality PANTONE color emulation and eliminates printing errors in complex, layered PDF files.

    The printer is equipped with printing software – HPC

  • ck, which allows you to send files to print from PCs and laptops at the touch of a button. This software allows:
    1. reduce the use of materials and costs by automatic layout, manual rotation, alignment, and manual reordering of pages;
    2. Prints different kinds of materials like posters, flexible banners, CAD documents, maps, etc;
    3. Preview in real time, print driverless and print multipage PDF jobs.

    Smart Stream software provides fast file processing and analysis with Pref

  • ght Manager and dramatically reduces reprints with PDF file management via Adobe PDF Print Engine4. Also, with its proprietary Crystal Preview technology, you can preview color tones for efficient production.

    Users highlight in this model the use of a large number of programs to improve print quality. Noteworthy is also a good maximum print resolution. An undoubted advantage is considered a preview of color tones. Some of the disadvantages are the low ink capacity and the slightly high price for the printer.

    From Yandex review.Marketa with “Verified User” status: “Great printer for printing large layouts. We use it in the office to work with presentations and to print a large number of files quickly. I would like to mention the comfortable work with PDF files. It’s easy enough.”.


    • The printer with a print width of 914 mm;
    • The maximum print resolution is 2400x1200dpi;
    • use of Adobe PostScript;
    • Equipped with HPC printing software
    • ck;
    • Smart Stream software;
    • File analysis by means of Pref
    • ght Manager;
    • PDF file management via Adobe PDF Print Engine4;
    • color preview available.


    • small cartridge capacity.

    HP DesignJet T730 36-in (F9A29A)

    Rating: 4.6

    HP DesignJet T730 36-in (F9A29A)

    One more model from company HP which prints much faster, than previous models that gives the chance to print materials in format A1 in 25 seconds. The device is similar to the previous model in its printing capabilities. The printer is equipped with a tray with automatic paper feed, which allows you to reduce the waste of materials by 50% when printing at a scale of 1:2.

    HP Mobile Printing is used for quick and easy connection to the device via a wireless connection. It is also possible with Wi-Fi Direct. You can print directly from portable devices based on both Apple and Android. With ePrint technology, remote printing is possible by simply sending a file via e-mail.

    This multifunction device not only allows you to print standard maps, projects, etc., you can also edit files during or before printing. To use additional functions when printing from smartphones there is the possibility to work with the proprietary application AiO Printer Remote. The device allows you to install cartridges of the right size – from 40 to 300 ml. On the front of the device there is a touch screen reminiscent of a mobile device

    Users highlight the rapid A1-format printing capability of this model. Many also highlight the ease of use of the proprietary app for wireless connectivity and printing. Another plus in this printer is the touch screen display, which allows full control over the device. On the downside, users include a high price for the model.

    From Yandex user review.Market with the status of “Verified User”: “The printer was purchased for use in the photo center. Print many different maps and engineering layouts. Customers are happy because printing is fast and high quality. As for the ability to print through the mail, I’d like to point out separately as a plus for this printer.”.


    • Prints A1 material in 25 seconds;
    • HP Mobile Printing;
    • The device is equipped with Wi-Fi Direct;
    • Printing from Apple and Android devices;
    • ePrint technology enables remote printing;
    • AiO Printer Remote is a proprietary application;
    • touch screen is installed.


    • high price.

    Epson SureColor SC-T3200 with stand

    Rating: 4.7


    Another model from the brand Epson, which was an updated version of Sure Color 4-color printer series. The device is equipped with Precision Core TFP printheads, which do not need to be replaced and together with the ink

      Chrome XD offers high quality prints, and it is compatible with many media.Inks used are waterproof and are not prone to smudging printed letters and images.

      This model is equipped with 1 GB memory, which facilitates fast image processing, and also has an internal hard drive with a capacity of 320 GB. Optional PostScript support with dual processor on 1.6 GHz allows you to work with large volume files directly from specialized programs. As for printing speed – printout of A1-size material in 28 seconds.

      Printer has standard USB 2.0 connectivity.USB 2.0 and BaseT Ethernet network port. The device is equipped with a color display size 6.4 cm. Use the screen to control settings and monitor the printing process. And using the buttons on the control panel, you can easily switch between tasks. There’s also a large warning light on the case to alert you when printing starts or ends and possible errors.

      Users highlight the proprietary printheads in this model that do not need to be replaced. Many users also note the hard drive capacity of 320 GB. The large touch screen was an indisputable plus. The disadvantages are the rather expensive pigment ink.

      From a Yandex user review.Verified User status: “A great printer with lots of features. Justifies its price by its performance and print speed. Convenient compact form allowed us to install it in our small room;”.


      • Precision Core TFP printheads;
      • pigment ink
          Chrome XD;
        • Ink resistance to moisture and smudging;
        • An internal hard drive with a capacity of 320 GB;
        • PostScript support with dual CPU on 1.6Hz;
        • Built-in USB 2.0 and a BaseT Ethernet network port;
        • color display at 6.4 cm.


        • expensive ink.

        HP DesignJet Z6 24-in PostScript (T8W15A)

        Rating: 4.8

        HP DesignJet Z6 24-in PostScript (T8W15A)

        Consider a quality large-format inkjet printer with a 610mm print width that is designed to produce posters, flexible banners, CAD documents, maps and more. This model comes with a special stand that provides access to important printer functions, making it indispensable for office and design studio work.

        This printer has a maximum print resolution of 2400x1200dpi and print speeds up to 66.9 square meters per hour. The model is equipped with Adobe PDF Print Engine, which can handle even the most complex GIS maps, and at the expense of HPC printing software

      • ck, it prints most common formats like PDF, JPEG, TIFF, and more.

        This model supports the proprietary Pixel Control technology, which provides smooth color transitions. Also includes special printheads with variable drop-by-drop technology. There are three print heads in this printer, they guarantee high detail and contrast. And they can be installed in any available slot and activated for the color you want. This feature saves you the trouble of having a kit for the right shade. This model prints with HPVivid Photo inks that create fade and moisture-resistant prints.

        With this printer in addition to standard media can be printed on such as – canvases for visual arts, self-adhesive materials, banners, films and various textile print media. The printer is equipped with data protection from unauthorized access using Secure Boot technology.

        The users distinguish the presence of a special stand for stationary installation of the printer in this model. Also a definite plus was the presence of the system to protect data from unauthorized access. Users do not note any particular disadvantages with this printer,

        From Yandex review.Marquette with “Verified User” status: “Excellent printer that allows you to print on canvases for painting. Orders come to our company often, and due to the fast printing, we cope without delay. The device does not make much noise and as for the picture quality, it is as high as on the screen”.


        • Comes with a special stand;
        • The maximum print resolution is 2400x1200dpi;
        • print speed of up to 66.9 square meters per hour;
        • Equipped with Adobe PDF Print Engine;
        • HPC printing software
        • ck;
        • proprietary Pixel Control technology;
        • Equipped with data protection against unauthorized access.


        • Not detected.

        HP DesignJet T1700 (W6B55A)

        Rating: 4.9

        HP DESIGNJET T1700 (W6B55A)

        Last in our review among inkjet printers, consider a powerful model that came to replace the popular at one time HP DesignJet T1300. T1700 offers faster print speeds and an improved ink formula. This model provides the ability to print on a wide range of materials. Photographic quality printing is also possible because of the gray and photo black cartridge. Compared to previous models, this printer is quite compact.

        The device has 127 GB of memory and a 500 GB hard drive, which allows you to print at 116 pages per hour in A1 format. With the HP C application

      • ck fast printing of project documentation and PDF files is possible. HP C
      • ck reduces the time it takes to print files, saves paper by putting multiple images on a sheet of paper and eliminates the cost of misprinting by “previewing” the image layout before printing.

        Thanks to the ink
        Bright Office images are brilliantly colored even on standard paper. The device has three print heads, each with two colors. Recommended to have one head in stock, it is a universal head. Color is determined by the location of the first installation. An important feature of HP brand printers is their low cleaning consumption – it consumes several times less ink than its counterparts. The printer comes with Adobe PDF drivers that relieve the PC of the burden immediately after you send it to print, even when processing complex files.

        The developers created a special mobile application Mobile Printing, which provides efficient printing and exchange of documents between users without reference to their location.

        You can print from your mobile device or tablet wherever you are with this application. You can also send files to email to print remotely. This model features printer and data tamper protection with proprietary Secure Boot technology.

        Users highlight in this model the presence of an additional gray and photo black cartridge. Also the presence of a 500 GB hard drive is considered to be one of the advantages of the game. The disadvantages are the occasional resetting of print settings when the printer is in use for a long time.

        From a Yandex review.The marketplace with the status of “Verified User”: “I was very surprised by the additional cartridges, with the help of which printing large format photos is the most realistic. Also like the print preview feature, a useful addition”.

        The merits of

        • availability of gray and photo black cartridges;
        • 500GB hard drive;
        • Printing at 116 pages per hour in A1 format;
        • Fast printing with the HP C app
        • ck;
        • the “preview” function of the layout;
        • Mobile Printing app;
        • tamper protection system.


        • With a large print, the parameters can go astray.
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