The 10 best brands of women’s wallets

*Review of the best according to the editorial. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement, and is not a guide to purchase. You should consult a professional before purchase.

The purse is a necessary attribute, which cannot do without in everyday life. Some people treat this item this way, choosing a simple, comfortable and roomy. But for most women purse – it is an accessory that helps to create an impression of the owner, to raise her status in the eyes of others, and the owner is much more pleasant to use a beautiful branded item with an exclusive design.

Today there are a variety of models, differing in shape, size, capacity, materials of manufacture, types of fasteners. The most common is still a rectangular wallet with a zipper or rivet, which has several compartments for bills, change and credit cards. Clutch-like object is chosen for festive occasions. It’s larger than a regular purse, with a thick backing, so the bills in it don’t crumple, and it looks like a stylish, expensive accessory.

Purses with two or three folds are more spacious, they fit not only plastic cards but also rights and other documents. There are soft or hard coin boxes, designed only for change. And, of course, everyone knows a miniature model, which is equipped with a clip, holding banknotes. It fits in any lady’s purse and does not take up much space.

How to choose a purse for women

To correctly choose a woman’s purse, you need to consider several factors.

  1. Wallet size. Choose the form and size depending on the expected image and its relevance to a particular bow.
  2. Capacity. For everyday wear or travel, it is better to choose a model with multiple compartments for rights and bank cards. Wallet-clip can be taken to a party or other outings that do not involve a large bag.
  3. Types of materials. Natural leather is of higher quality and durability, and costs an order of magnitude more than synthetic leather. But today many synthetic materials are durable and varied interesting textures.
  4. Quality of seams. Well-known brands control the manufacturing process at all stages, which guarantees impeccable tailoring. Many Chinese fakes can be distinguished by uneven seams and threads.
  5. Fittings. The visuals are right, so why not check out our zippers and clasps?. The quality of fittings determines the durability of the item.
  6. The producer. It all depends on your features and preferences. Today you can buy inexpensive high-quality items that have nice designs and colors, and you can opt for an exclusive model of a well-known brand, but to pay a rather large sum for it.

So, we present you 10 manufacturers of women’s purses, which have become leaders in their segment, and their stylish and high-quality accessories are preferred by girls in all corners of the world.

Rating of the best brands of women’s purses

Nominationplaceproduct nameRating
Rating of best brands of women’s wallets1MICHAEL KORS4.9
3Armani Exchange4.8
  • ni
  • 4.5


    Rating: 4.9


    The first ranking includes a brand that is quite young compared to many of the oldest manufacturers, but its accessories have become favorites of many fashionistas. Its founder Michael Kors creates collections that are versatile because they are suitable for all ages. Accessories are used by young girls as well as women of a respectable age. Combining classic, sporty and casual style the models are stylish, elegant and at the same time comfortable and practical.

    Purses are made of premium quality materials. It is a natural, soft leather with an embossed or grained texture. All are decorated with the brand’s logo in silver or gold. The assortment includes purses with a compartment for a smartphone, clutch with a removable handle, coin holders, rectangular models with a zipper or a magnetic button.

    The happy owners of MICHAEL KORS accessories say they are of high quality. Even with prolonged use, they retain a great look. Many have noted that they look so good that they can be passed down.


    Rating: 4.8


    Brand founder Aldo Furlanetto believed that women deserve not only beautiful clothes but also stylish accessories. And for 90 years now they have been producing various designer items, which are recognized as the benchmark of impeccable quality and style. Italian designers care not only about the purse’s appearance. Each model, even the smallest, is very practical and capacious.

    A variety of shapes, textures and materials will impress any fashionista. But the classic black version is still considered the signature. Many models are made of morocco leather, which is resistant to any damage and scratches, so long life is guaranteed. In addition to natural materials, designers use atypical materials: rubber, textile, plastic, silicone.

    Every new collection presents women’s wallets of unusual shapes and colors. Here and prints, and bold patterns, and unusual textures. But the main thing that always remains unchanged is the high quality and uniqueness of each model, which can be recognized by the brand logo.

    Armani Exchange

    Rating: 4.8

    Armani Exchange

    Armani Exchange always makes the top list and does not intend to relinquish its positions. The brand’s products are appreciated in all corners of the world, and new collections are awaited with great anticipation, and they sell out in an instant. Youth line presents the goods the creation of which designers were inspired by relaxed street style, music, bright impudent images, desire to be different from anyone else.

    The main difference of Armani Exchange from other lines is its democratic prices, which allow young people to buy its accessories and to express their individuality and style. Variety of colors will help to choose a purse for any image. The production uses high quality natural or artificial leather.

    The main difference of Armani Exchange wallets for women is their practicality and convenience. Many models are presented with many compartments, they have removable handles. High-quality fittings provide a long service life. Apart from avant-garde wallets with trendy shapes and colors in the collection you can find classic models in calm tones.


    Rating: 4.7


    The French brand was founded in 1948 and today offers luxury accessories chosen by stars and consumers worldwide. Jean Cassegren, being a fan of equestrian sport, created a brand logo – a jockey riding a horse. The brand received its name in honor of the famous French hippodrome. The company actively collaborates with well-known artists who create exclusive prints for premium accessories.

    Materials: embossed real leather. In the collections there are purses, clutch bags, cases. Variety of colors, shapes and sizes can satisfy any desire of fashionable women.

    Every year the collections are enriched with new and unusual accessories, created in collaboration with renowned models and designers such as Kate Moss, Jeremy Scott, Mary Katrantzou. Women’s wallets with prints of fiery dragons, computer keyboards, Chinese lanterns, seascapes will be an exclusive accessory that will stand out among others.


    Rating: 4.6


    The next brand included in this rating was founded almost 100 years ago, back in 1920 in Barcelona. Although the main direction of the company is considered to be the creation of jewelry, not so long ago it began to produce accessories that quickly took their rightful place among other premium products. Their main difference is original design and high manufacturing quality.

    Material, used in production of women purses is natural or imitation leather with stamping. On all models there is either a logo or brand name in gold or silver. The variety of shades and sizes is impressive. Collections include large classic wallets with compartments for bills and change, room for photos, IDs and bank cards, medium wallets, miniature padded coin purses.

    Women will enjoy purses with cheerful prints in pink, beige, gold, as well as models with removable chains and handles. For democratic prices and uniqueness of women’s wallets many customers choose this brand.

  • ni
  • Rating: 4.5

    </div><li>ni” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/89616666197111-3110.jpg” height=”367″ title=”<br />accia<li>ni”><p>Uniqueness and uniqueness of each accessory sets the brand apart <br />accia</p><li>among many others. A small family-owned shop opened in 1954, today it has become a worldwide fashion house and a trendsetter, producing premium quality products with impeccable tailoring and luxurious accessories.<p>Italian designers always amaze with new collections, so they are so eagerly awaited by fans of this brand and by customers who have seen at least once purses and other accessories <br />accia</p><li>ni.<p>The lines include affordable everyday models, as well as exclusive products with intricate designs, unusual shapes and avant-garde colors. Here are wallets, clutch bags and cases for any occasion. There are youth purses in bright colors, as well as more restrained for older women. Whatever you choose, you’ll stand out, because only this Italian brand creates unique items which you can recognise by their signature style.</p><h3>GUESS</h3><p>Rating: 4.5</p><div style=GUESS

    The American brand with a half-century history takes a place of honor in the rating of the best. Initially focused on youth audience, it got popularity among older people too, who want to be always young, stay active, not afraid to experiment. The assortment of women’s purses is diverse. These models with smooth lacquered or matte leather, embossing, prints, patterns, flowers, with rivets, zippers, snap-flaps.

    GUESS designers developed several directions and depending on the material offer accessories at an affordable price and more expensive premium models issued in single copies. Irrespective of the cost, all purses are equipped with high-quality fittings, which guarantees a long time of use.

    Variety of styles allows choosing both capacious rectangular models with compartments for bills, coins, cards, photos and miniature wallets and stylish clutch for solemn occasions. And whatever your age, you’ll always be in trend if you give your preference to this brand.


    Rating: 4.4


    Elegance, brevity, sophistication and restraint. If you like this style, TJ COLLECTION will become your favorite brand. Adhering to English traditions, the designers produce accessories, which are worthy of royal subjects. The favorite color of British women is a noble brown. It is present in all the collections and in different tints: coffee, chocolate, milk…. preference is also given to black and navy blue, although you can also find bright, juicy shades.

    Only high quality materials are used for production. The most popular are purses with patent or matte leather, smooth or with a reptile embossing. Elegant finish catches the eye with its sophistication. Models for every day is very capacious and functional, they have compartments for bills, change, bank and discount cards, as well as slots for SIM cards.

    The brand’s fans can enjoy the new collections twice a year and choose any fashion accessory they like.


    Rating: 4.3


    The Italian brand, included in the rating, has been pleasing to the eye with refined and stylish accessories unlike any other for more than 25 years. Quality and first class cut have long been appreciated by fashionistas worldwide. Main material – natural leather with the newest technologies of dressing. All raw materials undergo strict control before production, and at the end the customer receives safe and hypoallergenic goods. Designers combine different shades and styles, add interesting details, create unusual prints and patterns, paying attention to small and seemingly imperceptible nuances.

    In the collections you can find a women’s wallet for the most refined taste. There are rectangular models with lots of compartments, mini-portmons, elegant clutches on chains and small stylish cases.

    The brand’s peculiarity is the fact that all women’s accessories, from an umbrella to a bag, are produced in the same style concept, which helps to create a harmonious image and complement one article with another without any problems. All collections are universal: they suit women of any age.


    Rating: 4.3

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